Daily Dispatch, Volume 29, Number 223, 2 June 1866 — Page 2

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jtohtmmd Jisptrh. j FRIDAY JUNE 1, 1H66. : The Fenian War. The Fenians are again on the rampage, j According to our telegraph reports on Thursday night, a largo body of them, amounting, it in estimated, to two or throe thousand, crossed the Niagara river from or near Buffalo, and took possesion of Fort Erie, a fortification, the magnitude of which we are unable to state. It eould not have been extensive, nor could it ha\ o bean well defended ; for, as nothing to the contrary is stated, it was probably captured without a tight. Only tl?e river separates it from Buffalo, and the citizens of Buffalo would have known it had there been a struggle for its possession. They, or a portion of them, were reported, alter making this lodgment, to have marched for the Suspension bridge, below Niagara Falls. Their object in this, we suppose, is to proteot their reinforcements in their attempt to cross the bridge. Another demonstration, we suppose, is to be made somewhere lower down the Itorder, as a telegraph from Boston speaks of an expedition of Fenians which put off from tliat city. A part of this is of cavalry, commanded by a gentleman with a name we never heard of, said to have been late of "Mosrv's guerillas." It' Mokby had commanded all the men who now claim to have belonged to his band, he would have been able, possibly, to have given a different result to the late war ! It is further stated that General Fitzhl'uh Lkk will command the cavalry wing of the Fenian army. All stuff! Fiirz is too smart for that. The laurels to be won in that " cavalry wing wouldn't hide a pin scratch. He didn't pass through the great southern war to bo whittled down to this hopeless scrimmage. He knows that tigs are not plucked from thorns, nor grapes from thistles. Tlio telegraph from Buffalo speaks ol t he crossing of the Fenians there a< astonishing: the city swarming with Canadian spies and the American authorities being present, while the United States war steamer Michigan lay in the river, her ports open, and under steam. It ts very j surprising that three thousand men could have passed over the river i i a night, with- | out observation, where so many were on the wateh. Of course general excitement will be j occasioned in Canada. Yet, if the readiness with which men enrolled themselves for the defence at the last "scare" in Canada bo a test, we suppose troops to moot the Fenians will be promptly assembled. We take it, moreover, that after this demonstration our own Government will at once put on foot the most active j measures to preserve the neutrality of the United States according to her treaty obligations. __ War in South America. The telegraph brings accounts ol a severe battle between the allies and Paraguav, on the river Parana, which of course re sulted in the defeat of the Paraguayans, and, it is stated, the " slauglfter " of some** twelve hundred of her small force. lhe allies crossed into Paraguay and took one i of her most considerable towns, Itapura. They were at last dates marching upon Huiiiantia, which the Paraguayans could not hold. This would give them the key to the State ; and it was thought the war would end immediately. Brazil stands at the head of the allied forces. She jvould be, alone, as an elephant to a little buffalo j bull after a hard winter in a combat with Paraguay; but several little States! combined with her to make the odds j so great that the war is ridiculous. i We should think it would soon come | to an end. It ought never to have been begun. It is a perfect swindle. Man takes a deep interest in a close and wellcontested struggle, ? .id considers himselt cheated when the contrast between the j combatants is so great as to end the tight before it grows interesting. Brazil ought to be ashamed of herself. Now, it England and the United States, who are making such a fuss about the bombardment of those Pacific Coast cities in Peru and Chili? they are chieily of clay huts one story high? could take this big bully, Brazil, and her allies off of this little nation of, Paraguay, they would do something magnanimous. But while such unequal contests arc allowed by the great nations, thc\ have no right to interfere in those that have more the appearance of equality and fairness. It is remarkable that at this time the war spirit is rife all over the world. Besides this war in South America, Chili, Peru, and their allies are meditating a movement against Cuba in return for the compliment they have lately received from the Spanish fleet. Then Mexico is all the time engaged in a guerilla warlare with the Liberals, as they are miscalled. There is a "rebellion" <?u foot in St. Domingo which is expeoted to expel the Governor and upset the Government. Near our borders we have the Fenian war. And Europe is on the eve of one of ; the greatest wars that ever took place. So there is likely to be aplenty of lighting to occupy all of the warriors for some; time. Man gets very little better, and his pugnacity is in nowise diminished.

Kentucky Stat? Convention. The convention called by the Journal met in Louisville on the 3Uth ultimo. Jt was poorly attended, according to the report sent by telegraph to the New York Herahl , andwas intended to build up a loc al party upon the strength of the President's popularity? the main object being the defeat of the Democratic candidate tinclerk of the Court of Appeals, who is said to be the favorite of the returned Confederates. The "Unionists" are said to be " sadly divided part of them sustain, ing the President, and the rest Congress ? while the Democrats are 44 united, firm, and energetic." One side wished to endorse Mr. Johnson without denouncing the Radicals in Congress holding that the differences mo distinctly made by Mr. JoHXttON between himself and Congress are not irreconcilable. The other i?arty wished | to denounce Congress endorse the President, and at the same time make love to j every returned Confederate who has a vote. The result waa a aeries of resolu. lions endorsing President Johnson 'h course is very qualified terms, making no allu. aionf to bis vetoes or the main points of, frit potty* 1

The Public Expression of Thursday. We briefly commented upon the spirit and motive of the honors recently paid to the Confederate dead in onr paper of Thursday morning. We wish to add a few words on this subject. There has not in onr day occurred anything to compare with the exhibition of public feeling which was made in this city [on Thursday last. Tt was all the love of heroism, and all the poetical sentiment and national feeling of the ancient Greeks land Roman*, blended with the chastening and refined teachings and influences of revealed religion. There never was a more ' earnest, pure, and dignitled public action. The heart of the community was in it. , Such an outpouring of the )>eople of ln?th sexes and all ages? all intent upon j the same work of devotion and affection? all quietly decking the graves of the dead, and droppiug the silent tear to j glisten for a moment like a diamond amidst the flowers they had strewed, was a scene ! so extraordinary as to have been rarely 1 witnessed in the world. The cemetery was full of these devoted people, who were purely unselfish, purely animated by the best and truest motives of the heart. The incentives to the honors paid the heroic dead were strong enough in themselves; hut there were others which added feeling to the ceremonies. These people have been the objects of rude and heartless accusation, and of persecution by every species of cunning and unscrupulous legislation at Washington, for their humiliation and disfranchisement. They had surrendered completely, and had taken the oath of allegiance to the Government in good .faith. An unrefined and unfeeling party, which could not appreciate the sincerity and the honor of a proud and truthful people, immediately set about to impeach their veracity? the sincerity of their motives? and to pass measures that proposed to treat them as criminals and degrade them as felons. Thus accused? thus outraged ? thus wounded in their pride ? and with no power to vindicate themselves, it may be well imagined that when they remembered their dead they did so with hearts swollen with emotions all the more deep and impulsive ; and many there were who, in contemplating the graves of those who fell so gallantly, while moistening their sacred dust with tears wrung by something akin to agony from wells that erst were dry ? lamented from their inmost souls that t heir's had not been the fate of the soldiers who had perished honorably on the battle, field. We say that such a sentiment animated many a noble heart ; and who can condemn it t Who that knows the mortification to which so sincere and highminded a people have been subjected can be surprised at the sentiment that agitated their breasts? Well might they turn to the dead and seek consolation from recollection of the past, and from grief. There is little in the present to cheer or animate them. There was in the scenes of Thursday that which proved the worth of these pco- j pie, and that the party demon which now madly rules the hour in the Federal capital is endeavoring, "like the base Judean," i to throw away " a pearl richer than all hi> ?tribe."'

