Daily Dispatch, Volume 29, Number 237, 19 June 1866 — Page 2

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Kirhnwiul pspatrh. I Tl'KSDAV JUNE 19, ISM. ; The War? The Position of Austria. The t olographic statement of tlio abandonment of the Kuropcan Conference for the pacification of the browing troubles of that pari of the world was not explicit as to the ground aMiimod by Austria, who was charged with obstructing and frustrating the conference. Few could have imagined what that Kmpirc did to have laused tins deplorable result. This naughty art was explained by Mr. Gi.ai>- J ?Tonk, Chancellor of the K\clie?itier, in the British House of Common!* on the oth of June, lie stated that, on the evening be. foie, a telegraphic message was received "from France, stating that, in the opinion ?? of the French (iovernment, the con- ; " forence was at un end, in consequence ot ??the answer from Austria imposing eon- 1 44 d it ions that were regarded as imprncti- ?* cable." And when we come to see the nature of that answer, it is not wonderful that Franco should come to that conclusion. The substance of it is this: Sht r<~ liral a ih finite assurance that all tin l\accrs irAich irerr to take ]>art in th> pro. ' ted pimfrrrncf should In ready to rmouno ? the pursuit of any sptciul or particular in. tere.^t to the ditriinent of the general tran - quillity ; and, according to Mr. Gi.ai?stonk, tin* Austrian Government Tvent on further toexplain thai sentiment by saying that, in j order that the work of peace which the j cabinets had in view might be in a con- j dition to be accomplished, it appeared t<> j them indispensable that it should he 1 agreed beforehand to exclude from the ! deliberations of the conference anything ' that would tend to give t<? any of the j States who were then invited to the meeting any territorial augmentation or increase j of power. N'o wonder that this took the life out ol the conference. The answer was pat : ! You do take my life when you take front me th=* f w hereby 1 live. Acquisition ' at the boftoin of the whole matter, an?'? j peace could have been established in i. ) j earthly way but by a genial entertainment | the diplomatic table, in which tii j great Powers should slice uj? and divide \ amongst themselves bits of territory be- 1 longing to helpless little States. To have objected to this agreeable feast, Austria must be the most intractable and mor< i>e I -j *^^owers. She must have been very ill- 1 "!tonU ciiillry t'-VI,ioal- W,1V' ,10r con('i* I V * V'9en6M mount to exacting that ovt flu t urcc u..? conference shouhl be Aii in*1 ^e tionsare tandk , . r. ;y ? ~\?nable couditiouuitfter ? member of thc\iVogothor ^0n. Such an unrcalon > ^oejssar'ly. out of the question ? a IK1* a very impracticable. It made generally applicable to diplomatic and deliberative bodies, it would j?'it an end to them all ? they would all follow the peace conference. Imagine that juM before the meeting of a deliberative body some solemn " grey-beard " should arise] ?nd proclaim : u Gentlemen, before wo go | ?' into deliberation it must be understood, I 44 and each person here must solemnly asse- j 44 vcratethat in the proceedings of this body 44 he has no ulterior view of personal advan44 tuge or benefit, and no selthh ob';e>*t"toae4- complish; in other words, that each and 44 all of you enter this hall with clean hands 44 and pure consciences." What would be the end of any such condition as that.' Why, it would be simply the end of all conferences and congresses. Austria should be voted a nuisance, and turned out of the j family of nations! She is the most unrca- j Konable of kingdoms. With x> 11 our con. tidence in the virtue of the British Govern- j merit, we are not even sure that she could j enter a conference on such absurd condi- j tions! Austria is simply x marplot ? aj nrudc.

,frtuThe conditions ot Austria uiv indeed jta.Mor of tt*f*? j?ke of the season. They were ?he h?.u>e droitly introduced, und took as itnt all ']enon? efl\.ct iu dispersing tlie conference Trie Rev. Dr. . .. . . ? at ion sermon, anbullou V?x 1,1 scattenug a ??rubier rr'a WM *he onl.v Power in l^r who wanted nothing, and she w1 iek as well as .vigacity in de. that the other members should ^he same position that she did. p?\K>les were originated by the desire ,.^e territory, and Austria knew that they could not be quieted save by dividing out the territory coveted, including some of hers, amongst them. She therefore 'etermined that if the congress met with ^ "Ut and cooperation, there should her Ai). ' hands, and that she would l?c a showing u. enclave in which she not be drawn into a ' ority without would be in a decided niiu. ?? greed Dome shield to protect her tYom ttu. r ami selfishness of the majority. Ordinarily, these kingdoms are all alik* ? all equally selfish ; but Austria certainly stands forth in the difficulties now agitating Europe without reproach. Conference or no conference, the war, we have believed, was inevitable. The French Emperor has plainly declared his intention to wipe out all traces ot the treaties of 1815 : detesting them as the great wrong and humiliation ot the X.U'ol.tos dynasty and of France. Prussia ami Italy atiorded the opportunity for the gratiw ticat'von of his ambition and his revenge. ? He therefore encourage* the war. lie y does so simply for this object, and not as the enemy of Austria ; and if it can be concluded to suii him without pitting a I reuch army in the held, he will take no j*rt in the war. But this may not be

possible, and he may haw \o take a hand. The foreign news in the telegraphic columns of this morning's Dispatch represents the armies of the belligerents in 'wition:* a* that the war was momen?ed to commence. The im\ustria, aided by the "?tie States under ' ? be mort It

such f* Urily expe c*. ?mil power of ? Pen? n Diet and the iu. Mr direction, wiU probeblj tkm vouch (or ftiuei* eodluly. IkH ereet, FVeoce miff jfiikJ?Wwfejr called i npoo to eo4ff-ii>& fief&taiirf then Boieii of I oojoree Ufcee fcide* with Aattri*. Tfce sab. joet ii deeply interesting, end fraaght with j taoaeo tou? event?. "* ? * ?The

THE PRISONER AT OLD POINT. THE TORTl'KKS OF HIS IMPRISONMENT. Below we oft 'or a few more extracts from Dr. Craven's book on Mr. Davis's lite in I prison. These show to what refinement | his tortures' ';ad lieeti carried. His own account of the effect on himself of the brilliant ii<:hi which was every night kept beaming in his lace excites a thrill of horror us it is road. The humanitarian of the War Department will win the thanks of the whole world by the gentleness and ten. derness ol heart displayed through the prison ?1 i^< iplinc ol 1 ortross Monroe IN HIS SHACKLES Told him to spend as little time in bed as he could; that exercise was the best medicine for dyspeptic patients. To this he answered by uncovering the blankets from his feet and showing me his shackled ankles. "It is impossible for me, Doctor; I cannot even stand erect. These shackles are very heavy ; I know not, with the chain, how many pounds. If I try to move, they trip me, and have already abraded broad patches of skin from the parts they touch. Can you devise no means to pad or cushion them, so that when I try to drag them along they may not chafe me so intolerably? My limbs have so little flesh on them, and that so weak as to be easily lacerated." At sight of this 1 turned away, promising to see what could be done. He expressed great concern lest his wife should hear through newspapers of the scene in his cell when he was ironed, i Would it be published, did I think? And on my remaining silent ? for I knew it ha been sent to the newspapers <>n the afternoon of its transpiring ? he interlaced his tinkers across his eyes, and ejaculated : " Oh, my poor wife, my poor, poor girl! Ib ,v the heart-rending narrative will alllict Ik r !" Dr. Craven appealed to General Miles to have the shackles removed, urging that exercise was indispensable for his patient ? saying : '? Xo elrugs wuld aid a digestion naturally treak' and so impaired, without es>rcis> ; imr ivuld anything in the pharmacoprria quirt nerves so ovtr-irrought and shattered, irhilt the continual irritation of the fetters iru v ! counterftoishg irhatever medicines might bt given." THE MtATED HOOKS aM> THE " TWO FRIENHS." May 26. ? Dr. Craven found Mr. Davis complaining of intense debility with general nervousness and headache, aggravated by the noise ol mechanics employed in taking down the wooden doors between bis cell and the exterior guard-room, ami replacing tin s . with iron gratings, so that he co alt t ( it till times h? seen by the sentries in the outside room as ft It eis l>if th> " silent friends,** irho icert the un^peuki} ' companions of his solitude, deep g REMOVAL OF THE SUACKitiyg ' The shackles were remov.se.'' r_s May? having Ihtii un on the 2Mh .. live .lavs. The ; 'I'j'j'e Association wa/.e Doctor is thus described : Mr. Davis rose from his seat, both hands extended, and his eyes filled with tears. He was evidently about to say something, but checked himself, or was checked bv a rush of emotion, and sat down upon his bed. HIS 1MMCTMKNT. On June 1st heard of his indictment. Remarked to the Doctor during the day : | " Humanity supposes every man inuo. cent," urged* Mr. Davis, "until the reverse shall be proven, and the laws guarantee certain privileges to persons held lor trial. To hold me here for trial, under all I //,?? rigors of a condemned convict , is not iraej raided by /air ? is revolting to tin spirit ot j justice. In the political history of the i world there is no parallel to my treatI ment." No REST? ULAR1N0 LIMIT ANI> HIS Gl'ARD. Found Mr. Davis relapsing and very despondent. Complained again of intolerable pains in his head. W as distracted night and day by the unceasing tread ol the two sentinels" in his room, ami the mur- ! niur or gabble of the guards in the outside | cell. He said his casemate was well-formed I for a torture-room of the inquisition. Its | arched roof made it a perfect whispering- | gallery, in which all sounds were jumbled and repeated. The torment of his head was so dreadful he feared he must lose his mind. Already his memory, vision, and hearing were impaired. He had but the remains of one eye left, and the glaring, whitewashed walls were rapidly destroying this. He pointed to a crevice in the wall where his bed had been, explaining that 1 lie had changed to the other side to avoid its inephitic vapors.

