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^icltmonrf ffllpafdt, j WEDNESDAY JULY II, 1866. The Freedmen's Bureau Bill- By a special telegraphic dispatch from our Washington correspondent it will be seen that President Johnson does not shun the issue that has boon forced upon him by the Northern Radicals, but will, in the exercise of his high functions, unconditionally veto the Freedmen's Bureau bill. The Radical leaders are exerting all their energy to overthrow the Constitution and the country, but President Johnson, justly relying upon the purity of his own motives and the support of all conservative men. meets them face to face and opposes to their frantic efforts the cool, deliberate action of a Chief Magistrate who has at heart the true interests of the nation, and whose determination to do right is only made the stronger by opposition, calumny, or abuse. The report of the Judiciary Committee in relation to the assassination of President I.iMoi.n will he presented this week. No reasonable man can doubt that,it will show conclusively that there is not a shadow of pr?vf to justify the charge against Mr. Pay> of complicity iu the assassination; and when this great wrong lias been pub. hoy atoned for, the release of the exPresident of the Confederate States tnay at last, in justice, be permitted. New England Representation in the Senate. Since the Federal Government has been converted into a consolidated one, with ver to govern the States in all matters a> ti e States govern their counties, it has ' ci :s earnestly contended hy many thought. : ;! people that the representation of New Fugland in the Senate should be made to correspond with this new theory. Inasmuch u> every vestige of States rights has been destroyed, and the parties to the Federal compact have no means of redress allowed them for any act, however oppressive, adjudged to he proper by their central

head, it seems to bo unwise to continue tli.it equality of representation in the Senate which was conferred upon the States as an evidence of their equality in dignity and rights. Logically, every individual State is now at the mercy of the majority of the States; and since wo all acknowledge that no State has the right to secede from the Union, and no right to make war upon its fellows within the Union, it follows, "as the night the day," that uncondtiional submission to the will ol the majority in Congress, as expressed in the laws passed by that body and expounded by the Federal judges, is the duty of every loyal man. Such being tin case, every part of the Union should be represented according to population, and not with respect to State boundary lines? these being to all intents and purposes imaginary lines. 11, for instance, Mr. St wNi.i; and his tribe can induce Congress to j.ass a law conferring the righ'. of suflrage upon negroes, and the Supreme Couit to decide the law to bo constitutional, no State has any right to resist the execution of such law. So of any other law. If we could get Congress to pass a law providing that no man should vote in the New Lugland States who is a descendant ol the puritans, and who is not worth ten thousand dollars, the duty of New England w ould be unconditional submission. Such we understand to be the theory of the government held and acted upon by the Radical party, aud, wc might add, by a large majority of the people of what was once called the non-slavehohling States ol this Union. Our theory irus an entirely different one, but, as General Fitziii'uu Lee remarked recently, the result of the war has forcibly reminded us that we have nothing further to say in defence of our theory. We accept the situation as it is. Now, the Cincinnati Gazette, a Radical sheet not quite as malignant as Forney's ( hronktc, takes up arms for New England, and actually has the simplicity to braudish the Federal Constitution in our sight as an instrument of warfare to bo used in defence of her right to equal representation in the Senate. We hardly kuow whether to call this impudence or folly. That paper argues the question thus : "This is comprehended in the project, because it cannot begin without setting aside that very groundwork of the Constitution which declares that 4 no State, without its consent, shall be deprived ol its equal suflrage in the Senate.' This is the starting point of the compact. This is reserved from the power of amendment. 11 cannot be taken away without revolution." In the name of reason, man, have you never heard of such a thing as 44 amending" the Constitution? We simply propose to strike that provision out of the Constitution, and then any State can be deprived of its equal representation in the .Senate whether it consent or not. Nothing is more easily done. The Constitution once guaranteed to the southern States the right of property in their slaves; but we 41 amended " the Constitution, and took away several thousand millions of property from them in strict conformity to the Constitution as amended. So we propose to do iu this case. It may be unconstitutional to deprive a State of its equal representation in the Senate as the Constitution now stands, but it will not be unconstitutional when we get that instrument altered for the purpose. To say that any feature of the Constitution is 44 reserved from the j?ower of amendment" is to assert that if such feature were amended the State thereby injured has the right to withdraw from the Union; or,if not, that the provision is a dead letter. Surely a Radical journal would not teach such rank heresy. And yet the dogmatic declaration that 44 it cannot be taken away without revolution" has an awful squiuting towards the doctrine i that the States still have some 44 reserved rights.' We should like for the Gazette to I*- more explicit upon this point. There is another view of this eonstitu-! tional provision, which wc commend to the atteution of the Gazttu. The southern States have for more than seveu mouths " beea deprived of their equal representation in the Senate " without their consent. They Lave elected Senators to represent them, who have in vain begged to be allowed to perform that duty. Surely it cannot be constitutional to deprive Virginia of her equal representation lit the Senate, and at the same time unconstitutional to deprive Massachusetts of hers. This point needs no elaboration. To conclude, we repeat what we said

?rreml day* ago, thai ?? Httle ynwll?I consolidation applied to Now - England will teach that pestilent Imijr-hodj more of sound politico-economical dofctrine, and improve her political education in a greater degree, than all the "glittering generalities" of Democratic or conservative ylatforms will ever he able to cram into her cranky head. ' . The Ministerial Crisis in England. In consequence of their defeat in the House of Commons on the now Reform hill, the Russell-Gladstone ministry tendered their resignations to the Queen on the 24th ultimo: and wo learn hy our latest advices that their resignations have been accepted. According tot ho usual custom, the Earl of Derby, the leader, iu the l"pper House, of the Conservative party, has been charged hy Her Majesty with the formation of a new ministry. Lord Stan- ! LET, son of the Earl of Derby, has been appointed bv the Queen Secretary of State for Foreigu Affairs. Mr. Disraeli will probably bo once more Chancellor of the Exchequer, a position which he filled under Lord Derby's former administration ; Lord Cranbokxk will most likely be Lord High Chancellor; Sir E. Bui.wer Lttton, Secretary of State lor the Homo Department; and Sir Hrou Cairns, President of the Board of Trade or Secretary for Ireland. It is stated that Lord Derby will endeavor to construct his Cabinet so as to include several gentlemen who have nut hitherto been attached to the Conservative party, although they have voted with it upon the question of reform. Neither the honor nor the dignity of England was safe in the hands of so timid and vacillating a politician as Earl Russell, and when the straightforward and manly Pai.mekston died, Earl Russell's career as one of the etiieftains of the great Liberal Conservative party was nearly at an end. Under the premiership of Lord Derby the material interests of England will not be disregarded; but national honor will never be sacrificed to commercial and financial prosperity.