Judge Nelson's Decision- Civil Rule Paramount. We publish this morning the decision of I Judge Nelson, of the Supreme Court of the I'nitcd States, (pronounced in a circuit court,) in the Imbeds corpus case ol James Kii.vv ? the same mentioned in our telegraphic column of Thursday. The point of the decision is in these words: " The moment the rebellion was suppressed, "and the Govemmeut growing out of it " subverted, the ancient possession, authority, and laws, resumed their accustomed ! 14 sway." In other words, all military courts for the trial of civilians, including the Frccdmcn's Bureau courts, are illegal and unconstitutional tribunals, which cannot and will not be tolerated by Judge N EL- ' sox or, we may hope, by the Supreme Court. We never had a doubt as to the illegality of these courts since the appearance of the President's peace proclamation ; i and we have repeatedly pronounced the ! Bureau courts trespassers upon private rights. But Judge Nelson goes a bowshot beyond this position, lie decides that the Confederate Govdhuuent being subverted and the rebellion ended, civil rule was ipso facto made supreme. So that every ease of newspaper suppression in the south, every forcible execution of an order of the Frcedmen's Bureau courts against civilians, and all similar aets of the military, since commenced and completed, are offences for which the parties aggrieved , may have their actions for damages. How J far the act of Congress recently passed ! will protect the offending officers is yet to lie determined by the courts. Mr. Stevens's Threat. It is about time for Mr. Thaddeus Stevens -that mirror of gentleness and pattern of humanity- to put in execution his threat to impeach the President, and, indeed, to visit with some terrible punishment the heads of departments who coincide with his policy. Thad. said he would do something decided in the way of arraigning them before the grand inquest of the nation- the House of Representatives- by which they were to be indicted to be tried by another tribunal. The public have been looking with interest to see the aged evil-doer develop himself in this new measure, a part ot the diablerie with which he and his co-conspirators are vexing, agitating, and exhausting the life of the nation. He has done so many strange things, uuaccountable upon any other hypothesis than that he is moved and instigated by the devil, that the public is curious to see what will be his next devilish caper. His malignity is beyond question , of that order known as "hell-born and hellward bound;" and his surprising achievements must naturally end in his blowing himself up. Whenever that event happens it may occasion surprise ; but that feeling will be swallowed up in the excessive delight the catastrophe will impart to all mankind. Applkton's Travellers' Gi'J1>k. ? We have a copy of Appleton's latest Railway 1 and Steam Navigation Guide. It is a com. plete record of railroads aud their time- ; tables, sliowing the traveller everything he j wants to know about his routes and times of departure and arrival at every wlace to [ and from which railroads can convey him. It contains a vast amount of information instructive to everybody ; but it is espe- i cially useful to travellers. For sale by. Cout A Tnurgn, Whig Buildlog. <

Whore will Mr. Stanton Go ? According to the Imhpendcut, Mr. Secretary of War Stanton is neither fisli, flesh, fowl, nor pood red herring. It declare* t lint in his late speech there is nothing to express the " true man. " It adds that it is without Mr. Stanton's enthusiasm and without his "soul." If that "Immortal part of man " is not to be found in his speech, it will he hard to find it in Mr. Stanton himself. But tin* soul is "immaterial," and we suppose altogether immaterial to Mr. Stanton ! The Independent concludes that Mr. Stanton "either should not have spoken at all, or should have spoken more worthily.'' Having dissatisfied the Radicals, he may he said to have had the good fortune to please nobody ; and at present, like IIakdcastlk's servants, has 4* l??st his place." However, he will find it before he is done. The StrREMK Coirt on the Missoi r/ Tkpt Oath ? The kstii j^Sktti.ki). ? Hon. John Hogan publishes the following important letter, which brands Forney as a liar, (for the five hundredth time,) and corroborates the .statement made in Mr. Hogan's speech at St. Louis: Washington Citv, D.C., > Senate Chamrkr, May .'to, isoo. j Dear Sir, ? Your note of the 2'5th itistnnt is received. The inquiry you ninke I answer briefly. The main question in the cases of Garesche and Cuinmings, to which you refer, was, whether the test oath required by the Constitution of Missouri was constitutional. On the part of those gentlemen, my associate, Mr. David I?udlc\ j Field, of New York, and myself, maintained that it was not, because of the provision in the tenth section of the first article of the Constit ution of the United States that no State shall pass any bill of attainder or "<y ]n>*t fttrti> law." To this conclusion a I majority of the court came, as was well i known a few days before ihe close of the | term. It was also known ? certainly was known to me ? that the failure to announce the decision was not because any one of the judges constituting the majority then I doubted upon the question ; but I suppose that it was mainly owing to the fact that | the judge selected to deliver the opinion ! had not time before the close of the term j to prepare such a one a.s the importance and gravity of the question required. That this will be done during the recess, and that it will be delivered at the next term, I have no doubt. Ami 1 cannot forbear to add, that when it will be done, the cause of constitutional liberty and religious freedom will be secured against all attempts to strike at either that may be made in periods of temporary excitement, and oblivion of the rights of the citizen, and the true interests of the country. Very respectfully your oh't servant, Kkvehdv Johnson. lien. John flti'jnit, House of Keprcsenta- : tives. Ei roj'ean Affairs as Yikwei? at AVasiij I No Ton. ? Letters just received here from a 1 high authority at Paris state that Louis Napoleon is earnestly trying to maintain 'peace in Kit rope. He wrote a very important letter to the King of Italy, in which lie declared himself in the strongest terms ? against his (the Italian's) warlike policy. I The Embassadors from England and Russia united their efforts to arrange, in some way, a settlement of the present difficulties. The French Government declared itself ready to act upon the same conciliai tory grounds, but took the position that it was impossible to assemble any conference that would not be a general one, including the representatives from all the great European Powers and the German Diet. This was communicated b\ both the Embassadors from Kussiaaud England to their respective Governments. If they assent, a preliminary conference would be immediately held, I composed of 4' ranee, Russia, and England, at which the questions likely to be submitted to a General Congress would be drafted and considered. This docs not al?solutclv assure a peaceful solution of the threatening European difficulties, yet it is deemed very important as showing tin? posture of the French Government, and how it is possibh ? if not even probable ? that at the very verge of war a collision may be averted by the interference of the neutral Powers. ? .\>f York Trihmw.