THE LIGHT A.\l> THE UORRIBI.E EYK. The following, under date of July 11th, is one of the most thrilling pictures in the hook : Mr. Davis complained thi* sleeplessness was aggravated by the lamp kept burning , in his room all night, so that he could he I seen at all moments hy the guard in the | outer cell. It he happened to dose one I feverish moment, the noise of relieving I guard in the next room aroused him, and the lamp poured its full glare into his aehing and throbbing eyes. There must be a change in this, or he would go cryzv, or | blind, or both. | "Doctor," lie said, "had you ever the consciousness of being watched ? Of hav"n Axed on you every moment, intentiy Rcruv.i,,izing, *vo,lr most minute actions and the rations of your countenance and posture? The consciousness that the Omniscient Eye rests upon us iif every situation i* the most consoling and beautiful belief of religion. Hut to have a human eye riveted on you in every moment of waking, or sleeping, sitting, walking, or lying down; is a refinement of torture on anything the CaiuanchcK or Spanish Inquisition ever dreamed. Thev, in their ignorance of cruel art," only struck at the body; and the nerves have a very limited capacity of nain. This is a maddening, incessant tor- ? - nvorv

t lire of the mina, increasing moment it is endured, and shaking the reason by its incessant recurrence of mi- 1 serable pain. Letting a single drop of water fall on the head every sixty seconds does not hurt at first, but its victim dies of raving agony, it is alleged, if the infliction be continued. The torture of being in. cessantly xratrhed is, to the mind, ichui the iratrr -dropping is to the body , but more ef. ftdae, as the mind is more susceptible of pain. The Eye of Omniscience looks upon uu with tenderness and compassion ; even if conscious of guilt, we have the comfort of knowing that Eye sees also our repentance. But the human eye forever fixed uj)on you in the eye of a apv, or enemy, i gloating in the paiu and humiliation which ' rtS6!I crca^es* 1 have lived too long in the j j woods to be frightened by an owl, and have seen death too often to dread any form of out I confess, Doctor, this torture matched begins to pray on my "Bp burning in my room all torment devised bj knowledge o "n throngl Srk

paiu. of being . reuaa.. The u~ . eight' would teem ? some one who luul Intinuvw my hafeita, my cmtoi u having W lilie never to sleep exv?A* jn total ? ? ABK 0 on an*

own room norc eheerful, ami only nuhject to the drawlmek that h<* had human even from throe directions eontinually fixed upon him through the prated door entering his room, the window opening on the piazza at his leil, and the door opposite the window, with an open panel in it, opposite whieh stood a .sentry. DIED, M th?? ro?*i?l#kncr? of his urandfathor, William I. McMinn, on t h ?? ITtti Instant, ?t half-pas! * IV St . St cM I X > , Infant hoii of Joseph N and < ..I Cn|. IniK worth The friends of the family are renpectfully Invited lo attend his funeral THIS MoRX 1 N ( ? Hi 10 o'clock. On the Hlli Instant, at half past * o'clock A S! at liet !"??*? i?l?* in e, iti Henrico, .Mrs FRANCES 1 1 < * 1 1 - KINS, widow of tin- late Dr. OeorjceN. Hopkins, In tin* mjventy* fifth year of her age. SPECIAL NOTICES. CAKD.-R S. IM'DSON, Dentist, respectfully informs his former patron* and the pub11c tluO ho has resumed t li ?? practice ?>f hi* profession at hi- old MhthI i new bulblim;), south ?> i , I ?? of Main, between Ninth nnd Tenth street* Thirtythree years' extensive successful practical experience, with the same Inclination a* heretofore render perfect satisfaction, tie trusts will ln?ur< him a full share of public patronage Thousandof the best reference* In Virginia given if required. 1U has for rent an eligible office for a lawyer or physician je 19? it* &T I lltVI -t l.\ss I'llOHH.K \ I'll > are -? being ma do by LCSIPK1N <Si (JO., Xo. 7.17 Slain street, second ilonr above Spots wood Hotel. Price, per dozen, TWO DOLLARS. Kntire satisfaction guaranteed jv H? eodts *.?T l( E-('lti:.\>l FOK PARTIES, FA IKS, P1C-NICS. vV ANDREW ANTOX1 respect fully announces that he is prepareil t * ? fuini?h, at short notice, on very moderate term*, SI'PERloR ICE-CREASI of every desirable tlavor. for ball*, part lex, fa i r-, excursions, or pic-nlcs, A call is respectfully solicit. >d. je 1"? Hn feg l.MtlV IIA.NK OK It H I! MOM), (S A V I N fi S I X ST I T C T1 ON ) , OFFICE AT THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE HANK SPHSCRIREI) CAPITAL, *."'K>,r>00. THIS INSTITl'TH ?N ALLOWS SIX PER CENT ox DEPOSITS. I DAVENPORT, ,f k . . President JASIES StlLLER, Cashier. DIKKfToRH. R A, Paine, L. D Crenshaw, W R. (vuarles, Win. H. Lyons, Jr., R. E. KlankenA Kodeker, H. K Weisiger, ship, W. A. Spott, SI ones Eilysou, J R. Win-ton, A. L. Ellett, .las. W. Archer, A. A. Hutch. nK. T. Taylor, J. Rosen bauiu. son, W. E. Kin ford, J. W. Hall, W. J.-nkiM. ' ' J. A. Kelvin, W. F < I ray, W k Tauw. T. I". Dudley, Alfred Sloses, J v.,.n? i ' nipt .ier, ?n i,sK.i X owlin . The security offere^idnu^ and 'lie 1*1 i?l f *,*> depositors is uiidoulited, f 'If'S ill the, er?,tl should commend itself to all f.r.s 1 The attentlc*r? of nil in city and country is called to this Itistltutlon. Here they will find secuiity, convenience, ami profit Sums ;i> small a- five dollars may tie deposited, anil six j?, r cent interest received on tame. Office hour* from f a . .If t? 3 P M : on Saturday from y A SI. to " P. SI., anil from 1 to ?i P. SI . je 13? dtVswlm WT A IIOSIK -The cr.-at r. p I tation achieved l?v KEXXETT'S DlAKKII'KA KILLER during the epidemic ? .| t"l* i m this < ily, .should commend it to all who su.'lcr from DIAKRIHKA, CHOLERA SIORKI'S, and all disease^ of the K? 'Wi'ls. A trial will convince the most skeptical. Price, FIFTV CENTS a l-ot tie je 11 SOLD KV ALL DKt '(?'?ISTS V8 HILL AKP ! KILL AUP ' ' KILL AJIP r * ' This inimitable bonk is now ready, and every person should have a copy. To l.e had oj COLE Si Tt'RNF.Ik, j? 7 ts Wh.'i; Knildiii#'. wrnM. u hoi, i:sa Li AND RETAIL DEALER IN COXFKt'XIUNLRV A.VD FRUITS, respectfully inform.- th?> c:r//"ns ol 1 Richmond that he has r< sume<* business in hi- i X E W IROX-FROXT KCILDIXO on Slain str-.-t. opposite to the site ol It i ? ? j <1 stand, adj 'itiii ^ Hie l Exchange Bank. The store and saloons have been fitted up an I furnished in a style which lie i- contJdent will j meet with the approval of the public. Hi- facilities for manufacturing KAXf'V a X I . PLAIN' CANDlts of the b> -t quality enable him f to offer inducement- to the trade which cannot h? , 8urpas?ed. A call from his former customers i- r..spectlully solicited. A iaris'e and choice assortment o| FRENCH RONBoXS, IMPORTED I'Kt'lTS, Xl'TS, CORDIALS, i PRESERVES, JM< KLES, SAI'CES, jif., will be | always kept on hand. ICE CREASI of the mo-: approved flavors served in the Sah>an. Parties supplied with ICE CREASI and ORXASI E N T A L CO X F EC T I o N I ! 1 : V The undersigned returns his thank- to the citl- j Zens of Richmond for the liberal patronage accorded tohiuifor the last fifteen years, and will en- I deavor to merit a coutiuuance of the same. Je 6?1 m ANDREW ANTON I, |