The Prussian "NeecUe " Gun. As this weapon, which was referred to in the telegraphic dispatches published on yesterday, will in all probability be frequently mentioned during the course of the present European war, a few words in description of its plan and principles will not be out of place. The cartridge used in the 44 Needle" gun is made of still' curd-bogwd, the ball, powder, and explosive composition being contained in one and the same cylinder. Its great peculiarity is that the detonating powder is placed immcdiatrl;/ in rear of tht base of the ball and between it and the powder. The advantage of this is, that when the powder is ignited that portion next the ball in which combustion is lirst perfected exerts its full force upon the projectile, the powder in rear also exerting its influence, as it becomes almost simultaneously ignited. Under the present system, in which that part of the powder j next to the breech of the pun is first ignited, a portion of the powder is frequently expelled from the gun with the ball in a condition of only partial combustion, the | explosive force of the powder first eon- j j sunied being adequate to expel the hall ! and the powder in its front before the : whole charge has time to become entirely ' I ignited. Thus in the "Needle" gun all | the powder is consumed, and applied to i l the best elFcct, and so as to obtain its full- ; lest force at the same instant and in the same direction. The 44 Needle " gun is a breech-loader ; j and when the trigger is pulled, a stout J 44needle" or wire is thrust through the j base of the cartridge, parallel with its axis, into the detonating charge by the ball, can- ; sing its explosion and the ignition of the cartridge. In accuracy the 44Needle" gun cannot j he surpassed, and its cflt .dive range is said i to he about fifteen hundred yards. It is, however, doubtful whether it will ho found j to bear with impunity the necessarily j rough treatment of an active campaign. The Prussian J'agers and sharpshooters I generally are armed with this formidable weapon, ami upon a skirmish line, when it can be used with care and deliberation, it must prove highly effective. A Call for a State Convention.? Whilst we do not consider it a matter of any importance how a State convention is called, or by what authority, we must say that the following call has struck us as being slightly officious. Nevertheless we have no earthly objection to a convention organized under this or any other call. The objeet is u good one; and if no better means of securing the representation of the State in the Philadelphia Convention shall he suggested or acted upon, we are very willing to meet our Portsmouth friends in Petersburg on the 2Gth of July: 44 Portsmouth Johnson Club.?At a regular meeting of the Johnson Constitutional Club, July Gth, it was unanimously resolved that a committee he appointed for the purpose of culling a State convention, j to elect delegates to the National Union j Convention to be held at Philadelphia on | the 14th day of August, 44 Pursuant to said resolution, a State convention is hereby called to meet at Petersburg on the Sffith day of July, to consist of one delegate to every fifty votes cast at the last election from each city and county, and one delegate at largo from , each city and town. 44 Such delegates will be elected by called meetings of such citizen* as support the President in his efforts at reconstruc-1 tion. 44 Since the great object of this National1 Union Convention is the restoration to the ! South of their rights under the Constitu-' tion,it is earnestly requested that each! city and county send its full rcprescnta-' tion; and such editors throughout the j State as are favorable to this call arc respectfully requested to publish the above uotice. J. S. Sti'hbs, President. " G. P. Parker, Thomas Smith, ' J. O'Counor, Jr., M. McLaughlin, T. II. Williams." Is it So ? The Washiugtou Chronicle says that Governor Peirpoint is one of the men who have called for a National Radical Convention. 'SaT1 "i*4"Fredericksburg has been out nr^ t0 .rac, ,0 hii, dX-Siar conThe wheat crop in this county has j turned out very badly. Although not more than half a crop was seeded, the yield from this will not exceed one.third i of what might have been reasonably expected. II e hear the same account from Nelson.?Charlottesville Chronicle.

The following new books have been published by Carliton, 413 Broadway, New York: ; \fho Ooes There ? Or, Men and Events. By "Sentinel" (William II. Boo art). This volume contains a series of personal recollections of Wasiiinotox, Lafayette, and the intellectual giants of tho Revolutionary era; of Hamilton, Aakon Bleu, Genet, Clinton, Fulton, Edward Everett, and a host of others, whose namos have become historic, related to tho author "by those who had themselves known or "seen or had enjoyed extraordinary opportunity of information of tho persons ? delineated." Tho work contains a store of anecdotes and reminiscences which can never be found in histories, and will make the actors in the great drama of American life as familiar us though they still lived amongst us. Such books do more in enabling us to forma just appreciation of the man than a score of essays or formal ora- , tions, and show his character more distinct- ] ly in 'matters of every-day occurrence than : in the formal events of public life. The 1 plan of the book is well carried out,and its tone and style arc unexceptionable, but the author has not yet convinced us that Edwaed Everett was an earnest man, or that his orations did not draw their greatest charms from smooth words, rounded periods, and tho well-known grace of his delivery. Passages, Incidents, and Anecdotes in the. Life of Junius Brutus Booth (the elder). By his Daughter.. The great tragedian whose life, written by the affectionate hand of his daughter, is now before us, trod the English stage in company with Edmund Kean, Iykmrle, Barhtmork, Liston, and the immortal Sinooxs, and the reputation which be so justly possessed across the Atlantic attended liini in an increased degree in this country until his death at Cincinnati in 1852. Mr. Booth's first appearance in America was in this city on July 0, 1821, when lie opened at the Richmond Theatre in the character of Richard the Third. Ilis early life was an eventful one, and the record of his first struggles for fame, his chequered career, and his triumphant success in America, cannot fail to he interesting to even those who do not appreciate the genius of the tragic stage. The name of the eminent tragedian still lives in Junius and Edwin Booth, ami will not soon or easily he forgotten. The Old M> rchunts of Xew York City. By Walter Barrett, Clerk. This work contains sketches of the lives J | of John Jacob A>tor, Cornelius KoirritiiiiiT, Van Cameron, Li man Reed, Ay.mkk I & Co., ami other old merchants of the city i of New York. The book is pleasantly written, but perhaps more sectional than general in its interest. The Aposihs. By Ernest Rknan, author of the "Life of Jesus," &c. This is the continuation of the Life o/j Jesm and a portion of the History oj the | Origin of Christianity. It is the stated object of the work to show | how the power of the Church became estah-1 lished after the death of its divine founder; to describe its organization, its trials, and f triumphs; to follow its rapid progress, anil ) note the birth of the great idea of distant J missions to the Gentiles. Tho book gives evidence of marked learning and research, j but it is characterised throughout by a ! spirit of rationalism, and will not be welcomed as acceptable Sunday reading. For sale by Biduood & Riley, Main street.

MARRIED. I On the 4th instniit, at Rorklish Mills. XeNon countv, Vi?., l?v th>* K>'v. S. 1". Huff, >!r. CY Rl > i A. Matthew's and Mis* MAKY t l'uWELL, all . of Nelson. DIED. At the residence of her sister, in X>rfolk, on tin 3d of July, ;tft<-r a lung and painful li ne- , wlr.i-* she bore with Christian t> situation, Mrs. CHIJI* T1A N A. BUTLER, in the fifty-third year of her age. SPECIAL NOTICES. ?-?" TO M'KG EONS AND DKlGGlsT.VWecall the attention of surgeons and druggists to our sale THIS MORNING (Wednesday) of 8UKGICAL INSTRl*MENTS, TKUsSES, HINDERS, HOARDS, CUPPING GLASSES, SUSPENSORY HAGS, PENAL SYRINGES, TOURNIQUETS, STETHOSCOPES, FRACTURE SPLINTS, GRADUATE MEASURES, HED PANS, &c. Will besuid at 11 o'clock. KEGNAULT it CO., jy 11?It Auctioneer.* ?.?- FOR SALE, an excellent WHEELER i j WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE, in tirst-rate or- j tier and but Tory litthtaised. 't will be suld at a | very moderate price.**Apply to jy 11-31* JOHN DOOLEY. k-JsTO THE CITIZEN'S OF RICHMOND.? In response (?> the inquiries which have heeii made of me, I beg leave respectfully to say, that if it bo the pleasure of the citizens of Richmond to elect mc to the Legislature to fill the existing va- j cancy, I will serve them cheerfully and to the best j of my ability. I am sensible of my inadequacy to supply the j place of Mr. Grattan, whose resignation, in cum- ! mon with all who respect virtue and talent, 1 sin- ' cerely regret. And it is due to candor that 1 should say I fear the partial fa Tor of my friends who hav>called upon me has led them to over-estimate my capacity to serve th-m. Public life is altogether new to me; neither my tastes nor my aspirations' have ever taken that direction. And I hon.Iv think that when the material interests of the city j and .State are so deeply involved in legislation, the I people should select their most tried and experienced citnens for the public service, and I shall gladly give place to any one they may choose. Hut if those among whom I have lived from toy birth, anil to whom 1 am under ?-o many obligations, shall honor rue with their choice, I will devote to their service with earnest zeal all the energies I possess. WILLIAM W. CRUMP. je 29? lawtAagltiJkdtde Masonicnotice.?Themom- & bers of Richmond Lodge, No. 10, are^Qf hereby summoned to attend a called moot- / NffN hereliy summoned to attend a called meet-. ? ing of their Lodge at the Masons' Hail oi Franklin street THls (Wednesday; EVENING at 7 j o'clock. l>y order of the W M. JAMES B. RIDDICK, Secretary, i July 11, A. L. lseo, A. D. jy 11?lit I" ?IRST NAT I O N A L BAN K (>F RICHMOND has REMOVED to its n-w bank-ing-house, No. 1217 MAIN IsTREET, ONE DuOR ABOVE THIRTEENTH. iv ll-3t t Fabmebs Natioxal Haxk or Kirunonn.) HlCBNoXlt, Va., July 7, 1?(W. i T A MEETING OF THE DIRECTOR8 OF THIS BANK, held at their bankinghouse THIS DAY, Colonel THOMAS H. BIGGER was unanimously elected CASHIER jy 11?3t N. AUGUST, President. First national bank, UNITED STATES AND HTATE DEPOSITORY, No. 1317 Mai.v stkbst, OXB DOOK ABoVK THIHTEEKTB STKEBT. Deposits received; Certificates issued for Gold Deposits, payable on demuud. Merchant*, farmers, aud individuals opening accounts will receive special attention. ? , 8. A. GLOVER, Cashier. W. B. Qcaki.es, Vice-President and Teller, jy 11?lm /\NK HUNDRED BARRELS AND MOLA88E8 and SYRUP : one K J ,^b?rr'i' north Carolina No.i^kr HFttklVfla* ba?:lrr?, barrels HALIFAX No. 1 nhttHlNUH {jy U] ^ A y. gToKfc.8 k CO. 8B3383X"FIVK BAGS RIO AND O LAGUAYRA coffee. JP" a. Y. 8TOKE9 k CO.