Pkstjny. ? Mr. .1 oh u Mitchcl in his last letter to tlit' Xew York No ?*>?, speaking of the second volume of the French Kinpc- j ror's Julius Ca>sar, says: "As he (the Emperor) conies on to narrate the circumstances of Roman politics, which at last determined C;esar to take the management of affairs into his own hands b\ the help of his veteran legions, i the author becomes himself more evi- | dently interested in this subject. Indeed, he does not conceal a distinct intention ofsuggesting a continual parallel to every j reader between the Koman Kiupire and the French one, between the Calais and the Bonapartcs. It is evident, too, that lie i regards human history, and the actors j therein, as altogether moved by destiny; | and this tendency of hi> mind iseven more evident in this second volume than in the , first; so that as lie proceeds with the j narration of the civil wars thisidca is seen to be more clearly developed, and through every stirring page we shall behold a Fate " With weptered pall come (sweeping by.'' FxiTKn Status District Cot rt ? Ji'imt: J.C. L'ndkkavooo I'KKsintNu. ? The court met at 11 o'clock yesterday, and organized, but in the absence of the Hon. L. 11. Chandler, I'nitcd States District Attorney, in consequcncc of sickness of a member of his family, the Judge adjourned the court situ die, giving notice that a special term would be called in June next were it deemed necessary. We are informed by the clerk that the I'nitcd States Circuit Court will meet in Richmond on the first Tuesday in June. ? Xorfolk " hi J>><min'uniy J.v/. Imi'oktaxt Case. ? An important case was tried before the county court last week, involving between 810,000 and $12,000. Mr. Klliuger claimed that it was a Confederate contract, and that under the law he was not bound to pay more than the value of the Confederate money at the i time of purchase. Mr. Kenney, as trustee, sued for the face of the bond in good money. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff. ? liuckiwiham JleijisOr. Trixity Chi rcu Property. ? The valuable leases which have been so long held by William 11. Astor of the property called the Trinity Church estate, in New York, expire by limitation to-day, when the church will come into the management. The value of the numerous lots included in the leasehold is not far from six millions of dollars. ? XttP York JItrahl. Another Freeman ix Trai blk. ? Isaac Dorgan, a former slave of General Lee, of Virginia, was arrested in Boston last week for robbing his employer of clothing and jewelry valued at one hundred dollars. Tuk Gee Trial.? -The Raleigh Sentinel of the 30th says this case was resumed on yesterday, and several important witnesses were examined. Among them were Governor Walker, of Florida, and Dr. McGill, of Richmond. The Senate on Thursday confirmed Wil-j 11am Prescott Smith, Em]., so long and popularly known as master of trans}?or. t tat ion of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad j Company ,aa collector of internal revenue for tie third district of Maryland, i

^ SPECIAL NOTICES^ OfFirg Uwio* Hawk of Rrrv?ojro, > June *, If**. S iMT STOCKHOLDER* IN THIS BANK aro Vivjniretl topay thMr second instalment on or before ih? 5th Instant. Fine* will be exacted from ; 1 those who fall to i|o *o, l Jet-SMAWit JAMES MILLER, Cashier. M'K< IAL NOTICE.? Owing to circumstances orrr which the publisher h?s no controlf j the "MAGNOLIA WEEKLY" will not appuar TO- HAY. j? 2 ? It , ktkoah WALKER k CO.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CLOTHIERS, 117 (1,3 15) Mais hthht, RICH3I0ND, VA.f i ket- p constantly on hand a large and select stock of GENTLEMEN'S AND YOUTHS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS, I from the li nest to the lowest grades. Their prices are regulated by the market, AND AS LOW AS IN ANY OTHER CITY. Addition** to stock dally received from their j ' Parent Manufacturing House in Baltimore. SAMPLES <>F GOODS to select from always on hand, and CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER PROMPTLY, A.vn I GUARANTEED TO PLEASE. Special attention given the making of GENTLEMEN'S SHIRTS TO ORDER. fj" g-stj >5-."" A BIO TIIIN<??? A million is a gre.it many, , but two million in more. A -t Iniivd.blu as it may appear, 31 ? ^srs. 1'. II. DKAKL &CO.,oi New \"->rk, j mjII orer two million Lotties ol PLANTATION HITTERS a year. ThU .?? nearly ui.e liu:.Jred and eviui y thousand dozen, which, id ninu dollars, would be over it m.ili ii and a half dollar* ' Surely fcwi.it- un.it must attach to an article of such u?alo. (Jo whv*r? wo will, from cLe end of I the country to the o.lu-r, we are always In sight of the evidenced of the cabalistic S. T.? HM? X. and these gentlemen's energy. We would suggest to j them a little more elegance In their rock painting. The Legislature of New Hampshire has passed a law against their further disfiguring the White Mountains. je 2_lt Sl'M'IAL NOTICE.? The undersigned, as i executor of the late P. K. White, takes pleasure in announcing to his friends and the public that he has just returned from the North with a very sej lect stock of BOOTS, SHOES, TRUNKS, VALISES, AND TRAVELLING BAGS, which lie offers at the lowest cash prices at his J new st"te, No. *>1!) Main dffoet, two doors below 1 the Spotswood Hotel, lie begs leave to state for the benefit of the ladies that unusual care has lieen j taken in the selection of all goods suitable for , their use in his line. He has obtained the services ! of JOHN PoE, -Ik., well known in the business i community, who will be pleased to see his friends ? at No. ?1.<> Main street. W. F. WHITE, my 2?i? lie Executor of P. K. White. ' trff" REMOVAL.? O. H. CHALK LEY 4 CO., Leather Dealers, have removed to their NEW BUILDING, ou THIRTEENTH STREET, between j Main and Cary. my 15? ts tf-iT REtiNAl'LT Sc CO., AUCTIONEERS, &('. Nos. 832 ASD *31 JlAIN STREET, BETWEEN EtoHTH A.vn Ninth. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION To SALES AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES, THE CLOSING OUT oF STOCKS, CARGOES, Sic. Term < : Moderate. JOHN F. HEONAl'LT, mv 7?1 in WILLIAM L. MAULE. Jtor S O I? \ API'AR \TI'S._ The celebrated "ARCTIC" Soda APPARATUS, with GENERA- | T<?KS, FOUNTAINS, &c., complete. As agent for i the manufacturer, the subscriber is prepared t'? furnish the iii<>>t convenient arid elegant apparatus known. Call and examine sample. WILLIAM 11. SCOTT, Druggist, ap 20? t- t urner Franki m and Se\ enteenth Mreets. COLE A: 'ITRNEIl, NEWS DEALERS, WHIG BUILDING, Furnish the daily papers of new yonk, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, and WASHINGTON, at the places of business and residences of citizens, immediately after the arrival of trains. Orders left at their counter will injure the prompt ; delivery of any paper daily. ap H? ts

?? HIDMHU) A II I LEV, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS. 121 MAI* PTKEET, keep constantly on hand a complete stock of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOoKS, CAP, LETTER, AND NOTE PAPERS, ENVELOPES, BLANK BOOKS, SLATES, PENS AND INK, and other SCHOOL AND OFFICE STATIONERY ; all of which are offered at the L O W EST MARKET RATES. Country M Tchants invited to examine our stork before purchasing. Orders promptly attended to. mh 24 B. k R. j ?&~FOIl UAH I>E\ERS ,\\I) FARMERS. FRESH AND RELIABLE GARDEN SEED, | just received and for sale by WILLIAM H. SCOTT, Druggist, corner of Franklin and Seventeenth streets, fe 3 ? ts ?.*r CO- PA K T.N ERSI1 1 P. The undersigned, of the firm of Kent, Paine Si Co., have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of conducting a general AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, underthe tirin of PAINE & CO., and h we taken the store No. Iu6 Main street, next below Mitchell Si Tyler, and will be pleased to receive consignments from their friends and the public. W. G. PAINK. Ja 19? to R. A. PAINE. AMUSEMENTS. I ECTURK.?Mr. OLIVER P.BALD1 J WIN will deliver a LECTURE for the ben>'iit ot the Hollywood Memorial Association on FRI. DAY, June 1, sat o'clock, P.M., at the Virginia Hall. Subject: Courtship and Marriage. A siihi.rt of such general interest Is not often presented to an audience, therefore the ladle* expect a general tarn-out, tbe juvenile from curionity, the seniors to rein w tin- spirit of their youth. Tickets, FIFTY CENTS. A M. BOLTON, Corresponding Secretary H. M. Association PoSTI'oSI MKXT ok Bll Ptt l.v'if LKCTrKK. ? Tills Lecture is unavoidably postponed until till JUNK 5ril, ?P. M. A.M.BOLTON, Corresponding Secretary H M. Association, je l? U FOR RENT. T^OR RENT, the BRICK DWELL 1 INfl-HoPSE on Nineteenth street, be- jgmi tween Grace and Franklin, now occupied by Mr. II. D. Whitcomb. It is a two-storvj^ house, with basement and garret. The rooms nre large and pleasant, and the house and out-build-ings all in good repair. Po??en*iou given Kth of June. For terms, anply to Biy t?-ts CHARLES TALBOTT. I?OR RENT, it I>WKLL1N< J-1IOUSE. with TEN ROOMS, on Mam, between Third and Fourth streeU, at present occupied by Mr. George L. Bidgood. Pin- lot is largf, JilJ with tbe -necessary out-houses. Poaseasiou will given on the 5th of June. Apply to PORCELL, LA DP i CO., my 5J? ts corner Thirteenth an?l Main streets. Rooms for RENT, suitable for a gentleman and wife oratngle gentlemen, ~ ~ with or without board. Apply at No. ai?, Eighth street, beyond Leigh. my io_t? j I?OR RENT, one furnished awl one , unfurnished Ro<>M, 3W Main street, be- " " tween Third and Fourth streets. my 7? ts JOHN N. GORDON & SON. I?OR RENT, One PLEAHANT ROOM, aultable for a Gentleman'! Lodging- ted room, or a Gentleman and W He.^ A^l^r ^to Seventeenth street, between Venable and Poplar; fa 2?-U r p OB AOOO.? CL AIBORN E HARKSX DALE sold for C. M. HaxoaicK, Halifax, four hogsheads Tobacco at the following price* : No. 1, ? 3uuilam.*?i ; No. J,R. A. Mills, |1M; No. a, Frayser Si Co.,!*; No. 4. Harris, *5S, One hogshead, J. D. Hanktns, $?S: oue hogshead, T. Edmunds, ?M i one hogshead, Mm, J, 0. Xoun,

SHIPPING. 17RKIGHT FOR PETERSBURG JF and nil point* on JAMES RIVER 4^. will be received it onr nbdl on tb# DOCK, ,G*Ld and immediate dispatch given by barges low of the steam-tug " Triumph." For particular*, 1 1>?| ti i r?* at the office, b?lw?*n T*enty-flnt and Twenty-second i**r?*et<i. Freight taken at the moat reasonable rah*. A. MLLLSPAUOH, General Agent Virginia Towing Company. Je l-*t THE OLD LIKE RESUMES ITS position again. THE SEW YORK AND V1B0INIA STEAMSHIP company. THE PIONEER LINE ESTABLISHED IN 1*51. The two new and magnificent aitle-wheel steamships, NIAGARA Captai* COUCH, ASD SARATOGA CAPTAf!* KINO, are on the route again between NEW YORK, NORFOLK, CITY POINT, and RICHMOND. In point of strength, speed, and finish, these steamship* are unequalled, They are in charge of experienced and gentlemanly commanders. The Pursers are Messrs. Wilmam o. and J. M. .Smith, natives ot thin city, and well known to thin community. The NIAGARA, Captain CoreH, will leave New York on SATURDAY NEXT, 2d June, for Richmond. The patrons of the line can order goods by her. Returning, she will leave her berth at the Lri>1.1 m A Watsox wharf on TUESDAY MORNING, uth in taut, at 1 o'clock. Passengers are requested to be punctual to the h nr. Tick .i j ..cured either nt iny office or on board sl.ip. Frei.;i.t ?eceived all day MONDAY. rnr31? It GARRET F. WATSON, Rockett*. T70R BALTIMORE, SAVANNAH, r AND BOSTON -POWHATAN >TE.\ M It" AT ( <>Mi'A N Y.