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Airlunond gisptrh. THURSDAY JULY 12, 18Cfi. A Radical Caucus. The Republican Senators and Representatives, having the fear of the August Conservative Convention before their eyes, were to hold a caucus last evening to arrange a programme for future action, as well as to determine what course to pursue during the short remnant of the present session. The result of this family conclave may be important to the party ; and it was strongly hinted in Washington that their determination to inaugurate measures to prevent official appointments and removals by the President during the recess of Congress would be carried out. A new era is certain to bo inaugurated. It is believed by many that the proceedings of this caucus will be very revolutionary in their character. The movement shows conclusively that the Radicals are alarmed at the prospect of their defeat in the fall elections, as all present political manipulations bear upon the future. The hope of getting into favor with the President is hooted at by Republican politicians as absurd ; and all means are now being employed to counteract such influences as it is thought the Executive will use in the defence of his policy during the recess. Radical Tricks. The Washington correspondent of the New York .Votes says that the Radicals have two schemes on foot for destroying the influence of tho Philadelphia Convention. One of thorn is the proposal to get up a bogus "National Union Convert, tion," composed of northern Radicals and of southern' renegades, or of northern adventurers who happen now to he in the southern States as agents of the Freedmen's Bureau, kr. Another is to cause Democrats to keep aloof from the National Convention at Philadelphia, and to view it with distrust, by representing it as an ; abandonment ami a breaking up of the I Democratic party, and as a movement I for the formation of a new party. This shallow device will deceive very few Demo, j crats, tho correspondent thinks. We are J not sure but some of our southern Democrats have been deceived bv tins very idea. They write atlcctionately and feelingly about the "old Democratic party'' ami its "time-honored principles," and seem to think that the country cannot prosper under the rule of a party bearing any other name. We should regard it as nothing more than a graceful concession to the noble men who ouce constituted the Whig party, and who are now standing shoulder to shoulder with the friends of the President's policy, ami working fur the restoration of the South to her rights, if that party name were repudiated entirely and a new one adopted which has no unpleasant associations connected with it. As for our.selves, we would as lief rally under one name as another, ami if the President's friends conclude to call themselves " Democrats," we shall not object. Surely there can he no virtue in a title.

Positions of Generals Grant and Slier- j man. --We /earn from our Washington corros-1 poudent that the paragraph in the New : Y??rk papers of Monday denying that Ge. I neral Gkant will be a candidate for the > next presidency, and giving a greatly mo. diticd statement of his views 011 the restoration quothui?modified as compared with the views attributed to him by the Radicals?is entitled to some consideration. General Guam's characteristic reticence has prevented newspaper correspondents from obtaining frotn hint any declarations ol his principles and purposes; yet there are certain indications which show conclusively that he does not unhesi- j tatingly embrace the proposed constitu- j ti<<ii;il amendment, nor desire to he con- j sideit-d as the Radical candidate for the presidency. General Sherman makes speeches enough, and not remarkably short ones; yet he says nothing which can he construed into an approval of the Radical platform. On the contrary, we aro convinced that he is a Conservative, and looks to the possibility of a nomination for the presidency by the opponents of Radicalism. The War in Europe?With which of the Powers Should we Sympathize? Wo have been requested to explain again the origin of the war now raging in Europe, and to indicate the Power which is entitled to the good wishes of our people. We have more than once endeavored to do the former. As to the latter, we have no decided opinion. First, Americans have naturally a kindly feeling for Prussia, which, single-handed, waged for years a successful war with the three great Powers that attempted tocrush | her while the great Frederick ruled her destinies?the same Frederick who presented General Washington a sword hearing the inscription, "From the oldest General in the world to the greatest." Nor can we fail to applaud the diplomatic and administrative abilities of Count Bismarck, nor to admire the genius which has dictated the military movements recently made by Prussia with so much promptness and decision. Secondly, Austria is, we suppose, but defending her undoubted rights according to European law. Her unwillingness to allow Prussia, which has within a century grown up from an inconsiderable kingdom of less than three millions of inhabitants into a first-rate Power, still further to aggrandize herself by the absorption of the two Duchies in dispute, is a very natural feeling. And the fact that Austria is also unwilling to surrender Venetia to Italy, which Power therefore takes up arms in the interest of Prussia, is as little k un occasion for censure. According to W ^u' *aw nations, Venetia is as truly a part of the Austrian empire as Ireland is J of the British, or Texas of the American. I i^o far, then, we miyht sympathize with I Austria. Buf, thirdly, according to our ideas of jkstic??not law?Venetia ought not to be go- erned by Austria. We cannot but look upon hers us a subjugated people, ruled by force, having no sympathies in com- j won with her legal sovereign or his people, j but properly belonging to the dominions of Victor Emanuel. If Austria, then, can claim our good wishes as against Prussia, she cannot us against Italy. Wherefore we h ave the reader to de.