SPECIAL NOTICES. \ ? WTA CARD OF TItAlVKft.? Having nearly reI covered from ray late Injuria* raelved upon the , Richmond and Danville railroad, I avail myself of the earliest opportunity, and have selected tliimedium, of returning my heartfelt thank* t?? the numerous friend" who no cheerfully, generously, and nobly rendered tne asalatance during my affliction. To the superintendent and officers of the road who supplied me, not only with all the at tlcles necessary for my comfort, but all the rles Whirl, (he market afforded. To Doctors Ball, Newman, Hancock, Winston, Archer, ar.d Pnlllntu, who were all attention. To the citizens around Coalliold (especially Messrs. Edward HunItffe, Robert Marks. Barnes, and General R. L, Walker), who did not stop to Inquire who or what , I was, hut came promptly and cheerfully forward I to relieve the sufferings of a fellow-being. To Mrs. Ball, Archer, Scott, Barnes, Taylor, and Drummed ; Aliases Ball, Powers, Porter, Cunliffe, Hancock, Brummcll, and Hughes, who cheered me by their presence, and lavished upon me the I kindert and most constant attention, and who I feel were ministering angels tome under a kind Providence in my affliction. 1 feel at great loss for words to express the gratitude of my heart. In fact, words are Inadequate: but I can assure you 1 sincerely appreciate the kindness : and while 1 may look upon it as one of the saddest events of my life, the recollection of the kind friends who so nobly aided me will al- j ways ho associated with the event, and will in a great measure alleviate the sadness, ISAAC OVERBEY, Ji' It?3t* Alotedngford, Charlotte county, Va. ?fl" LADIES* DINING-ROOM %*n AT WENDLINGER'8, No. f'ltJ M.tl.v PTRRKr. DINING-ROOMS have been elegantly fitted up in ! the second story of my building for furnishing MEALS AT ALL HOURS for ladies accompanied by gentlem-n. The attention of the ladles and gentlemen of Richmond is called to ihis notice, and they are assured that no efforts will he spared to merit their patronage. The best the market affords can always he Lad. jy 2?oodts C. WENDLTNQER. ?T FIRST-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS are Mill being made by LUMPKIN iV*CO., No. 737 Main street, second door above Spot-wood Hotel. Price, p?-r dozen, TWO DOLLARS. Entire satisfaction guaranteed. jy W?eodts 9W C'OYN'ER'S SPRINGS.?This desirable WATERING-PLACE 1? now OPEN FOR THE RECEPTION OF VISITORS. Passengers leaving Baltimore, Richmond, or IV- j tershurg by MORNING TRAINS arrive at the Springs t<> tea. TWO TRAINS I'A&S DAILY, OK COMMUNICATION BY TELEGRAPH ea-t and west, at the command ?>f visitors. WILLIAM H. FRY, jy C?St Proprietor.

w TIIE MI M AL LIFK INSURANCE! COMPANY OF NKW YOKK.?ASSETS, OVKK *18,o-:?o,ooo.?T?> meet the clndce of such j resent or 1 future member* m iy |?r*:f* i to have the amoui : insured paid in i 11-t.i!;i??-1? t- to thejr wBIoavs or! heirs rather than in on* mini, thi* Company i* prep r-d to insert in it-poliri. * a clan-,* agreeing that in lieu *>f tin- jmyni'M.t ol the policy and protit- in one mint, an equitable amount, to bo deter-iii:to-'I by the Company, inay ho j : id annually or semi-annually for ii y * pert tied numb. t of yea is , nay from livet-?twenty-five year.-!. Kx AMlM.t ? Suppose a policy of ten thou-and dot- j lars v.-itli additions amounting to five thou-an-l ! dollars more, should become payable by reason of the death of the person insure I, the Company, in : lieu of the payment of lifteen thousand dollars in one sum, would he able logic** (assuming inter*-r as realized in the pa -t) an annuity *r ten years of o;,-r two thousand dollars per annum, or for t\r< ntv v.mis an annuity of or* r on-- thousand , three hundned dollars p- r a.imiiu. This form of annuity will r >niore the anxiety which may exist inth- mini-of snino p?-li<-y-liol |. er? lest ttoj future provision thov have mad" for1 their tamilios should he inetlecttial or transitory 1 in itsduution, either thi-oigh unsafe investments, unwise expenditure, or other uncertainties incidental to contingent trusts. Jt is not only free from the ordinary dangers of investment, l.tit its punctual and full payment isecured by the LARGE AND SOLID CASH RESOURCES and good faith of this institution, which thus, t<>a certain extent, becomes the GUARDIAN or TRUSTEE of tho survivors. Hence the provi- ( si<ui may lie consid??r?,d, humanly speaking, he- ? yon 1 any adverse contingency. All such deferred payments or annuities will -hare equitably in the profit* or dividends of the Company, This Company al-o issue* SURVIVORSHIP ANNUITIES, which provide for survivor* during th- , whole period of life, and DEFERRED ANNUITIES, by which individual* may provide for themselves in advanced age. F. R. \ViN.-ro.i, President, o, r. DUESEE, General Agent, Richmond, Va. jy I?"t ltri?E\TAh XOTICE.-XTI KOI SOXIOE iA*.-W. LEIGH BURTON, Drnti-t. having a -uperior apparatus lor the matitracture ot this gas, s prepare*! t<* admini-ter it a* an anie-thetie in tb?* EXTRACTION <?F TEETH, tneieby rendering th-s ?pt-ratioii absolutely painless. As it i- highly important that the gas should he fresh and pure, timely notice should he given of a iesire to Use it. omce and resld'-nce north weM corner of Seventh ind Franklin streets. jv 2?lm* *? PRISON LIFE OFJEFFERSON DA A is. l-'OUU YEARS IN THE SADDLE. Harry Gilrnor. POLLARD'S HISTORY OF THE AVAR. WOMEN OF THE SOUTH. SOUTH SONGS. BILL ARP. For sale by Je 211?ta COLE A TURNER. *? ESTABLISHED P?to. LOUIS J. BOSSIEUX, Manufacturer of D0UBLED-REF1NED STEAM CANDIES, and Dealer in ION F ECTI ON Eli Y, FRUITS, PICKLES, CIGARS, AC., iiC., to inform his old friends and customers that ;e lias resumed business at his old stand. No. 8u MAIN STREET, RICHMOND. He desires to return thanks for their past liberal i atronage, and invites th-m to a renewal of tiieir usines- connections, promising e*|uituble dealing, i ii? motto is quick sales and small profit*, je -I?I in *?' ICE-CREAM FOR PARTIES, FAIRS, PIC-NICS/.