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^ithmond ^ispatch. TUESDAY . . . ! ?'. .'. .... ....MAY 29, 1806. Mr. Stevens's New Scheme of Reconstruction. Our telegrams inform us that Mr. Stevens has made another effort to "head Andrew Johnson. " He proposes to acknowledge the present southern State governments "for municipal purposes," and to allow the people to proceed to organize their governments and form new constitutions, to be submitted to Congress for approval or rejection. Thad has "gone clean daft." The southern people are not so anxious to secure representation in Congress as he imagines ; and they certainly will not allow the President's policy to be over-ridden in this manner. They will stand by Mr. Johnson as long as he adheres to his own plan. Thad's scheme possesses no merit. He cannot compel its adoption by the south ; and it will not be voluntarily accepted. We have no room for further comment. The Election in West Virginia? The Constitutional Amendment. At the election in West Virginia lust Thursday, the amendment to the State Constitution disfranchising southern men was adopted. The vote, however, was no test of the wishes of the majority of the people, aiucc it seems to have been secured by downright bullying ami brow. beating in those counties in which radicalism is in the ascendant. Quiet, inoffensive men were kept from the polls. In Ohio county, (including the city of Wheeling,) the people were better informed on the subject, and letter protected in their rights, and the result in that county was a large majority against the odious ameudment. The Register announces the result in the following language: 44 All Right! Ohio County Redeemed, Regenerated, Disenthralled ! Democratic majority, 341 ! ? 475 gain in seven months." B. II. Smith, Esq., United States District Attorney for West Virginia, has written out an opinion, in which he contends that the proposed amendment is of no force even if adopted. He makes out u strong case ; yet we suppose there is little ground for hope that the Radicals care anything about constitutional difficulties, lie says the constitution defines the qualifications of voters ; and that the Legislature, in violation of the constitution, provided that only a certain class should vo'e upon tinproposed change. To give the amendment force, and incorporate it into the constitution, it should have l>cen voted upon by all the voters; and then, if a majority had adopted it, the exclusion of southern men from the polls would afterwards have been proper. This is undoubtedly the true view of the matter; and if there were a court in the State of any ability or integrity, so the question would be decided. The Wheeling JfojLster asks the public outside of the State not to accept the result of the election as a correct indication of the political sentiment of the people. " The amendment was only voted upon by 44 a portion of those citizens who can coiu41 ply with the conditions of the registry "act, and none at all of the large class 44 whom the amendment is intended to dis44 franchise were permitted to vote for or 14 against its ratification. Shameful out14 rages upon the rights of the people were 44 perpetrated in Marshall, Marion, and 44 other counties on the day of the election. Our people will yet achieve 44 freedom in spite of all the disfranchisements, the test oaths, registry acts, 44 and other unjust legislation, the Radicals 44 dare to inflict." The Clarksburg Conscrvalivt also tells of

similar outrages, and gives t lie following story : " Isaiah Y<?ung, living on Lost creek, ! committed suicide by throwing himself into his well on last Tuesday night. Some days ago ho requested William Batten, one of his neighbors, to go round and set- j his neighbors ? th.it he was satisfied that he had done wrong in reporting them and having them arrested during the war, and in reporting them to the Registrar, and having their names stricken off? and that : lie wished they would forgive him, that he , could not die in peace, &c. Afterwards his wife called in Ebenezer Bond and re- i quested him to go round and see his 1 neighbors and ask their forgiveness for having reported them. He seems to have j committed the act in a tit of mental de- 1 spondency, growing out of his participa- j tion in these matters." The same paper says that "Judge C. J. 1 " Stewart, of Ritchie county, on the 19th ! " instant, decided that the test oath re- " quired to be taken by attorneys was unconstitutional because it impaired the "obligation of contracts; itwosin conflict " with the presidential power of amnesty " and pardon ; it was retroactive and penal, "and therefore ex post facto, and that it I ?' deprived a person of his property with. " out due process of law : ruling that a 1 41 lawyer's profession and license was as J 11 much property as a merchant's goods, as 44 he made his living thereby." Constitutional Amendments. Why should the Radicals desire to have j the Constitution altered ? They pay no t respect to its present provisions. They | have totally changed the nature of the Government t citkoxU altering the Constitution except in one particular. It strikes us that, following their example, the eonservatives, when they succced to power, cau certainly restore the Government to its original form, even in spite of any new I constitutional impediments which may be put in the way. in the passage of the ' Civil Rights bill, the Frecdmcn's Bureau j bill, the bill to protect officers from prose- 1 cution for illegal acts, and of other measures, the Radicals have set an example I which it is giving their opponentstoo much 1 credit to suppose they will not follow. ' Imitating the remark a witty Englishman once 8* de to hi* neighbor, that " orthodoxy j is tad fcetorodoxyis your doxy," we ah*D say upon occasion that what we believe Is (constitutional and what the Radicals believe is unconstitutional? no matter what that is. The Fajeuuul ? The June number of this | agricultural monthly is on onr table. We t again recommend it to the farmers of Vir- j ginia and thoaouth generally. Published I by Elliott & Shields, Richmond, Va. j Pantos At.? The following advert iseinent appears to the Barnstable (Ma**,) Patriot : Itotlce.-- The subscriber hereby forbids anj perm marrying Rosalina Prstt, she Juitlaf promised to marry me. ' SUfBE* PWMJW. I

Corr??pondfnr? of th?? Rlchmotipl VWpatftfc. RrwiLLTiLLK, Ktm Miy22, 1866. This botlv, compo&cd ?tf delegate* from all the southern States, met tn-Hay ?t 10 o'clock A.M. It wan pleasant to see the Cordial greetings exchanged bv old fVlends long sep.-^MM, of n?\t HdquafnUnccs just formed. A season of .social worship (conducted hv Rev. I)r. W. V. Bronddns, of Virginia, and A. P. Williams, of Missouri,) vraa enjoyed, uud the Convention was then called to order hy Rev. Dr. P. H. Mell, of Georgia? the president at the last session of the body. The Convention was permanently organised by electing the following oflicern : President. ? Rev. P. II. Moll, D. 1)., of Georgia. Vice- Presidents, ? Rev, Dr. Jeter, of Virginia; Rev. Dr. A. P. Williams, of Missouri ; Rev. Dr. R. B. C. Howell, of ! Tennessee : Kev. S. L. Helm, of Kentucky. StcreUirits. ? Rev. G. B. Taylor, of Virginia; Rev. W. P. Yeamall, of Kentucky. The President made an appropriate address on assuming the chair, thanking the Convention for the honor done him, and earnestly calling upon the memhers to , aid him in the discharge ot his duties, j While the tellers were preparing their j reports, the Convention united in singing [ and prayer, and remarks were made by Kev. Drs. Jeter, Fuller, Poiudexter, and | Howell. Dr. Jeter urged that the Convention I should come together with the one .single ; aim of promoting the interests of the Redeenter's kingdom ? that they should banish se}f from their deliberations, forget all sectional or private ends, and consider only, in a spirit of kindness and brotherly love, what is best for the general good of the j cause we love. Dr. Fuller warmly expressed his delight j at once more meeting with brethren he : loved, and from whose counsels he had j been so long debarred. lie spoke of the j afflictions through which we had passed, and gave an affecting narrative of the death in Baltimore, from a wound received i at Crampton's gap, of a son of Rev. Dr. | Mell. Me alluded to the fact that this 1 Convention had never been political in its j character, and eloquently urged that we should now meet again "on the same old terms ? sinners trusting in a common SaI viour." Kev. I)r. Poiudexter, of Virginia, was j deeply alfcctcd by the remarks of I)r. Ful- ' ler, for they reminded him of the two noj hie boys he had laid on his country's altar, i But in that hour of sore trial he had fpnnd 1 relief and comfort in prayer such as could j be found nowhere else. He eloquently urged the cultivation of a spirit of prayer, and that in these dark days we use the I "power of prayer" as a panacea for our troubles. I Kev. Dr. Howell, of Tennessee, urged that we needed more of a living trust in the God who rules and controls the universe, The Convention and the large congregation present were deeply moved by these eloquent remarks. Adjourned till half-past 2 o'clock, P. M.