ci?lo for himself as to whose victories he will rejoice over, and proceed to say some, thing as to the origin of tlio war?merely repeating, howoTer, what wo have heretofore said upon the subject. The origin of the troubles was the ro. voting of Schloawig-llolstein by Prussia, that she might have a great navy and rule the Baltic. Austria objected, as she was equally interested with Prussia in these Elbe provinces, having helped to take them ' from poor little Denmark. Prussia not liking to engage Austria single-handed, sought an ally, and that was readily found in Italy, which wanted Vcnctia, and would move upon that the moment Austria and Prussia were engaged in light. The history of tlio Schleswig-IIolstein troubles is as follows: Iti the year 1M8 Schleswig and llolstein were united under the representative system common to the ( Danish provinces. In Is 18, at the time that the mania for revolution was convul-, sing Europe, the people of Schleswig-IIol-stein appealed to Germany and Prussia to aid theui in driving the Danes out of the J Duchies. Tlio Schlcgwjg-llolstuincrs armed with great unanimity; but in I860 they ucro completely defeated and subdued. In 1852 tho succession to the Duchies was settled upon Prince Christian, and upon the death of FrkDKRICK VII., November 15, 1863, that Prince came to the throne of Denmark by the title of Christian IX. The accession of Christian IX. was the signal for pressing the claims of the Prince of Augustenberg, who did not contend that lie had a right to the kingdom of Denmark itself, but asserted himself to be the rightful lineal Duke of Schleswig-llolstein, which pertained to Denmark. Austria and Prussia took up the claim of the Prince to the Duchies, and in 1864, after some ineffectual negotiation, war was declared between those Powers and Denmark. Denmark mado a I % gallant and heroic light, refusing a compromise, which would have given her peace at the cost of voluntarily relinquishing llolstein, and when the war ended, found herself denuded of the Duchies. Strife and contention soon arose between Prussia and Austria, and the claims of the Prince of Augustenberg seemed to be entirely overlooked. Austria wished the Duchies to become independent members of the Germanic confederation ; but Prussia desired to carry out her accustomed policy l?v absorbing them into her own kingdom. Prussia then offered her rival a pecuniary compensation, which was peremptorily refused. A great show of negotiations was for sometime kept up, and Austria succeeded in securing tin? countenance of the smaller German States, (which, however, has been rendered worse than useless to her by the recent steps taken by Prussia) : but the linal result of all the conventions, councils, diets, and diplomatic notes, is the war which now rages in Europe.