&o. A N I> It ? W AST0.1I jspectfully announce* that lie is prepared to furnish, at shprt notice, on very moderate terms, SUPERIOR ICE-CREAM f ev.iy desirable flavor, f r ball- parties, fairs, escnr.-lon5, cr pic-nits. A call is respectfully solicited. je 15?1 PS~ UNION HANK OF RICHMOND, (SAVINGS INSTITUTION), FFIUB AT TIIE NATIONAL EXCHANGE Bank. SUBSCRIBED ( ArirA!,, *'"0,000. I1IS INSTITUTION ALLOWS SiX PER CENT. ON DEPOSITS. I. DAVENPORT, -T*.. President, JAMES MILLER, Cr?hl"r. pntrrTo*"'. R. A. Paine, L. I>. Crcmhiw, W. R. Q-ntr!-*, Wm. II. Lyons, Jr., R. F. lllankcnA. Bodeker, B. P?. Webtgcr, s'i'p, W. A. Spott, Mose* EHyvon, J. B. Win-ton, A. L. Kllett, Ja*. W. Archer, A. A. IIiHchiuK. T. Taylor, J. Rosenbauu, son, W. E. HI it ford, J. W. Hall, W. A. Jenkins, J. A. Kelvin, W. F. Gray, W. E. Tanner, T.U.Dudley, Alfred Mo?cs, J. M. Nuwlin. The security offered to depositors Is undoubted, ud the institution should commend itself to all j lasses. The attention of all in city and country is called j > tins institution. Here they will find secur.ty, >nrenience, and profit, euros a* small as five ollars in ay be deposited, aud six per cent, iute;st received on same. Oflce hours froia 8 A. M. to J p. M.; on Saturday om 8 A. M. to3 P. M., and from 1 to#P. 31. je 13?d&swlm WHT BILL AKF! BILL A UP! I BILL AUP! This Inimitable book Is now ready, and eve person should hare a copy. To be had of COLE A TURNER, T?-las Whig Building. 04T bYBUPs FOR NO DA WATER. CUoICK FRUIT AND CREAM Si'KEFb furnish the trade at low rates by W. H. SCOTT, Druggiet, je 4 corner Franklin and Seventeenth street*,

II ?WAW'IW."""1"" \rnrv ?V FRAYSRB ^ -nit to tt'Mit a iN I) W E I, LIX? - H OUri K rtbrth of Franklin ami .Ninth atr**. The hon" to contain .1* ?r Hifl.t rnonw. on h*n?l ^ fekR* ! \ A NTS, TEA.MSTRiiS. ??<l FARM HANDS. Tan supply city or country orders a? th? shortest notice. Ilniniu*** of all descriptions requiring the attention of nn agent aft??n<I??d to by NOTT U FRAYSRR, Franklin, between Eighth and .Nlnfli streets. Jyl I?u . 1 A NT K R.?All porsons, rollout's, 1* and private institution* who w.sir tone cure (food and competent TEACHERS would do well to address ttf, an w.? Intro tli'iu on hand. They can be bad fr?e of charge. A No, all TEACHER* ?t" required to eel id us (heir m i >plicu 11 < m ?? in their own handwriting, with reference#, u? we hare situations open now. Wauled, to import EMIGRANTS, whh h will be done for reasonable an I equitable price* tor further particulars, address tire SOUTHERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, Franklin street, under Metropolitan Hall, Poet-nillcn box M Kichmond, V:i. D'AN'DAliAZY it LINK, Jy 11?It _ ^ Agents. MULES WANTED.?I wish to purchase TEN No. 1 .MULES. Appivtoiue at Hsrreys J: Williams's, Commercial r>.",-V. jyl"-Jw J. H. HARVBY. \\T A N T 10 0Person* tloslring to I m ciiange their ('otiKS. WASIIEKS, IRON'ERS. NURSES, fflt am MERMAIDS. HOUSE and DININGROOM KKKVAN I S, can l>? supplied with good, reliable and weii recomineiided labor by calling at "to Franklin street, between Eighth ami Ninth Prompt atu-niion given to country orders for FARM HANDS or Laborers of anr kind NOTT & VRAYsKK. Franklin street, between Eighth and Ninth, iy 7 XOKNTLKMAN' who is a superior teacher of Mu>io, German, ami French, wtshc* a SITUATION in a w||io| erieMtor. R-. ferenreaexchanged Address K. T. N., 340 postottlce box, New York. Jy 1?en. Hi* ri>i:s and tallow wanted. DRY HIDES, GREEN HIDES, and SALTED HIDES. Al?o, TALLOW ; for which thu hlghtc-t ch-Ii price ! will ho paid. O. H.CHALKLKY&CO.. Hide and Leather Dealers. Thirteenth street, be-I tween Main and f'ary. ap23--ts j /1ASII PAID FOR HON EN.?Wanted, \y FIVE HUNDRED TONS BONUS. Cash pail oil delivery, my s?ta S. P. LATHROP, Agent. LOST. STRAYED AND FOUND. STOLEN FROM MY FARM. NEAR ? ^ Alice's st'itien, n large !> A K J\ BAY -ft M ARK. IDr i r:hf bin.I ankle is s< riewhat enlarged, and she has a number of gun-shot mark-on the rump and leg. she is -up. poseil to liave been hrixight to Richmond. A liberal reward will he paid t? ?r her delivery a? Mr. B. A. lla/legrove's restaurant, iu rear ot the Sccon I Ma rket. Jy lu-.1t* _ W.JI. TIMMERLAKB. VOTrrE JS !IEREIJY tilVEN tlui il nnplicaiion will I,e made f. rthe renewal of t certificate fur TWO SHARES or STOCK standing iu our name in the Richmond and Liver pool PaekeOVunpdiiy. ELLETT & DREWRY. je 13-WlawSni* "V'OTK'E.? Application iM 1>o li to the Richmond, Fredericksburg ami p..totnac Railroad Company for the renewal <t ivrliticates |i?r live shares of the .stock i-ioili 'i:e panv, is?nei| in the name of JKANKTTE M,,.'t I(i? ?M Kti V . Hie S.ud cert I Ufa O s ha* ilig been !. -t jt. t ;?W'.'iu* MARGARET 0. FISHER. I OST CERTIFICATES. _ Notice i.-, I i hereby given tIt capital Of the \ IRGI.MA HUE AND MARINE INSlf ft A N< E COMPANY, issued in aiue* of tin lot lowing part lea, respectively, have been lost, I and that application will t. ? imiile to the Board of! Stireciors <?; said < ompany ho lieu c itillcates, in 1 I I' It Of t tlU S.I ItlC, \ 1/ Shales j Share-. E. A. Triplet! 23 j i?id Dominion ilis. Co.liiii Tlioiu.o II. Wynne... Sa j Giles Picot... I" Andrew Antoui l*?i i Richard Whitlield...l-ti | A. Converse II j K (i Noltinrr | I'.o. .Si. Pollard 1" It:. W. Purceil, Tin-- ? Asil Mivder 2J | tee .. 12 j .fane r.'Litti ? !? E. Miller R. B. Cringan to I.I. Page. .Ir * g> i?rg\V. L'<>--ii., (la j 1. \ t?. U. Dav nport. 71 ( A. Monis a III.-1 T Harris 1j I W'lll.u.i Be,i j F. It. Iieni;..., TinsEdward Mii;. <>, i x i. Ivi I t* ?* J. P. Winsiou, Ties- |ii. II t haikiev I ? lee 33 j j x Walker.*. I" I Lancaster ,v Co "> i Kauuy T. liili Oe | Kent. Paine A: Co ?>? | II L. Kent bAle Sander Hill 5a ; hard A lata h? I. Davonpoii, .Ir 5' t All ."stockholders in the above Company who have failed to return their c> i!ili< at-? i -no] prior ? to 3.t .1 anuary last ire rcq ; -f.-d to return them to ? this oitice a* e.ti |y as po.ss.olc, "i, .u ta*o they !?*? i lost, to lepoJl tile fltet WILLIAM WILLIS, Jk . inv 23?law'JiuW S- urv.

