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Richmond ^ispttlt. TilCRSDAT JUNE 7, 1866. National Indebtedness. Mr. Gl.AWTONi, In a recent speech in ! Parliament showed that nearly all the great nations of Euroj>e, anil many of the ?mall ones, are overwhelmed? And he mifht have said hopelessly? by debt. These debts in the aggregate amount to eleven thousand five hundred millions of dollars. The debt of England is four thousand mil- - lion*, and that of the continental nations seven thousand five hundred millions. The , English debt would seem to In? out of pro- 1 1 portion excessive in comparison with those t of the continental nations. But Engl*"11 ?" iruracuse colonial possessions and revenues i , enable l?er to mauagc her obligations wit i perhaps more facility and succor than her ; , cotetnporarics. Vet even she tinds it ! 1 necessary to retrench and put on the . I breaks to stop the downhill way to repu- i diation. It should be appalling to those 1 continental nations to see that their indebt- ! | edness i< increasing at the yearly rate o: three hundred millions of dollars in time of peace. What are we to expect should the grand war now threatened take place? It might be argued that it would make affairs no worse since their treasuries are ; already bankrupt ; or, indeed, that it might be all the better as leading to repudiation ' and a wiping out of the weight of obligation which it is impossible for the nations to get rid of in any other way. These debts are all entailed by warmost of them waged for the gratification of national pride aud love of power. In this country we were in 1832 free from debt, and moderate taxation would have kept us i so. The defensive war we had main- ' tained seemed to add nothing to the public 1 indebtedness which could not be very j readily met by moderate burthens. There 1 was a change in this matter of war as sooi. as the nature of our wars was altered. ! The war with Mexico, originally a sort of defensive one, was made to assume the ! form of conquest, and then our debt began ; to swell. The last war, which was amongst | ourselves, fought as it was mainly with ! money, ran up the public debt more rapidly than was ever known before in any country. We now have a debt of some three thousand millions. To pay this debt j we must be taxed most heavily. Taxation, like the frogs of Egypt, has entered ? into every part of our houses, and follows ' us everywhere, and takes hold of every act we perform. But the debt of the United States, unlike the debt of the older nations of Europe, is the debt of a young couutry, rich in every national resource, whose rapidly increasing population and wonderful and continually developed mineral wealth give to her a financial power of immense magnitude now, and which in a short time promises to exceed that of any nation in the world. All she has to do is to avoid causeless wars: and if she can get back to the Washingtonian policy, and avoid entangling alliances, and commit no wrongs she would herself resist, in a few years she will be easy in her money matters, and the burdens imposed on the people may be relaxed.

But will we do this ? The bad passions end o%*erbearing disposition now displayed a: Washington indicate the dangers which beset us. These are the dispositions which live amidst revolutions?they, in fact, breed theui. If the people put these men out of power, restore the Union and the industry and prosperity of the country, 'we shall avoid war, and pay our debts, and ea*e the nation. In the matter of the reckless accumulation of debt, nations are like individuals. The same consequences ensue to the corporations tunned out of many persons that are entailed on one by incurring obligations beyond the capacity to pay: loss of Credit ? contiuuul embarrassment ? the parting with property which had yielded income? final bankruptcy and ruin. It is impossible to endure the burthens of paying the interest aud curtailing the principal of such debts. It is time that governments had profited by the lesson so often illustrated on this subject. But they will not, though it were taught to them twice a day. As there is nothing in this world that Is to endure forever, we take it that all governments must in time be revolutionized aud reformed. It would be no extravagant idea to conjecture, in this money age, when money Is so emphatically power, that the hopeless embarrassments of some nations will very materially help in that revolution and reform by which the old must give place to new political or. ganisms. If we look at the individual, we see very plainly how he reaches the end of hit rope, and is compelled to quit business aud submit to a compulsory delivery of all he has on earth. So with the nations. The governments representing them in such case must wind up and quit business. The peopie, under new organizations (answering to new flrm>), may and will go into busi. nesa again and begin afresh? possibly to repeat the old ?tory of pride, ambition, covetousness, war, debt-? debt? debt? ruin and revolution! The pRfsj dent's Organ* ok Jcdok UnHfck d.kwood's Charge. ? The famous charge of Judge Under wood to the Grand Jury bore having been telegraphed to Washington, the AatiowaJ Republican takes occasion to pay iti renpects to llis Honor in ! manner and form following : "The charge of Judge Underwood at Richmond to a Grand Jury of the Unitvd 44 States Court for that district, in our tele " graphic columns, i* au extraordinary "document. The theory of the law audi "courts is that every l?ody is inuoceut un 44 til evidence of guilt has been presented "after prescribed forms, but Judge Uk44 deb wood arraigns and condemns the "press and community of Richmond ai 44 wholesale. We are not prepared at pre. "?Mi to give this paper a careful review , 44 it is perhaps unnecessary to do so? it 14 speaks for Itself." Id view of the prediction made by the Judge that the newspapers of Richmond would soon be denouncing the President again, and of bis asseveration that the President approved of his conduct and his teachings, this cut from the organ is rather unkind. UorMUKsn or Ha. Davw'a Coixsei.? Mr. Ram has received permission to ri It Mr. Davis, and goes hence to Fortrr c Monroe to-morrow. Mr. Btanr will make j ? rkU to Petersburg. Mr# Bmow* will re. I *> WUjaore. I

A Fable. , FOUND ON LT IN OCR JBM. The following fable i# re|>orted as nearly as possible by memory from the ? the Dispatch office horned In the Are o the 34 April, I860, ?hlch ?" genuine copy of that great *n, H'r have wen, those now printed c " rnpted ?n<l fraudulent edition., unlit lot anv fffiitlemen's library ? The divine .E-ortelh i, sthet . swaj?er. ins, ?0i.v, nnd conceited l..hooo from somewhere in Afrlc, poiwihly one of the Senegnroblae, or Guincii, or Congo, orI<o?ngo, or Angola, or Bcnguela? It matters not whieh ? took it into his head that he very much like mankind, or, rather, hat mankind were very much like htfli, ami iat he ought to be permitted to take part n their allairs ; indeed, that he could ma. lago them better than they could for them, elves. He therefore besought Jupitek to >laec him in authority amongst them, that ?o might show his parts. Jt'PiTER, though uined tor his thunders, was occasionally toted f<>r his faeetiousness. He was often ?reminded" of aueedotes, which lie told to Itis court very playfully. In a very good [tumor when the ridiculous petition reached him, he determined, by way ol ? "little joke," to grant it. Being, moreover, wise even in his sport, as god.? always are, he knew that the best mode of punishing Vanity and Conceit was to grin ify tfteir wishes. So he told ihe ba'ooon that he should be a solemn judge of a great court for the settlement of disputes amougst men. At this the overgrown monkey cut a great many an. tics and showed a world of grimaces ; nay, was almost mad with joy. When the time came for the holding ol the court, the judge wriggled, and hopped into his seat, where he was very fldgettv, grinning and twisting his face into many contortions at everybody in the room. He then essayed to imitate other judges in opening the court, but instead of reasonable talk, he only chattered away in the most disjointed and incomprehensible man. ner, raising his voice finally to a downright bark. Having finished, he essayed to show otf his person, as so yuperior to man's in symmetry and beauty, by jumping up a little and turning about to the company. Just at this time, a fox, whom JrpiTEK had kindly sent to assist in the forms ol the court, and who could stand it no longer, but with an arch smile upon his face approached the conceited judge, and holding his mouth very near to his car, addressed him thus : " My gentleman, you have made a ridiculous exposure of yourself; youi grimaces have been ludicrous ; youi antics disgusting, and your jargon harsh and unmeaning chatter. My advice t< you, my fine friend, is to confess to Jintek your mistake, and go back to your re. treat. Or if you must stay where you arc, to sit perfectly still and keep your rnoutl shut. Everything you do exposes your real character." JEsop tells us no more, and leaves u* the easy task of drawing the moral.