EVENING SESSION. The Convention received ;i communication from the Texas Baptist Convention urging the preservation ot' the organization of the Southern Baptist Convention ? that while cultivating a friendly spirit towards the Baptists of the north, we shall still continue to do our own work in our own way. The usual committees on credentials, religious excises, &c., were up- j pointed. A committee (consisting of Revs. A. M. Poindcxter, A. I>. Sears, and A. F. Crane, Esq.,) was appointed to otler the amendments to the constitution rendered necessary hv the changed state of the country. The report of the "Sundayschool and Publication Board " was read by its corresponding secretary, Rev. Dr. John A. Broad us, of South Carolina. The ; report detailed the operations of the Board, the difficulties it had encountered, and the measure of success that had attended its labors, and laid before the Convention it-, plans for the future ? urging the importance of sustaining our own Sunday-school work, both because the agents of the northern Board would not be received by our people, and because many of their . publications were of a character that we could not conscientiously circulate among our children. The report was referred to the following committee : 1. Operations during the war. 2. Missionary work* 3. Publications. 4. Colored Suuday Schools. By permission of the Convention, the | report of the Bible Board, located at Nash, ville, Tenn., which was prepared for the Convention which met at Augusta, (la., in 'G3, but failed to reach that body, was read, and the questions involved referred to a committee. The Bible Board was abolished at the Augusta meeting, and the question of it> revival will come before the committee. The report of the Domestic Mission Board was read by its corresponding secre- ! tary, Rev. M. T. Suiuner, of Alabama. } The report told of the great work this j Board had done among Confederate sol. j diers, and of what had been accomplished since the close of the war in supplying the j great religious destitution of the southern country. It reported a liberal response to | the appeals of the Board, especially in i Maryland and Kentucky, but represented the necessity of largely increased contributions in order to meet the demands made i upon the treasury. The report gave a de- 1 tailed history of the Coliseum Baptist | Qhurch, New Orleans, its financial condition, and the manner in which it came into , the possession of the Convention. It also j told of how a missionary of the "American Baptist Missionary Society" took posses- ? sion of the house of worship by military I authority against the wishes of the congregation, ami of the dilticulties experi- , cnced in regaining possession of the house j even after the close of the war. The report was referred to appropriate . committees. On motion of Rev. G. B. Taylor, of Virginia, Rev. Dr. Fuller was requested to preach the convention sermon to-night, in the absence of both Dr. Brantly and Dr. Tichenor (the principal and alternate). NIGHT EXERCISES. Long before the appointed hour a large crowd assembled in the capacious house of worship of the Baptist Church to hear the j sermon by Dr. Fuller. The text was : " As j thy days so shall thy strength be," and was an eloquent presentation of the sustaining power of the Gospel. The speaker made several allusions to the afflictions of the war, and earnestly expressed the hope that in the present religious persecution in Missouri, the spirit of the olden martyrs might be revived and the grace of God sustain llis servants in marching along the path of duty. There is a large delegation in attendance ; upon the Convention. The number will bo . stated when the Committee on Credentials shall report. ? ! DIED, On Monday. S8th May, MM, at hi* reaideuc#, Chft?U#ri?ld county, V*., IILKRY T. I)REWKY, In the neventy -second year of bU a#?. His luneral will take place THIS DAY (TUESDAY ), *"th May, from hi* rcatdonce, at 4 o'clock, 1*. M . The frlonda of th? foully are Invited to at- i teiul without further notice. ==s I Boots and hhoes.-h. m. i UAsT??N,72 Main ?Ue?*t. bavin* Just nil urutvj from the Syfib *?'h * *UP; I olv of BOOTS and 8H<>ES he 1* prepared to e?ll the wuue lower than can he bought lu any ?Tlerhlis' A lV HE W F. l> BOOTS from *e to ?n<t MOROCCO Bt-Wtu BaL- / vfj jc HU.MlKKl) TONS No. 1PEKUViiS, 0WI,? '"""M B. ??? * CO.

.ostprday mortilng, b??tw?n 8 tU*k, orilHfhth M?r?M ttreet*, b?Icr's C?thfw*l "H'' H?'n slreet, a LA-Lk-canb gold WATDIr, with * piece n h* chain attached, With silver medal The flnd??wlU be Mltably rewarded hr leatln^ It *t thi* offle*. my UP? 4 1 WANTS. WANTED, aonmpeteat WHITE WOMAN a* NUR8E and SEAMSTRE88? a m!d-Jle-a?ed woman preferred. Ooo<i recommendations required. Apply at 2u< Franklin street. mv w ANTED TO KENT, a stn&ll MILT,, t t fi>r corn and wheat. Address J. T AH BOTT, Manchester Va .stating terms, condition, and capacity of mill. . If'v ?i^T?L!LYirANTED, to inform all persons in If uo?d of COOKS, HOt'SE-tJlKi.S. ^ I UShW. RAILKOAI) AND FARM BANDS. (^DgjfHRS. CARPRNTERfl, ENGINEERS. BLACKSMITHS, nnd SERVANTS FOR THE SPRINGS, that by caLUpiC at onr office they will be nupplied with the best Ubor that can be procured. _ . BAGBY & P1TT8, Real Estate and Employment Agentf, mv 29-2t No. M Wall "treet. TITA NT ED, to inform the public that !t we are prepared to furnish the in ? ''J1 V"' grants of any nationality designated, direct f Castle Garden, N. V., at Tery reasonable p ?ri ? *, hired l>y the year. F<>r further piirttcuUrs, api I. attbtt8O0THEKJf EMPLOYMENT AflETCY. Franklin fctreet, miU**r tin? MetrupoliUn limi. r ran it *ui kuee^u, uffl^ ^ |fl fc,r}iniondi Va. A. G. D'lXDABAZr & P- T. Ll>K, Agent*. uiy 2i* ? it TIU(>P( >SA LS W A NT ED.? lVrsons de1 airing to contract for FURNISHING ??KAUIV ? \ Kl>i\ painted and lettered, g?; ''y ' Confederate soldiers bnried at Oak wood (-emeu r>, Rrer lested to send their prnt*>MU "> wntiug to Maior A K. COURTNEY, box MS, Richmond p?*ti?!H< ?? Con trad or* will state the kind and Idimenriona'of the board wh.cb they propose to whether painted on on*' side 01 hotli* ?**?? and li the cost of different kind*, the ooject of |ho A???