FOR RENT. T/OK KENT, ilif liir:;.' WAKKJ. HOUSE in Libby H I n ? formerly <?c* Jaft um led by it*. Po?*e .jtimi gj rcn immediately, fSSp en] i'?d by u*. _ .. wiili 'i large amo'int "I *'? rage wi nr? 1, to i',~ -ki. desirable teUaUt. Applv to PALMER. UARTSOOiv & CO., jv 9?t* Fourteenth-treet. l/OK KENT, a haiitl-tune FURNISHr ED nor.SE, ws oh - ? .. . h street, between Njd Ma i> ? ?:-I Franklin, with and w?t?-r v?Wf thrniglioitt Hit- timi* ?. A;.ply to !I''X D V "jju MX ALL. <?(! the Ii;s ? ?(!)?'? .. \[ fudnni-liou*. , an J to BARTON Ac KH'-K!:*, jy il_ts 72? Main Mreet. "L'OR K ENT, ( OKN ER <) F Fir e I X? above sheriff* ofiio , Kicliiuon<I I!? .-i mi Govt) rum Ml reel, at_ very : >vt r- .t. Also, fflQ TWO Lo|w;l.\G-ROOM* f?M !' or ? /.'ill verv low rout. A|?p y at High t unstable"* ota IV i 1/OK KENT, tlio m il.dim; nowo.J? copied as the Dispatch printing house, >*L on Governor *.'re.-t, one .L or 1,'om Main tot^t I'O *i".i given in n f? w ??<? -Its?a* i; .: - J ft, our m-w IiiI? 11nmi li" corner of Main and Jw- t ii Mi et* .* computed. Apply at the Dipai> li '' -u ???hi. jo3??0 I/Oll KENT, several l;u-.'t* aiul j?iea- . >.uit ROO.Mii. suitable i rlaa y. r- or iloc- >~i t?>r*'otBco*, over our T< rut* verv nio<le- ffTTa rate. AVOODRnoF BROTHERS, ^jft, j,. roruer Fourth and Franklin street*. IX nIMS FOK KENT, stiitHlile lor u I 1 gentleman an t wife or -ingle gentlemen, " with or without hoard. Apply at No. H1J, Eighth street, beyond Leigh. " my 10?ts , t'OK KENT, One PLEASANT ROOM, suitable t?-r a Gentleman's Lodging. J?j\ rottu, or a Uuulluiuau and Wife. Apply to Mm. H. B. iliK'AN, '"-Ltl Seventeenth street, between Vet.aide and l'opoir. fe ts 1.MHST X AT I < i.\A I, DANK, I L'N'i 1'KL &TATF..S AND STATE DEPOSITORY, No. 1217 MA15 sTRttKI', oSK r?O0K AUOVK TlflKTEKXTH STIIKKT. Pelionit Cl-rtlflCrtt"* Will h.. issued by this b Ilk, bearing interest, payable iftur ten dky?' indice, on | the plan of the national banks In the northern | title*. REVENUE STAMPS ? ? M *1 G-?-rion-n' di*connt. H A GI.OVKK, ? ashler. \V. It. <H'AKI.ES, Vice*President and l etter, jy II?lut I KVYs <>!.!> J]> ! A KI.IsM i |? DKY 1 j GOODS sT'O.E TAX) * I li I Id Ml I io|, 1 flock to th'dr store to j m and a Rood reason wlnr, wle i excel lent loCHl be 1 l.'oll .,? French Calico., at -9 <>,nt?. f - a Kmrlisli Pareye and *?l.i?i-,?. ?- * ?? ? FretM ii WnTe Corset* at ?!..?? . p ;re 5. in n It in I kerchn-fo at T- |'-r d . n . t>.?i. 4- .? . \\ i. ? ! Linen Seta, Collar* and Cuff*, at *> . Hlne, i?i eu, and Brown Hareire. b r veil*, at t'l .-nt*. lilackSiiits at ?I.j4, ?1.75, and X- , Lis. a A.; a .it So cents. Al?o, at low price*. giM. js for tnei, ? and boy's wear; Fri/oa Nets, Gloves, Mitts, ; Stocking*, brvii rrlminiua*, Goran try Kutn ?, with and wiflioiit ? d^'inK ; 11"..p skirt*, s'h tivN, S:ik \Vrapi':ni<s. tiiii-.di i. is, Fiat.in is, Tab It Clotbs, Towel.*, and 5i;eeliiii;.-, at LEVY IlROTirnRS, jy 11 IS Main -ire- t. T7LOUK! FLOFK!! .r w barr-!? family. ICo barrel* ENTKv. fair tuchoice ; J5i> harrel* SL'PLUFIN K jy 11 A. V. STOKES ii CO. rl,IIIKTY-EI\'E IIDGSJI li A DS ET K A 1 and PcKTii lib <? SPGAUS ; tifty barreln KLFINKD M'GAKS (JvllJ A. Y. STAKES & GO. HDOTS BAND SHOES.?The nlaco to e? t the HEsT GOODS for the LEAST 1IO.NEY t le at 72, new nnmber 112#. Main street. *v 11 11. M GASTON'. 1 ICO RIFE! LICORICE!?Twenty Ii ca-e* "J c. n Co." LICORICE; ton case* LICui;'CE-rrin\TCT.,rKks?c?. Tllnl SAND POUNDS COTJl TON YARNS, 12 s, factory ntinihers. ir 11 _ A Y STOKES & CO. T^'ok""sale. 7i FINE BAY MAKE. r tix vear* <>Id, perfectly sound and gentle, flaa been used chietly for saddle, but vvorks admiiabjy in'biifU'i**.. . , , Apply to RfdIS i HRoTHEKSj jy la?21 corner of RU;hlh and Malr. *troet* Baxk of Sava.vxah, i SAVA5XAII, OA., July ?, lB<W. 1 A SSIGNEES' NOTICE?The undcrA signed h iving been upp^dnted ASSIGNEES <?; (tits Heuk lor the purpose of mljusting and liipuldating Its affairs, therefore all j?er*ons having claim* against this corporation will present th?in, and all lull-holder* of thl* bank ar i required to pru*ent the same within six months from this date, or the v will lose the priority priority granted by statate ; ( Hud those indebted will make tiutnrdUu payuieut to II SK1GRAM. GEORGB W PA VIS, jy lu-lin Aks.guees. . T?IFTY HOGSHEADS PRIME RIB X; HIDB8 bacon. , 10 hog*li. aJs prime CLEA K SIDES BACON, 2a hogeheftd* prime S1IOPLDERS BACON, 25 keg* prime sMlTllhlXD LARD, MITH Sao e MITH FIELD HAMS. 20 hogshead* PORTO lilCO SUGAR, 100 bags KIO (N)FFKB. 20 cases C?MiNA< BRANDY , W cittos superior C LA KEI, l.S Kicks owo^bh.gtin ?' LIVERPOOL SALT, 6e0 sacks GROUNI) ALI'M SALT, 3u boxes adamantine cand?e8. Superior OLD WHISKY, COGNAC BRANDY, in pip##, and UROLF.-Bjj-'CUARLK^ T. WORTH AM k CO.