A Good Indication.?We learn from Tuesday's Star that a meeting of tlie members of the two clubs of Washington city, the National Union and National Johnson Club; took place Monday night, and a resolution was unanimously adopted to con- j solidate them. A new organization was I formed, to consist of the two Executive Committees, now resolved into one, under the name of the National Union Executive ] Committee. We are pleased to chronicle this new evidence that the Conservatives are willing to sink minor issues in their desire to restore the country to a state of real peace and prosperity. Let not the people of Virginia neglect to encourage these move- j mcuts in our interest. We must send dele-] gates to the Philadelphia Convention. The "Baltimore Episcopal Methodist " is the title of a very handsome I weekly religious, literary, and news jour- j nal, which hasjust made its appearance in that city, having been heretofore published , here. Rev. John Poisat. is the publisher,, and Revs. Thomas E. Bond and S. S. I Roszei. the editors. It is printed on a ' <juarto sheet, large type and fine paper, at j four dollars per annum, or two dollars lor j six months, in advance, and will represent | the conservative views of the " Episcopal Methodist Church." Marriagf. op Mr. Butts's Daightkr.? Among the notable events of the present week in the Old Dominion will be the mar-, Hugo of the accomplished and beautiful daughter of the lion. John Minor Bolts to i the gallant Colonel B. W. lloxsey, of Pat- ; torson, New Jersey, son of the lion, j Thomas I). lloxsey, formerly member of I the State Legislature from Patterson. : This interesting event will take place next Thursday, the 12th instant, the ceremony j being performed at the delightful residence of Mr. Butts, at Auburn, near Brandy station, Va. The brave youngotiicer who is to lead his charming prize to the altar | distinguished himself by gallant conduct t during three years' service in the Army of, the Potomac, being severely wounded in i front of Petersburg, lie was then a cap- ' tain and previously chief of the ordnance i department of the army, lie was lately honored with an appointment on the Go-1 vcrnor's staff with the rank of colonel.? < 1unity's Chronic!*', 11 th. Ah I'Mntcm Armor.?A trial has jnstbeen ; nadeat Florence of a cuirass of aluminum, rhich is as light as an ordinary waHcoat, early as flexible, and capable of turning a uusket ball tired at n distance of thirty- ' ight paces, and of resisting a bayonet hrust from the heaviest hand. Each uirass costs only five franc. Two regi-1 aents arc, it is said, to be immediately I rovided with them. ? I The National Convention.?All the] nithern States, it is believed, will send I [?legates to the Philadelphia Convention, oine five or six have already signified ) icir intention of doing so. Prince Alfred, it is said, declined being , made Duke of l'ork, as has hitherto been j the practice with the second son of the , monarch, for fear that the creditors of the late Duke should send iu their still unpaid bills to him as successor to tho title. A bill passed the Senate on Tuesday tc purchase some uinety acres of ground uear Washington for presidential grouuds, The President is to have a new house buill upou it. The cost of the ground was about three hundred thousand dollars. A Federal soldier who stole a watch from Mr. Samuel Cline, of Rockinghan j county, Va., about the time of tho Port Republic tight, has returned it by express ! witli a letter stating that his conscicnct ! compelled him to return it. Tho only mark of time Mrs. John W?kx exhibits is her new watch. (You are wvl come to this, Oakoy Hall,) says the Bostoi JW. General McClellan is tho only military officer of any foreign nation allowed ut the Austrian headquarters.