*-^'Sl KITS FOR SODA \\ ATE It. CHOICE FRUIT AND CREA M SYRIJPS furnished ? tin* trade at low rates by \V H. SCoTT," Dniggiht, Je i corn <*r Franklin and Seventeenth street-. tfr? ' SPECIAL Mil l( E.? The undersigned, a? executor of (he late I* K White, t.? kes pleasure in announcing U> hi ? friends and tiie ;>iil>li<- that he has jnirt returned froi.'i the North with a very select stock <>f boots, shoes, trunk's, valines, and travelling bags, which he offers nt the low ??t cash price* at his new store. No. ?li? Alain street, two doors In-low the Spotswood Hotel. He bei;* leave to state for the benefit of the ladies that unusual care lias heen taken in the selection of all cods suitable for their use in hi? line. He ha* obtained the services of JOHN POE, Jk., well known in the business community, who will be pleased to see his friend* at No. 81# Main street. W. F. WHITE, uiy Executor \4 P. K. W'hita. HIDt.OOl) \ III LEY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 121 Main stkkf.t, keep constantly on hand a complete *to?k of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS, CAT, LETTER, AND NOTE PAPERS, ENVELOPES. BLANK BOOKS, SLATES, PENS AND KVK, and other SCHOOL AND OFFICE STATIONERY ; all of which areotfered at the l o w E s t market rates. Country Merchant* invited to examine our stock before purchasing. Order* promptly attended to. ? x- k

mh 24 UT FOR (;A II D i:\fcKS \m> faiimerv FKESH AND RELIABLE GARDEN SEED, Just received and for sale by WILLIAM H. SCOTT, Druggist, corner of Franklin and Seventeenth streets. fe 3 ? tn BirHMi.NI> E50AMPSHI XT, No. 2, ) K it hmosd, Jane 1Mb, < j /"\RDKR8 No. ? . Sir Knights,? ffi " " Assemble at the Masons' Hall, on^rjf' Franklin fireet, between Eighteenth and 'Ar\ 1 Nineteenth, on 81'NDa V NEXT, the -4th instant, at 4 o'clock, P M., in full uuiforni. with side inUitoictMin escort to Richmond Lodge, No. lo, on thq Anniversary of the Festival of St. John the Bapti"' By order of 31. E. E H. Gill, G C. WILLf AM L. MAULE, Captain-General. James E. Rip??ck? Recorder. je 19? 5i COUNTRY BOARDING.? A u.-ntlo-man whom we well know, living in Loudonn countv, will b?>ard ten or twelve peroons at SIX , DOLLARS PER WEEK; fomixh everything th?Valley produces; lives in m very large and tine ' house, and everything around Jt corresponds . He I i* d'?iug this to i <?nsuuie the produce of his raicing, S a? It it so far to bend it to market For further r particular* apply to R. W ALLEN ic SON, f 50o Broad street. P g.-We advise those who pay such high rents . In Richmond to patronize him. Je if ? ;it R" OARD IN d AND LODGING*! ? A few 'ladies and gentlemen can be accommo--with PLEASANT ROOMS and BOARD in h "te family on the most reasonable terms. ?*h street, No. 311, between Bro?.| v BOARDERS can also be act three UNFURNISIIEl ? Je 19? ts ?i the.Eni< ' t? am

LOST. STRAYED AND FOUND V. i 1 M9T. ? F I FT V DO L L A lis It ? WARP ? A ? X ? contnininu mv nlil affoii Honkx. n 1 1 ? I a net belonging t?> MORRIS#. TANMh >V Co., wh? r.i r r i ?<< I hwav from my ofllc* throng, mistake <>r otherwUe. I will pay a reward of fll t \ <!??! Ih r-? -for th? return of the tiooM, which ran be of no value to any other porion Jo 19 ? I*t JOSEPH B. AN* PERSON. 4 LIHKRaIj RKWARH WILL HK| i V | iii| for thi' detection ?>f tin' ponton or ponton* who on two occasion* have stolen the flower* plant- l out In mv MTtion of the ponrhou*e Bury-ing-liroiind. WILLIAM II. LA.V'iFORD J.* 1?? '.'I* i;n|'M), os SIXTH STRKKT, A 1 MoRor ( o I'ni 'KKT ll'ii'K, containing a *inall *inn o| money iiinl *otne paper*. which the owner i hi get on application to this ullicc by paying for tin* advertisement _J" P'? ?" 1 )fH'K 1ST- HOOK L( 1ST.? Lost, on FriI day morning, Homowhero' between tin- corner <>l* Alain Hint hi^hteeiith Mreet* and the C|| v '*?"? '?r about th,. Hall, a dark M"KOC(:o P"CK tT Hoi ?K. containing from one to two ft un?l r?*?l dollar* ui money, ii nuiiiInT of check* come of /In tn tlrawn in hi v furor , several due Mil* payable to mo. Mud other paper*. Hhowing to whom fliey belol|ged. Tii" tinder u ill lio liliortlly rewarded on leaving tlii* II' n 'K and contend ?t tin* oilir?. .1 CLIPS A IIOHSOJf IStHAYKI) OR STOLKN.? A lH?-ntl ? ' I ewa rd will be la id for tin- I ? 1 1 ve. ' ry of a I'vKK BR IN PLK. M KIM I'M MZhPToW Tin- only murk remem ?"?r<'d i* that u small '"iece ban beei cliippod otr the end of . horn Any information ul her will be thankfull. received. Mi - M \ K V JANK HI'SH. Seventeenth, bet Wimble and I'oplar street*. !<? 16? 3t? FOR R.SNT. i;uit HKNT, A DKSIHAHLK F BRICK B\\'KLLIN<i-lf?>FSK. containing ten room*, with ga? anil vatcr, nil Miuth ?ide of Main street, ?ef ond ,!<? ? r b>*low -I' ffoixon. Apply at the corner of .Main and Jefferson street* t.i je l?? iw |?. H \JT OOJlW'A RI>. L^Oli HKNT, "CLIFTON IIOUSK." a Chi* dosiraMe hon?.,>, containing twentyei::ht room*, has boon put In good rep, ? i r ; is -itrntod on Fourteen^ street. adjoining' 'ii'v'-^B. Ballard House. Po?.?ession given iinn. ed;aieiy . Apply to W. H. ALLI^O.V, .No ll Fifteenth street, botween Mifin and L'ary. jt; l'i? eod'.'w* OK KKNT. ? A lnrm- WARKHorSK - on ( an ,i'il |?M. k streets, between fur .wi ? .irolioiHe'and the York Ki ver Depot. KOL .- a. on i arv an I Pock streets, between our ind the York Kiver Depot. palmer, hai;t>'?ok .* ro. T/< ) R ltKNT. si'Vi-ntl lartri* ami | ? I want Roo.MS, suitable for lawyers or lm-- Jml torn olfn s, over < ii re Tei n - rei v mo le- ..?? rate. Woi?|?Hm?K BKoTllKlIS, jo rt?t>- corner Fourth and Franklin ntP'ot-. > nooMS FOR HKNT, stiitalil?? lor a II cont! man and wifo orsinirle yentlomeii. jtr\ ? with or without board. Apply at .N??. ?Lf Eighth street, beyond Leigh. * my t"? tn LH)H HKNT, Out- PLKASA NT ROOM. JF KiiitaMe f. ?r a (ientloman'.s Lodging- >my < riMiin, or a (ientleman and Wile. Applv/. . Mr. ii "? ? Vrii,"'1 rrf sorontoenlh street, bctwo. ? t^')Tti'i?"t,A.V, f* i'ti? 1? , enable and Pop>ar .^uAM SHIPPING-. I/Olt N 10W YORK.? AT LA NTIC F to a ST MAIL S T K A M SUIT - ~ C ?> M I' A N Y .?The new and ologant s.ilo whool Ktoanisbip ALUKMAULK. II A ISot'KNK C'lMttMiider. KBSBBBSSSB , will W-ave hor wharf at Kocketti. on f?ATt'KDAY, I the '.'Id June, at o'clock A. M ra-?engers an- r- ?j nested I" be punrliial to that hour. For freight or pa ?cage? accommodation* iinnur- | passi d? apply to > AM V KL A Y KKS ?v j.. li'?Ji ( 'arv and Virginia streer*. l/o H HAI/riMoHK, SAVANNAH, I I AM) HOSTO.V.-PI'WIIATA.V - ~ 1 >TK.\ M 1 5 " A T COMPAN Y -SKMIWF.KKI.V LINK? Leav.-n Riehmond ?vory \V!.i?.\h>l?A\ and M" M?A \ SrifMKirtSB I l.oav . ^ Baltimore overv \Vr K l> X KS D A V and sATL'RDA \ The Kteamer PF.TERSBl'RU. f'uptaln Rorrrt Ti;.u i n?, will loiivo hero at ?' o'clock, A. 31 , WKDXI -DAY. the 2?th inst ins. Fioi^ht rec< : v. | M"XD.\Y and up t ? o'clock ! 1?. A!.! TFESDAY. Tlr* steamer has splendid t-abems, state-rooms. ; and pas*, nger accommodations. I'a?sage. meal- includ- d. . For iroi^h! or pa?-age applv t<? li.Wllu' \VM (TRIM K, otlico at Charles T Worthatii >V Co ie 1-? :t Fitteonth street, j

