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THURSDAY. . I . . V.. . . MAY 10, 1866. *&? Annlveraaryof the Death of Stone- * weft JaokaozL J A few days ?f?ee, a Federal offlcer In the on the?ldewal)t as I funeral procession |?m. eri, Inquired the name of the deceased, and upon being told that H wax that of an of. fleer In tin late Confederate army, ho reve- ??% lifted UU hat and stood uncovered oattt the entire line had passed. The act WMMU which gave the work) assurance that a noble heart was covered by the Fcderal uniform. With feelings akin to those which dictated this action, the people of the Southern States deem it no evidence of disloyalty, but a simple tribute to a Christian hero who bore his honors meekly in 1Kb, to turn aside from their ordinary avocations on this the anniversary of the death of StuKBWALL Jack *>n, and throw a Itew atones npon the cairn which the love of thousands will raise to his memory. Partaking of these feelings, we surrender a Urge part of our space this morning to an article written by Dr. Huxtkr H. McGcrai, of this city, for the Richmond Medical Journal , which contains the l>est history we have anywhere seen of the last week of the great chieftain's life. As appropriate also to the occasion, we publish a strong appeal to the Southern peoplo to raise a sum of money sufficient to pay for the ?tatue by Mr. Volck, for which Colonel Fbsnch contracted long ago in the full assurance that the needed fluids would Ik* forthcoming at the proper time. On thi* day we need not a. sk the public to read both articles. Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born at Clarksburg, Harrison county, Virginia, on the 21st of January, 1824. His father was a lawyer of considerable practice; but, owing to misfortunes, he left his family to struggle with poverty. His deatli occurred in 1827. Toung Jackson went to live with an uncle -in- law, but soou ran away and took up his abode with an aunt ? the wife of Judge Allkx, of the Court of Appeals. | He was soon, however, taken away by his paternal uncle, Ci'mmincs E. Jacksox, with whom he resided until he was sixteen years old, when he was elected a constable, and is said to have performed the duties of the office efficiently. He resigned this office for the purpose of going to West Point. At West Point ho was in the same class with Generals McClellax, Stoxemax, A. P. Hill, Pickett, Macrt, and others, afterwards Generals in the Federal and Confederate armies, but is said to have given no indications whatever of su|>erior talents. He graduated and received the appointment of brevet second lieutenant of artillery on the 1st of July, 1846, when the war with Mexico was in progress. He went straight to the scene of action, but did not participate until the siege of Vera Cruz, where he commanded a battery of siege guns during the bombardment. A few months afterwards he

was promoted for gallant and meritorious conduct on this occasion. Me then went into the light artillery, and fought at Contreras and Cherubusco, and was again mentioned in terms of high praise. Generals Twiggs and Scott both named him afterwards in their reports of the subsequent battles of that campaign. After the war ended, he was stationed in Florida, where his health failed. In March, 1851, he was elected a professor in the Virginia Military Institute, which position he still held when the State of Virginia seceded from the Union. lie married while in Lexington. It was here, also, that he became a member of the (Presbyterian) church. Soon after Virginia seceded he was appointed a colonel of volunteers, and sent to Harper's Ferry, where General J. E. Johnston superseded liim on the 23d of May, 1861. He was with the army of General Johnston in all its marchings, coun-ter-marchings, and skirmishes, and at the battle of Manassas acquired the name of 11 Stonewall," which will never be lost. " There," said General Bee, "is Jackson standing like a stone wall." In the winter of 1861 he uas assigned to a separate command and placed in the Valley, where he remained until the following summer. During the spring aud summer of 1862 he gained victory after victory. Ilo overwhelmed Milroy, chased Banks out of the Valley, fought Shields, crippled Fremont, and performed such wonders that he bccame the hero of the war ; and when in July he marched his veterans down to the front of Kielimond, aud, turning McClellan's right flank, caused him to make that famous " change of base" which ruined his reputation, the admiration of the Southern people for Jackson's heroism and military qualities passed all bounds. The Richmond battles over, Jackson was soon again sent northwards on the war-path. Again and again he distinguished himself by successes, and compelled victory to perch upon his banners. Cedar Mountain ; the second battle of Manassas ; the capture of Harper's Ferry ; the march into Maryland ; the battle of Sharpsburg ; all these arc fresh in the memory of the reader. Next followed the great battle at Fredericksburg, in which General Bi'rkbide lost both his army and his reputation, aud was compelled to give way to Hooker. In the spring of J 863, General Hooker jjt advanced and entrenched himself in the m Wilderness. But again Jackson, by a Hank movement, defeated the opposing army, and added new laurel* to the many already adorning his brow. The grand battles of the Wilderness and Cbancellortville were the last he fought. Here he re. ceived the wound which resulted in his deattf, and here Dr. McGi ike takes up the story. We hare not attempted to give more than a mere outline of the hero's Wory. | Another Favorable Report to the President on the Condition of the South. Benjamin C. Truman, Esq., of New York, deputed by the President to perform the duty, went to the cotton States about the 1st of September last, and remained in one or the other of them for more then seven months. He has made a long report of his observations and opinions, and elated his means of obtaining information. We cannot find room for the report, which would fill up a page of our paper. It is a candid and truthful account of what he saw and heard. He states that he visited all of the large and important cities of the South; made fre-

quent and extended "stops" upon many of the largest plantations, passed over nearly all the railroads ; was upon all the navigable rivers ; travelled more than seven hundred miles in stage coaches; called upon Federal officers without number, and Freedmen's Bureau commissioners; talked with at least one-thIrd of the Confederate generals, numerous Southern politicians, large numbers of the people proper, clergymen, editors, and others; and while he does not believe that the Southern people are enthusiastically "patrlotic," he has not a doubt that they are thoroughly "loyal." "It is" he says, "my belief that the South- the great, substantial, and prevailng element- is more loyal than it was at the end of the war-more loyal to-day than yesterday, and that it will lie more loyal to-morrow "than to-day." " It would be almost iin|>ossihle to pre. "sent the numerous and scattered evidences U|K?n which I base this belief; "hut I entertain it with all sincerity, and "believe it to be consonant with the "facts.'"' Thk Rath of Interest. ? The Philadelphia Press makes a striking remark in reference to Secretary McCulloch'h proposition to consolidate the national debt iu a uniform flve-pcr-cent. national loan. It is, thatthecredit of the Government being flood, banks and money-lenders have little dispo?itioti to discount notes for private individuals so long as they can get six and seven i>er cent, from the Government ; but j that if the Government were to pay only five percent., as it would if the proposition were adopted, "States, cities, com- " panics, firms, and energetic men in every "section of the country, would again be"como acceptable borrowers, and thus "important enterprises which are now "languishing for want of financial aid "would be relnvigorated, and additional "activity InAised Into every branch of "domestic industry." . General Terky not a Politician. ? In common with all the Virginia papers ? in other words, all those published within his bailiwick ? we have announced General Terry as a candidate for the United States Senate from Connecticut. The fact, however, seems to be that he is not. The name which has been mistaken for his is I that of General O. S. Ferry, who has served in Congress, and is probably qualiI tied for the position. Jidar and Thaddecs. ? The Episcopal yfrlhodist , of this city, in an article on another subject, incidentally remarks: "Thaddeis, scholars say, was the other name for Judas." That paper thinks that some men (Stevens and Svmver, for instance,) may be honored by a certain class as " pillars," but are regarded by another class as " caterpillars of the State." " Blood is Thicker tiian "Water."? This old saying has been lost sight of entirely by Forney, Simner, Stevens, and their followers. We rejoice to know that they are no blind ; for they will yet learn that the antipathy of races of men towards one another is natural and ineradicable, while the mock sympathy which may be on occasion aroused by political prejudices is a short-lived sentiment. "Blood is thicker than water." The sympathy of a white man for white meu in every diiliculty between them and negroes is a thing that all the lies of Si'mner as to the horrible cruelties practiced upon the latter cannot begin to compete with whenever a practical question is raised. The tears ? salt water though they be ? will soon dry up when the cry is heard that blood is involved.