k DIED. | in Wa?hli?gton City, on the llth in^Ant, at ?s o'clock A. K. H. .'[OIPrKIKO, of Uit? flrui of j Carter * Monteiro .?f rtiia city. Hi? funeral will take place /rom St Peter's fa1 thedrnl, corner <>f Grace an.I Eighth "trod*, -mi THIS (Thursday) EVBISING at i n clock. The friend* of hiH family and of th*> partner (Mr. 8. 8. t'arter) are respecMnlly invited to attend. <>n the llth Instant, at tin- re*1d<?nce of .1. I, Taylor,\?K*I , "| chiilniH infantum. WII.LlAM IIAMkT, Infant son of .1. a. and Man- ?. Jon** of King William county, aged six month* Tho funeral will take place TO-DAY. 15th Instant, at 3 o'clock I'. M. The trieud? and acquaintance* of the family are incited to attend, i Madison (Oa.) paper* plea"? copy. mmmmmmammmmmt OBITUARY. Died, at hit residence, in Washington, D. C., ?<ti Wednesday, tho llth Instant, at ?> o'clo?k, A. M , EDWAKI) A MONTEJKO. Hged forty-three yearMr. MONTK1IKI wa* foi a number of years subsequent to and during the war a resident of title place ; well and Intimately !;n<.wu to many of it" bo*t and moat time-honored citiien*. Born In Lisbon, Portugal, from which plan-, hi* father, Francisco Monteiro De Barron, wa? driven in polltical exile <IuriiiK the early minority of hie-on, America became the country of hie adoption?\ irglnia the home of hi* choice and devotion. A'<> eon of the t'ld Dominion, "native and to the manor born,'' could have manifested a deeper and m>.re unflinching loyalty during the dark hour* of the mother State and of mo^mond its i superb capitol. During hi* long illness hie superior no ntaf fatoitie* maintained the ascendant, enabling 1 him to endure unusual milferlng with a fortitude | only consonant t<> hi* character. He often regretted that the tender nursing which wan lavi-hed npon iiitn might not hav# been aha red or entirely I devoted to the sufferer* in our lost cause. lie had i perhap* ceased to remember tho untold deed* oi charity that had rendered him one of their greatest | benefactor*?that the pleading eye* of the beggar I child upon iho streets no oitun turned from luni with a brighter light of Imp... and th ? w> ,ik voa-e j of hungry destitution never went iim-trengthened i froui hi* door But tho living bear testimony, and the record at and* in Heaven, where Mercy, kneel1 ing gently, wrap* him in the mantle of h'*r sister, j Charity, which the liDTuort.il Judge Las declared i ' *nfllcient in it*< lf to cover a multitude of fault*, j Yet lii* fidelity and scrupulous integrity in the bitkiue** relation* of life?his rare devot'ion a* a '? Iiu*baml to the most devoted and worthy of wive*. | a* a brother to brother* and s:*ter*, who would I have died for hitii-a* a father, begging the watch ??r* at Inssldf* to minister to the half Milled ?ob* of | the child which he could hear in the distance, lm* I rarely, if ever, been equalled. A few days previous ' to hi* demise he received the llnly Sacrament at , 1 the hands ot Catholic priesthood, being adopted in . tin- Church of hi* ancestor* He di? d expressing a ' firm hope in the mercy <>f God. and a simple but ' earnest conviction that his prepuration was made, j Kt li'jiov* il> rut l jdease copy.