PERSONAL. |>i:USoNAL.? OUVKR II. 1'. AN1 DLUsi'.V of ri'iiij .11 v A. ;<'apt:iin < "? ?tt ???* . : Forty-. : ith M : i ?*- i |?j- 1 regiment. Heath- diviI Hill'* rorp*, Army Xoriln'rii Virginin, vw , iiiinoiiiu afier tin* bat: ?? "I Spot?y I va nia ? "ourt hou*??. 1 (12th of M ?y ) Any information furnished a* to lii<* when ui ?? wil be i ha tik !':i 1 1 v i' ceived by his ' distressed mother and rdriMv. s. i:hi;k? ca \XDKKs<?n\ at the Verandah I i ? i(*_3r * Broad street, near Seventh. M lit) IvMt >111 A L \\'? >KK. ? Tho Kxtvutm- ' <iiiiiii;tt? ii j '] > 'iritf.l bv a meeting "f yoiin*; in 'ii li< Id at the ? entenary t'hmrh some weeks since it. prepare fur I !??? w>>rk at Hollywo' <1 and ? ?uku'ix.tl ? -meteri. ?. beg to stare that at Holly. I w i about tin* hundred grave* yei remain '* tini mound* d Jt has been s*iege*ted that the serera I military . ruani/at'' r ? ?.f the city. in connection with their fir .'ends, wuul-1 chCertillly linish this Work at H<>, lywood. They ar.* therefore requested to rp* |.??ri I ' the chairman of the committee nmv tnin h of this work they will undertake. Implement* will be turn) shed them. skilful cinriu ?! ? have kindly consented to prepare a inrtj1 ot' Hollywood. designating, a- i tr aiii tv be. ea< h tjr.ive, with an alphabetical li?r ?,f ali :! 'i . i VV h t- ii this work khall have been finished, th committee propositi* '.ill another general uieetlnj when the w<>rk at < 'ak wood \\ :il l>e undertaken an vigorously | roMecnted. The conmiittee would suggest to tie- Jadi--* of the 1 neijjhiM.rin,' counties to mark the g raves, of a 1 1 the ( onfederate dead i n th-ir v .ciniry , an I report the mime* of hucli u- they can clearly make out to .Mrs l?r. Bolton. < I this city. Corresponding Secretary oi th' Ladies' Memorial Associate n The rolls thus coll. i ted will hi* invaluable. The\ liny be printed and distributed at small ro-t .Sverv month's delay will but increase iLe ditlicul- , tu'" "f "'is work. I (?onipany " 1- " lias consent, d to mound < ne bunI dred graven at Hollywood WM. W. l'AKKKR. M . I ie p.i? w't Chairman Executive Commitl e<". 'roTHK PKOPLK OF VIRGINIA.? 1 (hie of th?.' "'Ost cherished institution* in tli^ Mate :s the Bibi> Society of Virginia By thede- i i Mtrili'tivrt tire of/pril. tMi.l. the record* of that >oi ietv were destroyed 1 lie Board ol -Managers ? are iio'w anxious to obtain and publish, a* soon a* 1 possible, a Cornjilete c't o/ the Annual Reports ..f ; the Society, or. if not the Kt ports, a lull <tiid com- ? plete history. . , They therefor'1 request thefr.end* of the Bible i i Soc'ety of Virginia who may hat*; any ot the AnI tiual Kvports, or any oth?-r "published docuiiH'nt.H. < ? ?r anv records whatever that may a-*ist to form a complete history ol that >r?ciety, either to t:veor ; to loan them for a lew month* l?? the Bojrd, and t<> . send them to Bichmond to the Beposltorv kept by VV(ioliHi>r>K .v I'AKIIA.M. o. to Mr. Til<>.M.\MI , ; KLI.IS, rdtlce of the Jam- s Kivcr and Kanawha Company ,*or to the Kev (iL<Hi(>E Wt?o[)I?Kll>(i?. f'l 'Mdent. All documents will be carefully returned, if re- | queHted, and till cxpeintea will be paid. Will the paper- in the city and throughout the State publish this three times ? je In? .'ft , another SLTPPIiY OF DRY ^ V GOODS.? JiiM reci teamers HatteraH. j Saratoga, and Whirlwind, a large supply of new and desirable goods, making our stock very com I plete. We call particular attention to our stock ff j Ladies' Dress (joods, Linen Sheetings, Table* Cloths, Napkins, a large stock of Dress Trimmings, : all kinds of Cambric, Jaconet, ami Checked Muslin*. Hixm Skirts. Hosiery. Embroideries, Flatij nels, >hirt Bosoms, Irish Linens, Linen Drilling. ! < 'ass in i e res, Vcstings, Bleached and I'libD-ached Sheetings and Shirtings, Fans. Para?oIs, Corsets, and a variety of other goods, all to be sold at very low prices al LEVY BKnTHEKS, je If 15 Main street.

/ iOXSH;NMKNTS.? :{,<hh? sucks M:tr-i \ shall'a Flue Salt, 1,WH> vn-k* <? round Alum I salt. 15 tons. (iiiai'o, M prime Bacon ! Side*, j" barrel" So. I Herring*, ?? fn** prime Ki<> and .hiva 15 che*t" superior Gunpowder anil Black Tea, 25. barrel* choic syrup", l.'nt l?a rr?*ls Flour, 10 boxes Knv'li-li Dairy Clieev'\ li'tob* (>rime Yellow (ioi.li.-n Butter, 25 tmxe* I'a t *? ?it Family Soap, for sale by EL1.ETT Jc KUVSTEH, < 'onimi"sion Merchant*, j? |y_it* corner of S? v?-nth and (."ary streets riOYNKHS SULPHUR WATER, \7 from Coyner'" Spring*, in quart bottler, for ?ale by tin- agent", PUKCKLL. LAPP S ro , Dntgifi?ti?, je 10 corner Mam and Thirteenth street*. 1 A LLEGHA-NY WATKK, in half tfalt J\ Ion and quart bottle". fr. -h supplies direct i from the Spring* just received by PPK< KLL, LAPP iV CO.. PrugKUta, j?ll t- < ? 1 1 1 ?- r Main and i'!iir!> ?. -nth i ??,- 1 - Healing springs water^ in half pint bottle!?, constantly on band, for sale . I<y the agent". PL'KCELL, LAPP Ac CO., Druggi?t*. Je If corner Main and Thirteenth street*. /CONGRESS SPRING WATER, in V J pint bifltles. just received by PL'KCELL. LAPP & CO., Prnggi*t*, je Is) corner Main and Thirteenth street*. IM > R DIARRHOEA. - B I : N N ETTS DlARKHCEA KILLLK constantly kept for bale by P. DCPCY, je 19? ?t* Pharmaceutist, Broad str.-r it rPEA. TEA.? Just received, tin* ti nest 1 UlT.VPoWDEKand JAl'A.N TEAS, which we ! warrant to give satisfaction, &TEVENK * PEORAM. my 811 Bros*' ? "-at. /CEMENT AND CALCINED PLASVy TEK.? Three hundred barrels CEMKNT, on? hundred and fifty barrels F CALCINED PLAsTEK, Oil consignment, for sale by iuv a? U LBI k PETTTJOHg. "1\T11ISK Y.? A luruy lot of very stipe IT rior RYF. WHISKIES constantly on hunt and for sale bv O CKaNZ, No. 2 ?? change Block, Fourteenth street. VRRELS WELCH'S CELE * M1LY FLOUR, for sale by FKENCH A CKKNSHAW.