<v ciation being to get the neatest and most durable head-board p??ssVble within proposals are ;t?ked lor only 1 EN TH< I .s A. at present. _,n^ YgENTS wanted J\ FOR OUR NEW WORK, THE LIFE AND CAMPAIGNS OF GENERAL (RTONEWaLL) JACKSON. By Professor R. L. Dahxkt, D. D., of Virginia. The Stan/lmd Biocraphy of the immortal hero. The only edition authorized ^y^:* widow. rheautliora personal Iriend and Chi'/ot Staff of the f hmtian Soldier. Car. fully revls. d and corrected by (Jeueral R. K. Lee ah a truthful biography of one ot America's nobb-st sons, it stands peerless and alone among all its competitors. UisaMed otMcer* and soldiers, energetic young men. and nil in want of profitable employment, will find this a rare chance to in. ike money. Send lor circulars and see our terms. Address .... NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, No. 21i Seventh street, Richmond, Va. my 15? swim* WANTED, A FIRST-RATE COOK VY (female). JOHN EN DERS^ my 2i; 3t* No. rt r it th street.^ WANTED, a SITUATION as lirsttt c!h>* c<iok, }>y an Iri?h woman. Address note to ?' COOK," Dispatch office. _ jny W? *t WANTED, Mr. WILLIAM DAN- }} NIALS or Mr .!. H. 8HARP tocall at the office of the Virginia Employment Agency, "ii Broau street, lour doors above Ninth, ,,,'1 i1."!;',1" ,,v JAMES T HENDERSON, my 19? ts Box 130, Richmond, > a. | 1ASII PAID for BON ES.? Wnntefi, j FIVE HUNDRED TONS BONES. Cash paid ? my S-?sy" S. IV LATHROP. Agent. HIi)l??S AND TALLOW WANTED. ^'^SeN HIDES, and SALTED hides. Mso TALLOW; for which the hightest ca?h price w.llbe'iid. " H( CHaIkLEY&/0 Hide and Leather Dealers. Thirteenth street, between Main and Cary. *P rpjiE WORK SO NOItLY BEGUN 1 to-dav at IIOI.LY Woo|i will be resumed on WEDNESDAY next at 3 P. M. Member- ot the Kxecntiv*' will on the ground wt '? o'clock, and tlios-' who can be present at that hour will find emplovment. It is ho;. ed thu- to prepare the ground for the visit of the ladies on the 31st. Bv order of the J|iiv \W E XECPT IVE COM M ! TT E E _ VTOTICE.? At a called meeting of 1 1 1 ? ? i.^ surviving members ot tip* '? \ ir^iniit Lit ?? liuard." company 15, Fifteenth \ irginiu regiment, it was ... ,, Krxtdvirf, Tliat we art ill concert with the Memorial Association in commeinor.i linir the death oi our fallen comrades ; nnd re?"| uest th.it tlielriend< of the company who wish to contribute flowers t< r the purpose of decorating the grave" will iliem at the bouse ofanv member on Wr.l>Afc>* DAY EVEN ING, the 3inh 'instant. my - ? ? -;t J> ICHMON 1> AND LIVERPOOL 1 PA< KKT COMPANY ? The Executive Committee will be, until SATI'RIXi NEXT. - I ot June, at the Ottir- of the Insurance nil i S:iTlHK? Company of Virginia, over the Liiited Stati - I ele graidi oilice, from ll A. M to 12 o clock M .. i T<?r the purpose of making the distribution of NlNEIi DOLLAR* pershsre. Stockholders are require.! to present their M-rij>. my 't Richmond savings bank and I N'sCRANCE COMPANY. ? Subscribers to stock in tlii- Company will plea?/' call at the olfi. ?? of th^ rompuny (corner <>t rwHfth mi l 3lain ktreets) and pit v the lirut in-i i Iment on their stoi k, due on or before the l^t proximo. By order of the Board. JOHN F. V. POTTS, Secretary, Jott.v H. Davis, President. inyW-Jt VTOTICE. ? RICH M t >N D AND P ENINSULA RAILROAD t'oMPANY. Bivksof subscription lor the stoek ol this t'ompiny will b? opened at the office of Me?sr?. LYONS ,V A M S T, on Ninth street, on tbo V3t h day ot June next. JAMES LYONS) T. II. WYNNE,? Commi-vdoner*. my t9? td H. (?. FA NT, j (

1 \ENTAL NOTICE.? JOS. WOOP1 " WARP. Dentist, will be absent from tin* ci?v until the 5th of Julie, and from thence to the soth will be pleasml to jneet those who may wi?h to see him professionally :i t his otlice, on Main -treet, above Seventh, No. #13. my 29-? it A \ " M.SUTTON ?v CO. have removed T? ? their banking-honse to Mo. 1.015 Main street, under the Farmer* National Bank of Virginia, where they will continue their business an heretofore. myS'-lw JgRUNSWICK STEW AT TOM GRIFFIN'S TO-DAY from 11 to 2 o'clock, made from the finest lot of squirrels ever brought to tlils market my 29? It MRS. WILLIAM T). STUART, late of Richmond, has leased the spacious mansion in Staunton formerly occupied by Mr. .Tames 1'olntrt, and is prepared to receive a limited number of hoarders. The house is pleasantly situated on an eminence in the eastern part of the town, and commands a line view. It has been thoroughly repaired and neatly furnished, an t Mas. NTITA KT will sjime no pain* to promote the comfort of her guests.? Terms moderate. STArxTo.v, May 21, 1H65. my 29? lm CO-PA RTN ERSHIP.? The GR( >CERV Krai Jl ESS conducted by JOHN BLAIR, (la*e of William M. Harrison Ai Co.) and the COAL BUSINESS conducted by ALBERT BLAIK are ibis day united, and will be carried on under the firm of JOHN k ALBERT BLAIK. We have taken the new store Jfo. 1,110 Main street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, a few doors below the National Exchange Bank, and will be pleased to furnish our friends and the public with choice and well-selected articles of FAMILY GROCERIES. Thankful to our friend* for former kindnesses, we hope to merit aud receive a full portion of public favor J" 'II.N* BLaIR. hiv 28 ? ltn ALBERT BLAIK. 1MFTY BARRELS J. CROMWELL'S ' EXTRA EAGLE and PINEAPPLE WHISKY, 25 barrels J. Trull's pure NEW ENGLAND RUM, loo barrels Richardson's CINCINNATI WHISKY, 50 barrels 1'arker s CABINET WHISKY, 2o I casks imported COGNAC BRANDY, ,5 5o barrels BRA. SPY and OIN. loo barrels RECTIFIED WHISKY, 25 twits PORT, bUERRY, and MADEIRA WINE, 5o casks HIBBERT'S PORTER, for sale bv my 29 ? St W. B. JONES At Co. THK PLACE FOR UAR(iAINS~IS J. AT LEVY BROTHERS.? They have in store a large assortment of DRESS GOODS, which (hey arc selling at froui 25 cents to^l per vard ; excellent Black Silks at ?1.25, ?1.5", and ?1.75; real French Wire Corsets at *1.5o ? Linen Crash Toweling at lb cents; Parasols and Sun Umbrella*, from ? l to ??* ; Crape Collars, from 5? tents to *1. Also, at great bargains. Table-cloths, Napkins, Sheetings, Pillow-case Cottons, Embroidered Edgings aud lusertings, a large variety of Dress Triiuraings, Hosiery of eveiy description, and all other articles, at vorV low price*, at LEVY BROTHERS, my 29 15 Main street. TWO HUNDRED BARRELS" MOX LASSES and SYRUP, all qualities ; 50 hogsheads BACON? shoulders, sides, and breast* ; 300 bags COFFEE, 2.'0 barrels REFINED SUGARS, 5oo barrels FLOUR, all graies ; loo packages LARD, 2oo barrels No. 1 and 2 NORTH CAROLINA CUT HERRINGS, 50 half chest* EXTRA QUALITY GUNPOWDER TEA for sale bv ' WM B. J0NE8 4 CO. my 2# ? P~ EACH -BLOW POTATOES.? Just received, one hundred bushels PEACH-BLOW POTATOES, aud seventv-flvH barrels SUPERFINE FLOUR. Lfl'SCOMP & JENKINS, Franklin street, near the Old Market, my >8? 2 1 ft RE AT REDUCTION.? We now offer V *h? remainder of onr stock of BLACK SILK CIRCULAR*, bAfcUUKS, and s A CODES, AT COST, to close. LEVY BROTHERS. . u'^ 15 Main street. BRIOK8! NEW" BRICKS ! !? tl?ous*nd NEW HARD BRICKS, of ??iJ ^ ' OM Basin bank, for sale In lots to A..I..J1 .? are Intited to examine the lot. Apply aoou to BRAZEAL k Co l TRELL, _ . ? _ ? Basin Bank, or DANDRIDGE * ANDKRioN, *7 Bro*U sueet. i