*? Avmcm sales-tutori: day: By Paine It Co., Auctioneer*, !?? Main street. J^AUGE S A L K OF AN ENTIRE STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, . DRY GOODS, GENTLEMEN'S FTrRX!f*H!5G GOODS, &e , Ac., AT AUCTIOJT. On WEDNESDAY, the Hth instant, commencing at 10o'clo<"k, we will ???ll at our auction-room*. by jrder of Thomas C*. Dudl?y, Km|., Sergeant <>f tli city of Richmond, upon attachments issued In the pending ?ulta of Tuck.-r A Smith, plaintiffs, t*. P. McDowell Si Co., defendant*, and Balderotoii, Ward & Co., plaintiffs, v? Y. McDowell A Co., d f?ndanf?, th? KNTIKK STOCK "K GOODS of F. , McDowell A Co., consisting of BOOTS end SltoES, comprising every v.ir.cty men's, women's, boys', misses', and children's ; TRAVELLING TRUNKS and VALISES, a largo assortment j TRAVELLING HAGS. Ladies' HOOP SKIRTS, ^ Gentlemen's DLA' K and DRAB FELT IlAr>, j MNE&.BOSOM and BID' WN I. IN EN SI! IUTS. Gentlemen's GAUZE MERINO sHlllTS an-l | BKAWERS, FANCY CAKSIMERE SHIRTS, SUsPKX DEI1S, UMBRKL! ?S, PARASOLS, NECK TIE", GLOVES and HOSIERY, In groat Tarlety ; III'CKABACK T'HVEL\ WHITE .TK * NS DRAWERS. cambric handkerchiefs, BRUSHES, PERFUMERY, LINEN and PAPER COLLARS, B'-.LT BUCKLES, SCoT' 11 WHISK Y. California wi.vf. t?LD COG.N AC BRANDY, claret wine. WRAPPING PAPER. ToJLF.T SOAPS. 3 SILVER.PLA rKD SHOW-CASKS, A' Tek J? * . I or all sums under one hundred dollars, cash; over that amount, sixty days credit for apnrowd endorsed note*, iv it PAINE St CO., Auctioneer*. , ByC. C. lianee A Co.. Auctioneer*, Seventh street, between Broad and Marshall. UTE WTT.LSKIJ, AT OI'U STORK tt on THURSDAY, duly 12th, commencing at It) o'clock- ! BKD.vrB ADS, MATTRESS F^t. OFFICE AND oTIIKit < ilAlRS, TABLES, WARDROBES. ALSO, 2. do/.., 11 LIN EN COATS, l ' ,i< /.mi LINEN PA NTs. 3i? pairs! AS*IM ERE PANTS, I do/en VUs I S, LAWNS. BAREGES, and CALICOS, BOOTS. SliOKS, N0TI0NS, A< |v It C. C HANKS ,v CO By Grubbs St William*, Auctioneer*, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh streets. V KW FIiAME HOI'SE, ON TilK CORNER OF FIFTEENTH STREET AND CHESTNUT ALLEY. FOR SALE AT AUCTION - ? Will be eold at auction, on the premises, on FKI -i DAY, tli" 1 !h July, at 5 o'clot k, P. 31., the mm.tit I NEW DWELLING located a* above described. It ; t> i.: .Mi9 (..'ir room*, l'ho lot fronts twenty-two ( t and runs back seventy' feet. 1'kkm*: one-third cash; balance at four and 1 ? ight months, with Interest, ?? GRUBBS & WILLIAMS, iy f> Aucttoiu ern. 1 Bv Grubbe i William*, Auction* ers, N- riliwest corner of 31.tin and Eleventh streets, i

\\r EST WOOD, < (?.\TAINL\?{ FOl'Kl T f >1I'NDRI f) AND TillRTV? EIGHT ANI? A ><i' \ktek acre* vbkv i actable farm ; 1%'i ai> timber i,am>, lying f<ti: milk* j WL- I' ?>K Til K ( I TV. FOR SALE AT AF< TON - , <?n WEHXESDAV, July l\ <??iiui*i**ticlii>{ at 12 o'clock, M., we will n?-II at auction, "ii the pretti- | tiif valuable estate known a* WESTWOdl), ! owned bv tin* heir*? I the lute Loftiu N. Ellett. j It iif ibuitt four ntii>-? we?r of tli?* city, and a t - ! join* tin* lurid* owio-d by W.i-liii gton'Ci ? wmrd . ti"i iiirriy Ambrose Hutchinson), William Browntlot, T > l?it k* \. I. KHett. antl 1*. II. Ili< k* j Til-r ? at" I nl":' lll'N DEED AN l> THIRTY i EIGHT A2ii) A tll'AKTKll ACRES, which will be laid otf into nine tracts, vi? ? The mansion an i , other building*. with eighty-seven acres, a din? proportion being in woo*!*, fronting on the Deep' i mi turnpike .t>?? I running back to another roa.l rpoti tin- lr M t 111.rr?? i- a large ORCHARD, embracing a irt ^at variety of chojf, fruit, *?locteJ with | care ; un?l it might be made a eery desirable farm or country-scat The remainder i* divid-d into ??i.ht tracts, ranging in rize from thirty-four ?<? i foriv 1'iVf acre- ail having good fronts on roads | leading into tin* West ham plank road and the lie-prun tumpiki', and utfordnig the option to the purchaser of u-irtg either of those popular tiro roiight.ire* to the city, whilst the Grove roa.l. wh"ti extended, will pa.-* through a considerable part of the property. Ill the opinion of t!l" best judges. Ilies" eight lot*embrace the line-t boily o| timbered and woo l land now within a reasonable di-tam-eof the city, the tuost of it being in original forest, which has not been at all pillaged. It is supposed that the lumber which can I btalno I from the land will pay mora than its omit, There are beautiful buildwig -ites on e tch lot ; and as mu?t of the land lies I w ? * I i fi r cultivation, it t? very valuable for cottage sites ami small farms. The neighborhood is one of the most desirable in tli" vicinity of Richmond ( TkkMs : ?>iEv-third cash, balance at six and i twelve month* ft.i negotiable notes, interest added, j secured by a trust d". d ; or nn arrangement may | be made for much longer credit with pariies J.-- i string it. GRUBUS A WILLIAMS, iy 7 Auctioneers. By Crubbs A Williams, Auctioneers, Northwest comer of Main and Eleventh streets. 4 VKRYVAU'ABLK RESIDENT!-: ;\ AMI ULATTII I'f. gQl aRE. <>N Std'Til SIDE 't GRACE STREET, EXTENDING PRttM T W F. N T V S EC <? N D T<i TWENTY-THIRD -TREKTS. F?'K -.\LKAT AfVTION.-On M??N 1)A Y, the !<>th of July, at 5 o'clock, p. M . we will eell it auctiori, on the premise.-, the late residence of Li'FTIN N. tl.I.ETT, ii"C-a-ed. It is situate.) upon the crown of the liill.overlooking the city and surrounding country above and below, commanding a vli w of unequalled beauty. It is t most conveniently constructed dwelling, with about twelve rooms, with a large kitchen, smokehouse, stable, and all the usual conveniences of a private residence of the better class. The lot iroiita on Giac" street two hundred and sixty-four f.-et, extending from Twenty-second to Twentythird streets, and runs back two hundred and thirty feet, affording a I irge yard and g rd"ii ; and is one of t !??.* n?ost beautiful situations in the city : convenient to the business portion of the ciiy, and ye' Very i|iiiet and retired. It will be sold together or sub-divided to meet the views "f bidders. It i? rarely that a property so desirable in itself and w.thso many advantages of situation t* uttered to ; the public. TlinM.