~r AUCTIC ,N RALES^FUTTJRE DAY. Hy Jame* M. Taylor. Auctioneer, Main >tr',<!l) opponltl 8pot*wood Hotel. I?XF,n UTKIX S~LK OF VALl* IJ A Hf.' ; REAL ESTATE. IN THE CITY Ol RICH NO ,VI>. AT AI'i'THiN.? Uy virtue of a de 'Thh of ih? Circuit Ootirt of tba City of Rich mom made 01 i the Oth day of Jnne, HM, In the ease <?| Mary A . A I l?-n. executrix of Joaeph Allen, de ce??.A|, rs Allen and other*, I will ofTer for ?ale a public miction, on th?? premise*, in th" or?f <31 , latn-d, th" following valuable real eat&te : I nn WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of Jons. at I ,, clock ,1' M . two vacant L"TS, N<m. IT. and I". In ,li tolah1 t plan, fronting two hundred ami tifty-foai f, ?l <>r Third - f . aini running back abo'ut one iin rnir il and fifty teet ; ami vai int LOT, No. 17, in th" whim phut, fronting on < atharlns atreet on.. It ?mJred ami tw enty-aix feet, and extending Hi |rd Mreet Theae lots will be divided Into ? ma 'I er Iota il d<"-ired 2 'j 11 THl'RSftA V. flu- 21 ? t day of Julie, comnt"tn ' ??if h m 1 1 ju-t 1 o'clock. 1'. M . the LOT on the e:? -t aido of Eighth, between Main and Franklines "''la, on which stands the large foundry <>c* rn ?>><<! by William B. Cook, fronting on Eighth ?tro.v* forty feet, and runniaK back one hundred ?Hid h'f r'-v ' ' ' t . ni' >re "r I- ?> This lot i-? I eased out ';,,r a ? * hi <-r twenty year- from May I, IMS. 3 Tin ' ' L(>T on th'- north aide of Main street, between i i Khth and Ninth, Otipoaite the Spotawood llot^l. 01 which atands.ttie m note occupied by A. H Cbrl> tian ?St Co. as a bookstore, fronting twentv-sl v feet nn M itn *tr>-ct, an t running Kick |,:indl ?sd and forty feettotui allejr. This lot Iea->:d fot a term ?l ? yean from October 1. I*e& t The th r'*' f'"TS on the south aide of Bank, l > ? t \ v . ? . 1 1 .\ir. K,,d Tenth streets, front: tig about t \v?'ntv - two fe '?l' and rtinui r>sr back about sixty I .... . whnh hotlBes stand occupied by James l> firowne, J. D Hammers!*') . ami th" City Water Work* The lean* ' tliem- lota ? i! I eXj'ir? in 1?7". 0 Two v.tranl ? "Tv ".-I Twelfth -tr""t. iinmeliu'elv in the r??ar of Mr. John i>r.i me'> new . ; , i'l fn -, froiltimc twenty -three feet each on 'Twelfth street, and running back about seventy I - 1 , '' One vacant LOT ?ui the corner of Twelfth street an l Eagle alley, fronting on Twelfth afreet f?rty - tw.? feet and riiri 'ii"* back on Eatfle alley one im 1?1 r*-'l a nd ti n feet, being tlie aatiie on which Mr. 1 Dili - tobai ro fact* ?ry formerly stood. Tlir."- vacant l.OT^ou th" "onth >i'te of tingle a | lev. iiiiin-diatelv Iff the rear of the above, front* I fig tbiry-twofeetvich, running back about l >ity?iX fe?'l 1 That VALTAIILE LOT on the sooth ?ide of Main, bijtween Twelfth and Thirteenth street*, 1 fiontlnu t went v five f-'-t :m 1 running back one | inin.lt .-<1 and tit'rvfeet to Eai' !?' al iey, on which for- j 1 1 1 ? ? r I V stoo.l the lloHtje oi'i'iipiod by .A < 1 1 . * vV (ir ty it a druK Moiv, adjoin in i; the n-- \v building of M r John Jit . ine. and upon wbl< h la now bt'ing erected i hull ling l'V.M'--rs, Honnan i Archer, to wh in i? is li ,t?"d l"i ,t term i?t' tii;> ji years iroin th" first day of March. ? ?J Th<- two VACANT LOTS on the uortln aat r?r- , c rofTweltth mi Maiii fronting afwwit j, r v -two t ? i' h "ii Mam. and running b m-k Ot I" hiindr.'d .md *? i l?e!ng il e am- oil W hi' h f,, "lit.- 1 IV sfoinl tb" il oi. - oceiij i.-d by J. T. !? i-'er &'t o. and J. i:. Allen 4tCo., brokers. 1?, r- ii- wishing to )>ottlMs-' de-irat-I- r^.il estate , in t '? *? rerv t?? -t port 101 ~ ot tin* hui nt d ; -'n ?" will have h ti i.'*i'|?|"ir; in i'v t. . do > >. as it is rarely *u? h liope.'I.V is brought into market. Tkkv - ok < \r i thi' -foiirth ca; - n : the be.lani " . at four, ??igli' and twelv" ne ntb-. for lie- ^thb- ' !l "d ' ' ,-ireha<e ino.i .-y i- pa.d 1 and a \ frh'"e rtioi'.-v'l'lv be 'pld .la?h ,Td.;'ired. ! tax(. ror l- ; ' v k V ^ A A L LK N Kx e t't Uri x ? '' . j ,f. ..epli Alien, dereased. .1 .1 M t * M. Tai M-t ? Auction. ?. r. _ i- ! '-tds By R<*gti-?'i!t ^ f'? ? Mam ^troct, betwe. n Eighth and Ninth. y E x T If KG C L A It S A It E i \V KI'N ES1>A Y , ?- ill I N>T A NT . \ I 1 r N ??'< t o> K A. H . . when we will offer for sab* byaucti n MAHOOANY sofas, MAH*"' AN V liEDfiTEADS CmTTA' K IIKI>STBAI>!?, CANE-SKAT OHAlitS. \va?h-ta.M'S. feather i i:i?s. < i; i I?.-. DAM ASK I.orNMi. SHOW-'AsE, MAHoOAXY WARDROBES. MaHOOaNV DININU tables, MAll?"iANV 11' REAL'S an i CABIN SI'S. MAHO'tANY KNILNSl"N TABLE, K?h:KIN'. ' HAIRS, 1 1 A 1 K t,t,l SHI"' K MATTRESSES, TOII.BT TA'H.ES, I i.AK and W A I.N V T C' 'ANTING- ROOM I n;>K-s. ; ST"KK < ? ' I * NT KB. OFF ICE CM \ I RS, i o.iKlNtl-ST"Vi:. BID QHI.TS, CRUCKLRV an I OLASSWARE. bMoKINU I'1 'BAC < <?. CI. A RET WINE, HATS, m? *r.\Rl>. ' r E'iN a r LT k CO., j,-l.i_ ? .Vn ? |lv i, rul i - NV'lliam*. Aurti-uieers, N'oiii. vv I iner ot E'u'V'-utli all I Maui

TWO II AN DS< >M M XKW IJRTCK I AMI H; A M K T E N K M I'. N T - O X < J R A < K s'lRKET. UK 1 W KIN IIESRV AND SMITH STREETS. ? ? ? ? I ?? is IT I. TIIK iCi.-l l?E.\< E "K i, \v OREEN. I -W . !?'?!{ s.\LE AT Al'( T|o\ _ W?? will noil tit auction, on tli v premises, on FRIl?A V. th-1 I ??: J tiiif. ut o'clock r M , tli- tw<. hau<lsom? !???? BRICK AND FRAME TES I..M EN TS located s& tltuVf ji'iicfihcd. They contain each eight room*. an 1 kitchen*, and a well of ? xceii'iit wati r in the varil. Tin v are entirely le w. an I have never been occupied Th> re are beautiful shail-* tree* in * r? Mil and are reallv dewidvncM. The purchaser of the HOUSES may, i t' It ? ?l i r? -. pun ha-? about one hundred (????{ more ? f OEOI'XD adtoiniiu; and front ini; on tirace street. The put' ha.-> r lo iiav* the taxes for l-iaj. Ti.kms . At -ale. URl'BBS .V WILLIAMS, je l.i Auctioneers. By Harrison, Ooddinfc App.rsoii, Banker*. Br<?k< -r-. ami Real E-tate Agents. ' r m : i : k s M a i ,17 f i i a m k t k n kI M E N T > . . .V - 1 1 ? .N K Y X K Al! TIIK P E X 1 T K X ? T1AKY AM" II' ?LLY Woi?D CEMETERY \ FOR SALE AT AUCTION ?Will hf ??. >1.J at aaction, on the premise-, on SAl'l RIIA V. .lime 'JH, l?tlii. at j . clock. P M . Hi -.- THREENEaT FKA.MECoTTAOE TEN KM EN TS located a- ahov. occupied respectively hy Mes-is W II. Brown, Jlenry Brown1 1 itr. ami Branch Ar?-li?*r. each containing three rooms. and well adutued f"r mi. all families. Tkkm- <?n. -thir?l cash; balance at four and ??ik'hr month- for negotiable notes, interest added, secured It* a trust deed. The taxes for thiM yeart.. be paii,1 bv the purchaser. "HaRRISoN, tiODDIX A; APPERSOX. je lc A iirtiouecr*. I'ilfc inton. 1'iilliaiii X Co., Auctioneer-. i;OU SAIJ: AT Al'(TH?N.-We will 1 -< il at /li/' request of E B. Talhot, E^j . on \V EDN ESI?A i ? the 'th J line. IstW, <u the premises, at public aui'ti" immediately ati.r the ?.i ie of the W*lk?-r property, four BEATfTlFPL BL'iLPIjfU LOT."*, lying in JlWfph M ux - addition lo Manchester. known us ?\os. .?ti, o ? Iik.m- Cash. PlLKINToN, IT LL1 AM \ Co.. je lf>? tds Auctioneers. By C. C II tie s i Co., Auctioneers, Seventh, between Ur< >ad and Marshal ! streets, WILL SELLATOl'R STORK H ?i WEDNESDAY. Juno 20, ls80, i at 1?? o'clock, a lar^e lot of READY M A BE PRESSES, t . E.N IS ? L<>TIIIX<! BOOTS. SHOES. II A I S. \r . from a pawn broker'.- establishment in a northern city W' enumerate In part, :i'hi siLK DRESSES. ?.'."mi LAWN, BELAlN.and other Stylo*. ?.Mil CALH'o. <;|X<!H *M. and other stvle-. r.'in OK. NTS' rf.oTM CoaTS, pairs ?' \V>1 M E1IE l'AXTS, .'ton p.ijfs LINEN PANTS. ?."* i IN EX CoaTS. I 'Hi C'ASSI MERE COATS. 1"0 pairs <;ENT> SHOES. .1"'' pair- W'iMKN S SUoES. " cases STKAW HATS, 2 case- MISSES BONNETS. ! , j .i r i WTON FLANNEL DRAWEES. p:iir* BLEaCHED ?1IEETS, "')u pails BKOWN SHEETS. besnjes a 1h i"t "f CTTLERV , Ac c C. HaNES \ CO.. Auctioneers The attention of parties wishing t" purchase is pprticul o lv callP'l tothls sale, i je l"_ Ms' C. C. IT & CO. By I ol ell &. Davis, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, corner of Eighth and Main streets.

4 DESIRA H LK TWO-STORY ! i\ fkamedtenemen r. with a brick bask- 1 | MKNT, <?N THE SOUTH SIDE OF MAKMlAl.L, BETWEEN F I K.ST ANDSEn?NI> sTKEbTS, VI ! AUCTION We will ?ell on THURSDA Y, the SUt ! i day of June, IW6, upon th* prtmiiM| at 5 n'd.H-k, P. M., that deaiirtl I- FRAMED TENEMENT, with* brick basement, located a? ahov??, containing eight : room*, besides cloiMtU, ija* and k <13 fixture* , throughout, with a kitchen of two rooms and water in the yard. The l<>t tronts ab<>ui thirty feet and i runs hack one hundred and tlfty feet. Tkkms : One-third ca*h, balanw at six and twelve month* for negotiable notes, with interest added, and secured bv a trust deed. isbell a davis, I je l^?tds Auctioneer*. VOTICK.? TO TH K CITIZENS OF , i 1 RICHMOND It is earnestly remitted by the , ladies and children of' Baltimore, who intend holding a FA IK in their city, In SEPTEMBER NEXT, for th* purpose of building an Asylum for the Orphan* of the soldier* and Sailors of the Confederate army and navy, that some citizen or citizens of Hlehmond will donate a LOT OF GROUND ? I for the foundation of the Asylum By ?<>, doing, 1 you will receive many thank? from the children of Baltimore, who no kindly volunteered to help their | little sinters and brothers of the south; and also the |>r*yer? of the dear little orphans, who have been thrown upon the cold charities of the world ' ' by th? misfortunes of w ?r. 1 | Any person wishing further information in re- , Kard "l?? this notice, ran address Mhs, E. a F. MEAR8. Treasurer, j,. id_it No. *3 N Charles street, Baltimore. ? TN HENRIOO COUNTY COURT, 1 1 JUNE <, Ordered, that a notice be published in the Times and PiaptUch newspapers of | the city of Kichmond, lequeiting all citireim of this county who know of any nuisances existing upon the premises of any person, to report the " j same immediately to ftomu Justice of said county A copy? Teste. I J? U?lw r WIUUM P01KE8, C. H, C,