An Infamous Proposition.- The idea broached by old Thad Stevens that the constitutional amendment may be forced upon the South by the North is worthy of the dark ages of His Satanic Majesty. Forney was throwing out hints to the same effect when he wrote the articles we have from time to time referred to, saying that the South had better accept the proposition, because the northern States intended to enforce it. Fortunately, the amendment is already dead, and, while it may receive a majority of votes, cannot possibly get the two-thirds necessary to give it life. velopinenta in Regard to the Jlercliantu National Bank. From the Star, 8th. The Board met last evening at half-past 8 o'clock. Mr. J. R. Elvans brought to the attention of the Board the circumstances attending the suspension of the Merchants National Bank of this city, lie wished to make a statement in reference to the atfairsof that bank, which he was enabled to do, having for about a year been a director of the bank in question, lie was prepared to show that the tailure of the Merchants National Bauk was causeu by fraudulent dealing, and he thought the business men of this city owed it to themselves to take hold of the matter and have it thoroughly investigated. There was always a liability of failure through unavoidable causes attending all banking institutions; but when they fall through fraud and swindling, as he did not hesitate to say was the case in the present, instance, lie thought that it was time something should be done to arrest the evil, lie stated that the Merchants National Bank was organized chiefly through the instrumentality of Mr. lluyck, who, as he was not a man of means, desired only that his services should l>e rewarded by being elected to the position of cashicr, with a salary of two thousand dollars per annum. The bank was incorporated, and Mr. L. B. Bayne wad elected president, and Mr. lluyck cashier. Whilst Mr. Elvans was a director he frequently examined the books of the bank, and found therein many inconsistencies and a general carelessness in keeping accounts. Accounts were often kept ou slips of paper in pencil, which were needed to complete the footings on the books, but which were not put in ink, as Jtos explained to him, because they represented sums in transit, and, in case of error, might need to be changed. About a year after the commencement of the bank it was proposed to elect Mr. Huyck president, which was done?Mr. Elvans and Mr. Maytield opposing the measure. Mr. Elvans then declared that he could have no confidence in Mr. lluyck as president of the bauk, and signified Ids intention of disposing of his stock and withdrawing. Mr. Bayne answered Mr. Elvans that in this country majorities ruled, and as he held Uie greater amount of the stock, Mr. lluyck should be the president. Shortly after the election of Mr. Huyck, Mr. Snow, of the A rational Intelliyencer, was called upon by the President aud asked if he did not wish to purchase some stock. Mr. Snow said that he did, but declared his inability to purchase, not hariijg the means then at hand. He was informed by Mr. Huyck that that could all bttrraafed* #r, Snow then called on Mr.

JMYBUB, milium mC sf 6clc7 ami gate * drift] olHbe Mtn hants Not ion 4 Dank of BtUif. ni($% wlere he had n<> deposits, for $;>,ooo ? bul When presented, tbo dtaft itm |?aid. Mr# Snow then signed ovct the 85,000 worth of stock to Mr. Huyck, which trans, fer was never entered on the hook* of the bank ; and now Mr. Snow is responsible for ; $f>,000, when he has no real interest, and . has paid no money M all. He thought [ that a proper sifting of the matter would throw fight on a great deal that was mysterious. Other national banks declare an annual profit of $50,000 to $80,000. bnt this lank declared a profit of only about $30,000, and was doing as good a business as nutft others. He did not believe that a single statement hud been made to the 1 directors by that hank that had not l?een 1 falsified, arid he thought that this might ac- j count for the means which enabled Mr. Huyck to board with his family and servants at an expensive hotel, at a cost of at least $10,000 a year, and keep a carriage and horses, which he confessed cost $3, 0(H), on a salary of $2,000 a year. He ho|>od the Board would take some action in the matter. When banks fail through the dis- i honesty of its officers, nothing should he 1 lefl undone to bring the authors of the I calamity to punishment, atid he had no hesitation in saying that the smqxension of I the Merchants National Bank was one of J the most astounding frauds ever committed on any community. After some little discussion on the subject, without taking any further action, the Board adjourned. The Riot QnpllMl at Lant. nml Peace Re* to red? A Fen ("awe* of Mliooflitjr, bnt not Much Damage* Quiet is again restored, and it depends entirely upon the negroes whether it so i remains. The incensed people have be- 1 gaii to cool ofT, and if the negro behaves 1 himself there will be no more of blood- j shed. The police have strict orders from their captain about shooting at any one. He said he "would report any one who shot at a negro unless the cause was in reality as ' justifiable as before the riot ; that merely seeing a negro running and somebody yelling 'stop him' was no excuse for shooting him, and he was determined to ' sec that such offenders were punished." Nothing more was heard from the sup- ; posed riot in Chelsea. There was some shooting on the streets j night before last, but we hear of only one

or two eases or any narm. There was a negro boy attending the door of the ball-room at Gayoso Block, to | whom several gentlemen gave their side- . arms while engaged in the (lance, lie j buckled some of them around linn, and ? inadvertently . stepped out on the street, and was shot by some unknown part\. ISo words were heard, only the report of the | pistol, and the poor fellow's soul was launched into eternity. This is wrong? en- 1 tirely wrong ? and is so considered bj all good citizens. Another case was also reported to us, ot two negroes driving aback at full speed , near the comer of Union and Shelby, when some white man turned the corner j in their rear, calling on them to halt. , The police, at this, ran out to stop them, when the negroes seeing them, drew two repeaters and tired twoor three shots, then , jumped out on opposite sides and ran 111 different directions, the police billowing and tiring several shots at them; but the\ made their escape. It was afterwards reported that one of them was followed as ; far as the river by some citizens and shot I as he was entering the ferry-boat It tlus be true, the policemen who tirst had a | hand in the fuss knew nothing of