Congressional Follies. Congress, it appears, will never cease cutting its mad capers. It is like a child that Las a new present; it must be examined inside and out and must be tried in every way. If a knife, it must cut a notch in every thing, the most costly furniture as well as a chip ; even the bellows must be cut open to see where the wind comes from. Having set aside State rights anil made the States mere non-entities, they are continually extending their legislation to all the matters heretofore of local or State concern and authority. The object would seem to be to show that there is no need of State governments at all, and therefore the logical sequence would be a proposition to abolish them altogether. The latest movement in this direction we have seen is a proposition for a bureau of education in Washington. In the debate upon it there were the same arguments that have been dinned into the ears of the nation until they ought to be deaf, if they are uot. The most approved of the Uriah Helps sat out with the declaration that "with the rebellion, the nation was born into a new lift"! For this reason he proposed, as all the others of his party propose, to disregard everything that is not bran new. The Constitution and laws are ignored, and nothing but their opinions, their hypocritical philanthropy, their malignities, is to put limits to their measures. The "south is ignorant," the "south is rebellious"; therefore edueation bureaus, freedmen's bureaus, military authority, must all be kept up ; offices, sinecures, j opportunities to embezzle and to make ! money, mu>t be maintained and cherished. Under the plea that the slaves, being libe- 1 rated, "must be raised to the level of citi I zens," the Treasury is to be robbed o i more money than will educate all the youth of all the States, if they arc left to manage the system of education, as it is their right and duty to do. But hypocrisy and cant must go on and burthen the people. The philanthropists and their friends must keep their hands in the public coffers ? their children must be raised at the public teat. How lung the people will endure the outrageous burthens these men are imposing upon them remains to be seen. If they stand it much longer they must be either the most stupid or the most patient race of men that ever lived. Secretary McCllloch's Sagacity. ? In j the letter sent by him to Congress on Tues- > lay Secretary McCi'j.locu, while claiming j that bis action in selling gold to meet the foreign demand was justified by the commercial men of New York, and was in his; own judgment well calculated to prevent a tinancial crisis in England, and to benefit , this country, candidly admitted that its wisdom would be best tested by the news from abroad. Yesterday the Africa arrived from Liverpool, and we learn by tele, j graph that the large arrivals of gold from 1 America had caused a better feeling, and a " reaction had set in on change in London." If the Secretary has really accomplished bis object, as it now seems likely } he has, gold having fallen rapidly in New ' York yesterday, he has rendered his conn. ! try a service which it should not forget. William Rodger*, of the Seventy-seventh 5hio volunteers, at Brownsville, Texas, i *as sentenced to be hong for murdering he asslxtant surgeon of his regiment, and J nanaged to evade the sentence twenty. ) Ijrbt days hw digging a hole in the ground I i4 bUi&ff thereto, 1

MARRIED. PICK 3r dioochl <nd county, ani Ml?? N AXNIB It. APPkSiOn. of A*w Kent county. On Ik* ?tli instant, at the First Baptist Chnrch, by tier. J. h. Burrow#, D. D . Dr. J?H.? (I. TKKVJl' LiA.V. of Goochland countv, and Miss NANNIE C. PAKRISH, of H?nrtr.< county. On the ?th Instant, At the Flrnt Baptist Chtireh, ?iy Rev. J. L Harrow*, l>. D., WILLI AM C. i.KMCV, ?f Hanover county, mid MIm EMMA C. WHIT*, of thin city. DIED. In New Orleans, M*y II, N. J. PEORAM, *ffed 'l*ty-thr<*o yttri, r native of Dinwiddle county, v* v ? for the iMt twenty-six year* a resident ol that city. SPECIAL NOTICES. KTALL MEDICINES ARE I'NPALtTA. BLR, and arc only resorted to mm remedies for ?omethinii worse. We hare swallowed oar shnre of physic* for the recti ft cat Ion of a very eccentric liver, and of all the prescription* *? hav? ever a*ed that of Dr. "RENNOLl'S'9 PILI.6" has be-r. the surest, quickest, (nil tnnut complete. Years *?o we carried them as a " pocket companion " in the west, and by their proper use escaped all the disease* Incident to that new country and resulting from a torpid liver. Wo used th? nt In the Rockv Mountains, and are very confident had we remained in that remarkable climate, and occasionilly taken one of KENNOLDS'S PILLS, we would nave a good showing to live forever, or until we had "dried up and blown off."? Rockinyham Register. Je 7? lw NOTICE.? We invito attentiou to our sale of Messrs. KV ED & MONTGOMERY'S stock of ROOTS and SHOES, IlATS and CAPS, HOOP SKIRTS, TRAVELLING TRUNKS, A<\. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, to tak" place at their atore, corner of Niuth aud Broad streets, THIS at 10 o'clock. | 7 ? U PAINE & *?(?., Auctioneers.

W BILL AHP ! BILL ARP ! ! BILL ARP! ! ! This inimitable book 1h nnw ready, and every person should hate a copy. To ho had of COLK A TURNER, Jo 7? ts Whig Building. ITAKDREIV ANTOM, WHOLESALE and retail dealer in confectionery AND FRUITS, respectfully Informs the citizens of Richmond that he has resumed business in hi.? \"B W IRON-FRONT BFILi'lNO on Main street, opposito to the Rite of his old stand, adjoining the Exchange Bank. The store and saloons hart* been fitted np and fnrnished in a piyle which he in confident will jieet with the approral of tho public. His facilities for manufacturing FANCY ANI) PLAIN CANPIfcS of tho best quality enable him ?o offer inducements to the trade which cannot he surpassed. A call from his former customers is respectfully solicited. A large aud choice assortment of FRENCH BONBONS, IMPORTED FRUITS, NUTS, CORDIALS, PRESERVES. PICKLES, SAUCES, Ac., will he always kept on hsnd. ICE CREAM of the most approred flavors served In the Saluan. Parties supplied with ICE CREAM and ORNAMENTAL CONFECTIONERY. The undersigned returns his thanks to the citizen-* of Richmond for the liberal patronage accorded to him for the last fifteen years, and will endeavor to merit a continuance of the same. je?? ltn ANDREW ANTON I *$T BE** EFT'S DIAKK11CEA KILLER.? This well-known and Justly popular southern remedy is again offered to the alHicted. Its great ?access in th?j treatment of DlARRIKEA, CHO. OERA MORBUS CHOLERA INFANTUM, ASIVTIC CII' 'LERA, and all diseases of the bowels, rendered It one of the most popular FAMILY MEDICINES ever used in this city. An extended notice 1"? unnecessary. Its praises are on the lip* of hundreds of our best citizens. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. j? 6_ts Office Umo.s Ba>K of Rich mo jin, j Jun>?2, 1466. f STOCKHOLDERS IN THIS BANK *re required to pay their second instalment on or ?efore the 5th instant. Fiues will be exacted from hose wbo fail to do so. Jei->M&vv3t JAMES MILLER, Cashier. *5T SYRIPS FOR SODA WATER. CHOICE FRUIT AND CREAM SYRUPS furnished the trade at low rates by W. H. SCOTT, Druggist, je 4 corner Franklin and Seventeenth *treefs. fc-fT SPECIAL iMOriCE.? The nndersigned, as executor of the late P. K. White, take* pleasure i in announcing to his friends and tho public that he j has just returned from the North with a very se1 iect stock of BOOTS, SHOES, TRUNKS, VALISES, AND TRAVELLING BAGS, which he offers at the lowest cash prices at his new store, No. 81# Main street, two doors below tho Ppotfwood Hotel, lie begs leave to state for the benefit of the ladies that unusual care has been taken in the selection of all goods suitable for their use in his line. He has obtained the services of JOHN POE, Jr., well known in the business community, who will be pleased to see his friends at No. 819 Main street. W. F. WHITE, my 2tt? ita Executor of P. K. White. tiff" REMOVAL? 0. H. CHALKLEY & CO., Leather Dealers, hav? removed to their NEW tfUlLDING, on THIRTEENTH STREET, between .Main and Cary. my >S ? 1? ?dTllllH^OOD k RILEY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 121 Maik stkkkt, keep constantly on hand a complete stock of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS, CAP, LETTER, AND NOTE PAPERS, ENVELOPES, BLANK BOOKS, SLATES, PENS AND INK, and other SCHOOL AND OFFICE STATIONERY ; all of which a re offered at the LOWEST MARKET RATES. Country Merchants invited to examine our Ktock before purchasing. Orders promptly attended to. mh 24 B. & R. FOR GARDENERS AND FARMERS. FRESH AND RELIABLE GARDEN SEBD, Just received and for sale by WILLIAM H. SCOTT, Druggist, | comer of Franklin and Seventeenth streets, fe 3 ? t? CO-PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned, of the firm of Kent, Paine A Co., have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of conducting a general AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, under the firm of | . PA1NB A CO., and hive taken the store No. 106 Main street, next below Mitchell A Tyler, and will be pleased to receive consignments from their friends and the public. W. O. PAINE. Ja IS ? ts R. A. PAINE. T EAT11ER, Ld LEATHER, OAK AND HEMLOCK SOLE LEATHER, FREVCH. GERMAN, and AMERICAN CALF SK1N8, UPPER, HARNESS, and BRIDLE LBATHER, for sale at reasonable rates bv 0. H. CHALKLEY & CO., Hide and Leather Dealers, Thirteenth street, between Main and Cary. J? 7? W _______ ________________ TMIE3MEMBERS OF RICH- S MO?D ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER, No. YY I, are hereby summoned to attend a stated i convocation of their Chapt-r at 'he MASONS' HALL on TH'S (Thursday) EVENING at 7 o'clock for election of oftl< ers. By order of the W. E. H. P. Je 7-li* W1LI.1AM HALL CREW, Secretary. Acts of assembly, i8<?, i m.ACTS OF ASSEMBLY Of STATE OF VIRGINIA passed in 1*65 and lsto. Price, $2. ALSO. A number of volumes of the Acts of previous sessions ; and a complete set of the Art* passed by th? Legislatures assembled at Wheeling and Alexandria from 14*1 to 16M, Inclusive, together wbh ? the Constitution of the Stale of Virginia, adopted In Convention at Alexandria in February, 1664, , now In fitrce. Prioe #4 ner set. For sale by vh>Ot>HOU8B A PaRHAM, Bookseller* aud Stationers, Governor ttreet. > 1 j ?ATHROP MILLS FLOUR. W# barrels of the above popular brand of < Fi.oUtt, used by m arly all of our ba? , # !*?KSW*uirD LI MT, ' llSX U l p P L.fHROP, Agenl, _jf?_ * Eighteenth street, south side of Dock. | S JLT??7?EV?! HAMS?One thousand j jm r,,ctivoa' i ? WkVJifcg k PEGRAM, y* *!' ^?ad safret. C>HEK8B.~ Forty prime CJIKP WKJuat wujon ft rwiu. j

AUCTION 3ALE8-rarB DAY. B j Pfcine t Co., Aoettoneers, (l?/? Main ?ir*et.) qmusTKF/a saU: or a large 1 AN D VALUABLE STOCK of GOODS. -As trustee In a dead of tru?t executed by Rtmd a Montgomery, and In conformity of th* term* of ??aid ?lH??d, made by them to secure their creditor*, 1 will Nell on ihe SKVEfffH DA V OF JUNK, 1*M. ona of the untt valuable stock* of Qoolx* which ha* lately been exposed to public sale. They consist of a general assortment of a BOOT, SHoB". and FUKNImhIKO STORK; parilenlarly of BOOT.", SH'iES, LADIES' (MITERS. 8LIPPERN, and CHILDREN'S SH?>ES ; ulso, HATS, CARPET HAGS, HOop SKIRTS. Ac., and such a variety a* In rarely offered In these titnei? for saia in this market. In the stock will be found Wen's HEAVY BROOANS and MONROE SHOES, Men u OXFORD TIES and KID BUCKLE GAiTERh Men's BUTTON. LASTING, and CALF CONORES* GAITERS; Men s EXTRA FRENCH CALF SHOES and PATENT LEATHER GAITERS, Men's HEAVY KiPand FRENCH CALF BOOTS, Women's GOAT. MoROCCO, and KID BOOTS; Woman's EXTRA-POLISH BOUTS and BALMORALS, Women's EXTRA LASTING CONGRESS GAITERS Women's' KID and MOROCCO BALMORALS and SLIPPERS, Men s, Women's, and Misses' RUBBER SHOES ; <i?ov*- SEWED mi 1 PEGGED CALF SHOES, Boys' SEWED and PEGGED CALF BOOT", Boy*' OXFORD Tli-S and BUCKLE GAITERS, Boys' CONhRESS OAITERM and BALMORALS, Misses' MOROCCO, KID. and CALF B<K>TS, MIhsoh' KID and MOROCCO SLIPPERS and TIES. Misses' POLISH BOuTS and BALMORAL8, Misses- EXTRA LASTING CONOHEjsSGAITERS, Children's SH<>Es in great variety, OIL-CLoTH SATCHELS, TRAVELLING BAGS, ? OLE-LEATHER TRUNKS, VALIRRS, CALF SKINS, MOROCCO and LINING SKINS, SOLE LEATHER, BOOT WEBB J NO. Ladies' and Misses' FUR CAPES and MUFFS, Men s and Boys' CLOTH and VELVET CAPS, Ladios' FRENCH, SILK, and FUR HATS, Ladies' and Misses' VELVET and l'LUSH HATS, Men's DERBY and RESORTE H ATS, in variety ; Men's EXTRA DRAB and BLACK FELT HATn, Men's I NTRA SILK, FI R. and CLOTH HATS, Men's .-TR AW and PANAMA HATS, Boys' HaTs of every style, Lad es' and Misses' RAL'MoRAL SKIRTS, HOSE and HALF-HoSE, a large assortment J Gentlemen's and Ladies' SILK and LINEN-CAM-BK1C HAN DKKRCHIEFS, VELVET RIBBONS, FRENCH CORSETS. SILK. GAUZE, aud MERINO SHIRTS and DRAWERS, LINEN SHIRTS, GLOVES. SUSPENDERS, WITH A r.AKOK STOC K OK PARIS TRAIL and DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRTS, SHOW-CASE, STORE FIXTURES. See. Tprms : For alliums under cash ; over $5oo, i sixty days' credit for approved endorsed notes. D. B. BR1DOFORD, Trustee. ; Paine 4 Co. .Auctioneers. je4 By Harrison, 0 odd in A Apperson, Bankers, Brokers, and Real Estate Agents. T ARGE AND WELL-LOCATED I j LOT ON SOUTH SIDE OF LEIGH STREET, BETWEEN ADAMS STREET AND BROOK AVENUE, FOR SALE AT AUCTION -Will be sold at auction, on the premise*, on THURSDAY, the 7tb of .1 ime. at hall - past 5 o'clock, P. M ., trie LA ROE 1 Lor located as above, having a front of one hundred and torty- eight f?*et. and a depth of about j two hundred and ninety-six feel. Tkkmh : One-third cash : balance at six and I twelve months for negotiable n?.tes with inferos added, secured by a trust deed. The taxes for 1866 to he paid bv the purchaser. HAKKiSuN, OODD1N Jc APPERSON, je 5? fd Auctioneers.