i WiU SALE AT ALTTIOX.? Wp | 1/ Hell on TUESDAY, the lftli June, l"<!4, at | AUCTION SALES-THI8 DAY. By Isbell & Davit, K>ial Estate and Auctioneer", corner LiKhtli *nd Main ?troet*. 7 rrir at bkautTfT' lly - i^^atki I ami DESIKABLE KHM'RBAN FARM. WE>1 I OF ANI? NEAR T<? TUB K?HlJ>8?<'B *A f TIlANIEI. K HOWE, h ?<, , AND K THE NORTH HIDE OF STKKKT as EX l TENDED, for sale AT AlXTlON.? We wil r K.-il Ht liui ti ii < >i TI'KSDAV, t!iM lPth day of I ?<<*,?. on th" premises, ?t ?' o'clock, I' M , th*t beau ' tif'iil and desirable NOBt'RBAN {AR* i above -nam-d, containing TWENTY AND A llAl.l \L'RbS 'I II" improvement* cnnsint of a pretM ? ?? < >t r ;< c* residence. containing nin? room*. ?ituatei I ill ti lieautlful "H k grove, new barn, *tabl??. car riiiir- -home, cowsheds, hi. ?x<-?H*nt ?? ?J hous* wiin a tin" l"'nd convenient thereto, and nil olbei necessary out- house*. TIi>' land i* highly nn proved. snb-tantiallr enclosed with c-dar i>. * and whit.* oak plank, and admirably adapted t< t|... culture of th- tunal crops and of which have b<-on seeded. and are now Kro^' '? 1 finely ! hi- place. with it littl** care and alten lion, mav I.H made .HI** Of the most desirable resi denies iii the vicinity "f Richmond. I, im.'diatelv niter Hie above sab-, will be sol. | two vrv ??:? Mri.F>, tw?Jln,'.('OV)^4wv\U IU'(i?iV'll'?i:SE. Carts. Ml <??. \ . and HA KN hi I Mild all FA KM I NO IMl'LEMbNTs on the *altl I "t'khm- roK thk Farm : one-thlrd cash, balance l-iv. twelve, and eighteen months. negotia ' ' ! not**-, int?T"*f h?i?1 **?i;nre?i yy * ,?#*# ** ' ' t rift For the personal property, sixty days ' d. lor ni'provt I negotiable note*. interest a?ld? ? I i:? ISBELL ?v DAM*. Auctioneer*. By I'ilkinton, Pulllarn &? Co., Auctioneers. will halfPi, ,t t o'clock, 1' M.. the premises, at pnbli. i iirtioii, the M'T 1 y i hk "?? Compromise -tret j Maddux II II. fronting riftv feet and running hark ! one hundred and It fry feet, it being the lot ??l which John I.iintrip died seized. Tkkm- : At "i'aKINTON, 1'ULLIA.M .V Co., Je T-eodtd* Auctioneer*. 15y Robert B. Lyne. Auctioneer. \n:KV VAIXAHLK FAMILY RKSIV DENCK. <IN V ENABLE. BETWEKN .[ !->>A >1 INK A N I > S< (?TT STRKETS, H?K >.M.h A I .il'CTH'N.-At the re?i u?"*t of the own;i, Mr i.r'W. I will sell at public anrtioii.on ri K. 1 ;V . the t!*th of June, upon III.- pr- miH.'?,at thr.^iV r. VJ ;? o'clock. I' M . that vt'iv tt^Hirahl" FAM II. ? RhSI DEN't'B located a- "'w.-i.^ v" roomx. The lot front-* on \ enable ftreU tw nty .Mtlit feet, and runt hack one hundr.d and thirtv-two f-et The house ha- t>e.n re<enil> i, tinted pap- red, and whitewashed, havinn larM miilb..rrv tr - in front and rear attoM.i.K de Hi/hlful i*hade. Trie garden 1? w? I ?et with veg* tui.les i'< .-tension ha-l iiumed lately. ? ot^ale*: Ner> Ub0ral ROBERT* B. LYNE. ? Real Estate r<>nu*r Wall iiinl l* iHiikliiL WANTS. W'ANTKI). a healthy \\ K 1 "*? tliecitv | , rui < ""K. I vV*llEKv,!!' t,.R.. ?(?'? "i'^tEK ?flN>I.KV. j? i<? ?t * *????"?? (,,?y *n:1 Ad"lu'* . \ \ - V NT K 1 ) A I ' KM a I . K T HA (' 1 1 KK. \\ ')Nt ,ch 'Ktmlish. n-l-?!ilVAWsufc.?..?- ??& TS-VtHte !' I i I:K>.V., which U 111 C, furnished \\ ITHol l Fra?kh? D Avn\HA/? iV Link. Agents. V f, city. n...h> ""J, .V-rVv f UA v ' KK. \rencw Franklin, between . ' Eighth and Mntli -tr-ts _ J'tt v\TKI> a SITUATION AS a \\ hoi'skk kehek. t.y K;?'=- ; TX'; either in the city or country. Addr j,. irt_u* \\" \ NT KD? W( ?<>!., W < > n L . ? '1 ?>' i? jr. ?t * corner Fifteenth and t'arv streets. ^ r \ -N T K 1 > . SIT LT A T 1 < > N AS Tl- \< MKK ? Tli- writer, who is .in ? \|" _ . nrV- ?( tl t-'K i mi a "ra.lliate ot nio-toftl. X M co?r?.e ... the rni ven.ity ot V "t. le-ire- with -oni" k'1 n h , -inc similar .inalilications, with a . uew r.'?"l"l; ; ??"||? w??l.l ????!" ? ? KchoolVlready established. 1'arties interested please addres rMNjTS care of !>r. John K Wm.ds; j,. :_.'tneod Uy l?.p?'t. A lb.- marie. \ a_ r \ NTKP l'' ) I'UkVhaSE FK( 'M 4scs?ak?=3 end, d.-li vereil at the ' lty Alms hou^ t,.hNKU j*'1- l* ' II \y VNT1'I>, WOOL, ill lar^'or sinali t\. IIARVEYS \ WILLIAM. W A\

U'ANTKh. AN KXrElUKNCKD H N PRSEKVMAN to take charge ??!, <>r an in terest m with the owner of, .1 farm in North Carolina well a?tHpi?*?l t<> and located lorn nursery and vard?'ii fn i in Apply I" l'Al.MEK, H ARTSOOK k CO., my 30 I.ibby buildings. \ITA NT KD, Mr. WILLIAM DAN>T MA LS or Mr J. H. SHAltP to call at the offlre < f tbe Virginia Employment Agency, on Bmmu street, lour doors above Ninth, or address JAMES T HENDERSON, tn v !.'< ? ts linx 139, Richmond, Va. /1ASII PA 1 1 > I'oK Itt)N KS. ? Wsiiitcil, I ' FIVE HUNDRED TONS BoNES. Cash paid on delivery. my n_t>* S I*. LATHROP, Agent. UIDKS AND TALLOW WANTKR 1>RV HIDES. GREEN HIDES, and MALTED HIDES. A!*o, TALLOW ; for which the higbtest cash price will he paid . O. H . ? "H A LKLE V ?V t o. , II:. Ih an. 1 Leather Dealers, Thirteenth street, between Main and Cary. apVA-t? rviK SA LK. ? Tin* uiuh'rsi^nwl, ink-nd-A ing t.'.l -continue hoM-' k- opir'K. otf'er- ii i-? pre.????lit r^>i.letice, " M".> I'EHELLo, for sale. There are fourteen acres of land, all encbsied Tho situation i? admitted !?? be one of the m.-t de sirable m the vicinity of Kichnioiid. being half * mile below the southeastern limit* ot the city, ? n Fulton Height*, < umtnauding a v iitr of at |< ml lei miles in. and il.'wn riie river. The dwelling- house contains ten room^. conveniently arrange.! and elegantly finished. The kitchen i? one of the best, and connected with tb? house by a covered w.iy. There are all the usual out-house*, including a I.' r?e sta Itle, barn, and carriage- house. Around tin htill.se Is one of tile tiliesl >?aK and HICKORl URi'VEs in the country. To he appreciated, tin place must ho seen. K< r lurtber particulars aptdy on the premised, or* at the . .dire of Samuel Ayres'jc Co., >o. loW, coriter < 'arv .tn. I Virginia streets. ).? I w'.'w SAMl'EL AYRF.S. > ANDOLl'II A KN<J LISK, l'.'l GoVKK.VoKOK Thiki kkntii -tkeki Casli paid for HOOKS. PAMPHLETS, MAGAZINES, <>li waste papf.k, LAW BOOKS. Th-' Virginia and other Reports, also a lot of STANDAK D WORKS, for -ale. Order* received for any Law Books published in the I* nited btate* nr Ehk land . A large stock of Miscellaneous Literature at very low price*. rirculating Library, two thousand volume* fur h i re . Book binding in any style. Blank book- made to order at short notice. je l? ? '.'t VOTh' K T( ) TA X -PA V Kits.? I n cotnpll tnce with an ordinance of th" city i f Ktchmond. I will <?tt nd at the * "? ?l I ?-c- 1 ? .r* .h oWiv', Cltv Hall, from * \. M. to 0 p II , from the IStli I . the J"Mi 'June inclusive, to receive froiu lbTAX -PA Y KR* one-half orthewho|? of lh*Cit> T tx?s charged to them, deducting therefrom ten per cent. JULIfS A. IK'BSON, j. 1? lm City Collector. JT. B. ?Fractional notes will not he* received ex c i when necessarv to make the requisite change ? ? " .1. A. It. It