it. There was another case of shooting on j the corner of Adams and Second, just at the Engine House No. 1 and opposite our office, the particulars of which are not very clear, as it was wholly a drunken row. The parties were two United States Regulars and some persons unknown. In one moment after the shots were tired, we saw a sober and reliable policeman, who bean some one say, " \ ou are nothing but a <1 ?! drunken Yankee s ? n ol a b? h, then the throwing of stones; but before lie could get to the place, the shots were tired, ;in< the person shot at turned the corner and disappeared. Wc saw tl.c parly win; sh"t, but he was drunk, and could hardl} tell j the policeman his name ; said he was ;i I patrol, but was taken oil by the police. | Mtmphia Ar<ju$t hth, Tuk Case Between General Candy ; and Judge Darell.? We have already noticed this case, and stated that the President sustained the Judge's decision, and ordered the cotton to be released by General Canby; yet the remarks of Judge Parell are so strong and pointed, and have such a ring of the British bench, that we reproduce* a few of them. The Judge said : " And now, as I am unable to carry out , the laws as I deem I should, 1 adjourn this Court until a time when the army shall have been removed, and I be able to imprison and punish as I judge is deserving in the premises. . "The Autocrat of the Russias, with the lives and property of his subjects at his command, the Sultan of the Turkeys, with his oriental vassals, much less a major-general of a Republic like this, has not power such as has been sought to be enforced in this case by the military. No such power was found even with the commanders of the Roman Legion. " I therefore adjourn this court until next Saturday, when I will decide all cases pending now, when I will adjourn this court indefinitely, until such time as I may have power to enforce the laws I am placed here to expound and execute." How a Copperhead in Illinois Talks to the Radicals? The editor of the Alton Democrat thus talks to the Radicals : " We called the other day upon President Johnson, and requested the removal from the post-otfiee in this city ol Mr. Emery, editor of the radical organ, the Peoria Iran, script , and appointment of Ilou. Isaac Underbill in his stead, who is a true Union man, sound patriot, and withal a good Johnsoil man. This isthe beginning of this district, but not the ending. Every radical Federal office-holder will be called upon to vacate in a similar manner before the setting of another August sun. We now give notice to our radieal friends that our day is coining, and while we propose to be lenient with them, extending in all cases full freedom of speech and the press, but one thing they can't do, and that is, use cream drawn fYom the public teat to smite the hand that milks it into their month. Take notice, gentlemen, and be governed accordingly." Personal.? We had the pleasure of meeting yesterday our friend the Rev. John E. Edwards, on his return from the General Methodist Episcopal Conference, which has just closed its session in >rew Orleans. He is well and in fine spirits. A number of his colleagues came on with him, and left this morning for their respective homes. Among them were the Reverends Duncan, Bennett, N. Head, N. II. D. Wilson, B. Craven, W. II. Robbctt, L. Rosser, R. S. Moran, and Granbury. Bishops Early and Doggett are behind, and will be on in a few days. ? Lynchburg lie. publican , Sth. The Beauties of Military Rule. ? Lieutenant-Colonel Trowbridge, commanding the Thirty -third United States colored troops, put to death, in South Caroliua, without trial, a man named Calvin Crosier, for the alleged murder of a private in the regiment named Mills. Alter Crozicr's death it appeared that Mills was not killed, -and a military court of inquiry waa called

? ? ~ , 5 . ?'U t '? to pass upon TrowbnaRe'n conduct. The cofrt acquit ted him of all ?>lame,and Mills, the tnan aitid to be murdered, win in court nlivo at the time, hud hia wound examined l?y metnhers of the court, and yet was never railed to testify by the judge advocate or the'cotirtf GeneralDevans reviewed the rase and sent it hack to the court to be heard over again, hut the court persisted fn its formm- opinion that Trowbridge was free from ail hlaroe. and he was released from arrest. ? Philadelphia Ledger. MARRIED." On the *tli Instant, at the residence of M. Mayo. Em. .by the R?r. James K. Gates. Mr. HENRY L. CARTER to Miss MAKV J. FRANCIS, both of thin rity. " May their life ever bo changeless a* the cedar tree.'' Pittsburg papero please copy. DIED, At his post, on the James River ami Kanawha Ciinal, In tlu> citv of Richmond, Va., on Sunday, stb day of Mar. MM. WILLIAM BEUERMANN. a native of Hanovvr, Germany, in the sixty-second year of his age. # 0,1 ,ho 9,h Instant, SARAH ELIZABETH. wifn of William A. Trueheart, In the twenty -lift h year of berate. Her funeral will take place from iho First Preshrferian Church, (Rev, I?r. Moore's.) TO-DAY (Thursday) at 1 o'clock. The friend* of the family ami members of the Citv Police are respectfully invited to attend without farther notice. LECTURES. R. FARRAR, Esq.. will deliver a ' ? LECTURE at VIRGINIA HALL on FRIDAY EVENING at * o'clock, SrnJKcT: JOHNNV KEB, THE CONFEDERATE. Admission, PlFTT Cim. my 1?? -tt*_ EN ERAtT COLSTON'S LECTURE. \J "PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OP STONE WALL JACKSON AND A CRITICAL DISCUSSION OF HIS MILITARY CHARACTER." By General R. E. Colston, late Professor of Strategy and M ilitary History at the Virginia Military Institute, and for ten years the colleague of General Jackson. Till* locturn will he repeated by request on THURSDAY EVENING NEXT, the l?th instant, iu the lectnre-roorn of Dr. Duncan's Church, corner of Tenth and Broad streets. Ticket*. FIFTY CENTS; to be obtained at the principal hotels, book and drug stores, at Memo*. J. W. Davies & Sons' music store, and at the door, my s ? 3t AMUSEMENTS. XTEW RICHMOND THEATRE. 8. B. DUFFIELD JIakaoee. POSITIVELY LAST NIGHT BUT TWO OF Miss HELEN WESTERN AND Mb. J. A. 1IERNE. THURSDAY EVENING, Mat 10, IM. By special request the great drama of the CORSICAN BROTHERS. Miss WESTERN as the.... Brother.- Dei Fbajchi. Mr. J. A. HERNEas Chatkab Rknaio. Dajtck Miss KATE PARTINGTON. LOVE IN ALL CORNERS. 80PHIA Mm* WESTERN. Ciiabi.m Mr HERNE. To-morrow, benefit of Miss HELEN WESTERN, my 10? It ITEItARY ENTERTAINMENT. ^ Richmond. May ?, 1^66. I Mr. Samtet. A. Eatox : Sir,? So general was the satisfaction expressed by all who had the pleasure to hear your " Poem of Labor,'' recently delivered for the benefltof the mechanics of Richmond, we beg leave to ask, in behalf of manv of your fellow-citizens, that you repeat it at such time and place as may suit your convenience. JOHN 11. GILMER, JAMES H. DOOLET, J. L. APPERSON, N.STEENBOCK, O. I'. BALDWIN, U.K. ELLYSON, JOHN PURCELL, J. W. RANDOLPH, J. H. MONTAGUE, J.J. ENGLISH, J. W. LEWELLEN, R< >BEKT A. PAINE, JAMES R BRIDGES, DAVID M. LEA. W. II. PLEASANTS. JOHN n. S POTTS, AND'W JOHNSTON, SAMUEL R. ADAMS, It. EDMOND, JAMES E. RIDDICK, VINCENT BARGAMIN, GEORGE W. RmYSTER, A. BARGAMIN, Jr., J. W. DAVIES & SONS, C. CAMI'BKLL, R. F. WALKER, P. E. GIBBS. GEORGE L. BiDGOOD, A. JUDSON CRANE. Rmumond, May 9, H66. To John IF. GtiMr.R, Esq., ,T. L. ArFKRsox, 0. P. Bai.dwi.v, E?q., and others : Gentlemen,? In compliance with your wish and that "i so many of my friencta and lei low- citizens, as conveyed iri your favor of the 1th instant, allow me to announce' that I shall repeat my POEM OF LABOR