,v ; AtaTStMEN-m | Y< )CA1 T-oy^KTT fa r?P?< 'folly announce that the 8100 N f> 00ITCERT of the *<*rl?!/4 wlit b<- given at BRoaD-STRKET (MPTHOD18T) CHURCH I OJI FRIDAY EVENING, Jrif* 1, 1M?, 0o*?lftJ?<i up . SoLOS, DUETS , Clf ANTI , CHORUSES, Ac. Serf nty performer* will take part in the Concert. Ad religion, 60 c?nti ; children under fifteen year* of age, 25 cent*. Tickets can be bought at the book -tores of Bidgood A Riley, J. R Kelningham, atjd R P Townsend : also, a't D?vle? A So iu?' Mimical Exchange. my 2tf? T n AF'it QRAND VOCAL ANI) INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. Ha. L. P. WHEAT. l#t?? from Conservatories of Lcipslc and Paris, assisted by Mr. THEODORE HABELMANN, the celebrated Tenor of German Opera, from the Academy of Manic ; Mr. HENRY JUNGNICKEL, the famous Violoncellist; Sioxcr STRINI, the, eminent Basso ; and a SPLENDID SOLO VIOLINIST, will give a GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT AT VIRGINIA IIALL, NINTH STREET, OS WEDNESDAY EVENING, Mat 30tb, at half-pant * o'clock. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. For sale at Davles' Musical Exchange and the principal hotels and bookstores. my 2"* ? 3t SPECIAL NOTICES. US" SPECIAL NOTICE.? The undersigned, as executor of the late P. K. White, takes pleasure In announcing to his friends and the public that he has just returned from the North with a very select stock of BOOTS, SHOES, TRUNKS. VALISES, AND TRAVELLING BAGS, which he offers at the lowest cash prices at his new store, No. sin Main street, two doors below the 8 pots wood Hotel. He begs leave to state for the benefit of the ladies that nntisnal care has been taken in the selection of all irood* suitable for their use in his line. He h;ts obtained the services of JOHN POE, Jr., well known in the business Community, who will be pleased to see his friends at No. 81# Main street. W. F. WHITE, my 26? tin Executor of P. K. White. HT REMOVAL?O. H. CHALKLEY & CO~ Leather Dealers, hare removed to their NEW BUILDING, on THIRTEENTH STREET, between Main and Cary. my 15? ts fcSTDEKTAL NOTICE ? IOHN (J. W A Y T, D>-ntist, has removed his office and residence to ?<15 FRANKLIN STREET, two doors vest of Ninth street. my IS? ts 0ET REGXAILT k CO., AUCTIONEERS, Sir. Nob. 832and s34 Main *tkekt, betwkek Eighth an d Ninth. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO SALES AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES, THE CLOSING OUT OF STOCKS, CARGOES, Ac. Terms : Moderate. JOHN F. REGNAULT, inv 7_1?, WILLIAM L. MAPLE. HHir SODA APPARATUS.? The celebrated "ARCTIC" SODA APPARATUS, with GENERATORS, FOUNTAINS, Ac., complete. As agent for1 I the manufacturer, the subscriber is prepared to 1 ! furnish the most convenient and elegant apparatur i known. Call and examine sample. WILLIAM II. SCOTT, Druggist, j I ap2fl? t- corner Franklin and Seventeenth streets KTCOLEfc TURNER, NEWS DEALERS, WHIG BUILDING, Furnish the daily papers of NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, and WASHINGTON, , at the places of business and residences of citi- I zens, Immediately after the arrival of train*. Or- ? d?-rs left at th?>ir counter will insure the prompt delivery of any paper daily. ap H? ts j Kg" UILN.OOO \ RILEY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS,! 121 Ma IX STREET, keep constantly on hand s complete stock of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOORS, CAP, LETTER, AND NOTE PAPERS,

ENVELOPES, BLANK BOOKS, SLATES, PENS AND INK, ami other SCHOOL AND OFFICE STATIONERY ; all of which aic offered at the L 0 WEST MARKET RATES. I Country Merchant* luvited to examine our stock before purchasing. Orders promptly attended to. ' mh 24 B. Ac R. [ wer CO- PA HTM ER Ml I P. The undresigned having formed a co-partner ship, for the purpose of conducting A WHOLESALE GROCERY, PROVISION, AND GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS, under the name of STONE, WILSON k FOSTER, and having taken the commodious warehouse on j Cary street, second door below Pearl, are now i receiving a general supply of GOODS IN THEIR LINE, which wl II be made complete in a few days, and to which they respectfully call the attention of Hit trade. HAMILTON J. STONE, of Petersburg ; jonN r?. wilson, of Petersburg; mh 13? yb R. T. FOSTER. *V~FOK (MftDENERS AND FARMERS. FRESH AND RELIABLE GARDEN SLED, Just received and for sale by WILLIAM II. SCOTT, Druggist, comer of Franklin and Seventeenth streets, fe 3? ts. CO- PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned, of the finn of Kent, Paine & Co., have formed a co-partnership for the purpose ) of conducting a general AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, under the firm of PAINE & CO., and hire taken the store No. lo? Main street, next below Mitchell Si Tyler, and will be pleased to receive consignments from their friefids and the publie. W. G. PAINS, ja lw?tjt R. A PAINE. SHIPPING. 17 OR BALTIMORE. SAVANNAH, r AND BOSTON _P??\VH.\TAN ST K A M IK I A T COM PA N Y . -SEM I - WEEKLY LINE -Leaves Kichmond every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY. Leaven Baltimore every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. The steamer PETERSBURG. Captain Rohsrt TR.iVKKs, will leave here at 6 o'clock, A. M., < W EDN ESDa Y. the JOth instant. Freight received MONDAY and up to ? o'clock, P. M., TUESDAY. The steamer has splendid saloons, state-room-, | and passenger accommodations. Passage, meals included, #?. For lreight or passage, applv to D k W. CITRRIE, office at Charles T. Wort htm A Co. s, may 2s? 3t Fifteenth street. ~^OR NEW YORK.? ATLANTIC _ COAST MAIL S T E A M S H I P OMPANY .?The new and ele-^eET &/W uant side- wheel steamship RAPIDAN, Captain Aiexa.tder, leave her wharf at Rocketu on TUESDAY, th? Wh instant, at 2 o'clock, P. M. F Passengers are requested to be punctual. For freight or passage? having unsurpaased acommodationa? apply to SAMUEL AYBES A CO., my JH? 5t Cary and Virginia street*. OCAL CLASS.? ClasHes ior vount ladies in the RUDIMENTS ANfc SClENC] V _ OF MUSIC will be given the 1st of April. TrkncTWO DOLLARS PER MONTH 19 CL ASS. Apply at the Arlington House, No. I. mh tn ? ts UALA1) OIL.? SALAD OIL, of best k7 quality, In bottles and fU*ks, for sale by 1 " PUKCELL, LADDACO., my U corner Thirteenth and Main street*. 17LOUR. FLOUR.? Olio hundred bar- * rels EXTRA LATHROP MILL* FLOUR-espe-cially for baker*. Th??se who have not doneao, are Invited to give it ? trial. , 8. P. LATHROP, Agent, my 2a llghUentb street, auuife ?lde of Dock.