i 1LOVKR HILL U MPjAVF.RAGi:, \ j an<l FINE COAL.? Having purchased all tlx < ' ? > A I . in the Clover Hill Company'* coal yard in Maiicb) i?f?'r. we are prepared 10 furnish grate, enKill*', ami shop (Oil, Jn largo ouantltie* anJ .1' re*N..nal 1.- rate-* A.NTMRAt iTh CUALand t ? A U | and 1'lNE Wool) at low Amir.-*. CoTTKELL \ 1MLCHKR, Ba?in Hank, between Eighth and Ninth street* J?> IV"1? . HOO'lN AND .SHoKS.? All in want of anything in the Boor AND MloK LINK at* in vlt?*<f to rail at the ONE- PRICK >T"KK. 71 Main street, and examine iny good*. Competition^ 1* detied in quality and price. II M. UAbTOJi. je 1*? 1? ' oWE?T QIL. Very superior OLIVE I OIL on hativ' and for sale by O. CRANZ, No. " Exchange block, Fourteenth street FU8T RECEIVED, A LARGE IN-j ?J voice of Lace Curtain#, Window Shades, Paper Hanging, Canton .Matting*, Oil Cloths, Ac.. at ! FRENCH at CKtNSUAW'S, torner Ntn'b and Matti | etreets (up stairs). my M I^amTlY FLOUR.? ONE HUNDRED BARRELS M'PLR1< >R Fa>*JLY PLOUK lor sale by TVfctR & SON, Thirteenth street, between M.ilu and Car* je l?-at?_ POUQI K f D-ORtKANS Ocfc >? i .\ B, 1 J superior to Karma, for *ale at . MEADL a UAKEK'S drug )e H? ts corner .Ninth and Kraiikl)n] ( lAUtio of Rockland *1 "ijfl!ku>l V ' arrived in dock, tor sale by palmer, hart I Je IS lp ONE HUNDRED KITiL, EREL iu atore, on cmuiKinu Je l? _ WILLIAM H. 1 TWENTY CASK 8 C< i 4.u"w"T,,?S5?tf

; AUCTION BALES-FUTURE DAY By Nbell * i>xvi*t Aijilioitet-r*. I/O UK NEAT FRAME TEN? I MENTS, <?X TUB EA-r HIDE OP Tl!R V|'-{ ' OINIA CENTRA!. HMU'JiAb. t>u inyt.,;,, 8TKEET K??H s.U.E AT Al < TI"N _W t ? at miction, ou WfcJ.Ji EM>A V, 'I ?.?T hU III. I... .it . . 1>"W, upon th* pretni*e?, *f .* o'clock '?i'.fi ? v-, t J' ?"? P v| , KoL'K NRAT' FKA.M f TK.XKMK.XT>. - * nh"li dNlanre a bore the offlc. <>l tii V if. r ,1 ir?l Kailr ? -!*?i < ompKity. Hit sa.* ^ r - *,*. x fl, ? opportunity p**r*ons of - n.:? 2 1 u. ?r,. t,, 4,ft;r, resident ? or tuak** .1 profitable in v. *tin-ti* Tkkm" One-third cash; t?.tl ?? rn-?- a: thrs* ^ nix month* i*?r negotiable tit**--*, w *i u.' r. .? 4 1 aerured i?y a irn^t ?I? ?*d IftlfELI. Ar DAVj. jell?Ida AiiCtior.MM By Harrison, <io I iln k Apper*on, Bankers, Brok< r*, ,?n<l l>al h?in? A ?<< t.'?. / m)MMISSI()NK!;s: sai.eof vkry \ ) VALl'ABLl K! M K-TATE !XTHE< ! T V . p Kini.M?'NI>. "* MAIN. Th.XTII. t'AKV. <. a:. Ai 1 V I. L'i?!V Ht'l. . - - \.N l? FOlMIEfc "f the ' ii<' i.t ' n<?ui!< <.-i tii tnitlKt I! ir. :i 11 ?hereby x|i|' i ? ?tll at i'll'ilir * !?A V. the 2Mb I follow irii,' 1 estate !h** vtiuab;** !.'?T ? Ninth :m i I running 1 ,< k .1 I :K:.J * -By tir?M- of .? ' ' ?? ? if v of Hi' hri, "I .1 II I" >), ill the ?' A' < ' III" 'Uldersiglieil, wj.i ?*.> . 1 ' o|ii|u;?Mii||cr?, Will | , ' ? T I. - pr* ??:, ] tr i>. I!.--. I ??!?*. at one o'cIm k P \J X >*.*? real #f?t*fr* belonging to' tjj, \ii'hony Baiyau 1 . ?. / f, n the 4011th Nide of .V ? t, ..*?..,,, N* ' . I r"!?t 1 If ^ a too w . f * y . -five f.'.-t ?*. HII sth-v . ?' 1 ? x I I r: - , ? : |fiininK ||i' ji**'' I i ?*ry n'tore < f M- -?r? <*'>. ; al-o. t li ?? l.?'T 'In the ?>?.? . i|, . ; '| t Main an I t';iry fr.#i??.i,K- ?? fi-ct. mniiiiiK ?-a< k ? ? ul.iy in ,r ;? ?' which, on tii** f.in.i' -lay, oti tin"- m-- . o'clock P. M , the ,ar^?* and v. :y .j- ... 1 i'WfcLLINO, a 1!. ut h wen < . . Kou?h?,?* -K, *vlii?ii was jorn?- r.v , the decedent a reai<lenr>*. Th ?? L*il ? . of ime iiuiiiir>'<| an. I t!ir>->* f>'. t. ki. ! .t ? hiifi lr<-i| ;iin| I. ity-llvi f.-et, to ,tn ?I't.-r o|M i?.d. a1m?, th.' HALF A' HK I ? | f th>* uhove, I routing no the north ?. . ? * 'tr<'< f one iitimir-'i an<i tiiirtv tiir-.- : ? i<ack orn- hundred an.l flit v- fl w j? -t (? ? 'I'll 1- I.ot U.I.I' >uli Jividvd M?a* to ? of bidden*. The for- ;??: r. ai ext ife, fur the n iuMlv r> -,.1 r<l' l a* .iiii>'n?'.-t the in.?rv< ?ritlle market, and fli? ui?l at'.rart the aj'it *ii-:- .t ml others. Tkk m - "ne-fourtii rash, balance at ?.\." ind e[_'l.teeli Months. f.*r 'ie^. Ifiii ??|e ||<>te?. a<Me.| aii l lit! ? r -titire I till all the ftirrha?? paid, and a conveyance ordered by the ? Tlie t.i\i- .iii'l iiisur4>ice fur thi* year to t bv the jniriha-er. i.? ? K HOWISO.N ) .1 s ( ' v ? K 1 1- , ? Coin iii i? ? KATOX Jf A X ' ' K, ) Sal.* to If ? ? 1 1 < I n?- f ? I bv II \Kl{ls??X. O'oDlMX \ AI'PI l> \ je 15? lawtii ? Am ?|i'ii"?r? By tirtibii* it Williams, Amat)of: Xorthweatc >rnorof M.-in a'i<i Klever , . TKrsTEK's < \ia ?; ok tiii: mi . CHAXit SVlKLE TOKXPIKE AT if By virtueof a deed of truat from 1 M , . viile Turn|ii!ve fomna'ty to th* * Trns|?*e, dated I It h .Mine, 1 ' 1* I r lleiirif'" C**iii,ty t'oi.it < 1 it**, b?init t ? the t*re li("rs seelil) d, 1 w At L-'olj^^' ;e -I ?" ' t ? o'I'.i' Yj M '.N \\'t rh* next lair lay tin n*n :hrt l> tie, rroperty, Work-, h?... chise. (.f th* -.?!?! Coui|iaiiy, c->n- "*t'"fc < i \ liiifhtK Kstat**, and i'nv i:e?i? in an I ? -1 . [?ike ttoa 1, the La in I, Uuiltiinj.'-, in I I in;*"* v coniiM-ted or enjoyed therewith. _ai 1 IK .. Powera, I'ltrilegea, Worka, and Franchises ? f inamier a|'pi;tteiiant 'hereto. " Ti.i ? m ? sufficient i 11 < 1-I1 to d* fray th*- * v - . alteiidin- th*- execution ? f the ir'.-i !, 1 ?> ;>ay til?* debt ? secured thereby latiio in > , ? i , . i'i r hundr< i dollami," and Ibe resido? n ? ???1 iih ? inataii lenta, it ot ??. i?", at d thre? t> ir? ? r bonds, w:th appr*>ve?l ? curitv. Interest .oi l* I. *:,! dec u red by a ueed of truat upon the pi 1 rty t to be -old: IV W. ?!KrBh>. Ii >? ** Oki Bita & W11 1 Auctioneer* By i.ruhb- \ Williams. Aucti* t rXi r'li west corner ?*f Main and Eiete:,*!. ??: / 1 Q M M I S s I () N E R'S S M.i: OV I SEVENTY AfKi:> ?'F Wl.i'M.i' i \ n , ON THK M EC HA N '? J?VI LLK TCCNPIKI I W 1 Ml I.K> FK< *M TIIK CI TV. AT M ' r:?'.N c utini of a i?*cre? of the C1rc1.it * . ?; i * ? ? 1 ly oj ib nr ''o entered May !?" . hi ih- < schertuerhwrn, etc., ???. Auatiu ai*d ii< . 1 5. ? -iKi ed. a commissioner appointed for th - - will sell at auction, upon the 1 rem PA 1. July ?'*. at 5 o'clock. P.M., if lair. the next tatr d.iv fher -alter, at th* -an ? PK ACT <?}* LA XI) of which :.*? 1 -< ll* rnoTl.' *rn di* I s? i /. e , I . lyifi. of Mechanirarillo turnpike a sh iyoi d th** toM-^ate, and adjoin 1 ^ tie oni la- l'o??*er and o'her*. There .it >EV KX I 1' A' 1IES. * : w snfllcietit portion in 't*n*l> . .m l tin hu 1*1 1 ntf*, one of which can be ,?? ? iwellillf; it will be -ell a- 1 W! a- inav be deeiie'd l'? t af the :itn* *1 'I in- is t beautiful TIIAC'l < ! I.lM1 -hould al ract the utteiitioii * ; ! r- nHt;i h property Ti.hm-i : One-third cash. 1 i'. ???<?** ?*; ? twelve inonlh* i n n^xotiable not*-, w Ii id*l**d, the title to i>- retaiu?**l ' y * n ? th" notes ar*; paid K \T* ?N X A X'CF, C, !i,i - fJuritii* \ W11 1 Auctioneer1 iV .a I. 1 1 r n VIRGINIA SPRINGS.