MONDAY EVENING, Mat 11, MW, at the HALL OF THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES, which Iihs been kindly tendered f"r the purpose by tho Governor. NVifh irr??Ht respect, i remain, gentleman. yours, Ac., SAMUEL A. EATON. Poem to commence ?t * o'clock. Ticket*, FIFTY CENTS. rny ^-t.l_ DICKENS'H new book. JOSEPH GKIMALDI. By Charles Dickens. GOLd'hRICK. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens. ST. MARTIN EVE. By Mrs. W I. *2. ALLWORTH ABBEY. * By Mrs. Southworth. *2. F< >RTUN E-SEEK ERS. By Mrs. Southworth. *2. OITR MUTUAL FRIEND. By Dickens. *1. MILETUS. Bv Bulwer. $1." TOILERS OF THE SEA. Bv Victor lingo. 73c. RECOMMENDED TO MERCY. *2. KENNETT. Bv Bayani Taylor. *2.*_'5. UNDER THE BAND. *1.75. SON OF THE SOIL. *>1.75. LUTTRELL OF ARRAN Bv L>-vor. *1. WIVES AND DAUGHTERS. By Mrs. Ga-kell. *1.50. For sale by ? A. H. CHRISTIAN ft CO., my 10 No. 814 Main Mr.'et, opposite Spotswood. T1IE <JREAT BARGAIN STOHEOF 1 LEVY BROTHERS? Brocade Melanges at ? cents per yard : Shepherd Plaids at 30 cent* ; Ginghams at 25 cents; All-wool Flannel at 40 cenis ; Bleached and Unbleached Cotton at 15, jo, and 25 cents ; Linen Crash at 15 cents ; White Cotton Hose at 25 cents : Linen Handkerchiefs at *2 per doxen, worth *3 ; Linen Sets Collars and Cuff* at *1.25. great bargain ; Bugle Buttons ; Black Silk Lac? for trimming mantles. Also, at reduccd prices, a large lot of beautiful Silk Wrappings ; Magic and other Ruffling* ; the celebrated Coventry Ruffling ; Duplex Elliptic Shirts, and numerous other articles, all at the lowest cash prices. LEVY BROTHERS, 15 Main street, my in Successors to Jacob A. Lkvt. Hl. wi(tA.m) hus just ? turned from New York with a freshAft\I] supply of MILLINERY GOODS of the very |T^ latest styles, amongst which are to be found GIPSY, QUEENS, AND CLARENDONS; also, a great variety of SUNDOWNS, BLACK AND WHITE DOLLAR NETS, and many other desirable articles, to which he calls the attention of his numerous wholesale and retail customers. Very respectfully, tuy lo-ut II. 'L. WIGAND. Tunes copy. SUNDRIES.? On consignment, O 10 boxes PRIME CHEESE. 7oo pounds NICE COUNTRY-CURED HAMS, small size : ALSO, BACON, sides and hog-round ; 2,000 yards 4-4 DOMESTIC, 12 dozen LONO-HANDLE BROOMS, A lot of well-made SHUCK MATTRESSES. COSBY, PUOH A CO., Thirteenth street, between Main and Cary. my 10? It TO THE CITIZENS OF HENRICO, X DISTRICT No. 2. FOR COWSTABI.E, E. W. ROBINSON. MANY VOTERS. * ELECTION, 24th MAY, 1*66. my 10? it* NEW GOODS.? Just received, a large supply of beautiful WAITERS and TEA TRAYS, of direct importation, insets orsingly, at very low prices. J. G. 8NEL80N, Agent, corner opposite Ballard and my 10 Exchange Hotels, Richmond, Va. Rock e tts brick works.? CREW & WATTS, PROPR1 ETORS.? We are now prepared to deliver one hundred and seventy - five thousand of the best hand-made ROCKBTTS BUILDING BRICKS in quantities wanted by builders and jobbers. Orders left at the office of C. CREW a SON, soap manufacturers, will be promptly filled. my 10? lm A "LIGHT LEATHER-TOP BUGGY and HARNESS, in fine order and nearly a? rood as new, will b? sold on application at the re"11 southwest corner of Eighth and lifter brief services, they "will proceed to mo ienw- j t?n to spend the da v. At tits Cemetery addresses ?will be delivered by distinguished orators who hate been engaged for the occasion. Any persons having dowers or evergreens which they are willing to contribute to decorate the gravus are requested to send them to St. John's Chnrch WEDNESDAY, the eth instant, between 4 a* o'clock, P. M., or the nest morning befot. i o'clock, where a committee of ladles will be In waiting to receive them. By order Board of Manager*. my 8? Jt Mas. A. R. COURTNEY, Secretary. \f ALT.? Two hundred bushels PRIME

Vr a REAT REDUCTION W THE MICE or P HOTOOH APH8 at REKfl * BROTHERS gallery, opposite the spotswooi* hotel.? in consld?r?tlon of the rtmWUjr of fconey, REES k BROTHER h?T? determined to RBDUCS THE PRICE of their unperlor CARTES HE VISITS to THREE DOLLARS per dozen, for all th? various styles, until fnrther notice. Hlmtojrraphu tinted for IS c*eti. my ?? ?t mr A MEETING OP THE ATOt'KHOLH* ERS of the RICHMOND SAVINGS BANK AND INSURANCE COM PAN V will be held on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 9th instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M., In the basement of William Ira Smith k Co.'t store. Bjr order of the Commissioner*. my *-5t T. B. STARKE, Secretary. +ff- RE6KAVLT fc CO., AUCTIONEERS, Ac. Nob. 832 AHO M4 MAIJf strep.t, bktwkek ElOHTB A5D NlJITH. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO SALES AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES, THE CLOSING OUT OF STOCKS, CAROOE8, Ac. Tebms : Moderate. J(>im p regnaULT, my 7? lm WILLIAM L. MAULE. HT SODA APPARATUS.? The celebrated "ARCTIC" SODA APPARATUS, with GENERATORS, FOUNTAINS, Ac., complete. As agent for the manufacturer, the subscriber is prepared to furnish the nnwt convenient and elegant apparatus known. Call and examine sample. WILLIAM H. SCOTT, Druggist, ?p 20 ? ts corner Franklin and Seventeenth streets. 0ST COLE k TURNER, NEWS DEALERS, WHIG BUILDING, Furnish the daily papers of NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, and WASHINGTON, At the laces of business and residences of citizens. immediately after the arrival of trains. Orders left at their counter will insure the prompt delivery of any paper daily. ap 1?? ts ??T BHWOOl) tV RILEY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 121 Maiw street, keep constantly on hand a complete stock of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS, CAP, LETTER, AND NOTE PAPERS, ENVELOPES, BLANK BOOKS, SLATES, PENS AND INK, and other SCHOOL AND OFFICE STATIONERY ; all of which are offered at the LOWEST MARKET RATES. Country Merchants invited to examine our stock before purchasing. Orders promptly attended to. mh 24 B. A R.