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE TT ANDSOME RESIDENCE, IN SID H NhY. WITH A SQUARE OF FOUR )gt L ACRES A TTACH HI)," FOR SALE.? We are authorised to sell thet verv <lo^tra i?l?* SIT - ? , HUKRAN RESIDENCE adjoining Via'u Nursery, now occupied by Mr. Williams, with FOUR aCKKS UF LAND in a high state of cultivation. The residence is built of brick, containing seven rooms, with front an<l roar portico*, besides brii k kitchen, stable, carrlage-honse, Ac., with fine frnlt in the garden and handsome shade trees in the front yard. * Termm : Accommodating. Apply to je ?-M HARK180K, Ql)PI>IN It APPERSON. TrERY VALUABLE AND ATTRAC- ? T1VE LOT, ON THE SOUTH MDEOF MAIN, BETWEEN THIRTEENTH a.xd PEARL STREETS, FOR S A I, E ?Wh are authorised to sell the VERY VALUABLE LOT located ??? above, fron?in# twenty-four feet, running b<ick ninety-four feet, bounded on the west by the lot on which formerly stood the store of Hubbard, Gardner & Co This'is justly regarded a.? the moot valuable lot now on the market. Apply to je ft ? st harkison, g?>??din & apperson. AMUSEMENTS. TABLEAUX AT THE VIRGINIA HALL. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, Jt 5K 7 and 8, to commence at half-past tf, P. 31. The proceeds of the tableaux on Thursday night will be appropriated to the funds of the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION; and the pro teed* of the tableaux on Friday will be given in aid of the funds of the MONUMENTAL CHURCH. Je g? 2t \ GRAND SELECT BALL WILL HE OIVKS AT THK MONTICELLO HALL BV TFIK RICHMOND SOCIAL CLUB 0* T n U R S D A Y EVENING, Jc.vr 7, 18??. ltA.VAUEKS : W. H. LOVING, C. C. MINOR, J. H. PARRATOR. R. E. RODOERS. COMMITTEE OK IXVJTATTOX : G. \V. SAMUELS, E. W. DREW, A. WALL. TICKETS, admitting gentleman and ladle*, ONE DOLLAR. Je 5? 3t# THE FOURTH NATIONAL PRIZE | 1 CONCERT will be held In Richmond, Va., ON FRIDAY, THE 27th JULY, IS6H. TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT VALUABLE J PRIZES. AMOUNTING TO NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS, will he presented to the ticket-holders. WE WILL DONATE FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS TO LADIES* MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TICKETS AT ONE , DOLLAR EACH. LIST OF PRIZES. 1 Gift 7-*0 Bonds . *5,0?0 j 1 liifi 7-3o Bonds.... 2.5oo 1 Gilt 7-3? Bends l.oOo ! 6 Grand Pianos, *7 0 each 3.5<>o ' 5 Grand Pianos, *r?iO each 2,5oO I 25 American Hunting-case Gold Watches, *:M0 5,000 50 American Hunting-case Ladies' Gold Watches, *lo0 5,000 1 50 Sewing Machines, *toO a,tx>0 50 Sewing Machines, **?? 4,ooo 50 American Hunting-case Silver Watches %8o . 4,000 ! 50 American Hunting-case Silver Watches *?0 3,000 100 American Hunting-case Silver Watches #50 4,000 loo Silver Watches, *4o 4,eoO loo Silver Watches, W0 3,000 200 Silver Watches, #25 5,ooo 5oo (iitis in Greenbacks, *10 5,ooo 5oo Gifts in Greenbacks, *5 2, Sou 2,ooo Gift* in Greenbacks, *2.50 5, o<># | 20,000 Gifts In Greenbacks, $1 ?o,oofl Total 23,788 Prizes, worth *9?,i>oo MODE OF DISTRIBUTION. Numbers from 1 to ioo.oee will be placed in a wheel by a committee appointed by the ticket- j holders, and a person, also selected by the ticket- I holders present, will do the drawing The |>er?on I holding the ticket corresponding with the first number drawn will be en'itlrd to the First Prile of live thousand dollars ; and so on until the I whole number are disposed i f. Each agent will be 1 furnish- d with a fall list of the drawing as soon as it can be published. We wiil send to one address FIVK tickets for *4.5o ; TEN Ufkeis lor *? : TWENTY for *17.50 : ' TH'RTT for *^.S5 ; FORTY for *35, and FlFTtf for *43. So. RELIABLE AGENTS WANTED In ererr eltr and town in the United Mates, to wnoia GREAT INDUCEMENTS AR* OFFERED. Tickets for sale in this city by Bohn A Sardo, L. L. 6mith, and Cole & Turner Address WALTERS A McLANI, je 5? lm Lock Box 54. Richmond, \ a. rkR. ALFRED HUGHES, treating disx* eases in accordance with the HOMOEOPATHIC M'STtM OF MEDICINE, has his offlce and realdence on the souih side of Grace street, second house above Fourth. ??rnc?Hi cue: Morning, f*om I to 10; noon, from 1 1* 4 ; evening, frjm 7to*W o'eio-j*. je i-*?? I^EA, TEA. ? lust received, the tineat GUNP DtRand JaFaN TEAS, which we warrant to give satisfaction, ?mUf8 ?t PKGRAJI, my K> <11 Broad street. lAfcEa?Jl CHAMPAGNE C1DEK ? X Ju t reeelved, a fie*b I t of this delighuui 01 1 IK, and /or sale on draught and in botties by je 4 >TfcV?*? k PIORam. TJERRING'8 FIKE-PROOF SAFES JLX all sites, tarsal* by ^?manufacturers' agen.e, _ Je UAtiVLVb ft WUUZkli.

AUCTION SALES-FtJTURE DAY. By K'ffimoH kto., Auctioneers, Main street, Eighth and Slnth. WE WILL SELL AT AUCTION 8ATURDA Y MORNING, ?th 1n?tant, at 10 o'clock, a general assortment of ' M E R C H A N DISK and a large ratter? of NEW AND SgCOND-HAND FURNITURE, 1 IIAND80ME PIANO, MIRRORS. WINDOW CURTAINS, Ac. j Particulars on morning of Halo, j j? 7 ? 2t RBGNaULT & CO., Auctioneers. | By Harrison, Ooddin & Appenwm, Banker*, Broken, and Real Estate Agents. EXCELLENT BRICK TENEMENT, LJ ON Til E WEST SIDE OF FIFTH, BETWEEN i 1.EIGH AND JACKSON STREETS. FOR SALE AT , AUCTION.? Will be sold at auction, on the premise*, on TUESDAY1 . the I2th June, H*#, at halfpast 4 o'clock, P. M., the very excellent BRICK 1 rhNEMENT located a* above, now in the oecu- | panry of Mr. I'rescott at an annual rent of nix hun- | dred' dollar*. It contains seven rooms, besides ample accommodation* for servants ; with gas and water, and handsome front y-?rd. I Tf.kmm: One- foortb cash ; balance at four, eight, j ' and twelve months, for negotiable notes, with in- 1 j terest added. The taxes and Insurance for this year to be paid by the purchaser. If preferred, possession can be had in a short time. HARRISON, QODDlft & APPER^'ON, Je 7 Auctioneer*. By Isboll it Davis, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Corner Eighth ami Main streets. 4 X EAT FR A MED TEN E ME NT ON lY HOWARD hTREET. OREGON HILL, FOR "ALE AT ANCTION.? We will sell at auction, on FRIDAY, 8fh of June, ISM, upon the Bromines, at RJ o'clock, P. M., that neat FRAMED TENEMENT located as above, containing four rooms. The lot Ironfson Howard street thirty feet, and runs back one hundred and eight feet. Tkbms : One-halt cash ; balance at two and foar months, for negotiable notes, interest added, secured bv a deedof trust. Je 7-tds ISBELL k DA VIS. Dy Grubbs A Williams, Auctioneer*. Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh streets. Household and kitchen furniture AT AUCTION? By the request of a j gentleman declining house-keeping, we will sell 1 at auction at the residence on west side of First stroft, between Main and Cary, on FRIDAY, iltb , ' of June, at to o'clock, A. M.the entfre stock of! j HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEM FURN ITUKE? a . 1 I I new and consi-ling of the usual variety of wellI selected and useful articles. Those in want of NICE FURNITURE should attend the sale. ORUBBS 4: WILLIAMS Auctioneers. P. S.? We will also rent the DWELLING. It has | eight rooms, with kitchen and laundry, and the i whole premi&ea in perfeet order. Je 7-fd 0. & W. Pv Pilkinton, Pulliam k Co., Auctioneers. I rag' ___ rX)ft SALE AT AUCTION.? We will Jr sell on TUESDAY, the 19UiJun-. 1*M, at halfp.ist i o'clock, P. M., on the premises, at public ; auction, the I/>T lying on Compromise street, j .Maddux HUI. fronting flttv feet and running back , one hundred and titty feet, it being the lot uf 1 which John Luntrip died seized. j TtKNS : At sale. PILKINTON, PULLIAM & CO., i le 7? eodtds Auctioneers.