-SEM \-^Zt ~g S*. WEEKLY' LINE ?Leaves Richmond every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY Leaves Baltimore every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. The steamer STATE OF MARYLAND, Captain Thomas Tkavkks, will leave here at # o'clock, A. M . SUNDAY, the 3"th instant. Freight received FRIDAY and up to 0 o'clock, P. M ; SATURDAY. The steamer has splendid saloons, state-rooms, and passenger accommodations. Passage, meals included, ftf. For freight or passage applv to D.\v W. CURRIE, office at Charles T. Wortham & Co.'s, nir .11? 3t Fifteenth street. 170 It N E W YOK K .?A T L A NTTC r fOAST MAIL s T E A M SHIP JS.-sTj* COM I'A N Y .?The new and ele. nant side-wheel steamship *i i:i.'..Vi| ^ iTLflj MARLE, Captain BoraxE, will lean VjRMKfTBa her wharf at Rockett* on SATURDAY, the 2d June, at <? o'clock, A. M. Freight received up to < o'clock Friday evening. Passengers are requested to he punctual. For freight or pas-age? having unsurpassed accommodations? apidy to SAMUEL AYRES k CO., my 30? -It Cary and Virginia streets. WANTS. WANTED, ORDERS FoK IMPoKT>V ED DOMESTIC. AND COLORED LABOR, which will he furnished at reasonable prices, and shipped to any part of the south at red need prices. Call at the SOUTHERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. Franklin street, und^rthe Metropolitan Hall. Post-office hr>x 1". Richmond, Ya. A D'A.vi?au.izv Ji P. T. Li.vk, Agent*. je -'?it Y\ ANTED, to employ n jjooil COOK, 1 t without incumbrance. Inquire at my r< si- j dence, corner of Grace and Madison streets. je ?_it* W. II. POWERS. W A N T E D, A N 10 X PE HI E N CED IT NURSHRYMAN to tike charge ot, or an interest In Willi tbe owner of, a farm Tn North Caro- ; linn well adapted to and located for a nursery and garden tariu. Applv to PALMER, HARTSOOK k CO., my .10 Lib by huildinv's. OROPt >s.\ l.s WANTED.? Persons iUI siring to contract for FURNISHING HEADBOARDS, painted and lettered, for the graves of tile j Confederate soldiers buried at Oak wood Cemetery, are requested to??iid their propi?- tl- in writing to j Major A. R CocrTNEY, boy 915, Richmond post- 1 office. Contrac ors will state the kind and dimensions of the hoard which they propose to fumi-h, 1 whether painted >'ii one side or both, Jtc., and u'ive i (lie coft of different kinds, the object of the A?n. ciation being to get the neatest and most durable j head- board possible Within it- means. Proposal* are asked for only TEN THOUSAND at present. my ? lw WANTED, Mr. WILLIAM DANIT NIALS or .Mr J. II. SHARP to call at the of- j flee of the Virginia Employment Agency, on Broad street, tour door* above Nfnth, or address JAMES T. HENDERsON, my If? ts Box is:', Richmond, \ a. /1ASII PAID FOR RONES.?' Wantvtl. I FIVE HUNDRED TONS Bi?NES. Cash paid < on deliver v. j my 8 ? ts* S. P. LATHR<?P, Agent. UIDES AND TALLOW WANTED. DRY HIDES, GREEN HIDES, and SALTED HIDES. Also, TALLOW ; for which the bightestrash price 1 will bo |>aid. O. H. CIlALKLEY k CO.. Hide and Leather Dealers. Thirteenth street, he- 1 tween Main and Cary. ap J3--ts

4 YERS SARSAI'ARILLA is a con.a'V centrated extract of the choice ri>ot, so combined with other sithsunces of -till greater alterative j>..wer as to alford .111 effectual antidote for dieaaes SARSAPARILLA ii? reputed t' ? cur??. Stich u remedy I- surely wanted by those who suffer from STRUMOUS complaints, and tliat on? which will accomplish their cure must prove, as this has, of immense service to this large class of our altlicted fellow-citizens. Mow completely this compound will doit has I proven b.v experiment on many of the worst cases to be found in the following ' complaints : Scrofula, Scrofulous Swellings and Sores, skin Diseases, 1'imples, I'u-tules, Blotches, Eruption-, St. Anthony's Fire, Rose or Ervsfpeliut, Tetter or Salt H lie 11 in. Scald Head. Ringworm, Sir. Syphilis or Venerial disease is expelled from the 1 ?v?tem by the prolonged use of tills SARSAPA- | U 1 1,1, A , and the patient is iett in comparative health. Female diseases are caused by Scrofula in the ! blood, and ?re often soon cured bv this EXTRACT Ot SARSAl'AHILLA. Do not discard lias invaluable medicine because you have been imposed upon bv something pretending to be Sar-aparilia, while it was not. When you have used AVER'S, then, and not till then, will you know the virtues of Sarsaparilla. For minute particulars of the diseases it curerefer you to AVER'S American Almanac, which the agent'below named will furnish vrati- to all who call for it. AVERS CATHARTIC l'lLLS, f.-r the cure of Costlvene*s. Jaundice, Dy-pepsia, Indigestion,' Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Headache, l'iles, Rheumatism, Heartburn, arising from Disordered Sto- , mach. Pain or Morbid Inaction of the Bowels, Flatulency. Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint, Drops v. Worm-, Gout, Neuralgia, and for a Dinner rill. Thev are sngar-coated, so that the most sensitive ! can ta"ke them pleasantly ; and they are the best Aperient in the world for all the purjHwtea of a famtlv phvsic. Prepared by J. C. AVER <Si CO., Lowell, Mass., and sold by dealers everywhere. " PPRCELL, LADD& CO., Agents. corner ol Main and Thirteenth streets, j je 2? 2m Richmond, \ i. r 00K, LOOK.? NEW <.<K>DS JUST lj OPENED. Beautiful TIN TOILET SETS, Elegant FRENCH CHINA TOILET SETS, Rich CUT-OLASS DE< AXTERS, Fine SILVER- PLATED ICE-PITCHERS, at very low prices, J. 0. SNELSON, Agent, comer opposite Ballard and Exchange Hotels. J?? I rAOONS AND AMBULANCES. 3e ARMY WAtiONS, In running order ; 2u ARMY A M B PL A N C ES, in running j order, will be sold very cheap to close. 8. P LATHRop, Agent, j* 2? ts Eighteenth itrwt, south nidi* of Pock. I R ESS, SILK, AND CA SS IMER E HATS, the latest styles, ju*t received. POWHATAN WE1S1GER, No. "?I5 Main street, je i tirst door below Kpotswood Hotel. V KW STY LE O P C LAKKN1) ON >.1 HAT, Black and Pearl, Just received. POWHATAN WElslUER, No. *13 Main street, je 2 first door below Spotswood flotel. I) " flows THAT.'? New stylo HAT j XX just received. POWHATAN WBI8I0BR, No. slS Main street, je It first door below Spotswood Hotel. hiuviNU HAT.? New ntyle HATjust received. POWHATAN WE1SIGER, No. *13 Main street, je 2 first door below Spotswood Hotel. (Straw hats, for men, boys 0 AND CHILDREN, Just received. The latest styles of STRAW 1IAT8. POWHATAN WE1SIUBR, No. SIS Main street, t first door below Spots Wood Hotel. REM ( ) V AL. ? E. P. TOW NS EN 1), Bookseller, Stationer, Ac., has removed froui No. lol to No. M MAIN STRUCT. one door below Fourteenth, and next door to William B. Isaacs A Co. E. P. TOWN SEN D, W Main stieet. my IS? lot (New jfo. 1,4*1,) British half hohe.? in i>toy? a good supply of best KNQLI8H COTTON HALF lJOBK, to which we Invite attention. ?P H W KK TEN BAKER ft WILLIAMS^ PfCKLES.? One hundred ciuteN uholoe PICK LKU, in half-gallon, uu?K. mh! pint glass *BVn KO? 08 ? 00.