ATTOTIOW IRtjeS-1 ?? DAY. By Hftrrtoon, G odd In k Appei Hank"r?, Brokers, *nd Real Estate Agents. - ? I EXCELLENT LITTLE FARM AND \ MARKET GARDEN, THREE MILES BELOW KM HM"ND, NFMRTM WlLLIAMSBURG TURNPIKE, FOR SALE AT AUCTION? WU1 ba -old at auction, on the premises, on TUESDAY, 2#th May, 1*M, at lialf past 4 o'clock, P. M., the d?*irabl? LITTLE FA KM located a* h bore, now occupied by Mr. Jfoftrft (ir*'?n, and formerly owdwl! and occupied fcyMr. P It tontaliu SIXTEEN AND ONE-HALF AC RES, and ha* on It aCOMF?>KTAHI,B DWRf.f/INO and th* ti?nal nnf-brjlldln*", which have been somewhat Injured by the army, but conld be repaired by an outlay of two I) and r?f?i to three hundred dollars. Thi' place it now id suece?*ful cultivation. Terms : One-ha!f cash: balance at three and six-month*, negotiable note*, with Interest added, *?cn red by a trust 4?ed. The tax?*s for this year to be paid bv the purchaser. HARRISON, GODDIN Si AI'PERSON, my 24? d?t Auctioneers, FOR RENT. TX>R RENT, a large and elegant OF -T FIC8,?-U|..,n.|l t.rn. ?"?' M a rivti, WIUI miiaii !<???> ? , one largo and pleasant LODGING- ROOM, over the above all furni-hed with ((a" These rooms are very desirable, and wilibe reute low. Apply to R.L.WILLIAMS, Importer and Dealer In Har'tivare, Ac., No. 1,441 Main street, near Fifteenth street. my 2*.? ? 3t T/OR RENT, h most desirable and romr m odious RESIDENCE, corner Frank tin JpfL and Fourth streets, finished in elegant style, HjjW with all the modern improvements, and very conreniently arranged for a large family or fli'etclass boarding-house. ??, ?/**.? Also, a very pretty and desirably-located BRIGh RESIDENCE, No. 3, on south side of Marshall, between Foushee and Adorns streets, containing about seven rooms, besides kitchen, &c. Also, a NEW BKB'K HOUSE, corner Byrd and Eleventh streets, suitably arranged for a private residence and bu-inuss stand. Also, two FRAMED TENEMENTS on north aide of Marshall, between Second and Third streets. These buildings are constructed for residences or businfv* house**, or both. ... Also, a STORE and HACK ROOM on north side Broad, near Ninth street. This is an excellent business stand. Also, aprettv STOKE on Eighth, between Broad and Marshall streets. A good location for a retail business. Also, that BRH'K RESIDENCE on west side of Seventh, between Main and Cary streets, containing about eight roortis, besides kitchen, with iras, cas fixture*. and water, on the premise*. IS BELL k DAVIS, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneer-, my 5o ? 3t corner Eighth and Mala street*. T70R BENT, a DWJELLIN(*-HOUSE, JT with TEN ROOMS, on Main, between >^1 Thiril and Fourth streets, at present occupn d frfw by Mr. George I, Bi<l good. The lot is large, w jtli the necessary out-hou?e*. Possession will be given on the 5th of June Applv to PURCELL, I.ADD k CO., my 23 ? t? corner Thirteenth and Main streets. TJOOMS FOR RENT, suitable for a II gentleman and wife orsingle gentlemen, jgrA with or without board. Apply at ,\n. Hij, fT? Eighth street, beyond Leigh mjrlO tn "DOR RENT, one furnished and on<? 1. unfurnished ROOM, 30n Main street, be- ^ei tween Third and Fourth streets. inv 7? ts JOHN N. GORDON k SON. _"_'aL LH1K RENT, (>n?? PLEASANT ROOM, A suitable for a Gentleman's Lodgingroom, or a Gentleman and Wife. Applv to pfTft Mrs. H. B. IIOVaN, "i* Seventeenth street, between Vetiableand Poplar, fe 2?_ts Richmond, May -2, WW. / 10NDITI0N OF FIRST NATIONAL V.' BANK OF Rll'IIM"N D.? We, the undersigned, a committee appointed by the Board of Directors i d the FIRST NATIONAL BANK of RICHMOND, in < onformity with the National Currency Act, to examine its condition, having made a careful examination of -aid Bank up to the close of business on the - i-t in-taut, beg leave to report its condition to be a- follow- : MK.l.VS OF THE BANK. Lciral tender notes and national currency, checks, ami cash items on hand * 178,213 2(5 United State- bond- deposited with United States Treasurer and on hand 212,555 .*>i) Due from National Bai.k-. subject to sight drafts li'3,?ll 32 fin., fi'itiii liu ii k'Mis 7i

!??!?? from Barring Brothers i; Co., London *.2?7 t." Hill* receivable 372, lis u7 State and National Hank Mocks 1 < I urnifure, tlxtiir**^ . safes, Jtr 8.U2 *1 Coin on hand -'3, TO1* .">1 Stump account., 3,713 .'M Expense account 11. ."W 1>I Premium account -S Total mean* of tln> ! * , i t i k ? I. ?"?2, 252 7" Capital stock paid in S 2w,<nx? i?> Circulating note* outstanding KS.T.'n uo Deposits,.. ?1M*3 U I Due Na ioiial Batiks niul banker* ... 3.?,s0t? vi ; Exchange, discount ami commissions 21,. ">"3 17 Surplus fund 17,omi 43 Unit***! Mates live-twentie? (purchased in Enropv ami not yet received) D*,62l 90 I Total liabilities of the Bank l,i>*2,8"i2 7" \v.. itlr.ii -tale for tin information of the public | that our discounts have been liher.illy distributed anions thi' business men and farmer* in and around , Richmond. and in no case has tuero tlian the regular rate of discount <>1 six per cent, been charged. A. V. STOKES, ) DAVID J. >A ti X DERS, I l?. GRo.\lN(j, r Committee. JOHN H. WHITE, | S. C. TAltl?V, ) my ?J_lw - OkHCI VlK' lSlA ('KNTHAt KAII.RoAD('o?IP*.VV,) j Kichmo.ho, May 25, ww. s j TO THE BONDHOLDERS AND I HOLDERS OF TUB INTEREST COUPONS OF THE VIII'. INI A CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY.? On the 17th day of May the Board of Director# of the Virginia Ceutiil Railroad Company adopted these orders : '? ortlertd, That the President directed to propose to t lie bondholder* and holder* of the interest coupons of this company t<> fund their intre*t past due and to become <tue on the 1st of July, IMC, and l?t ot January. 1";7, in coupon bonds of the company, for all suiUR ?>f one hundred do||?rs and the multiples* thereof ; and in registered bonds tor all fractional parts of one hundred dollar*. The registered bonus to be redeemable on the l*t day of January, l>72. and the coupon bonds on the l*t"day of January, 1*77 ; both to bear interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum from tho dale; payable on the 1st day of Julv, IW, and semiannually thereafter? interest to "be added to the bond* at the rate of six per cent, per annum from the l*t da v of July. lv-,1. on ail sums then due, and from the date of all after-accruing interest Any one entitled to receive a bond may elect to take it as a registered bond." " m That the President be, and he is here- j by, authorized to issue bonds of the company to tlie extent of the interest due aud becoming due tip j to the 1st dav of January. l*?o7, inclusive, for tho purposes ami upon the principles sot fu>rth in the < foregoing order of the Hoard? the said bond* to be , countersigned by the Treasurer." " (jrtl'idl. That assurance is hereby given to the bondholder* that the company will 'resume the | regular ami prompt payment of its interest on the i l*i day of J uly, 1*67. ' The heavy looses sustained by the company du- j ring the war. . ml ihe condition of the rouidry upon which the road depends for its revenue, r??n- I dertbe ( uujpany at present unable to pay its inte- i rest. The period promise 1 for the resumption of the payment of interest is as early as would he i safe to insure performance. The proposition for j funding is deemed equitable. It is hoped that the j bondholders and the holders of interest conpons will no regard it, and w ill fund ttieirclaiins for tn- I terest in the bonds, which will be ready for deli- ! very to them at the oIHce of the company in Richmond on and after July 2. lSbtf. Respectfully, WILLIAMS C. W10KHAM, my ls_rtt President. HE a !