CO- PA RT II ERSH I F. The nndresigned having formed a co-partner-ship, for the purpose of conducting A WHOLESALE GROCERY, PROVISION, AND GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS, under the name of STQNE, WILSON k FOSTER, and having taken the commodious warehouse on Cary street, second door below Pearl, aro now receiving a general supply of GOODS IN THEIR LINE, which will be made complete in a few days, and to which they respectfully call the attention of the trade. HAMILTON J. STONE, of Petersburg ; JOHN B. WILSON, of Petersburg ; mh IS? ta R. T. FOSTER. HT" FOR GARDENERS AM) FARMERS. FRESH AND RELIABLE GARDEN SEED, Just received and for sale by WILLIAM II. SCOTT, Druggist, corner of Franklin and Seventeenth streets, fe J-ts ?47" CO-PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned, of the firm of Kent, Paine A Co., have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of conducting a general AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, under the firm of PAINE Jt CO., and h ire taken the store No. inn Main street, next bel^w Mitchell A Tyler, and will be pleased to receive consignments from their friends and the public. W. G. PAINE. jalP_*? R. A. PAINE. If FARMERS, SAVE VOIR SHICKS. BALE YOUR SHUCKS. SEND YOUR SHUCKS TO MARKET. O. B. STACY & SON, DBAI.KRS Iff FURNITURE. CARPETS AND BEDDINO, No. 110 Main street, Richmond, will pay one dollar per one hundred pounds for all the SHUCKS yon deliver to them at their MATTRESS MANUFACTORY, on Cary and Sixteenth streets, Richmond. de 2!>? ts FOR RENT. ROOMS for RENT, suitable for a ' gentleman and wife orfingle gentlemen, " " with or without board. Apply at No, ?19, Eighth street, beyond Leigh. my to ? ts , IfOR RENT, one furnished and one unfurnished KOOM, 3t?9 Main street, be- * * tween Third and Fourth streets. my 7-tH JOHN N. GORDON & SON^ jyj II<OR RENT, a FURNISHED HOUSE, on north side of Grace street, between ^4 Foushee and Adams? a pleasant locality.? fl?? Possession given at once, or a portion will b<rented. Apply on the premises, or to ROBINSON 4 FAIRBANKS, ap 2^?ts Paper Warehouse, Main street. Im5r RENT, a SUITE OF THREE ROOMS, partly furnished, with kitchen, JgA servant*' room, and wood and coal-house.? f??w The location is airy and pleasant, and conve-J^S. nient to business.* To an acceptable. tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply on the premises, on Fourth, between Canal and Byrd street*. aP^~ ^ For rent, a dwelling-house, on Fifth, between Clay and Leigh streew, with ten rooms, kitchen, and all the modern TTTTM improvements; at present occupied Mr. W.J^flL A.Wright. Possession given at once. Apply to CHARLES C. FILLETT. Leigh street, ap 12 t* between Third and Fourth.^ For rent, a t hree-story TENEMENT, jiortli side of Main, hetween Second and Third, No. 202. Also, the HOUSE third door below ; both with or witliout stable and carriage-house. Apply at No. 2v~ ap 1> ? ta ** FOR RENT, One PLEASANT ROOM, suitable for a Gentleman's Lodging- JmA room, or a Gentleman and Wife. Apply to Un*. H. B. HO VAN, M Seventeenth street, between Yenable and Poplar. ~ fe 2 <5 ? ta LOST, STRAYED AND FOUND. FOUND, a WATCH and CHAIN, which the owner can get by describing them I and paying for this advertisement. Apply at this office. my 2? ts NOTICE.--Books will 1)? opened for subscription to the capital stock of "THE [RICHMOND, FREDERICKSBURG AND POTOMAC RAILROAD AND RICHMOND AND PE TEKSBURG RAILROAD CONNECTION COMPANY," at the office of the Richmond and Peters burg Railroad Company In Richmond, and at the office of the Petersburg Railroad Company in Petersburg, on the 1st day of June, MM, uuder the direction of the undersigned, Commissioners named in the charter of the company. R. B. II AX ALL, P. V. DANIEL, Ja., CHARLES EL?lS, 0. A. MYERS, Tuya~?* T. H. WYNNli. 'PRUSSES, TRUSSES, of every va? X riety, aize and pateut ; MANNING'S celebrated BODY BRACE, ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS, ELASTIC STOCKINGS. DRUGS, MEDICINES, sc., Ac. We have on hand the largest stock of TRUSSES in the city, and invite all in want to give us a call. WOODSOOF BROTHERS, my *? ta corner Fourth and Franklin street*. VfOTICE. ? Having sold out to JOHN 11 R. MOUNTCASTLE mr stock of ^ BTOVE8, TINWARB, and HOUSEFUl-. N1SH1NU GOODS, I commend him to the] patronage of my former customer*. Persons indebted to me will please eall at the OLD STAND, Ho BROAD STREET, and Settle their accounts, my 7-1 w WILLIAM A. MOUMTCABTLK. XTOTICE.? A called meeting of the 1 1 Firemen and Stockholders of the KlCHMON U FIRE ASSOCIATION will be held at the office ol Charlee T. Wortham & Co., in the city of Richmond, on THURSDAY, the Wth day of May, WW, at It o'clock, M. By order of the Board of Director*, my 8 ? U DAVID CUKR1E, President . TTMBRELLAS.-SILK, UINUUAM, U and COTTON UMBRELLAS In great variety , Jnrvhated from the manufacturers Tor caah, ana >r aale cheap * WiiUAW. m,

A^t^ BAlXt^WVTdia PAT. ?ly A. T, 6toke? rn Co., Auctioneers, JE cornet Hftoen^ ted Cary street*. A lOTlO^A T JU- We will fwll on A. rRIVAT, Ae lltb UjlUnt, commencing at lo <relnck. a, large and vaMwwIe assortment of Good*, to which we Invite the trade, consisting, In part, of too burr* I* FLOUR, superfine and extra? several brand* ; Iff hogshead* PORTO BICO SUGAR, , 15 bags RIO COPFSM. 45 barrel* GOLDEN fTRUP, ? prime article; 25 barrel* WHISKY, SO k?K* SODA, 7 boxes ?>DA, In poand papers ; 12 boxes PEARL STARCH. * leasks FRENCH BRANDY, 1?? bales COTTON TARNS, lift y pads e*ch->'s to 12'*, factory numbers: .1 barrel* PETROLEUM OIL, ho boxeaO ROUND PEPPER, 10 barrel* WATER and SODA CRACKERS, ?1 bar iv la WATER CRACKER*, 50 boxes ADAMANTINE CANDLES, 3 IRON SAPBH, second hand ; M boxes CHEESE. 25 chest* GUNPOWDER and TOUNG HYSON TEA. 2? cane* CREAM TARTAR, 75 boxe* FANCY SOAP8, 25 rases MUST A RD, In can* ; 10 boxes OLIVES, 5 keg* JAMAICA RUM, 4* boxe* "ROUND RIO COFFEE, l'W dozen CONDENSED MILK, 22 boxe* MACARONI. 