auction sales-future day. By C'bmUIn, Lea kC*> , AaclloutcM, l,4il Main afreet. \TTK WILL OFFER FOR SALE AT ? Y auction on TT'KHDA Y, June 5th, eomiiieo- ' cing at lo o'clock, A . M., a LAROE. 8KLECT, and I ATTRAfTIVE ASSORTMENT Or ORfMhRlM*. LBB'ORK. FlsH. fi> ., to which the attention of tt I trade In particularly invited. Witn)M(tM (Ufl folio wj rik' <?< " 'D>. vi* H 5 hogshead* prime HA CON SIDES, ^ ! S3 *?rk* Rio COF PEE, to sacks LAOUAYRA COFFEE, I 2<) mat* JAVA CUPTKK. 1Z barrel* choice MOI.ASOTS, 30 boxes FA<T"KY CtlKElB, n^r: 1 j t. chest* und caddie* superior GREEN TEA, 5 hogshead* PORTo RICO SUGAR, lo barrel* CRUSHED SUGAR, IS barrel- HKOWN SUGAR, 5o Crew's, Murphy's, and Grant's CANDLES. ?j; hnx>-? VkLLoW and BROWN SOAP, so barrel* WHISK Y, m ) cask* BRaNDY. loo can*1* superior CLARET ^ INK, 1?h> cases assorted LIQUORS, i 30 dozen BROOMS, t ? A RK BT and CLOTHE* BASK F I'<, 130 barrel# and half-barrals HERRINGS, with a ^<>"d assortment of WRaIM'I.VO PAPER, PF-PPER, SAL. i>0DA, TWINE. SPICES, INDIGO. CHRISTIAN, LEA & CO., 2 l,ii4 Main street. By II. ii: i- n, Ooddin A Apperson, Banker*, Broken, and Real Estate Agenn. \ /"ALU ABLE LOT AND SMALL V WOODEN TENEMENT. ON THE'aNai.. BETWEEN BYRD AND CANAL STREET?. FOR > ALE AT Ai CTJoN ?Will be sold at auction. ?m the uremia***, on TUESDAY, 5th June, I -??<', at half-patrt ?? P. M., the SMALL LOT AND FR.OlfcD TENEMENT located a* above. now in tin- < ? <.upancy of .Mr. John A. Fraud*. It fronts fort> rl.r-^ 1 and a* half feet on the tow-path of the canal, and is mi excellent location f<?ra store. Tkb**: o?e-third cash. balance at four and ' eight month* for negotiable notes, with inteivst added. *ec tired liV a trust deed. The taxes for lliis i bflfliui?..S,'?SwVK ri APPBRPoS, je 2 Auctioneer*. By Grubhs At William*, Auction^!*, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh ?tro?da. TW( > VALUA .U~ BUILDING LOTS, I ON MAIN STREET, FOR SALE AT AC. Ti'?.\. on WEDNESDAY, June rf, hI 5 o clock, I M , we will aell, upon 'be premise*, a beautiful II. Of on the south side ol Main .-tr- ? t, between I ir-? and Second street*, adjoining the residence of Mr. b. A. Mvers, fronting thirty-two and ibree-?iunrt*r* feet, and running back one hundred and sixtythree and one-third feet. After which will be ?old ft LOT on the- *?>utb side of Main street. between Adam* and J.- demon streets, fronting thirty-three fe?t and runrili.^ b ick one hundred a*id fifty f.?ettoan alley. These Lots are well located for private residences. . . . Tfumh " Made known at the time of sale j(, 2 GRUBBS A WILLIAMS, Auctlot*. is. By W. B. Robins, Auctioneer. 4 S TRUSTEE IX A 1>EED OF J\. tru*t Irom D P. Farqubar, dated Aug n t 31, l?isj. at the renue*t of the beneficiary iberein named, I >hali proceed toseli at public i' 'J- ' L-w" the premise*, t.'the highest bidder, on W KI'N EsBAY. Jnne 13. at 3 o'clock, P. M., if t -it, and if not. on tb- next fair day tie r- after, that < 1 LOT oF LAND numbered three, in s<|tinr * r " fronting tnirtv-one feet on the west lme ol 1 wentyseventh, between il and N street*, on ' > ?_u i f i Hill, ' and running back one hundred an l thirt? te1 t to ' an alley, in common, fonrteen wide. There is a small but comfortable dweU-ug on Tkkm.o ; Cash as to so touch 3* will il<''rlv th*k i exp< nses of exerufltig th<- tru*t and to dls; t nge a d'-lit of two huiidre'V and ti ft v dollars, with int. - rest thereon ft ? in the '-'nth ?>f May. 1?;M ; the r- | in it i n ?l ?* r nt tour ?m?l laoiitlin, with added, secured i?v a d.-cd of rrn-r. <>r title r ?t uned, j,. ?> W. B ROBINS. Auctioneer. BUSINESS CARDS. 0 SO MI XI *V CO., ? llanufactttrera and Dealer* in FRENCH AND AMERICAN CONFECTIONS, FRFITS, NUTS, Sr., No. ?o3 Main stkki r, Si'orswoou Hotbi. Bt or*, Riciim<>ni>. Families and other* supplied with the l,^1 <|iialitv ICE CREAM. oRaNuE anil LEMON ICE, by the quart or gallon. ICE-COLD SODA WATER, in the puresf and b-st fountain*. .. . . , PARTIES, BALLS, and PIC-NH > Mtpp.ied with evervthing it) their line a! the lowest r:?t> ? KR'ESH FRUITS in season always on hand, my 21?1 m TOILX W. KISOX, ?I APOTHECARY AND DRL'tSHIsT, CORNER OF MAIN AND THIRD STREETS, ban in store, and offer* low for cash, DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, FANCY ARTICLES, SOAPS, PERFI'.M ER Y, He. tnli lf'? ts ( M>.\< | ! REPOSITORY. <>X ; I; SEVENTH, BETWEEN < A RY XNDML- 'iT* c \N IL 8TRBBTS ?We have on hand, ol our nianufactnre, a lar^" -tock of < siring.-*. < ouches Brett*. Barouches, Boct<,ra' Pb?to?u?, Rockaways, Top and No-Top Buggi ?, Jei*?*y and Bxprwui Wagons. single and Double II artless, Coach and Bui; ? Wbipa, Coach Material. Ac., and are prepared to rxecute n a workiiutnlike iiiuiiiier reptirs on Carriages, Buggies, ?\< , and to build them to order. Ourt .irriages b. ing of our own manufacture, ( we are enabled to s, l| .it the lowest pric, s ,i nd i^iv. the fullest guarantee of quality and durability. A call from our trienda and the public respectfully solicited. fmv 1! Jt'IlN J. OSBORN \ Co | 0 FFUTT McAXEUXEY. II \RDWARR RAILROAD SUPPLIES. Also, agent- for the sale of ail kinds of MACHINERY, BELTING, BOLTS. NUTS, PAINTS, OILS, Sir. No. 3!> BETKMAN STREET, NEW YORK. H. St. tiKOROK OVKf TT, Job* Mi AM.hM.V, Jk., late of Richmond, Ya. late ol Mofitgoiu. ry, Ala. ap 12? 3m TOHN DOOLEY, HAT MAXUFAC" ?l TURER AND DEALER, UNDER THE SPOTSWOOD HOTEL, RICHMOND, VA.,ia now In receipt of a full stock and assortment of IIATS of all grade* of quality, and ail the shapes at,d ityb s now in use. The attention of his old customers and the public is earnestly called to thi* stock of good*. 51* rchant.s an.i dealer* are assured iuiiohou* * in the Northern markets can tie y find go..?l- at l<?w.r price*, nor a better selection. He is confident that an examination la a, 1 that ia necessary to insure ... i ... * mh *17