EDUCATIONAL. RKV M. J. MlOlIELHAOUIoks . SCHOOL FOR HOYS AND GIRLS, IN Tlfh BASEMENT OF THE SYNAGOGUE t'N ELEVENTH. NEAR MARSHALL STREET?The twentieth session of my school closed on the l?t of July: but that the time ol the children, who will enter or re-enter ih?i school iu;i v n? j.arily on iiI>i?'d during r icntion, there will In- scfmol 'Hrice a week (MONDAY Riid TIICRSDAY) during the months of July and August, without any extra charge. 1 shall regnlarly reop?n ruy school, with a full board of excellent and experienced teachers, on the te xt 1'IRsT OF SEPTEMBER The studies will consist of English In all i?hranrhes, German, and Hebrew; iwida'.su French or Latin, if required. Fur terms, applv |o M. J. MK'IIELHACHER, corner o! Fir.-tand Marshall streets, Jy 12?It* or at the school-room. OCIluoL IN SIDNEY.?Tin?iioxi st?ssion of my SCHOOL will commence MON DAY, September 17, and continue ten months. TEKMS (PAYAltl.K ?Jt*AKTEm V) : ENGLISH jfje.no LATIN, GREEK,and MATHEMATICS . tie.on A charge of one dollar will made f. r In I. School-room?basement of the MethodM Church, where J may he seen every day from * A M. to i 1'. M. Number of pupil* limited b> thin v. I iv 11?eod'.'iii UEoRHE II. ID'VKINS". SHIPPING. T/OIl NEW YORK.?Tin- inagiiiiin-nl T side-wheel steamship SARA- .f. --JT*^ TOGA. Captain A L. Kinu, will^ tre her l?-rt)i at Rocketts at - 1'. M " FRIDAY, the"13th'in-l'a--eliters requeste J to In- pn in-trial t" the h'-ui Freight received all day To-D.W (Thurs?iayi ami no t<* hour o| 11'. M. FRIDAY, lib ite-tant. ivli-'Jt GARRET V. W.\T>"N. f7(>K NEW YORK.?A I LAN I K COAST MAIL S T E A M S |I 11? C O M 1? A N Y .-The S'let'dld t'- W^ - t>ido-whe*l attain-hip A LI ?K.*I A - Captain H A." HorisNK, will Jeavt her wharf at Rocketts on Fill DAY, tun l?lh Ju at I o'clock, I*. M. Passengers will p'- as,. he punctual tntlio hf'tir. For freight or passage apply to SAMI' EL AYUES k CO., jy 12?3t Caryand Virginia streem. I) OMESTIC INSURANCE. THE INSURANCE AND SAVINGS ( <?MPaNY OF VIRGINIA. CHARTERED FEBRUARY. 1AUTHORIZED CAl'ITAL. INVENTED CAl'ITAl SSUKS POLICIFS To COVER ALL FIRE AND MARINE RISKS, MSCOUNTS UNDOUBTED RAPE!'. AT SIMPLE interest. l.ND RETAINS THE ACCUMULATED PRLMIl'3I> HERE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE TRADE AND PROPERTY FROM WHICH THEY A K P. DERIVED >EP0SITS RECEIVED AND INTEREST-HEAR-ING CERTIFICATES GIVEN. D. J. IIAKTSOOK, President. DAVID J. 1>URR, Secretary. H. C. WHERRY, Jit., Assistant Secretary. jy 12?1 m * I DISSOLUTION O P CO- P A RTN K K- - SHIP?The Itrni nt' LEE ?-V l "\ is t.iis day solved by mutual cons* til. . \ S. LEE will settle up the bit nf?s oftli'r ucern. , ,, l.Lo ?s GoX. Richmond, July 12, fAKINl-: FOUNDRY, L W A T E R S T R E K T . Enow Tin: York River iikpot. a ring secured the services of Mr. WILLIAM CON to superintend tlie business, 1 will conlie the IRON AND BRASS FOUNDRY BUSINESS. I will manufacture to order PI,o\V CASTINGS, LLoW Ware, WAGON LluXES, ANLJRo.NS, , Sin. articular attention paid to JOB WORK, which 1 tie executed in tlio best manlier and at the rtest notice. fjy 12?3m] A. S. LEE. C lONSIGNM ENTS. 5,uoo sacks MARSHALL'S FINE an l GROUND ALUM SALT, CM barrels SUPERFINE, EXTRA, and FAMILY Fl.oUK; so barrels choice SYRUPS, 30 hags and pockets prime LAGUAYKA and Java coffee, !> hogsheads prime BACON SIDES, 2-> barrels No. J MACKEREL, In barrels Extra " C" SUGAR, 20 half-chests and caddies FINE 00I,oNG and GREEN TEA, IS barrels No. I ROSIN OIL, ??? barrels WHITE BEANS. Also, RICE, SOAP. MANUFACTURE!) TOBACO, GRAIN HAGS, Ac. Fur sale hv KI.LETT A jfoYSTER. Commission M? rcliants, jy 12?It* corner Seventh and Cary stieets. 1JIARLES HOWARD, COMMISSION MEKC11A NT, Ki' iiaosi), \a. fjv 12?3m] ^OITCL.?A on 1 led niecliiiK "I iho l Stockholder-- of the Manchester ('??;! n no I fool Manufacturing Company will he lo l l at the Bee Of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad ouipanv, corner of Eighth and Main streets, on III RSDaY, 12th July, l*'t>, at 12 o'clock, M. jy 12?It* WILLIAM II. POWERS, Agent. TOST ON L K AI > CO M P AN V.? W< ? X have just received a further supply oi NAloNAL PURE GROUND LEAD, (six t >ns in ore.) which we offer for sale at the muuufacirons price to dealers. PALMER. HARTSOOK& CO., AgcuU here, Fourteenth sire.