Pilkinton, Pulliam <5: Co., Auctioneer*. P?R SALE AT AUCTION.? At the i,, of Jfrt. Loui*a J. Sumiuervllie, we will self on FRIDAY, the 8th of June, on the preulirtou ? ? c, rJ?' ** M . , a N her interest in the H'M'hfc and LOT now occupied by Mr. Joseph 'V yatt. located on the Petersburg turnpike in tne edjre of Manchester. The LOT front# seventy-eight feet, running back one hundre i and twenty-one feet. The HOUSE in in good order, and has three rooms. It ii? well located for a good retail store. I tu.Mi : At *alo. . . PiLKINTON, PULLIAM &l CO., je g ? tdg Auctioneer*. By Orubbs & Williams. Auctioneer*, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh street*. C ?M M 1 S s 1 V Ii ' s S A LB OF oV VALUABLE LAND, Vtii MhCW\N M ,LLE TPRNPIKE. T\V?! Mlf.ES t ROM 1 HK CITV. AT AUCTION.? fn ,?xe. r? i'r"u ' h -,ocr "e "f ,lle r>rcuit Court of the county or Henrico enured May?, in the case ol ? chermenorn, etc., m. A u*?: in and al*., the undersigned, a cnuiini-gjoritr appointed for tne purpose, IT1, i- . ' ,ftt a,lcti<'n, upon the rremi-es, on THrRSl>A\, July j, &t5o Clock, P. M., if lair, if not, on *d 4 .da^.li?oreH,ter' Ht (h" hour, ?he ? K AO or La.ND of which the late Egmoii' Scheriuerhorn <Ji-*t seized, ly in^ on the ea*t hide ^ .,l hantc. ville turnpike a short dintance beyonri the fdi-xaje. and adjoining ttie land of Leonids* Kosher and other-. There are SEVENTV ACHES, of which there in a sufficient portion in wood* ; and there are several ntululngs, one of which can be converted into a drolling. Till be wold a* a whole, or divided, as inlay he deemed best at the time of sale. Th - is a beautiful TRACT OF LAND, mid It should attract the attention of persona seeking anch property, I i'k.mh : <5ne-third ca?h : balance at six and twelre months for negotiable notes, with interest added, the title to be retained by the court until the notes are paid. r OI-D..J i \tr kATON NANCE, Commissioner. Oar Bus & \\ ti.t.u.Mii, Auctioneers. je 5_td* By Grubhs it Williams. Auctioneers, Main street, five doors above Spot* wood Hotel. P^IVE HUNDRED ACRES OF VERY IT- MKV A COA L L A N D. ON J A M BS R1 V ER , I* ir l " a T w K V 1 E 1' u COUNTY, FOII RTEEN Tmv ABO\ L RICHMOND, FOR SALE AT AUC-r.,9*V;-fi? Monday, the 11th of June, at 12 0 clock. M., we will sell at auction at our office, under the i^ational Bank of Virginia, corner Main and Eleventh streets, flvp hundred acres of verv valuable COAL UND, located as above described, being a par; of the" KEsWICK " tract, and adjoining the lands of General Edward JohiiKon and otner? . Jts location between the eastern and western cropping of coal In the direct line extending from .ho | oal Mines on the north Ride of J.tnie* river, by the Midlothian and other pits on to the Clover Hill pi'f, makes it a most certain that it contains an extensive body of coal. it ilia* also a Urge quantify of WOOD and TIMHfcK, on y a small portion of the land beiiur cleared. 6 This sale presents a fine opportunity for investment in coal land, with an .almost certainty of a large profit. Tkbms : At sale. GRl'BBS & WILLIAMS, Je 5? td Auctioneers. GERGE ANT'S SALE.? I will self on Kl FRIDAY, the sfh instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M., on the p r ? n lis c sro rn er of Twentieth and Main stru ts, i kavpu'w Kvb#*11 UoUi,t iud CONTENTS, 1 RAKER 8 OVEN, I BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, Sic., &c., tosatisfy an execution i>, my hands in favor of Stephen Maaou rs. Henrv Greenwald. , . THOMAS U. DUDLEY, Je Sergeant City Richmond. By W. B. Robins, Auctioneer. 4 S TRLT8TE~E~JN A DEED OF xx trust from D. P. Faruubar, dated Augtmt ai, i?oj, at the request of the. beneficiary therein named, I shall proceed to soil at public auction, on thepreintees, to the hiahest bidder, on WEo.N ESDAY, June 13, I?M at 5 o'clock, P. M., if fair, ami 1 (IT ok'i'I'viV^*' flir,,a7 thereafter, th-tt certain \* I Or LAND numbered three, in Miliar** No 92 fronting thirty -one feet on the we?t line of Tw?ntvseventh. between M and N streets, on Church Hill and running hack one hundred and thirty feet td an alloy, in common, fourteen wide. i the lof " U Kra,tiI bUt cuulfurfiib,e d^elliqg on Tkhmb. Cash as to so much as will defray the expenses of executing the tru?t and to discharge a debt of two hundred and fifty dollars, with interest thereon from Ihe 8<ith of May, i*n?; the re- l mamder at four and uight months, with interes' I added, secured by a deed of trust, or title retained. Je* W. B. RUBINS. Auctioneer, j SHIPPING. XT OR NEW YORK.? A T L A N T I C Tt?IAIL steamship COMP AM .?The new and e'egant ?ide-wheel steamship ALBEMARLE, 1 C'sptain Bora>K, will leave berl wharf at Roclcetts on SATURDAY. tHe~Wli-June, at 11 o clock, A. M 1 ''1ilrb,MiDEer,, *re requested to be punctual to the >or freight or passage?having accommodations unsurpassed? apply to . . . 8AMUEL AYER8 4 CO.. J! Ir* ^sry and Virginia street* . TT?R ^ ORK. ? The new and JL magnificent side-wheel steamship Saratoga, Captain Adolph wJ,i receive freight ali day1 TO- Borrow , Thursday j, and w^l ieave her berth from Lc or. am & W*tsoTn wharf at lu o'clock, A. M., FRIDAY, the sth instant. 1 assengers are requested to be punctual to the hoor of de|>arture. r garret f. watsqn, Rockstts. "L^OR NEW YORK. ? OLD DOMINION T STIiAMSHIP LINK.? The steamship WHIRLWIND is now di*charglng her car*o at the old New' York packet sheds in th>- Dock, andL 5"iwf? "J -irsrpsi"s' He sure and have your billa of Uding signed by the agents of the 44 Old Dominion Line." For particular* apply to ? Bhlr,fl'KD * MTEM, Ageatc, ooihe Dock ; of, P. H. BPfLSk. BREMEN'. ? The fine Bremen ?hip ADMIRAL, Captain J. 8. Haes**P????xl ?t City Point to load for the above-named port. For freight, ?PP>y to Je 8CHAER, KoHLMIt List of prices of tobacco *oid by N. M. NoKFLbET U CO Jun- ?, liM : nVVSJ* ,,J415 P000^ *? A. Mills, at $l?: No. 4, V* fou ud?, |? a . Mill*, at |wa; No. ?. U? K?u?i ' A. Mills at #111 : No, ?, 5M pounds. 0. i ! 1*?. 7- **? poande, R. A. Mills, V *>7 *. if P 'Un ??. K. A Mills, at tiSS ; ?\o 9 Uu ihjunds, A Mills, (lugs.j at ^41? being of Jo in b. KohertsoQ'a crop, ra;???a In Casweit county. Nor h Carolina. Ai?o, 'our boxes, mm Mound* each No. I, Mi U, at $S", No. J. ? M lis, at ?ae ; No. I. Mill-, at ; No. Ml Is at ftsv.l -raised by A. 0. Joints, Chariot*, ?um y, V >? Je V-lt THE MEMBERS OF COMPANY B. 1 FOITKTH VI R? INI A CAVALKT, ar? wqunted to meet at ihe store of the Midlothian C<?j?. Ipk as"- pit* i?aft Bcsr.ate? u> ? Hi-' ?raM