25 cases California wine, HoltS K?8HOE8, G1GAR8, INDIGO. COTTON CARDS, LIQUORS, in casus ; HALT, , No. 1 MACKEREL, and many other article*.' my 10_ A. Y. STOKES k CO., Anctioneers^ By narrl*on, Goddin k Apperson, Bankers, Broker*, and Real Estate Agent*. Five vkry valuable loth in THE BURNT DISTRICT. ON THE EAST I LINK OF PEARL, BETWEEN MAIN AND CARY ! STREETS, FOR HALE AT AUCTION : ALSO, UPWARDS OF ONE MILLION OLD BRICKS TO BE SOLD AT THE SAME TIME?Wlll be soid at auction, upon the premises, on TUESDAY", the 15th May, WM, at 1 o'clock, P. M., those five vry vainable LOTS, located h* above, on which formerly I stood those five Iron- front tenement* erected *few : year* ago by Mr. William Barrett. The entire lot, na* a front of one hundred and forty-three a -id a I quarter feet on the east ILn<* of Pearl *trret, a depth i on it* northern boundary of one hundred and dfty- *<? ven and two-thiriU feet, and on il? Month Hfle of 1 one hundred and three-uuarter* feet; which will be divided luto five lot* of about twenty- eight feet I each, running back an average depth of abou>. one hundred ana twenty-nine feet. These Lot* are justly regarded a* equal to any on Pearl street. and should attract the special attention of capiUlUta i and others. The term* of payment will be nnu*nally accommodali M-. viz : One-sixth cash, or a satisfactory endorsed note at four month*, interest added ; balance payable live year* after date, for bond* bearing interest, (the same payable half yearly,) secured by a truit deed. The taxes for this y?arto be paid by the purchaser. Alter the sale of the Lot*, will be sold, In lot* to suit pnrcha*ers, upward* of ONE MILLION OLD BRICKS, of superior quality, on a credit of four month*, for approved endorsed negotiable paper, j interest added. IIARUISON, GODDIN k APPF.RSON, my 10 Auctioneer*. By Harrison, Goddin & Apperson, Bankers, Brokers, and Real Estate Agent*. Y ERY VALUABLE LOT, AT THE f NORTHEAST CORNER OF URACE AND SEVENTH STREETS, FOR 8ALK AT AUCTION.? Will be *old at auction, on the premise, on WEDNESDAY, the l?th Mav, 1*60. at h*lf-pa*t ? o'clock, P. M., that truly VALUABLE LOT located as above, now in Ihe occupancy of M'-*sr*. (ireen A Allen at an annnal ground rent o| four hundred dollar*. It front* forty-tive and a half feet, running hack one hundred and tlftv-three feet to a wide alley; and for a tirst-class residence is justly regarded a* amongst the valuable lot* soon to he offered for sale. Tkkm* : One- fourth cash : balance at six, tw elve, and eighteen months for negotiable note*, interest added, secured by a trust deed. The taxes for thi* year to be paid bv the purchaser. HARRISON, GODDIN At APPERSON, my 10 Auctione-r*. I By Grtibhs & William*, Auctioneer*, Corner of Eleventh and Main streets. VERY DESIRABLE PRIVATE REV SIDENCE, AT THE SOUTHWEST COR.VKR OK MAIN AND FOURTH STREETS. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. -On MONDAY, 14th of May, at 5 o'clock, P. M., we will sell at auction, upon the premise*, the property located as above. It l? of brick, and ha* three stories above basement, with two large rooms and More-room in basement, two j tine parlor* on main door, three chamber* and a dressing-room on next floor, and the same on the upper floor, with fire-places in every room. There is :i kitchen with two room* for servant*, laundry, coal and wood-house, smoke-house, stable and carriage -house ? all of brick and covered with tin. The dwelling has a handsome Iron verandah in front, porch in rear, and i**uptdied with water and teas. The Premises are in good repair. Possession given 1st of August, or sooner if desired. The property combines all the requisites for a really desirable privato residence in a degr- e not often met with, and we invite the particular attention of the public to the sale. Tkrms : Will be made known at the time of sale. ORUBBs & WILLIAMS, my 10 Auctioneer*. By Grubb* & William*, Auctioneers, Northwest corner of Main and Eleven'h street*. 4 DMINLSTRATOITS SALE OF A J\ HOUSE AN l> LOT, ON Fl FTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN POPLAR AND PINE ?In pursuance of a decree of Richmond Hustings Court, entered 30th March, 1*65, in the case of Dudley, Sergeant, and Administrator with the will annexed of William P. Martin, deceased, r*. Evans and als., 1 will sell at auction, upon trie premises, on FRIDAY, Uth May, at 5 o'clock, P. M., II fair, if not, then on the next fair day thereafter, at the same hour, the property situated as stated above, and occupied as a store and dwelling by Mrs. Fenaom, consisting of a FRAMED HOUSE wifh throe rooms. Tkkhs: one-third c.ish: balance at three and six month*, for negotiable note*, with Interest added; the title to be retained until the notes are paid. THOMAS U. DUDLEY, Serjeant, and as stich Administrator with t!o? will annexed of William P. Martin. Out ? lis & Wit. Li am*. Auctioneers. my 1

By Pilkinton, Pnlliam At Co., Auctioneers an?l Commission Merchants, No. 3 Wall street. VALUABLE MANCHESTER I'ROV PERTY FOR HALK AT AUCTION. _Alth? request of Alexander Alvis, F.sq., we will soil at public auction oti MONDAY, the 14th day of May. on the premise*, at 4 o'clock, P. M., that truly VALU ABLE PROPERTY now occupied by him. situated corner of Hull and Jones streets, Manchester The lot fronts thiriy-three feet on Hull street, runs buck one hundred aiid sixty- live feet, with a large storehouse thereon ; dwelling over the store containing lire rooms and passage : a good kitchen with two I rooms ; stable and f^ed-h<?u*e on the lot. The More i* one of the oldest and best stands in the town for merchandising. We will alsosell the LOT adjoining the above, fronting thirtv -three feet on Hull street, rtitininv oack one hundred and sixty-five feet, with a small and comfortable dwelling and kitchen thereon. Tkkm- : One-third ca>h ; balance six and twelve months, negotiable notes. Interest added, trust deed to secure deferred payment*, for all cash, at the option of the purchaser. y PILKINTON, PULLIAM A CO , my 4 Auctioneers. By Pilktnton, Pulliant Jc Co., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, No. 3 Wall street, Richmond, Va. Administrators sale of VALUABLE STEAM ENGINE AND HAWMILL. -On FRIDAY, the llth day of May, 1"1?, at 12 o'clock M., I will sell at public auction, atthe saw-mill of N. W. Safford, deceased, on the Courthouse road, near Uates's mill, in ChesterHeld county. One STEAM ENGINE (new), twenty-four horse power, with SAW-MILL attached? all new and in excellent running order : One CARRY* -LOO, one FOUR-IIORSE WAGON, and HORSES ; One TOP BUGGY ; Four OXEN, well- broke, and in good order ; TEN THOUSAND FEET OF LUMBER, and all the appurtenances to a saw-mill. 