><^ UA RT ERS. ? The und??r- . signed returns his grateful thanks to the clti- j zens of Richmond for the liberal patronage here- I to fore extended to him, and announces to the pub- . l:c that he has opened a FI RST -CLASS R EStA U - ' RANT in one of Gnome's new buildings, on j Tweifth street, near Main, in rear of the ameri- j can Telegraph otlice. From his long experience ' as caterer at several of the principal hotels in this | city and elsewhere, he Hatter* hiui*vlf that iiis uew establishiiient will commend itself to public favor ! aiul support. M HA i. S will be promptly served to order in the I best style and at prices to suit the times Th- BAR will be ke.nt supplied with the best liquors and wines. Clagett's mid Philadelphia ! Creaiu Ale on drauKht. FREE LUNCH every day, commencing at 11 I o'clock, [my ^-iw] JoIlN MACPHERSOIf I Office of ruii Cxiox Bask ok Richmond.) Mav 24, ltbW. ( Y A RESOLUTION OF THE I BOARD of DIRECTORS pa*sed this day, Stockholders are required to pay ill their tiist in- j Raiment by THURSDAY , the 31?t instant, or the Stock standing in their names will be transferred I to other parties now applying. Otlice at National Exchange Bank. mvfi-lw JAMES MILLER. Cashier. j KECEIVING TO DAY, FOUR HtJN- ' DRKD BARRELS FLOUR, most of it verv high grades of several well-known brau ls; one thou - sand bu-hel? MILL FEED; further receipts of, Ficken Ji Williams's celebrated KEFINE1) SU- ] CiARS. PALilER, HARTS 0<)K At CO., my 28 Libby BuildinKs. j B R O C K E T T S HKICK WORKS.? CREW k Watts, PRoPRl8TORfl.-We are now prepared to deliver one hundred and seventyfive thousand of the best hand-made ROCKETT8 BUILDING BRICKS In quantities wanted by builders and jobbers. Orders left at the otlice of . C. CRBW St ?ON, aoap manufacturer*, will be promptly Oiled. mr in ? tru 5 TONE, WILSON A FOSTER, O AGENTS FOR WlLDER'S PATENT FIRE- I PROorAND BUROLAR-PROOF IRON SAFESequal in quality to auy in the world, and twextt- ! nvK pea ckxt chfApbb than those of any other I reliable manufacturer. Call and see ?amde*. TCy 22-et_ KEEP COOL.? Just r?K)eivecL a beautiful assortment of MILVEK-PLATED ICEPI THIERS, at very low prices. Also, PARR'S CHARCOAL VVATKR-COOLBUS; at ftctory prices. corner opposite Ballard and my S8 uuvuuiu-. HI invivij t'liwui J. Q. SNEUON, Aaeut, ard and Exchange Hotels. VTOTICE, ? A General Meeting ot tho 11 Stockholders of th* CLOVER HILL RAILROAD COMl'ANY will be held at their uttce.in this city, on MONDAY, 11th Juue, 1^. Bjr order of the Board of Directors. D. 8. WOOLDK1DUB, my ?? Itawtd Treasury. BALTIMORK ALl'M Li.MK, in hogshyd. .0U.UUU, oo ^ fur

\4f R?Kna?H A Co.ij 4*et,on#*r,? Hilartreit, bd???n I Klflfcth mnd \FK WltL 8E1#Ij AT AUCTION ON ? ? MONDAY MORN I NO, *?th instant, at 10 o'clock, the TWO WOODEN B17TLDINOS now occupied by Moxarn. L. V. Birnes ft Brother, on Ninth ?treet, between Main and Cary, on aground rent of two hundred and fifty dollars p?r tsuiu/t. ALhO," 1 POROlfl, with patent two irona ; 2 ANVILS, 2 SLR DOES, 1 lot CAST-STEBL BLACKSMITH TOOLS, 2 DRILL PRESSES, 2 VICE?. 1 VICB BENCH, 1 lot IRON, TOOLS. RAILING, BENCHES, Ac. The above Building* ?nd Toole, Ac , can be bought privately if application be made before day of aale. RRONAULT A CO., Auctione?rs, Ac. POSTPONEMENT. The above sale is postponed until FRIDAY, Jtin" Nt. at S o'clock, P. M. The terms will b* liberal. REONAULT k CO., my50_4t Auctioneer* By Regnault k Co., Main street, between Eighth and Ninth. |/XCELLENT FURNITURE, SPLENDID DESK, SOLE LEATHER, COUNTERS, Ac., AT AUCTION. We will *?ll at Auction, atourstore, WBDNENDA Y MORNING, 30th Instant, at 10 o'clock, an excellent assortment of i NEW and SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, 8PLEN DI D COUNTING -ROOM DESK, SOLE LEATHER, STORE COUNTERS, OFFICE RAILING, SHOW-CASES, arnl a general assortment of MERCHANDISE. REONAULT U CO.. my 2t>? 2t Auctioneer*. By Harrison, Goddin k Apper&on, Bankers, Broken, and Real Estate Agents. XTHAT FRAMED TENEMENT, ON THE NORTH SIDE OF MAIN. BETWEEN MADIsoN A N ?> M ON ROB STREETS. FOR SALE AT AUCTION.? Will l>9 soli! at anction on the premises, on FRIDAY, th? 1st June, IS'itf, at half-pa-t 4 o'clock, P. M , the neat fr*med tenement located as a bore, ik>w in the occupaucy of Mr. Win. | Brandt. The lot has a front of tw?nty-aix and a half f?*et. and a depth of one hundred and fiftythree feet to ? wide alley. The tenement has live rooms, (including basement.) and on the lot there j is a t;ood well. Tkrjm : One-third cash, balance at fonr and eitfht months, for negotiable notes, interest added, j secured by a trusf deed. The taxes for this year t?> i be paid bv the purch*?<>r. II A Kit I SON, GoDDIN i APPERSON, my 29 Auctioneer*. By Harrison, Goddin A Apperson, Bankers, Brokers, and R^al Estate Agents. i r r h i u : i : wr >o i > enTiounes, a t the; I northeast corn ek of gra<b avd FOURTH STREETS, FOR SALE AT AUCTION? We will s*'li ? 1 1 i' uhiic auction, on I* R 1 1 ) A \ , J u m * 1st, at J o'clock, P. M., on the promises, the three wooden tenements located as above, to he removed in twenty days. Tbkms": At sale. HARRISON, GoDDIN A APPERSON. I

( my AUciiom-?r?. By Grubbs & Williams, Auctioneers, corner of Eleventh and .Main streets. lOMMISSIONEKS^SALEOK VA LTTVIABLE real estate. in the city of KM MM<>XD, AT THE SOCTIIRAST CORNER Op Fit A N K' I, I X A X D T II I R D STR E ETS .?In execution <>!' a decree oi rln? Circuit Court of Richmond, entered on 17th Uty, 1 in the ca?e of Wall ami wife i*. Nott sifi.i other*, the undcioigncd com mis - i 'loners, appointed for the purpose, will cell at auc- ; tion, upon the premise*, ?>n TW'RSDAY. tin1 3t?i day of May, commencing at o'clock, I M , ii I fair, if not, then on the next fair day thereafter at ilir-miH' hour, thu following well kiiownand very desirable property, to wit : T', ? RKv'KKE MOUSE, situated at the n?>?it ti?