FOR RENT. T70i^ENT.^'u^WAREH0U8B JT en Cfcry and Dock strwet*, between our MmL Warehouse and the York River Depot. PT? Je ~>-t* PAlMRR. HARTV >< > K k CO. \?OR r ?tre< _ RENT, the BtORK on Wall street, and *r the Hi. Charles Hotel, it * * present occupied **y M. Hesebqrg leather -h,ro. a l?o tin, 8TORE Utely occupied by __ Thom^j ^b,. Ap,y-w n;vnuti>( Je 6? <t atHarveys k William*. FOR RENT, Moveral lnrq;e and pleasant ROOMS. suitable for lawyers or doe- JgA. torn' office*. over our store. Term* very mode rat,. WOOrmooF BROTH WW, __ Je ?? 1? corner Fourth and franklin gljg W. FOR RENT.? Having removed the offlce of the Relight*'* lfrrnl'1 to 915 Main ?treet, we otf.ir the ROOM Utnlr occupied by '"l.'af """*? Trfg* ? PICKING I, OR RENT, the BRICK DWELT 1 ING-HOU8E on .Nineteenth street. be- jgd JL l?l u-nwvuu .... .? ...v.. - tween Grace snd Franklin, now occupied by Mr. II. D. Wbitcomb. It is a two-story, bouse, with basement and garret. The room* are large and pieasaut, and the hou-?e and out-bmld-ings all in good repair, Possession given Uth of Juno. For terras, apply to my ?P-M CHARLES TALBOTT. T70R RENT, n DWELLING-HOUSE JF with TEN ROOMS, on Main, between * ~ - - * ... U A Th i r?l and Fourth streets, at present occupied by Mr. George L Bidgood. Th'- lot is large,. with the necestury ont-honses. Possession wiFlUe given on the 5th of June. Applv to PUKCELL, LA DI> A CO.. my 23 ? ts corner Thirteenth and Main street*. I > 00 MS FOR KENT, suitable for a _I\ gentleman and wife orsin^le gentlemen. w>th or without board. Apply at So. ?U>, flT.W I Eighth st r?et. beyond Leigh. my ?0? te : 17 OR KENT, one furnished ?nd one | X? unfurnished ROOM-, H>? Main street, ue- jri, tween Third an J Fourth sreet.**. ff^w my 7?te JOgW V OOgDOg k SON. Jjj|. I I '? >K KENT, One PLEASANT ROOM, ! 1? suitable for a Gentleman's Lodging- fcgl J room, or a Gentleman and Wife. Apply to Mm. H. B. llOCAV. jim Seventeenth street, between Venabieand Poplar, fe id? t# I WANTS. WANTED, THE PUBLIC TO KNOW f T that we received i special dispatch fr"tn our iigent in Baltimore*, to the eff-*ct that the Bretn-'ii ship "Admiral" arrived yesterday witn three hunired and nineteen, mostly German, Emigrant**, for Bnnfhrrn States. Order* should be nent imrnei he southern States. Order* should t?e *ent lmniedtatoiy. Price to Richmond, including office fees, i? only nine dollars. Apply st the SOUTHERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, Franklin street, under the Metropolitan Hall. Post-office box let, Kictiuiotid, Va. A. 0. D'Askahazv & P. T. Link, Agents. j NOTICE.? On r agents from varion* parts of Vir- ; ginia,, North Carolina; South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia, should send their orders as soon a* ' possible. je 7? It WA N T E I) , I TUATION ~AS TEACHER.? The writer, who is an experienced TEACHER ari'l a graduate ol most ot the ; schools of the A. M. course of th? University of Virginia, du tires ?o correspond with wm<> gentle- ' man possessing similar qualifications. with a view 1 to establish*! g a classical school in some eligible J locality; or he would accept a situation in a sclioofalready e?tablished. Parties iute're?led pleas*' address ALUMNUS. care of Dr. John R. Woods, Je 7? lmeod iTy Depot, Albemarle, Va.

WANTED, a pood COOK, WASH KR tt and IRON ER, to come well recommended, : without incumbrance. An elderly one t>r?f*rred. , GRKENHOW & MEREIMTH, | jo 7 ? St corner tiovernor and Franklin. YITANTED, all persons desirous of TT employing HELP OP A NY KIND, sneh as F:RST-CLASS COOKS, ? 11AM BERMAlDs, WAN , TRESSES, Nl'RSES, SEa.UsTKES.S1iS, LAUN- ! DKRsstS, Cooks. WASHERS and IRoNERS, and | HOUSE-WORKERS, oither native, foreign, or colored ; KtlLKo.tD HAND-, FARMERS. GAR- ' HK.Nt-KS. WAGONERS, COACHMEN, HOSTLKKS, 1 I PORTERS, fa KM HANDS, Waiters, Ac., can be j I supplied bv tailing at tin* , RICHMOND EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, I Franklin, between Eighth and Ninth street, three door* abore Meade & Baker's Drug Store. I Nott Ai FrAYSBR, Agent*. Je <? tt j W ANTED. WOOL, in large or small I lots, by Je 0? 1m HARVKYS & WJI.LTAMS. ; WANTED, A GOOD COLORED FE- }\ MALE COOK, without incumbrance. JOHN N. (JOKDoM * SON, | j je 4 Fourteenth street, near Exchange H< tel. j j WANTED, AN^ EXPERIENCED i . tt NURSERYMAN to take charge of, or an in* ; teres? in with the owner of, a farm in North Caro- j j Una well adapted to and located for a nursery and ) garden farm. Apply to Palmer, iiartsook a co., i my 30 Libby building*. , Y\rA N T ED. M rT W I L LI AM DA N- ' T T NlALSorMr J. H. SUA KP to call at the office of the Virginia Employment Agency, on Broad street, lour doors above -Nfnth, or address JAMES T. HENDERSON, my 19? ts Box 139, Richmond, _\a._ / 1ASH PAID FOB BON ES. ? Wanted. V. FIVE HUNDRED TONS BONES. Cash paid on delivery. my *? t* S. P. LATHROP, Agent. IDES AND TALLOW WANTED. DRV HIDES, Git&EN HIDES, and salted nipp.s li H1 Also, TALLOW : for which the higiitest cash price will be paid. O. H. CH ALKLEY & CO., 1 Hide and Leather Dealers. Thirteenth street, between Main and Cary. ap2i-ts LOST. STRAYED AND FOUND. 