Hath au m si*kin<;s.?*i .? i ...? Iy : nprofmi :? ? . >1 b?tutifal Wit r i . I r ?? will lie onened for Mm* reception of v ? ? 15th 1 1 1 1 1 1 It in litutti ?! in Bath < out ? . '? ba<e of the VN ? rni r.i.. M >?n Hi. in, tin ro?.| leading from .Mult ,|. , i h- Vir:; riiH Omra! railroad. to tin- W.i: .. , li ' and Ilea tinj; fcf>rini( ? I' i? f> ii inil-K ft ? >ui M illbnro' d"j? t'tv fr i tli?* Win ii, i#i? from the Hot, and thirt ? ru lb ;i i 114 *?[?! Hit*. Kv?-ry ftiort a- 11 be iii.-k!-* l?v*t!i?- pr .priev.r ! > pr ti of,. th<- !lK\i.TII A M? '< '< ?M J ? <KT kur?[.<, \ otilv I.I.N' k <?F *? r ? K ''?.Mill'* ? (,(? t|i<> road from tlie to th?wa>-r.i. place* alone-iio nt i'iied It v i Kit of 110 (HI) : Hv?he.[ay V <?' By the week |J ?** j? ISEFH BAXTER. Proprietor. nEALTJIKl li ATTKAt I'loNS OK . TUB WASHINGTON spUlXus, ? \ 1 "Mi i.akk jtk.v <?k the !*?:? <.kk*> r m PRESENT < EN r C \ 1 R E. J. (iOUUWI.N > El"I K' ?IMIIC, roit SCIloiTLA. CHRoNir IvHECMaTIvM aNP { .SYPHILIS. 1 rii.? nio?j iiriiiKin;i^>-)?l>l)> .1 ivli . li vV . ' '!;<? liuman race ll.ade to yieid *.?t.?f.ict< r..v ai.-l 1 ' inanently to the method and mean*, .m expontion ? f which maybe had by iv??ilnt{aci>iirMti '??? ment ? f fact*. ill pamphlet forui. winch I thought for ?<?tne time worthy to be 1., t. j > public K'-n^ruIiy . Th?? titi?? "f tli" *hort I* ?' Tl ?? 1 Treatment of Sypfilll*, ?'hr.?riu Kh? urn ? > '? Srri'fnU, by Dr. ii. J. Goodwin, of tue W. .? ?? 1 t< M Spring#.'' I herebt 1 .o-f respectfully and hon??vv - > ' 1 < 1 imfgl notice "f tbw panpli ? t by ? ? ferine I111 inanity to wli i?-ti particularly rtnd ?n attentive reading of it* " tiippiennitt u ? the authenticity <?! I'- mi-ilu'-'nt .u..l j r- !? *> ?Miilor?fineiit. The "Ve^et^bb* Eutro|iiii<?, ? fik'urtu h* the in? -t prominent in tii> ; '? ; (ilet.t onstitiiteft, in the Ju l^'iin'i i ? t <u?< rtmtioi' ?' }4?v?i - iein ami <ii?*rs .ii- 1 b r .1 ifoncc and a high upprrclntion of ti ?j>ii an.i u< ? "an impor'<int addition" t-- th? rem- Ii ? * known *? the :no-t '-liic in the treatm* i<t ? I ' 4i<ea>eii. My i*m-cei?< In inana^lri^' theoe dia>*.?r* ? < w ced>- l (o ex?v| any tttfei. liii^ (lie >;?? 1 1 ? ' treatment, i* ilue t<> my adulation ..j the K upon the theory whiru i d< vlMed UDori ear > loifit'g] vie W? taken ol 111- ?e (imfadlei. 1 tency of iu efflc?ry tiutk* -. ;r eminently a lila? e anions the mo>t reputed ?Undk'i ! r- ? ?f mi dii'aii r> cord : and 1 would ino?t 1 "U'ly claim at the hando of lion?>rahl : Kent phytticiaiu a lair and itnpart ti r inmpeutlral value asaj jihed by m '? -it* ? ?' ? of HifMt dilteaxeH. i can. on -iior' notice, fnrnlab ph< - > ? ? ,f i in towiiH ai.d cit:ea from tihy to ... ? ? of the Eutroph <- at a i-ont ?t thr i f le, ( ontaiiili^ ihirtr ounce*. The iong'i-<>t<ihliahed mtnera! r-'- r> Wa.-liinj<toii Springs, formerly >> * ??? '? atfoidlng the be?t ijualllice' ? f s . ; Chalybeate, and Ma^neoia. the 1 ?' 1 ami vaiuhleeotleetion of uedicii ? ? to the mouritaiiia of Virginia,! r than attractive to ir valid* ?{' 1 . ? x '* , fro in debilities, 4Immm of ll?e v ' *' uterine dl>ord.*r?, i>kin d:-?- -. ltv? r and dK? >t:ve function.*, < benefited by a relaxation from : pur>uit?. auvoi.iii allied by a few ? k- ? j fucft a healthful retreat a* thai < f ' !?e VSpriiijja. IVr-or,* vii?lt!iii; the Spring* f* r t: adv in'.axet w ill lie q^*r?<'d tw< d in I twive il?>!iar* per week board |'er>oni? vi?i;iiiK the spring* t. -r si ' alii treatment will be chained Zi V ' ? . .V .1 ratex. for tioard

1'????mu?-p? tv uli th?* ^r;iu? I y in-1 ?tcpj inx c<>iin?y . charj(Mt<r medical nervn ? ? ti< n tn The ?ftlirt?<l mav vi?it a? wi'U ?' th' ir Mijuiirn shall b?* Miec?*?-iit f t< v To Iter , iCt U'JVt HO Hrtjl (Iff' '? ? th- tufftviiij. K J '? Th>? VEGETABLE F.('tII"1'! !' ? L -IT 0411 bn obtained <?! ?' H ^ n rth?a*t corner of * i ' Richmond, a nt for ibu< ? ' gMii.TAily !n *11 |uitM>t Vir* ? rnh <"l\?*.-.'t?woiu ??nm: n AHGAINS IN <'LOTillV?? ^ are now ottering ir ? ? ' ??? ?' ? ^ ' embracing .i i sr?'?t variety a (til fashionable stvl'-s >!(!? :l * superb ulrtok <>t (jKMI.KM t.\ > JTKM>H!N ? * ? rilbrar iliK Silk, Woolen, (til l ( i f.i><* Llueu >h.ri?, I'ollafa, Tie*. H ?? Uiovea, Half' (?u?|>?n<l?Ts. 4c . s' GKEATLY KEDl'CEP I'Kil f> We inrue th>x? In want totall and \* ? ? *tock a-iu as.-umrf theui 'h ?: M MA I.N 6TKEE1 lalbe plac? tofiiAVK THR1R Mt-NKV . 14 WERTUfBAKEK A WIJ MA** N'OTICK. ? There will l?a in^in - FCOJIFAXl ASSOCIATION* it \ I If ALL oii Tuesday cttniiu, tli< Wt!i ? I *ialf-i?;tM * o'fliK'li A lull and pum i ? I .lie u particiiUi lv J. -.ir* -I Oh<?K(.'h W. i'fc. TEKKI > IV ?' i JI'mhh Lvnx, 8?ri?taiy. HALTIMOKK ALUM Ll.MK.ml -" bead* t*i>u 'Uitlly on hand, for ?. tit- I'* I lav II to l.KK Jt PKTl V ' >"* j rP\N(? HlTN DRKDBAHREI SI ^ I SUFIIiriXE ELOl'K. t..r *ale low I- ?> .. jali HtESOl A OALAll OIL.? SAL A t> Oil., 1 <*1 k? quality, ill bottlv* aud fla?k?, (or ?*??? by | POIICRUi LAPP * , ?J U corner Tblrl*?utn aud Mala til***