* : At -ale. GRl'BBS A WILLIAMS, jy 7?td Auctioneers. | By Grubbs A Williams, Auctioneers, Northwest corner of Eleventh and Alain streets. VA L II A H la I: PRIVATE UKSTV I'ENt r: AND WILDING L?'T>. AT THE northeast corner <?f Marshall and A DA Ms STREETS, >??R SALE AT AID TloN.-By repp-t hi Mi Jesou Williams (who is ducoiitinu'ii.g house ki . pingL w?> wiII. on THI'llSDA Y, July : ? lock I*. M., sell at auction, upon Uie ; i ? -? -, i s RESIDENCE, situated aa above. It lias itiout t- n rooms, besides garret, storer'joins, closets, bath-room, kitchen, and three r- ? u- - t,,r servant*, smoke-house, lumber-house, -i.-iil". cair ige-h< u-". Ac., all of brick, and now li. go. I or.l' i, having i ecu lately r?-j aired. fne entire premise- are admirably arranged lor ; ... i" uifori.tble i?ci-.,iiiiiio.la'l"ii of a large (amily. W. I, s' liie-light alterations, the rear buildings ? .?i A ta uis streets could be converted into store- or ' small tenements. I Wrh the bou?e will be *<?ld a front of forty-five le. t < n Marshall street, running hack one hundred an 1 s.Xty-s"Veil feet to ail alley. Aft. r whic'i, will be sold the two beautiful fJ?TS lying to the east of the dwelling, each thirty by | iii,. hundred and sixty-seven feet u>the alb y Possession will he given in a t< vv days after the sale. I Tnot-: At sale. GUIDES A; WILLIAMS, iv J Auctioneers. By Harrison, Uoddln ii Apperson, lUt,kef-, Brokers, and Real tsiatu Agenti. 17AUM OF ONE HUNDRED AND I1 Till LTV-ONE AIRES, CALLED CHISW1CK, IN HENRICO CoPNTY, SEVEN MILKS Wk>T oF R|( IIMONI), IXCLI'DIN?? CROt'S. HORSES. MULL-, WAGONS, CART, \e.u FUK SAKE AT Al'CTIoN.?At the request of Mr; Jacob Cohu we shall sell lit auction, mi the premise*, on WED NHSDaV, the 2".<h day of July, 1-ce, nt 11 o'clock, A. if., (if fair ; it nct.'the tir-t lair day thereafter , the beautiful FARM on which lie now resides, called "Chiswtck," and formerly owned by lie v. George G. I vail. Itltesonthe Three-chopped road, seven miles we-t of Richmond, adjoining the lands of B. W. Greer, and others, and contains one hundred and lliirty-oii? acres, of which about forty acres are well-cf in clover, twenty acres in meadow, forty acre* in original timber, twenty-one acres inordinary woods, and ten acres of vegetable land The improvements consist of an EXCELLENT DWELLING and all other buildings, including a Hue Helouse, with thr*" pond* near by: and an ORCHARD oF ONE THOl'bANloCHOICE FRC1T TREES, among which are ninety- Ave dwarf pear trees. Also, one aero and a half in gntpo vice of th*' tinest kind*. Pos.s*'*sion given in a few day*. Alter the sale of the land, all of the CROPS OF CORN, OATS, SEED WHEAT, will bo sold ; also, 2 COWS, 5 HORSES, 12 Ml'LEb. A parcel of HOGS. 4 WAGONS and HARNESS, 3 CARTS and HARNESS, 1 AMBCLANCE and HARNESS. 1 CARRIAGE and HARNESS, All the FARMING IMPLEMENTS, Ac Should the Farut not i j a?dd. it will be rented out for oue vtar ; and whether sold or rented, all of the personal effects will postriVKLT be sold. Ttaa* : For the land, one-third cash, balance at one and two years for bonds bearing interest, secured by a trust deed. For the personal effects, all sums under thirty dollars, cash : over that amount, four month* credit lor approved, endorsed, negotiable t>apf r. Harrison, goddin a apperson, jy 4?Sawtds Auctioneers. H Kill CONSTABLE'** SALE.?Will be *oid to the highest bidder, for cash, ou WEDNESDAY, the lith Instant, at la o'clock, A. t?'W .?f Mes?r?. Ruck A Abbott, on j wentietb street, between Main and Franklin, the wTnlJv-* properly, to wit: Thirteen SPRING CMam?**' *?veilteen HEAVY STREET WaGattachment In my hatuis In favor of Rock A Abbott %<s. browu A Stabler. This sale I* made by order of the Court of liuatlngs for the city of Richmond. )7* A K CRUMP. II C. C R

KtTCTKWT SAUE8-THW BAY. By H-gii. alt A , Auction***' M*!n ?treet, betw.-en Eighth an i Ninth gUPERIOR FtTHNITUHK, SU>M. CAL INSTRUMENTS, WHITE CANTON MaTTIN-i a AT AUCTION. Wewill ?*|| at auction, at our wpnxrDAY MORNING, Hit inatant, at l? o'fi^v ' I ?plendld R08RWOOD WaRDK"I!F? WaLN f'T and MAHmQaMT ^'AHIXETS 1 WALSUT (imitation; CoTTA'lK, SF.T WALNUT ant M AH'Mi AM' M \ RBI F T' t? . WA8IISTAND8, MAlfOOAN V* SIDEBOARDS and*OFtn WALNUT JKNN Y LINDand CoTr s uF? STEADS. MAHOGANY FRENCH BEDSTKAL* EXTENSION aril LEAF TABLF.S. CANE-SEAT and OTHER CHAIRS, HAIR an J SHUCK MATTREbsi.* 21 doaeu STRAW BROOMS, :<? roll- l ? WHITE CANTON MaTTI.V; 30 MARSEILLES BE1> 81*READS, ?1 FARLoR MIKRoRS, v?rv >?np.-ri - CROCKERY WARE. CLOCKS, Ac. TO 8CR0EONS AND DRUOOIsts Will h* ad 1*4, 2) m"n AMITTaTINU an I TREPANNING 8TKUMENTS, I b..x WELCH S KRA'TURB SPUN1? 1 lot BINDERS' BOARD, I lot FRACTURE SPLINT*, 1 lot SHOVEL ami BED PAN*. 1 lot NEW SINGLE ami I"?l'BI.E Tp'v. . 2 -eta POCKET CASE INS TRl'M KXT< jy 50 RKONAULT A Co , Ate; By Harrison. A *; ; Bank.. r?, BroLerr-, aift Real E-.a'? \rKRY NEAT AND fOMruin \t;i , V RESIDENCE AT THE soCTHW- *r < ? oi CLAY AND MUNI'OKD STREET* ; , M ; AT At'CTioN ?Will 111 ???!<! At ???.: nr. mi-.-a, WEDNESDAY, the H I. al lock. P M . Ill-' ?>?'*' HRH IV I EN r''IK' lotltixl a* utn-co. TP" lot ha? * ft ? , ?hirtv-two feet, mid a depth of or e hm, ? ? r.frv-'tiv-t'.-.-t t-> an alley. Tlx- -liv- i , . ... r< o'tn* b- *lde* kiteln n attach"! A'nut wood li"U*e, a well of tliii* w.i'el ? t! ?? v ? .ni l th?* pri-mixea xliad- T by li.iii.i->-m-- ? . 'p M?xlon k'ivi n at once Tkkm* : one-third caah; balance y f,. eight month* for negotiable i?i?t**?. inter*- o it-cured hy .?tru-d Harrison, uoddin a app^k* >? AUC'lete-.-r, p S?After the foregoing ? -lie. v. THREE VERY BEAUTIFUL LOTS tn P.? j ?? Buchanan'* Spring,"' e:t? li fronting I r-\ I the north "tde of Clay xtreet, running ' " * '* hundred and nineteen fee) to an alley, i the property of Colonel S. H Parker Th-'*e are amongst tlio han?Uouie?t i"'? .*. beautiful locality. rhKM" HAliUlaON, (iODDIN A AlM'KP* jy M-t.l.a A nt By Harrison, Ooddln & Apper-. n, Bankers, Brokers, and Real E-tai- A.,*i :? / tt)M MISSION I'ilW s A III' <?I * I ; Ml O.l. iloUSB AND L"T. <N ' 'IK Wsf|)K OF VALLEY, BETWEEN BALI 'A IN v. STREET*.? A* ConiiiiS?i"iii i* ' i '!"? H in.-* Court of the City of Ruhiiion I, I r?-t> tii- S - I "i J nil?, I * *", In the c*?? of t ^ '* ?? ? B iek. Ac , V " xhall -ell ?? I Die" I pr- mi WEDNESDAY, tin Ujh -J'..; lo'ilnck, I* M , the IIOl'Si: an t LOT ahove, c toisiiiK of n lot, with a i!,: ' thereon, near thexrocery *f< re i-f Mr H v-. Tkhm* : Orn*-third cumi, h.ilatn ? it 'toiDonth* t' r negotiable mdea, interi -t ad title retained until all the purchase in - - y p.ti<t. JOHN o KTEiiKR. i C.-mti ? ALEXANDER H. S.\ND8,f '' JyO