1 OST, a BROWN TERRIER rO I 1 J OOO, about six months old, with both^*^_3tk fi>re f*et white. He had on when lost a steel chain. The Under will be liberally rewarded if returned to the Dispatch office or to rue. jeH_it* BENJAMIN LADD PCHCELL. EALING SPRINGS WATER, FROM TRK HEALING SPRINGS, BATH COUNTY, VIRGINIA. The proprietors of theso highly celebrated springs it kve, in view of meeting the demand of the public, had the water carefully bottled at the Spr.ug, as heretofore, in such maimer ** to preserve its virtues and characteristics as when uaed at the fouutain. Its properties are well known, and experience has proved its threat value in the following dis- | e;n>ee, which have been cured t>y its ii"<e : Scrofula, j Erysipelas, Torpidity of the Liver, Dyspepsia, Aphtha or Thrush, 0*?na (an offensive discharge from the nostril), Intractable Diseases of the Skin, Paralysis, Bronchial Atfoctlons, Enlarged Prostrate (Hand, Enlargement of the Spleen, Urinary Deposits, Irritability of the Bladder, Diseases of the Kidnevs, Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia. Rheumatism, Diseases of Females. Chronic Ophthalmic Affections, whether dependent upon strumous or other dyscraaia of the body, And in all degenerate and morbid conditions of tbe Eye from neglected or improper treatment. Price, TEN DOLLARS per case of one don n hal. -gallon bottles. Orders enclosing this amount w,ll receive nrompt attention. DEstlilPTl V o PAMPHLETS, containing certificates of cures, and highly interesting letters from most respectable sources, and other information, can he had on xpplicatioii toS. A PoRTEU, Healing Springs, Hath cuunv, Va.,orto PUR.JKLL, LADD k CO., Prti^fsti, General Agents for the sale of the Water. Je 7? M&Thts __ / 1 R E A T R EDUCTION IN THE Ijr PRICE OF BLACK 8ILK WRAPP1NGS.-FI/- | teen-dollar Wrappings reduced to $11 ; $11 Wrapping* reduced to *12; $20 Wrappings reduced to f 11.50 ; $*5 Wrappings reduced tof !7.5t) ; $30 Wrapfings reduced to $23 , $35 Wrappings reduced to 27. Also, mi low prices, Shawls of every descrip- ( tlon, an extensive stock of Lilies' Dress u< ods, 1 | Sheetings, Pillow-case Cotton, Towels, Napkins. Table-< ioths, Dress Trimmings, Lace Collars, and ? all other articles usually k?M)t in a dry goods store, i LEVY BROTHERS, 1 I je 7 15 Main street. Black lawns, ginghams, Hernani, Crepe, Mareti, Bouibailne, AlpaI cas, and Mousiaines, at LEVY BROTHERS, I J" ' __ _ ___ _ J* H"get. ' v^Frgical instruments, POCKET CASES, . MEDICAL SADDLE-BAGS, 1 MEDICAL CHESTS, for sale by JOHN W. RISON, je? Main and Third street*. _ ; QEMETERY enclosures. We are prepared to erect CEM2TBBT FENCES OF ANT DESIRED PATTERN. I Those wishing to enclose their lots will please I call and examine our designs. ARCHER & 0OODWIW, ! Je I Vulcan Iron Workt. /Te.v^T Calcine*) PUfe\J TER.? Three hundred barrel* CEM*NT, one hundred and fifty barrels F CALCINED PLAtT&K, on eoosignauMU, for sale by my iaJu LIE * PETTTJOHN.B TIAY.-rEiKht hundred nnd live l*les XT TIMOTHY HAY daily ?xpect?d ou schooutr '? W. N. Geaner," for sale on arrival by Jel WILLIAM t. KlaQ 4 CO. HERRINGS.? Onjj hnndred barrels PORTLAND HF.K KINGS to arrtve per setioon"..'""?'?niteS!' >nn > , 0. 1>ICK LES.? One hand ml cases choice PD K' E<,Vnb?tI g?il?Mi,? ;r. and pint gla*? jsra. in store uo c<?au ?xseut. lorsaii * WILL AM T. KINO S fO. WEJITUAAJUA 4 WU44AXA* ! m

com mihs ion merchant. P~ HI LM I* *W K1<7hT,~ ~ COMMISSION ASD GRAIN MERCHANTS O* Ca*T, MTWlt bw Kt (TRUTH asi? Twti rtB ' "Tama. Th? ?nb*<-rib*r* hftrf a*i?oela?*4 nndir th?flrm of PRILEIPH ft WRIGHT U> conduct th? FPKI) AND COMMISSION BI1*1SP>? nt ,h?, h,h* r*. centlT occupied by M??Mr?. O. H.ChalkUv o?i I ?ry sir-t)', between Eleventh *nd Twelfth' Richmond, V?. ? In aollciiiag * ?h?re of th? pttrona** of thorny aiunit/, tl^y pro?ii?e ?U fhM?tr.ct?pplic?tlrm t/. ami fXp*rlwi???> In, nn-tn*** can to vn bUheat market pr;cea and [n maW* promt* r?turrn * jamw f. phi Imp# formerly ?f R?dw?mdA PhiliiwJOHN T. WRIOHT. Jau?W With >lw?. I - Ht-rniiK A Co Rfker**''*"* : I""*- Jotin Dov?and Albert frrwatj Jnd?e? Jotin A. Meredith and Cbrlsnar/ Mo?#r?. P If. v<ark<?, R Ca utborn. (}*?ri* I IItrin? & Co . P. Hortoii K^acb, R Gatbrigbt, J ?; K?-Jwood. R. L. WHIIama, A. A Hntrii#., ,n, lUm* A Co.: William II. R?dw.>odt of BaJt-jore , K K ?mith?T, "f Am?IU ; l>r. A II. n Christ an. of Mid-dlt'H'-x ; Monet & <Jrav??, bUrk? A RyUnd, j" {-'? DT. WILLIAMS, . C'MMISHION MERfHAXT and GE.NtiUL AG EST for th* ?a!? of MANUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO, as n COUNTRY PRODUCE ORNERAf.l.T, (Office for Ilia pre^nl i.ear Shocko* Warehou^,) 1 RirWMojrij, Va. Al) huainefw promptly dou? on eommiwion. ap 2?? t*

CONFECTIONER S. J/STA BL1SJ I ED 1H46. LOri8 J. KOSSIKUX, Manufacturer of DOUBLE REFl-NEI) hTKAM CANDIES, and Dealer Di... CONFECTIONARY, FKOITH, PICKLES, HOAR , Ar., Ac., beg* to Inforpi hi* old fi tends and customers tint he has r Huni 'd bnsine** ?? 1? in ol.f ?un j. K?. w? MAIN ST RE KT, RICHMo.NI>. Hedesir->a to return thank* for p*?t liberal patronage, and invite* tin in toi tciicwii! of o-mineiu- connections. promt*; ny e<jtiiial>le dealing. 1 1 it* motto is <juick sale* and small profit*. je ?i?1 t Dfeonixi a co., ? M.-iiiifictur* r* arid Dealer* in 1 FRENCH AM) AMERICA* CoNFECTIO.Vg. ! n:criTj. xuw, a. j No. 803 Mai.* .* i uk i. r, Spotkwoou Hotkt, Blocs, BlCHMOSD. Families and others supplied with the best on*. Mty 1? ), CREAM, OttANGh and LEMOX ICE, by ilie unm ' or gallon. ICE*C<?LD SODA WATER, In the purest and U?t fountain*. PARTIES, BAIL" and PTC-KK'S sepnliij with ev?*rytliiiiK in their line at the low?.?! rat** FKES'I FRUITS in aeason always on Laud. I my 11? lin ? VHUGF, MEDICINES. *c. 4 \ ER'S SAH.SAI'AKILIjA is ;i con. iV ce 1 1 trated extract of the choice root, so mm. d u itlj other substances of still gr? at' r s.t. r*. live power as to afford uuetf< ctual anti.lutn for >ii*. ea?e* SA USAPaRILLA is reputed to f ur??. > remedy is *urely w:inled by tho*e who stifiVr tr< m STKOJi'U K complaints, and that one which wli accomplish their cure mud prove, as thi* !.<?