/"1 KOK(iK A. A INS LIE, MANUFACTURER and DEALER I.N CARRIAGES, Tkxth stkret, bktwben M.1IX ANl? CakV, ba< nriw 011 hand a choice aelection of RIDING VEHICLES of the tuoet approved etyU-H, cotmlnttntf, in part, of G' A LECHES, COACHES. BAROUCHES, SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAYS, PIIiKTONS, COUPES, and LIGHT ROCKAWAYS and BUUOIES of all kinds, to which the attention of th'*e in want of it uch article* is invited. tuii 13? to JOHJf W. rARDWKII.. HAMTKI, KKBfcPIKT. / 1AHDW KLIj <V FRKKDLKV, Manufacturers of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AM) MACHINERY. are prepare I to manufacture nil article* lu theli Hue in thw l>e*t manner. REPAIRING PROMPTLY ATTENDED To O.N TUB MOST REASONABLE TERMS at tbe AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKS, mli 3? t* corner Ninth and f'ary street*. T LTN NEMAN, DYKK AND j 1 J? SCOURER, aontlk Hide of Marshall street, be* ' tw??m Fifth and Sixth, t* prepared to do all k i n?i ? of DYEING, t'LBANINU and SCOURING. in all It. branch**, at *bort notice. Uive tue a call auJ ex amine for yotir?elf. Thankful for pa*t faTom, I respectfully a?k a con- j tl nuance of the tamo. Ja 12? diu L. LINNEMAN. I It'K, 1CK, ICK. ? Then* is 110 iifu_> in . MpeudiiiK our money for northern ice when we have a No. t cropot ouroMrn ; and our- l? pare Virginia Hpring water, tuadu on our own pond*, ?tub water a* we urn iim i! to drinking. Our n o cannot bo excelled this year anywhere Our ftriner> want every dollar that tin y can inak.?. the ravage* of war the c?uv. The other- don't thank for our tnoiiny . I will m 1 1 !?? any quantity to nn't the public, from oin? rent upwaid.'and WARRANT MV ICE l'l'RE VJKMN1A M'Ki.N'. WATER, ice-house op? n at nil hour*. ROBERT RE1D, ice-hou*. ami Stib!** mv ti? 2w Sixth ?u< -t. 1 ? .1 Clay Off KM HI' r II I. Kl< IIM'iXD AM) Livktti-ooi Pa? kkt I'oura* v, > Ul< iimvxu, Slay 15, 1*60. ) rpi!IS COMPANY lw?ing in proceKH 1 of liquidation, all Demon* biviii' claim* aKaimt It or the ?h:p YiROlNiA DARE are required to pi, ?Hunt thu name for lm> ui?i?t at th>j otttce uf the Company to JOHN PI'RCBLL, my If? Iiu ' Tr?a?ur?*r. 'PUUNKS, V A I.lSIvS, At'.? Wo nr* 1 eoiiHtantly receiving, dirert from th* ma>iafacturer*, aareat variety of ?tyi<> ami qualities o| TRUNKS. VALISES, and HAND BA(JS, which we otter at * amall advance on cuxi. WERTEN BARER A WILLIAMS, ip 90 Main *tre?l. / HX^)AN l"l>i ! COC( )A N I TS ! ! 5,ei>o fre?h CARTHAORNA COCOiKPTS, fresh BAKACOA CO< OANU1H, a.oee freak SAN BLAS C?H OA NUTS, jn?t received, for aaie by LOUIS J KONSIEUX. mv* _ No. *0 Maui atreot. rfPK FOlT N 1 > R Y. ? The IIIKI'ATCII la printed on TYPE MADE AT THE RICHMOND TV PE FOUNDRY. Every article lequUlle for ft Printline OHlce at Northern price*. H. L. PEloUZB A CO., ?p 17? Hb Hleh??nw?l. V* ?jkKRim;&~ano bMiulmi barrel*

AUCTION 8AUB8? FUTURE DAY fly Ombbi k WillUm*. Aitrflonor., orntr of Kltreiah and Main *tr. ? >, Most valuThle gkaxitp KHOWT HTOflK. ON HOKTll SJ f?K <iy V. J STHBRT. BKTWKfcN Till KTRKNTH AS'Uh.r/ ~'KKN1 II, KOK SAI.K AT A ?*' TH>N._t,n Tr ' v"k V, lh? ?th "I J trie, at 12 o < k M ?, K on f 1 1 ? pfiiilxi'n the <iRANIT?vFK*>.\ j ?bov>5, arid <?TUJ I< <1 bv .V .?r> !? _ . |t h*ii thr?<' ?tortr>* *nd nn v>r ,t| * "rutlur: front* tw?nty-fonr r*?t >.<. <, run* b.?ck to T<>t>?<?x. *lU*y, which ,? ! . . ' " ' wi<l>?, ?n<l i? l?-r*l with t\f n^rrtf \ I riffonlinif fjtcl r<>r f? '???Itln.' *vi ; unoiln '11 the r<-*r. Hitrlng ? ? S|* 1 ii iho up{ ? r -? 1 . ? I ? <>i/tin> r< iitl or matiuforturlnK p ir;** ( from tli** in tin floor. Th* hmMin* l? r?f laMintlal, .?? ; r?-|.*i r and th?*r>? is no* b<*ttT im { .rt,> 1 m rh** i'ity. AltOK?th?r, thin i? th? mo<t r?Iu;?i ,if j?r? >|?* 1 ry row on lh?' ni*rk#l, 6<*tng ? ? th?> principal botei*, laiiroud d**i?ot?, At. i . | pi"K- ? T?*rrhi? will he ?nnonn< ?"l ?? the t u - ' Purch4?cr tu pay ux*<? >< r law. oHirni^ & wir.r.uv I Jo', Ai"' By Jmntm M. T.iyl<>r, Atuti<<< . Main ptr*?*t, oppo?i'f Sj>. ri.w -,i I A UCTION SAMToP Uor<KI|(i' 1 , A AND KITCHK5 FCHMT i: I . w Ion WEDNESDAY n<jf. the etli <?' ./ I o'clock. A M , at t'i hfttui ?. i? - ' door* from th<- KUhjiiond Hmi * .1 H0LSEH0LI> A.N1? KITCHEN FUKSn , bracing til'' following a s??FAS, ("11 A I IIS, CAKI'KTS. 3 WaRDRoBE*. 4 BI'RBAl'M. .? I MI?EB??AKI?. li BBDSTEAlJ- and M ATT! K^ki a large "i ti. ruocKEKV w\i:k 1 CO??K I N'i *T?>\ E. and r KITCHEN Fl'KNITl'Kl- % i T f. k m < : Ca?h. J A M K> >1 T\Vl, I royal A.. By (?ruhh> ?v WiliUni#, A ;< ! M?in btre. l, live doors abort? <>t? * || AW LI B RA K V F<?K ^M.Kai , j iVCTloS.-VTc wltt??!l M , ? day Ih" ?h day of Jnn# wit, f?oti clock. I'. M.. nt til'' No iwar'v opi>^it?* th" fspot>?w<wiii II. ?? \.-r\ Ml)l?* Law 1.1 BRA II V. coritalr, t, works, the VIRGINIA ?n<l <*(i.t KM*- .; rerr ?<-*rc?*. hi?1 a lar?.? niiiiii- r < : . % tlii tM- BOOKS, ?Mn??ru? in* .? I il ('.iiiiloKU*-^ 1*1 * now r "1 1 TkK 4* At Mile. URCBBS & 2< Au?ti? I W 11 Ins addtnl to Out *?:.>. V??LrME-S.prln< ip?llT S IR'iINIv i: >? s unbraced in uurcat.ii< . u ?. OUCBB" & WU.MaM* | J? 1 Atirtnw^r. r.