'I'kkms : Day of sale. GEORGE N. WILSON, Administrator of N. W. Satford, deceased. Pi!.Ki.nrox, Pilmam St Co., Auctioneers. my tds By Pilkinton, Puiliam Jk Co., Auctioneers, Commission Merchants, and Real Estate Agents. No. 3 Wall street, Richmond, Va. FOR SALE AT~A~UCTION.-At the request of B. J. Johnson, Esq., wo offer for sale privately the piece of LAND, containing FIFT\ ACRES, lying on Broad Rock road. In Chesterfield county, through which the Five- Mile branch runs. It is part in wood* and part cleared-* about eight acres cleared. A portion of the tract is excellent low ground. If not sold privately before, will be sold at public auction, to the honest bidder, without reserve, on SATURDAY, the JWth of May, 1*??, at 3 o'clock, F. M. Terms : Liberal, and made known on davof sale. PILKINTON, PULLIAM A* Co., my 3? oodtol?M&dtds Auctioneers. A VALUABLE TRACT OF LAND FOR SALE.? By virtue of an order made by the Circuit Court for Montgomery county, at the April term, l*M, in the ease of K. T. Foster 4 Co. vs. Henry E. Decle, I shall proceed to sell by pub lie outcry, on the 11st DAY OF MAT, 1M4, on the jremues, that valuable Farm kuown as the PSC1I The Farm contains about 8EV EN HUNDRED and TWENTY-THREE ACRES OF LAID, ha* a new and beautiful DWELLING-HOUSE on It, together with all the neoeesary out -houses used by farmers. It is situated near the Biff Tunnel on the Virginia and Tennessee railroad, in the county of Montgomery, and about one mile from the celebrated Montgomery White Sulphur Springs. Teems or Sale : A credit of two and three yean will be given the purchaser by his paying down in cash so much of the pert-ease Biopsy uec*s??ry tc pay the cost and charge* of sale. The deferred payments are to heat interest ffOB the 4th day or December, litee, at which time pu? sshin will be taken by the purchaser. Security for the aufald purchase money and a lien by deed of trust for th( name will be required of the purchaser. The sale will take place promptly at I o'clock, P. M.,of thatdav. ^JoaO. NUMttC* ap tt? td Sheriff of Montgomery eouuty, Va. 1IME.? A cargo of LIME, now teiag J discharged at our warehouse, wW be sold favorable terms to dealers, who are frequented tc call to-day and to-nwrrw, Wore storing. l'ALM^R, HARTSOOK ? CO.. Lib by^ build lsg. k?l wjrMt

I ?aT' m H wf mnma, NBp A Appeff*, l I BMkm, Brokers, and ??al lata(? Agents. (J ALE OF OLD BRICKS AT ALT SiSSs^SSSSl^t^t'AiiuA"' sf?^5w?wre are? ? Wirt Mil ?bom thirty-two tbo?M?4 "fJVHn'k, ~ ?" ? my M? It AoeUon??^. " rixcnONB. ~~ ri^HB COMMONWEALTH OF Vj? I (?i!f I A^-to mi or fas <v?rtn?: Hk**!co. ?*????'?: Wb'Miuwhc, h? " curved !? the representrtlon of your c...,nty |, ? General AeeemWy, <* Owamonw..?|th ?,? slotied by the resignation of Frankiia fi*srr,. on* of tna l5eleg*t?e: Tkeee are therefore, ill the name of the C,.mm,,n wealth, to reqalre Joa to cau*e an elation t.,h? held fm j?nr ??Id eoonty of H*nrie? ,? FOURTH THD R8DAY ( beln* the J4ih dsv ) OF M t y NEXT for ? Delegate to fill the vacarwjr ?f, r,' Mid. , .. In testimony whereof. these, our letter* ... with th? wm Heal of the Commm wealth, and made patent. Wita*. f$8ALl FaAHcm II. PaiaroiaT, our GoT?r(i? ' 1 J this 11th day of April, A D i.? In the ninetieth .year of U?? wealth. F. H. FKlKi'OlM By the Governor : J. M. Haannow, 8ecreUry of the Common w?4itfc In accordance with the above Proclsmadon, tk* polls will be opened at all of the prerinrt> m tb* county on Thnrsdsv, the Utl i d*y <.f Ma*. |?m, f?r tbn nl?ction of a Delegate io the Hoime of D? legal* of Virginia, to ill the vacancy occasioned bv t;(, resignation of Franklin Steam*, E?q. "Theirs, mlssloner* appointed to superintend, and th- <ifl. ct*rs appointed to conddct th?* un c?li >ir u- n?r?j deepens, shall also superintend and rondurt ,1; elections to fill varances."? Code IW, rb<pt?r *, serf ion 14. It v order of the Governor. y ra* P. H. HUFFMAN, 8. fl C. up iit_lawtl'MAdt24 XTOTK'K.? A Oeneral Meeting or the i^l St?x?kholden? of the CLOVKK ItlLl, RAIL^OTo/dS1.' j&wj.r.a:" B, order or tb. *'?YvwLDnii?-,*. my a? Itawtd Treasqrg AiriTlSKY.? JuHt received- a further \Hr a*'7 "f H AHTHoOk' * :.-,K,V 1)1 ANO8! P I A V 0 811 JOHN W. DAVIES A 8ON8, RICHMOND MUSICAL E X C 11 A .V 1 g, No. 1M Mat* RTairr, sole agents for STUFF'S PREMIUM PIAN0-F0RTE8. Theee Instruments have been before the pahiu FOR THE LAST TniRTT YEARS, in eompetit|, n with the bwt makers of the country, ?n4 *r? r..>w prouonneed by ALL THE LEADING I'KOFL&sokfi AND AMATEURS the BEST PIAN7S MANUFACTURED f These instraroenis have ALL THB LATEST IMPROVEMENTS, and are WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS, with the privilege of exchange within twtlr? months if not entirely satisfactory to the purchaser. We refer to the following pereons, who tun STIEFrS PIANOS now in use : General R. E. Lbb, Washington College, L*Bcf. ton ; D. B. Patsi A Bao., Lynchburg ; Rer. R. E. Phillip*, Virginia Female In?tlt?u; MIssMaat Bai.uwix, Female School, and J.C. Cavbl, Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute, StaunVoc. Professor E. A. A*boi.o, Richmond. A call from all in want of SUPERIOR PIA.V J Is xolicited. Terms liberal. U !