*a>? con.' r of Franklin and Third street*, containing ??ii, lii ii large rooms, with ample accommodation* i t'<T servant*, -table. carriage. house, Xr. A No, Hie BKICK TEN EMENT adjoining th- i at>ove on the i MHt, and now o< copied hy William i I F Price. It ha* ten room*, with usual out-hou*es j attached ; both have ga* and water. The property | h.t- heen recently repaired, and is now in ko<*1 ? j order. The locaiion i? almut the best in the city for private residences or a first-class boarding-hou-e. po>*e*?jon of the Revere House can he had at I once, and of the other ahout 1st. if October. Tkum* : One. fifth ca?h : balance at four, fight, tw. I vi't and sixteen month*, for iieu'itiaMe note*, with interest added, the title being retained by the '? uri until the notes are paid. Purchaser* to pay taxes for ANUKEW JOHNSTON,) f.?mril? : ,wrJoHX HOWARD, {CommissionersSale conducted by Ogl'BBK & Wimiams, AllI tloneer*. lit V By l'aine A Co., Auctioneer*, No. 1?<J Main street. ORY GOODS, SHOES. AND HATS. AT Al'l TION ? On WEDNESDAY. the 3otli I in?tant. commencing at t" o'clock, we will sell at our auction- loom* a large assortment of fresh and seasonablo pry noons, BOOTS, 6HOES, MATS, STRAW GOODS, Ac , i comprising a variety of choice and desirable goods | adapted t?i the season. I' A l.N'E A Co., my '-s Auctioneer*. Hy 'irubbs A Williams, Auctioneer*, Main street, five doors above Spotswood Hotel. I AW libkaIky for sale at i li Al'CTIoN will sel I at auction on Md.V DAY*, the 1th day of. June next, commencing at .1 o'clock, 1?. M., at the More Mo. 73'J Mam *treet, ' nearly opposite the Spot* wood Hotel, a very valu I able 1, A w I.IBHAKV, containing, amoi g other works, the VI KOI XI A and other REPORTS, now I very scarce, and a large number of other very ? valuable BOOKS, embracing all the Standard ' Work* Catalogues ar? now ready ai o>ir orttre.? ! Tkkm-< : At sale. GKL'BBS <St WILLIAMS, j my 'it Auctioneers. By Grubbs it William*, Auctioneers, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh streets. Most valuable and reaiitiFl'L COTTAGE FARMS AND MARKET | ? ? A HORN'S, ONE MILE WEST OK THE CITY. X b a K < AMI' JACKSON, FOR HALE AT Al'C T I < ?N ?We will sell at auction, upon the premise*, on F 1(1 DA V, the 1st day of .1 line, l*ris, at i o'clock , P. M . the property located a* above, heing a part of the Shield' and Ritchie tract*, adjoining the land- of . I M . Shields, Dr. Cren*haw, J . T. button, Jr., and Sila* Omohundro's estate. It contains eighty-one and seven-twelfths acres and will be subdivided according ton plat wnich may be seen at our office, into eight lot* of about ten acres each, or it will be sold an a whole if preferred. The land i* mostly a rich chocolate clay and loam, with a portion of feldspar soil, ?o favorable to the growth of vegetables and fruit*. Naturallv of the most productive character, it ha* becii brought by very profuse and judiciou* application of fertilizer* to a degree of tertility not equalled by any body of land of the same extent m tb ivicinity. I'pou one of these lot* there i* a ne*t cottage residence, with seven room* and all necessary outbuilding*. also a bold spring near th- hon?e, and a variety of choice fruit*, Ac , making this alto t get her a very attractive and desirable country *eat. The land all He* beautifully ; i* situated in one of the mo*t pleasant an t improving neigbUir hood* in ir the city, and i* particularly adapted for cottage farm* and "market garden*. The terms will be v?rv accommodating, an J will be announced at the time of >ale. | ORCBBS Ii WILLIAMS, my Jl ? <Jt Auctioneer*. 4 VALUABLE TKATT OF LAND ( J\ F<?k SALE ?By virtue of an order made by the (Circuit Court for Montgomery county, ?t the April i? rm, 1"W, in the case of R T Foster & Co. t*. Henry E. Decie, 1 *hall proceed to sell by pub lie outcry, on the 31?t DAY ??F MAY, MM, on the premUoa, that valuable Farm known a* the 1'aClfc FA KM. The Farm contains about SKY EN HDNDRKDand TWENTY-THKfcE ACRES OF LAND, has a n?<v and beautiful DWELMXti-HoL'sK on it, together with all the necessary out-hou?es used by fanner". It N ? i t uated near the big Tuunel on the Virgiuia and Tennessee ra lroad, in the county of Montgomery, and about one mile from the celebrated Montgomery White Sulphur Springs. Tks .t* oh Sai.k : A credit of two and three year* will be given the purchaser by his paying down in cash so much of the purcnaee" money riecoat-ary to pay the cost and charges of *^le. The deferred pay- ! ineiit* are ?o bear interest froiu the 4th day of Decouib r, 1?M, at which time posaession will be taken by the purchaser. Security lor the impaiu i purchase money and a lien by deed of trutt tor the same will be required of the purchaser. The ?ale will take place promptly at 3 o'clc- k, P. M., of that day. JOHN R. F1UNUIS, ap M? id Kheriff of MoiitgouMry couuljr, Ya. r~ - ? " ? ' " T?OR SALE. I? auv bal?* PRIME TIMOTHY 1UT, ao? casks ROCKLAND LIME. to barrel* EXT It A BAKERS* FLOUR 8. P LATHROP, Agei.t, my i? ta Eighteenth street, south atda ofDosk EROS'KNE OIL! KEROSENE OIL ' -PURE KER08KNE OIL at SEVENTYn> K CENTS per gallon, for ?ale by JOHN W. RI80N, mh 1 HAY,? Four hundrod uud tarty -one bales prime T1M??THY HAY, on co'iaigoutent, per a*>h??uter 41111I0 Bor laud, expec leu ws?iy? for sale on arrival by my W WILLIAM T. KING k CO. TlOSEWOOD, MAHOGANY, AND IV Walnut Chainbur Vuitea, Just llnuhed J Uie fiueat yet offered. rRENCIi * CKKNSHa W. corner Ninth and Main streets (up sUirs>. my M , TUST KE^KIVED, A LAHCJIC IN- *# voice of Lace Cartatas, W ludow BbaA*. P?P?* t'fflTAUTrJS, iiffiJV.!. j ?trocts (up atalra), . r? '

ki'twivi **?.' owtracs. VAULT OOOHH, VERANDAHS!, FENCING and mnr variety of ' POBGIIKFPOb HOtJS* WORK, M NORTHERN PRICE* Cult ant Me flu before eomru>tln/ ARCHER ft <i??o|>WlH Valran Iron Work? ap I? 4io corner of Byrd and &i*th ttrtel*. rjiOBACCO FACTORY MACUINKI'.Y 1 SCHRWR AND PREkhkh FLATTENING MILL*. ftr., 4c , ' made and repaired In the m<*t th<'r<.i>Kh an4 wt.rk manlike manner, and *' WARRANTED TO OIVE SAT1SP ACTIO* at the Worka of ' TUB UNION MANUFACTURING WMPA5T CART flTMST, BKT.OW PtPTKRKTB ?T?r.fcr ' where Mr. JOHN HANCOCK, who hu been engaged expreaaly for ihi*> writ *.,j be happy to aee hi* old fnenda and r i?i..i4?r, anion if the oldeet and beat TOBACCO II a.\ i > a< ! TUKERn op RICHMOND. 1 , L_u Brass foundry, -i w.,?i,i Inform rny old coatomern and the p?iMl? rally thai my BRASS FOUNDRY i? a^ain tion, and that I am prepared to nil aflor.i r. B . linn promptly and on favorable term* Th- K- iniri In en C*ry "?treet, between Fourteenth and f,'. t?4i>th atreeta. Ja?-ta W F JfNKIXS JD. BROWN K would respectfully ? announce that he ha* r?t?nro?-d bnattirw Bank atr^et, n??ar Ninth, and rnm>9t.3 ari'i bivni .iAi ni.itlil ?>j ah ^ ,n<j and in addition thereto, having -"ii-rior wlli execute all order* for tilTN-MlTH > w'm J OF EVERT DESCRIPTION, and REPAIR IK'.V SA FES and LOCKS. Ordera respectfully J a ?? t* MAKINK IRON- AND BKA*i F"T\W?KT t The an bacrl bera hare aaanciated th*ni??- ;ol irether f<?r the purpoae of condBfilnx 'hp IRON AND BRASS FOUNDRY IU -INKx in all It* branchea. They aollclt the jatr na** of their friend* and the public generally We have procured HOLLOWWaRE fr?