DISSOLUTE 'XS. nrSSOU TIOX OF. ro-PAHTNl !: Sll I P.? T lie co-part nendi I p Uep"i : r ? \ . lielvncn William B A11<'km an<l Jaui. . E prfttt*r?, under the liriuof AI.LEiikE \ ?>? | i tlr.n day dlaaolved bv mutual content \ line bv t'he concern will !>.? 1. i -i hy l.u - < to whom all pei^oua indebted th" - < mak* payment. W It ui.t' ? 1 * J. El>wi.\ i t Richmond, May 31, l*1 NOTICE.? Having thi? day pnr.hi- ! r*??' of Mr. William l> Allegr.* m ' ? ? Allege 5 flood", I will continue to ? bmditeiHl at the same stand, mid p?j ? el \ - the patronage the friend* of tl?*? i ? i public generally. J- EDWIN May 31, lWfl. Being fn^tufil In other b n - ~ n ? ? - - i c ? ? undivided attention, I have withdi i? partnership heretofore existing bei ? n M and in ye eli. I thank my friend* an-i t!> ; i |i ?? patronage extended to the late i p|? a-uri* in r.'Ci m mend In:,- Mr. <;<?? frbuda a? may desire work, in lit" Slay 31, l^M, VOTK'K of IHSSoU n?.\. I! 1.1 co.partnerchip heretofore . xi?i lino f KKOI1NKK A TAXNEk - - solved t>v nmtiia I con*, nt .lam - ii alone authorized to c- 'ilect tne ?!???? ' - ' i .if e coik ' r ii, and all cl'i 1 n. ? ? .n?t it ? by hiui. K- ?!?? ?KK K : ? ? ' \< !. JAMES II TAX.< r.ii Tli" ttnd? rsigned will ?*? ?rii i *iu*' th the <dd aland. on F i ft It street, .V? Glance and Broad. j,. i_iw JAMES II TAXJ ! K / 10-PAKTX KI'SII 1 1'. ? Tin* ??!:??? I \y KV HI 'SI NESS ? otiHucte.l bv !"(( N I \ i l.ire of William M llarrN. i. V ? ? UU>INESS conducted by \l HEKT l'N%i : ilnf united, u lot will c.tri .< d "ii > ?? i 1 of I' 'II N A A LlfKii r lil. Vlk Wo have taken the n -w ?-t? ?? No 1,11# htp i'i, beiwe?n Eleventh Miid T ? ? few doora boloar the National Kx? M ill bo pleased to fun.:-li ? ?' ' ' 110 ? ifh choice Hlid ivi > ill < Mll.Y GR'iCERIfcHL Thankful to our ft i. ???! ? ? r we hope to merit and r ? ? ice a i , lie favor. M ^ ? f ? . my ta?l? AM. KM HI WV. 'PHK CO-PA HTNKHSH IP lit- . 1 . Xl.-tilltf between HII1 *A I ?!?? > A 1 A I.. \ t t,i,!. ? 111 thin dity lifiiolvi'il by mutual c?ti?< f?t The bualnea* carried on by t ' . ' >? ' be Coin iii tied t>y we. bTAlkS HaNI' Sir., fabricated'at abort notice \ I < i iiiv shop, on Cnuikiin atreet, ?'i i ?? ?? it* M> Hall. Will mi ? t with pl. tuj't a"?. Hp 23? ta M. W . I>H"AI . s Of f I< K VtK'USI.l t K> ' ? ** kail K' ? ' lilt UM0MI1. Kav . ? rpo THK RONDHOMtF.H- AN' 1 IP>LDEkS OF THE INTEiw.^l ? HIE vik'. INI \ CENTICAl. UAII.KMY.? <>n tii" I'tli day <1 May ib- lb" ton ?( the Virginia < -i t'.al ka i ? '? adopted jirder " That Hie Pn ! v ' propose U? the bondholder* and terot coiitioim id thi? cofiip my ? reft pa?t due and t.? m ?r. ? i. : l*a?, ?nd lot of January, !? '. ? the cotnpaity, for all aitina ?d ' >? and the multiple"* thereof ; and in i fur ail fractional p-irta of ? ? n *? 1. ? '? The regintered bondh t?? b" red?*<-- ' i' .lav of January, IS73, and the r? ? ; ? :i lht'day of Januarv, 1*77: both t" t the rate of #dght p< r cent. |"*i '? date; pavahleon the l>tdty of Julv I* annually there?ft>-r ? interest to ? ' bund" at tli- rate of *!x i i cent ; ? ?? the l?t dav "f July, i on a I ?nm ' ???? from the date of all after-aecrniiu' im i ono entitled to receive a bund may ? '" a re>:i-ter"il bond " " (nd?Tfl, Thut ih" Pr- I nt I . ?.> d h ? by, author I red to bond* <f th- i the eXlent of th" int' r- ?t <tu.- in It, ? ? i tothe Id day of January, i- i. purpooeH ana upon th<- i.rinriple* - if. foregoing order of tin Board? the ?aid Ik?i?J!> coiuitcraigned by tb ? Tp i-ur- i ?? Or<h it 'I, That a? iran ?? ?? (;? r- i s . ? the boudholdeni that thei : ; my a i i p - regalar and pr- inpi i- tyiaentof IM intcre?t ? In day of J my. l?o? The heavy > ai.?!ain' I - y rin< the war. aud 'be cond fion ?: t ? upon which th> r< ad | ? i U b r dertk" conpttny at prt ?.-u! unab!- t" rent. Tiie |M-ri?*'d prwiuii>ei for tb" i th" payment of internal a? ?* n:> ? ?af? t4> inaure p?i lormam <i. T I . ? j f fundiug la deemed 'nuitabl". It iboiuiholdera and the lo ! ? I ? r* "t in' will m> regard it, and will fund ?t.> r? tercet in the boiid?, \?hich u 1 1 ? ?? r ? very to Uiem at the office of the c^nit ai > moud on and after J uly 2, He specif ally. Williams c whkihm my ti? 6t l'r*" ' ^ rpHE NATIONAL i:Xl'KK>s AM 1 TBANSPOUTATION roltl'ANV in now prepared to ? ?rry MONEY AN 1 1 V AH' ABLE PA< KA to and from N'-w York, M. Um?, i poinla, and a* far aouth a-> Atlao! a. C>"? to atford the moat ample arc unty t" - etl'ect"d AN INSURANCE OF FIVE lir.M'UkB SA.NI> DOLL AH* on the money cbeata of the<i>n?i my 1 . with aoveral lexdiiiK in?uran< < c< ? > TBI BUN, 8BCUKITY, MANHATTAN, ; PO LI TAN, AND PIDENIX. a )ua>e aKK rebate capital and ???? FIFTEEN MILLIONS ?>F |>OLL.il> 8blpj?era are tlina inaarod a<atn?( ? ri? i>' riak, and a a? curlty i? att' rJ- 1 ? offerud by any exprew company. I NO ADDITIONAL CUAK?iE I- M\ THE NATIONAL KXPKB8B ANDTKA??" Tl^X COMPANY ia now prepared to do hu* ? CHEAPLY, EFFICIENTLY, *>?? sk' aa can be doin- by all^ !?? i ? J. E JoUS>TON. ? ' ? B. F. FtCMLIX, Geui raldu; ?-i 1 *'? my SI? eodla V1K(?IN 1 AT? A l~K ti k'.s li ? M i " Clork 'a office of lUc t'ir? u;t * o I Oluuc?*tcr, *t the ci'ui t -i ? '*? ? ' '* day in May, ItH, b> .u# :ti ? -Ui da* l?l?c pa rd U. 0 ' Thoma!* S. Tabtt *tid M?< v \ . !i> w . wcllSvawcll and A. II. Mirt;u... i> cHaXi -a\ The obltct of tb , auit ???? .r,'",7'"r: icndaiit*, Tboataa B. Tahb and 1 ? ^ , three hundred and twenty -? * ? ?_ elghly ?l* ceut*, with Duet ?* " dav of J*nu.?rv, Ilia, due upon a ? Couuiv Court of Maithe*. c? my. . * ? , me debta due or to become due > M. B. Seawall and A H Marty, to it. fciitianla, aud aU? any e>Ut - of ' th. -* ; anu, whether lu their own baml-. ' > , , ol the oiberdofrndanta Ami it ap| ^ > davit that Ike defendant*, Ihotiiaa Mary A., hla wife, are not resident* > w U ordered that aatd defendantado app? , one month after due publtcat!<u? of j ? do what la ttcc??aary to pro.cct thiir thla ault. _ . A copy-Teate : CiKY.C ? my U? law iw J * d vii K HU N 1>K1 - 1 * HAHHKI > C * 11 ,l1 O varlatlea POTATOES Uttdlu* con,.^i?maol.fofaaleJbjjUJAM T Ktsu A Ci IIUNDKKI* TONS No. 1 P^lil J0IIM4CX