-u Keep cool and buy one of THO8K OKI.KHRATKD CHARCOAL WATER COOLERS insiiufactyrrd in thi- city (>? DA VII PARR k SONS, and tor ?t KBLL<^'^ ? 1 ? ? BSON'S China &tor? and <iKEOOK\ MK< Furnishing More, Main street ; M. E> A.>6 ?( hic? Store, 3^? Broad Ktreet, near Fourth street, .wid ?t the Factory. No. t Fifteenth street. W e warrtnt Hu m to bo tne best W ate*?Cooler? to bv Ijj<I n> th.* orany other city. DAVID PARR A >"N>. ni^ I ltn No. 1 Fifteenth nr>*?>i. n IRCUL ATINO Ll BRAR Y.-RA XDOLPH & ENGLISH, at their Book ?Ur- ml Itinderv. No. 121 Thirteenth or Governor ?!rv?t, have a iiood stoek of IK)VBL8,TRaVE1>, IU??<i. RAPHY, HISTORY, THEOLOGY, MEDICAL >n LAW BOOKS tor **!? or mire at m??l?rau my 2t _ . . REMOVrAL.? I would respectfully inform my friends and the public generally that I have removed from my old ntand, No. ** Mr.r itr?*et. aud now occupy thtj *tore (No. ?4j o> 1HK CORNER OF MAIN VTKEET AND Lf>Cn>T ALLEY, lately in the occupancy of W. H. Aldsrdics, E.h?i Thankful for the liberal ?ncooriu*m?<kl Kiven me in the past, I hope, by dlliK-r.o* ?id promptness, to merit its coutiuuaiue forth? future. frt *?ts L. H. LUCK, Auctioneer. Memorandums, ? Five ium<ir.<i TUCK and PLAIN MEMORANDUM B??okc. ROBlKbON A FA1RBA.NKN gp 9 Paper Warekoest. 10UNTHY-CU K ED II A M S A N I) C LARD for sale by JOHN N. GORDON A Pi'X. my 1 Fourteenth street, near Exchange Ki ;a lthful attract i' ?.\s ? ?f THE WASHINGTON SPRINGS, VA ONE RAKE ITEM OF THE P?0GRES> ?F THE PRESENT CENTURY. Dr. E. J. GOODWIN'S EUTKol'llIC,

fur SCROFULA. CHRONIC RHEl'MATlsM AND STPHILLS. Thrt moM unmanageable disease* which ?Iflir* !>?? human race made to yield satisfactorily aiitft**inanently to the method ami means, an e\|~?" :t ? ??f which iu;ty be b;>d by reading a rom i?- .lament of fact*, in prfmpblnt form, which 1 h??? thought for some time worthy to b? noted ly u? public generally. The title of tills short treatise la " Th? f?f?'':?l Treatment of Syphilid, Chronic Kheurii.ii.-t>. ?ui Scrofula, by Dr. ?. J. Goodwiu, of tu? Wa?b:'-** ton Spring*." 1 b?*roby most respectfully and honestly ? ? careful notico of thin pamphlet by the cl?-? ? l ?-!? fering humanity to which it particularly r>! f. and an attentive reading of its "Stipplcm nt. *fl4 the authenticity of its intelligent ami ?>???!'? ?.?? endorsement. Tho "Vegetable Kutrophir. ? ?S II c urea aa the most prominent feature in tl.'l^apiilet.constitute*, in the judgment of >jt?cMUiirut u physicians and otlierM dUtingul?>hed for in" 1 - geiice and a high appreciation of (ruth ?? 5 ?"? "an important addition" to the rn. p"? known ac the most efficient in the treatment > : '????'* disease*. Aly success in managing these disease*. u<>* ?*? ceded to excel any attending the gain ral plan* ? f treatment, ia due to my adaptation of thr I, 'n !?< < upon the theory which 1 devised upon ear.* ja;) * logical viewa taken of these maladie. t!k j- ? teocy of ita efllcaey makes it eminently i?r a place among th? moat reputed standard rm.' i ? or medical record; and 1 would m?*?i coa*'"' ? ouhly claim at tha (lauds of honorable und int'-.u-gent physicians a fair and impartial trial ? t '?'* therapeutical value aa applied by me in tb? cooiM of theaa dineattM. I can, on short notjee, fnrnlsh physician* in towna and citiea from fifty to ooa hundred ben "a of ib? Eutropbio at a coat of three dollar* tie. containing thirty ouncaa. The long-established mineral reaoarca <h ?? Washington Spring*, formerly known a* Lews'# affording the best qua It lie# of Sulphur, V.uf. Chalybeate, and Magneai*. the most r> ii.*;*?5^ and valuable collection of medicinal water* ti^an to the mountaiiM of Virginia, cannot be nth* 1* "* than attractive tolrvalida of both nes#* ?aff<n: ( from debilitlee, diseases of the urinary ?** '? ut? rine diaordent, akin diaeaaes, disea*?-? ? < '* liver and dlgeattvft function*, and all affecr.'?J benefited by a relaxation from domestic habit**1-* pursuit*, accompanied by a few week*' *???' ?r* ?' auch a healthful retreat aa that of the W*-: Springs. , Persona visiting the 8pringa for th< tr w'n*?' advantages will be charged two dollar* |*f ?. and twelve dollars per week board. Pomona visiting the Springa for medical and treatment will b? charged five dollar* * week, at apecie rates, for board . .... Paaaanger* reach the Ppringa by the vr;.? and Tennessee Railroad, atopping at iilade *trM depot, Washington coumy. I S t charge for medical servlcca tuil' ^ tlon la given. The afflicted may vlait na with the a-wnranc tta their sojourn ahail be succeeded by a ba| py V> II re, tot hat* ho Heal and t coul i "?* '? the luftrihg. t. J. GtK?l?v?-> The VEGETABLE EUTROPHIC and the * LET can be obtained of J. B. W<M?I>. D'"* * nortbeaat corner of Maraball and liftb Hie aBond. agetu for thu city, aud Inm generally In all partaof Virginia, oi h x? d&*w3taw?ni ? ?Th3jona!^ caryTricIi AK 1) CA?V. JL and* 1 1 0U1 era cotMe rued ?Ann WalU? w ? Bled with me a petition alleging that Bart-* ? died in November, irt*. leaving a will . admitted to probata and recorded shortly ?n Jruth In the Circuit Court of Henrico that byaald will the r^al aetata of ?ai<{ Cary in the city of Richmond was devned ? k that thaoriglual of aald wiU and the b<* * * trv it wai recorded were burnt aud deatrvy** ^ * on th? >4 April. IMS ; that aba deairea U) r'" uatnra and coa tenia oi aaid will ; yoa artb??^ notifiedtbat 1 have appointed the ?h A. 1>. UfTaa the Uma, and my o*ce, on 'ri* between Fifth and sixth strata, iu Richmond, aa th? place, for proaaedli < petition and for taxiug the pr*wf de?:r?l when and where van may attend if you Special Cojnxaaaaioaar of HaarSeo CircuU my 1~lawtw "VOT1CB 18 HEREBY GIVK> l!u>l ?iVi r?. .ard Kl Marc^T t^, said cerUhealehivlng l?*' H NOTICE 18 HEKKin I. yflsMf *?% Sf ;<?:?' ?: 55a-5SS^_ March, Hotick-apdiu?uw ? iu u; ai>l*^4?w?m f | , ? OTICE IM HKRKBY OIV