>n? riifinjj pattern* and a? we Intend to m.ik<- that <nr fr'i v;. pal buaineiM, we are prepared t?> rec<-.*.? ird-r? and till :h*m promptly , at Baltimore [ri< ? Location ou Dock atreet, below the Y< rk K!r?r ^*<?A8H PAID P0R OLD IRON. RRA8S ? PER. AI.FRhDSI.BE de 18? t* WILLIAM I. ? ? >X v: BOOKS. STATIONERY. *c. P. TOWNSEND, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 1402 MAIN, ONE DOOR BELOW FOURTEENTH STREET Having lilted up (he *ti>re No. ll"2 '<?nn?r!v \ I 9(>) Muiti htrri't, one il?>or below K< rt. .?: [ * I n^Xt il'.iT b?-!oW that old-e?l:?nllali< d l> ? 1 hotiae of Wililaui B. I^;u> ft . I li.?v. v I facility t" itualtl)* lue ut all tun- ? t > f t . ri. -U 1 ! frj. 'nil!4 and the public L'vrierallv w hii IEVER\TU1NU USUALLY Khl'I IN A II1 KSTORE. To emirn. rate would not only !??? t >1 u-. 1 , ! moat mi endlea* iikUfttkliw. 1 will only my nt<M-k, in point of variety and <|?alny I to any in th>5 market, and that 1 mii pr> ; *?? 1 j on a? good term* an any other lioti?.> m i h ?? ,'i . Count r.\ mercliaiita aii'l ?>lU?ri? * th-i v ? 1 And it to their advaittago to ex imuu it v -? * fort* pure haaiOK> E. I*. l oU N-hMi. I niv 2" ?It 1 *'*5 Main?'i '

pASHIERS OF BANKS AM) V./ other biMineaa institution* can have count Book*. auch a* Individual l.? i>. >< ? r*i ? Journal*, ?'l|Vr?m B? "k?. I 'i ! er*. Scraicbers, Cli't k Book*, Wank H k- v , Ac., made ;?i uar Bonk Ilinderv and , Manufactory in an good style ami at a* l< w p , at *imilar "*tabli*ltinent* ?? >rtti . A I - ! r ? bent Of >T Al'lO.N KKY for offlc" uwoodiiobsk a i* a en \ m. Bookaelh r.-, >t *' ? r?. and dealer* in I'.at m fur ?. my I< Governor atreet, near M u: I( KKXS'S NKW JUX'K. Joseph GK1MALDI. By CharkT) OOLd'bRICK. By Mr*. Ann S Stephen- v -t. martin bvb, By .Mr. w?*? i. ** Al.f.W' ?KTH ABBEY. Bv Mr- > mifliw ortli. FoRTI NK sELKEHS. By Mr* So.uiiw. i MUK Ml'Tl'AL KK1END. By Hicken*. v MII.ETCS Mvliuln r. ?l. T<?i LK its <?p 'rut SKA. Br Victor Hu*. fa;n?.MMEM)Ki> to mek?t. KKXNKTT By Bayanl Taylor. V-.23. I'.VDEK THE Hand. * i *>o.\ OF THE soil, +1 .75. I.I TTCEU. oF ARUAN. By L-v, r *1 \VIVE> AND DAl'UHTBKb. By Mi?i j>? F"f sale bv 'A. II. CHRIST! \ V Si ( '? my 10 No. *11 Main Mreet, 0|*|? to Tin-: pkopm: (H'tiii: s??i erate Bead of Oakwrood." ii";.i KiiIhh n-i, \ ,i. nia, was organized permanently ? n tin- I nli v;i l*4rt, for the ptirpone of r?H>cii!ni; troiu ol>. . 1 1names and craves of tin* gaila'd < ? ?ii f?-il?- 1 :if? .? > i who ?><*)* at Oak wood ry. Thin Cemetery, situated on" mil" ? ?;'?? of ? i.'lfjr, contain* aixtecn thousand ? ^ri I ? -1 ? r <* ? ?- di"i?' grave*, a larger number than ar.y oih* r aouth, including representative ?!> fi ,t ? i y southern State. Till' graven are III a iieglt cti I i ? -i.-i it i i *!. ? niimea of the occupant* marked "i?!y by ru t> | of board carelessly and slightly | t Til" groiin Ih are desolate ami iiiii ik I Tin- Common Council of tb- my >?( K Ii 1 ha* undertaken the work of "in . -:n- ? i? ?? ? tery, and lias made tin: rt?tuisiic a] i roprsa'. that purpo*e. T I* ?? work of love, gratitude, hii. I duty whl' '? Association propoae* for i*?? If i- ?:aip!. t !. ? Firbt. Tt> turf eacit ?i,oe and uiark it w . h i ? wiMiileii head-honrd, ii|>oii whicti i* to i ? - ? r . 1 'l.e name of tb<J oC"U|>ant, bis State, re?- ' ' ceuipany, and othrr informal mil in regard tSecondly. To layout and decorate tinand to rodeem them from their present cm 1" utter ctie? rl?i*?uess aud dvaolation. Aul Thirdly. At some futiir? day, wb? u tf<" f;: '? of the AMtociation sliall penult if. to i ? j>' ? wriKiden liead-bonrdh with eniluriii^ m..il-, , 1 ' ? erect a handsome monuiuent fur each Mat* >?( taa iouth, commemorating its dead. To ctfecf the*e purposes it i? ii"C#?"ary to aj<] ? to ths |>eo|?l" of th?' Miuth fur pecuniary j- v a; ? ? Tlio Asoociatlon i?? |?w>r, tli" j ???? j ? ? ' K ? l,in i ? are p>ior, and the work to he done i- lor :h?- h< t?- ?? and c/eilit of the entire m?ufh . It would be an Indellible eiiame and an (i??r-| dt*^rai'< :f. havin,, the power to hon?>r our lead, to | ? r|? t?uitheir naiues and nonoriot, and i" yt r* protec: th"lr graves, our people t>h?*uld miturt] . i to lie neglected and forgotten iritil tli ft*.. Curds of tlisir oaoiee, d"4tii, and burial-; 1 1< ~ totally destroyed b> dscay, and tli - tatk i . J t iiii|Miithible. How* many familiei tbrou^ii" ?' n uih hav" reprc<entativea sleep, ng at >' *? t Cemetery? Mow many motherland ?i?.? r- ? i father- ,aud liri-tUstH, an I friend ???'u Id be ? in ? i and ^ratitii d to know that tin ir brave dead ? ' ' honored, and their grave* cared for and "? i !? I ' Who would not be allocked and pained to v? : t ? tb e pr-.-M.Mit lamentable condttioii of th.--.* and tn ne'e how rapidly the hand of T rii ? ? 1 ' tfiratn-K ail trace# and memoruU < f tl.e _.u. t dead wiiodied for Ua? Could the people of tho south look ii|hi:i t lonely, deMilule, and ncK'scted (,ra%e?, !??? iwould be neceaaary. The silent rebuke or t!i fornotten heroes would reach the heart* an i ? ^' ieine? cf t very Cbr1*tlan mati and w> man ???uth. Thi? Aaao< ittioa i? n<4 for a day or a year inK th<? paAkiug farn y of an hour, or tl?< epbew ? cront lire of a momentary ini|>tiU< ; it in ; ru ? tn-ntly orsaniied, with already two hundred*' J any active m?mbers. It will know no reet utr ' '? purposes aru successfully an l fully achieved I" * ill iK>t fail, it cannot fail. It ahoald not fa , u*i ' the manh?M<d of the M?mh baa loot It* chivalry. D nt 1 1 its women have ceaacd to mourn lor ' chiidien because " they ar<* not." In thiawork ?d piety and care tlie A? < >' solemnly plcdsen ita honor to the peoj !?? > t aouth u> apply falthtnliy and aconoiaicaiiy tU ? funds which may be contributed. Editor* friendly to the purpoaoof thi? tiou w ill confer a favor by copying u-to :a?-:r paper* till* appeal. Contribution-) are urgently solicited. They may be aunt to the Kev. joltu E E iward?, Rev. \ B Dickinson, llev. Wm. Xorwi* d- K"v '' B. 1'rice, Richmond, Ya.,orto Mrs. 1. > l'in ' ? Treaaurer of Oakwood Memorial Aa?ocia:.- u, K. .imoud, Va. Mas. M 11 SMITH, President. Mrs A. R. Coi atN*^ , Secretary. my dkawlw LUNJB SUUVTh AND CULLAHS.? JO Wo uke pi vMiito tu dirwcuug, ?trillion to vur SUaCk of fine Shirtt and Collars *a bsmg of tne o??t ^uaii'.y, and va<ram?d to it *?d * ear ?eUap it WmTE^iBAKEK k WILLIAM^ /1ALF SKINS, CALF SKINS;~AN> V/ have Juat received a aplendid lot of tALt bliliNS, whieb we otfer at low pnev* O. 11. CHALKLEV Jl CO . Thirteentk. my u between Main and (. ary ?krcel?. DUKNlSUUiU UOOIW.? UetiUoim-"' '* r Inderakiru, Bmwer*. SoeVa, Soapender*. Iie?. a... ij? -'If.isjfl,? ip a I?1 Main / lEMKNT A.NU CALCINKIJ PUW\j TEK? Three hundred b alts la t V K uuuured and batrela If CAtCl^EU FLASl ti<. ^ * PETTYJOHN. buudii*U UsrroBt EXKBKINCiH. ? Ono buuiltt?U lutrivn H HOMTLAN U HKKKiMO s*peti-^ ^