*, of imm*;n?.' service to th's larjfM c1h?s of our atf!ti'>.i fellow ritixens. Ilntr completely thin comprint)"! will do H has been pro\ en by experiment on ia?r?y of the wt?M cases to he found in the follow, tig complnintM : Scrofu a, Scrofulous S w*?ll and Sore*, skin Disease, Pimples, I'u-tule.*, Hlotrh< ?, hi .j i ., *t. Anthony'* Fire, Rose or Kry?lpel<w?, Tetter or Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ringworm, Ac. Syphilis or \ encrial dlsea?e ia expelled from the "V-M'iri l>v the prolni k*<i u*e of this SARs.\PA> KlM.A, and the patient is left la comparative health. Female diseases are cansed hy Scrofula In |ti? blood, and are often soon cufed bv this EXTRACT OK SAK-Al'ARILI.A. Do not discard thl? invaluable medlcinc berati** Ton hnv" h'M-n impoaed upon l?v ??>in??thinx prn. t?n<lln< to l>e Sarsaparilla, while it ?i? n<?t. Whi'ii y< ii hare uued AVER'S, tlien, and tut tid then, will yon know the virtues of S?r?H|?.? r'il* For minute particular* of the dU?*so? it cur. k ?k refer y. hi io A Y KR'S American Alnntnac, which hi ajcent helow named vrilt furnish grati* to all who call for it. a YKli S CATHARTIC PILL14, for the cure of rohttrene*'*. Jaiindite, Dmpepaia, lndii;i"Mon, l?y ?entery, Fonl Stomach, H*oa?la< ho, Plie?, Hin?unutiain. Heart barn, urbiiig from Digorder* Wiirh, I ain or Morbid Inaction of the How. Flatulency, Eo*a of Ai?|M'tit?, Li%*er Cnni|il?int, I?roi?> . VV'orjuK. (Jout. .Neuralgia, and for ,t dinner Pill. They are nuijar-coate.l, ?o that most *^nv't|r.? can tnke them pleasantly; and tin*y are the b. -t Aperient in tho woiidfor ail the pur|Mi?ea of a fam.lv iihvsie. Preji > red l>y .r. C. AVER A CO., Lowell, M.i?s , and sold lr. deal- r?? evervwh'-rrt. ' PIJRCRi.L, LAIM?A CO., Agent*, corner ol Mam and Thirteenth Mre.-t*, Jo J? 2m lUcbiaotw, Va r\lTilJiAl, OR SOUTH AMEKICAX W M>vP I'ARK, for cluaiiaing and reuuvaliiig xiiKH, f<-r >ale at MEADK A BAKER'S Prn^ ??tor-', Je 6 Ninth and Franklin atreeta. fAOLIN, OR FIN ELY-PKHIA K I.I) PIPE <,LaY, for photograph ei a, t??r MKAUE A BAKEK'S Drugstore, j- 0 Ninth aud franklin afreet*. to l(7u i T:8s tin err kk of iol>i NE prepared by MEvDK A RAKER, Practical Pharmaceutic*, Je 't _ Ninth and Frankiiu atreeu. K }* C B LANCARD'S PILI^S.? Tbo ceiiulne A>r iuipoiie.l BLANCARD S PILLS, Of f.KlHte of iron, so widely known and e?te? med in the ir* aimeni of female di?eaH<-?, lor aale by MEADE A B\KbK, PharInacelltll.,*. invJt corner of Mnth and tr.tnkliii sire. t*^ Medicated mineral waters FR'?M THE VIRGINIA Sl'RIJKiS. UtX. KBKIUtiE ALl'M WaTEK, k Bali no springs w.vtek, CONNER S SULPHUR WaTER. A LI. EO HA. MY SPIUJftJS WaTF.R A fre#h supply of the aboye Ju*t reccired, ami hereafter we mt|I| have constantly on hand supplies of valuable waters. PURCKLL, LADD A CO., my 24 A^ 'ficy Depot Virginia Mineral Water*. A ;?V ERT I S I NO. ? REEKilOES A HERALD? THE ONLY BAPTIST PaPKR PUPf.'tiHKD IN TMIH STATE, WITH A HK<-K >.Vi itAI'IHLV I.NCKEAS1AU CIRCULATION L\ J . " MTU A Nil WEST -Wo ,xp-ct to pnb!i-h FIV K PHOUSAN D cop lea of our next week * i*?ne. con'.inif i proce din.;# of the annual ni><e:iBn'>f the Ban tint General Association of Virginia. Hundrens < f copies will be aent by the .!? Iei,?i' * of ti?e Convention Into neigh borh"o??|* In wb < h there is u.> mail c' tumunicatioi). Those who d *- ?ire t<> hi ike use of our advertising columns do wi ll to sen?l in their advertisement.*, *<? that they may go iuto the next issue. JETEH A DICKINSON, Proprietor? of Religious Hurald. It- 5? At -No. vlo M;iin *cre?t. AN A D.IOl'RNKD MEETING OP ^'V the FIREMEN AND STOCKHOLDERS of th? RICHMOND FIRE ASSOCIATION will b- h- M at the offlco of Charles T. Worth a to A Co on THl'RkDA /, tite 7th .instant, at IS o'clock. M A full meeting is very important, and atockh"Mer? who cannot attend will pleaae call at the office of R. II M amy & Co. and ?]im a power of attorney. By order. H. 'J'. HR"<>KE, je 3t Acting Secretary T70R SALE OR EXCII AN ? ? E. ? '1 lie X/ undersigned o(i>r* for sal.? hi? tho- ?J1 roii?Ubr> d hor.*e GENERAL PATRICK, purciiased <-f Colonel McEntee. H<? '? , - ???und, nnd ride* and works well. Or wouIJ e*ch tnge hiui for a horse suitable for use lu tiie practice of his profeuion. Dm. Hl'GllKS, south side of Grace, second house above above Fourth street, >o. 411. Je 5 ? it . I) ELINQUENT TAX E.S.? Property -m. ' owners who have not p?id their Sta'.- ta-i for 1S04 will tind It to thetr Interest to tall at th? Sb?jsff'? ?ihc? and settle the same previoo* !<? tb^ 11 h of June (second Monday), as on that <i.t> 1 ?halt return all luxes nnpaid* to the Audi or a? d*-lin-|ueiit. KropeUv owneni wi.hmx to see the <!??? ii ii*| ijetit list will Bud a cop* at the Sheriff" s "flic. JOHN W WKtoHT. je *? 4t Sheriff city of Kichm 'ii i N OTIC K TO TAX-FA YERS.-I" A , compliance with aii ordinance of th ? c ') of Rlchuiorwl. 1 will ?it. nd a' the Collector ? > ' ? Cl'.j Hall, from ? A. M. to ? P. M , from the tSth to the JOth of Jane inclusive, to receive fr? i" TA X-PA Y EKb one-half or the whole of tbe' ity Taxea charged lo them, deducting therefrom tc? per ceut. JULIU8 X. HOB*1?. j<?l_tf)i City Coil xt-r rl VAN N ICRS' OIL. ? TANNERS' OIL J. fur sale by O. 11. CIIALKLEY A CO., Thirteenth, ^rey M between Main and Cary ?tre> t* " T TOW'S TU At7'~N? w sty HAT J.X Jiwt r??lv?d. POWHATAN W1ISI0KR. No. ?U Main ^rrei je 1 flr^t door below Spotaw>'QtlJj">.'J XX) R SALE.? Si* von U-*L-T T1NOKE FRONT BUICKS can be bad . sonahie teruis by application to the suh?vrif '. c? /ner o 4 Fourth an4 Carjr atreeu. v_PRrs . m S~Af WILLIAM >ORBFS. VfOTICK.? The public arw ?.;af!u"IU<i iN rot lo credit Mas. JANE K. TU ^ hf?>ntr*tu ^.eUS" 1 ^ Mr WlLLlK T^nOO^ FOl'li HUNDRED UUbHELS DKY PLj * "- ' ^TOVUIUV4*^ . Thtruep h 0. kl. tBqCa.y.(t>r!i / \NK Hl'WPBBPBABKaUt CIIOH^ i / varieties PoTAToKS lauding ft*'? cus^ioaeni, for AM T. KING * J"0. and forVa by *t?VE>a i ' *?***? c^uin *r'<TJi5jrC?l 4 r t?&