PROPOSALS. VOTH'!-; TO UriLDKKS. 1' - . *.1 will bo received |?y tIt?? un. 1 ?? r-!? In?,* ..'clock. M., SATPKDa'V, Itih m-Unt, i ti i i N<i t DWELLING, "ft Third ?fr??**r TIm work to comj'l' ted i>y tn?* I-! next Payment* t<> made ''i 1 i-ii ?" pitirrt'oco. Tli * proprietor iv^rrw the r;?,ht ? reject any or ail of the cHttmater Plana an<l Bpeclficatioii* limy be a.- a at ! t offi. <a, over the National Bank < i Virgin ? ALBERT 1 W i."T, Jy 10?Jt A r I ? Of} l< !' Ifti'HM>?*!?, Fi;i"l>KBlrKM ' t* / Hai! no \I? ?'? <?? i a*-?. ? Ki< hm<?M', July ?*, l-"" ) OEALKH PROPOSALS mv invin-ltr ilfilth 1 "t!i in?ta>.t (? r tl??? I'tin.: long liverv .if th<- following In !'? nal* I. * IJ \ H i ? I1' KN'TBKH K>, i ?r arching. 2..!!??> I. trr.-N IIYDU.Al'LH f KMK.N V 150,000 feet II. M. HEART-IMNE TIMBER. : im'liea by 12 Inchon, and * in> li - ' Itiehea; from 19 feet to ju feet I h.! cut (?> Hiiit bill* it a hare.. :???? -? 3,0oo WHITE OAK TIl>. 1? inch - tai* ? ? ' incite* Ihtckne**, and ?> ft*.*! I ??..* The material* are for tun Rlcliiaon I IJ ? ?' Connection Company. and proposal* ar ? ? i>drenaed to tint ( in- f Engineer fii? t?m- ? ' I. ? *v < nnnecllon i'omji.tny Porj irtliuiar tnt apply at thl* otnci' 1MKST NATIONAL HANK, UNITED STATE* AM) STATE DEPOSIT"!; ?. So. 1117 Main ihkkt, OJIB fx11K AttOVB Tilt HI !iK> I H -IHrit Right and Time Bill* CMted Vn Baring Bmtli :? & t<> , London. Sterling and Ltnt'd ? ' state Stuck* hough'. u> i s. a. (Jl.ovi i; 1 .-ti. ' W. R. (IfAKi.EA, Vie?-President and !? 11* r. Jjy 11?lm N" o T I (' K.? In < iifshTliiM ? Court. May i?, i- t order- d. Tt..?t t. I. Walker, Willi.tm I. and William Wo.lidri.h'" be appointed to Mipeintei.d ati'l . 1 *i< t election* >'t i ' tupan;. ?-Ilic.-r-. in i i heretofore established, in the ?hie Hm.ar.M < ? Ninety-aeventh regiment *>t ? 1 1 proceed and report under an act of the General *?? ?einbiy paimed March 2, I A Copy?Teat." NATHAN H. C-cBlLL, < ? " In Chefcterlleld County ("lerk'a "t'u . I. N. H ?on hill, Clerk, d?? hereby make tf??- i i ?tat. ni.-nt iroto the bent iufonnailoti that' r*' ? relative to the line between the Twenty tier iff Hi" rit and tli? One Hundred aiul Ndo'v- '? ? regiment of Virginia iuilitla, to wit .u Fulling creek where it eutptie* into.I*n.*? thence up e.tid ? reek to iiood*'* Bridge thence up *aid road to Jame* Gregory * tl. along and byCluy'a iimatlng-h?o*> ?cr> ???*'* creek at New by'a bridge, thane* up ?a.l N bridge road l.y eecond branch nie.iing-hi ' * acroea the Petersburg road to Newi-inga ?'? thence down rat.I creek to Ap|x?tiiattoX ? thence up ihe Mild r.ver t<> Powbatan line.tbu. alongaara line to Jamee rivi-r, thence -Iohii i Jauiea river i<? the beginiilng Given under iny band thin 23d day ' 'ui ? 1 NATHAN H. CGOBlLL. t ? <- In complialife witli the a hove ord.-r, a:i living within the line* of theeahl One Hui. it* 1 ami Ninety-exventli r.'aiineiit ><f \ ir^ i .. n. Hiibject to inilittA duty, and iwt liu nnl. 1 n* M.uichexter .li?trict of naid regiment, are i- ito asxeinlile in front of the etore ??f the Mi it Coal Mining t.'oinpany at 12o'clixkM ...Ml HAY, July 21. laoc, for the purpoaen indu ? the ahov*' <>r.|er And all neneuia Iivii ? Maiuhenter ?listrict, and auGject to uni ? are ifjuired toaaneiuble In front of the T< ':i ' - of Mauthenter at 12 31 on FK1 l?A Y, Ju?y HotMiaatKS or trk MAX Hiarea r. r haiii ii.vk iic.viiaKn amu ai>Br* akv*>rii > ttlNMT. Beginning at Powhlte creek wl er" it int.. Jam. n river, up the raid creek to Ho in val'n mill, thence along the road tha' ?ald mill to the Manchester torni.tke, cr. *? ' tnrnpike at the Warwick r ad, th.-i * Warwick road hv Bran t.*r ? eaw?hi.!l ' j - creek win re it cr.notes the Richmond and I t.ur^ turnj.ike, tb.'iice down aaid Palling ci * .Jan, * river, thence up ? c 1 J*lii''? r : giiiJiing ? K L. WALKER, ( WILLI AM I. CL??l'Ti?N,> C<-mt ?? W B WOOLDKIDGE. ) XJOTK'K.?a Ucnertii Mtfiini: ??f !i li Stockholder* ?'f the Hjchiinuid. 1 f. d> burg and Potomac >?n.'. KlehuionJ oil Railroad Connection Company will m . Flit DAY, the litii day of July, ItUl. *t IJ ? M.,?t theotflceof the Klchuiolxl. Ircd-r i** > and Potomac Railroad Company In the ctty ??i ?? * uo'iid, a auttclviit amount of ? a l.av.. ^ Bubacribcd to incorpoiate tLecomii-^y ^ f p V Im.s f J' CHARLES F! US, (i. A MYFK*. T 11 WYNNE j?> 2C?td Vv' i^KKAT reduction in ''IJ,1* O PRICE OF CAK1) PIloTiKiKAP !* - ^ KIN are making Lart-- ? - L)Ol.LARA PER DOZEN. Call and exam ? . f meiiH at No. 7?7 Malnatwet, twod.of . ?' wood Hotel _ / 1 ALLEtK) CORN MILLS.?,riM' vJi prepared t" buy amni wh? it "'If' ,, delivery lor tlie lull grinding ?' P ? ? ., w# liillU. Any one wlahtng wheat g? ???"* ?? , wiawWi je 25?codJw* ? ' T.*?KENCTI CALF SKLNS!? 1 J: CALP SKMNS!'-W# have ^ { l<4 of FRENCH CALF ghIA*. wbtclt ?c vale at reaaouablc ratea. lHAl K!(Ky 4 to. Thirteenth ?tr?et, between Main ?'?! jy - ? " K and for .ale at rea.viub.e/?jft^LBY * Tbirteenih atrect, between I W lo ? v ,AVII) H. CLARK, ifidTiiprlv ? ' M Blair A Co .? MKKCH.\.M'i>K h i . lllJCary, between Thirteenth and \:<fc * set., Ktchiiiond, Va. Pual-oSce box f lu?1? thaw iia'in, Straw m.vi> Ju.t received, a large lot of MAi'K-iN AM' i" HMAN BKAlD IvroiMi and l>. y cent* up. POWHATAN tt El>lt?KK i)_*# No. ?li Main .liee? 'UK'S AROMATIC V 1 N A K. I Rowland a MataMar OH, lion .and ? Li'urvh'a Lolivn. at MEAtlR A BaKKK'M Drug thoro. < 10 Nlulh and Fiauki.u orvi '