-i, Jy 12 second door from Cary. r | A Y.?sjX HUNDRED and I IFTYIX ONE BALES PRIME HAY, per schooner fave, dallv expected, and for -ale I v ellkYt a RoYSTER, Commission Merchants, jy 12?It* comer Seventh and Carystre. ts. "1 O U N THY RETKEAT.- A low J families can obtain BOARD at very reasoitale terms In Major T. WlLsON'S family, Fincase, Botetourt county, Va. A Sl'Ll'lll'Ii SPRING ithln a pleasant walk of the town. Apply soon y letter to Major T. WILSON. jy 12?.'it* IT A RN LSS LKATHKrT 1IA UN ESS j LX LEATHER?We have in store a tine lot ol ARXEFS LEATHER, which w? are selling ai I jaaonablo rates. O. II.CHALKLEY A CO., } Thirteenth, between Main and Cary street.-, iv 12 ALL PAPER.?Wo have in store a l large assortment of WALL PAPERS. As l ur intention to discontinue this branch < t ho.eb we will offer them al reduced prices to iu. .he ?.~k ou h..nlL?Vl Ett0THtl:s 12 No. 15 Main atreet. IN DOW SHADES.?We h.tvo in store a large assortment of WJNDoW ' .DES, with fixtures complete, which we will 1 e out cheap. LEVY BROTHERS 12 No. 15Main street. rUST BE SOLD. ? A R A It X , L CHANCE?We will close oat our stock of idsome Black Silk Circulars. Basques, and ?jut'* At pncpn that uro bound to MitlaXACi. Call soon if you want bargains. LEVY BROTHERS, r 12 No. 15 Main street. TTENTION, ARTISTS!?Chloride . of Gold, Nitrate of Htlvcr, Aoetlc Acid, No. 8 ; orate of Sodium, Iodide of Cadmium, Nitrate 'raulum, Ju*t received at W?H)D'H PHARMACY, ' 11 Fifth and Marshall streets.

_ 8PECIAL NOTCCES. HT For RALE. ?b excellent W1IEBLER A WILRON'8 HEWING MA' HINE, In first-rate ?.r<1fr mill >>iit virjr 1IU1? need. It Will be sold at a verv moderate price. Apply to Jyll-Jt* JOHIf DOOLEV UTA CARD OF Til ANKS.?Having nearly recovered fr^m my lam lnjnriea received upon th?* Rit hnionJ and Danville railroad. I avail myself ..r the earliest opportnnlty, anil have aelected thl* j medium, of returning iny heartfelt thank* t?? the numerous friend- who ao cheerfully, generous Iv, , and nobly rendered me assistance during tnyaf- J flfctlon. To the superintendent and olliccrs of the road who supplied mo, not only with all the article* neceiaary for my comfort, hut all the luxuries which the market afforded. To Doctors Ball, Newman, Hancock, Wine ton. Archer, and Pul- ! liaui, who were all attention. To the citizens around Coalfield (especially Messrs. Edward Canllffe, Kohert Marks, Barnes, and General It. I,. I Walken, who did not stop to inquire who or what I was, but came promptly and cheerfully forward to relieve the sufferings of a fellow-being. To Mrs. Ball, Archer, Scott, Barnes, Taylor, and Brumtuc'll ; Misses Ball, Powers, Porter, Cu nil tie, Hancock, Bruntuiell, and Hughes, who cheered me by their presence, and lavished upon me the kindest and most constant attention, ami who I feel were ministering angels to ute under a kind Providence in my affliction. 1 feel at great loss for words to express the gratitude of my heart. In fact, words are inadequate; but I can assure you I sincerely appreciate the kindness ; and while I may look upon it as one of (he saddest events ?>f my life, the recollection of the kind fjiends who so nobly aided me will always be associated with the event, and will in a great measure alleviate the sadness. ISA A (J oVERBEY, jy 10?31* Mo??ingford, Charlotte county, Va. R-iJ' DENTAL NOTICE.?NITROl'S OVIDE OAS W. LEIGH BL'KToN, Dentist, having a superior apparatus for the manufacture of this gas. i- prepared to administer It as an amesthetic in the EXTRACTION OF TfcETH, thereby rendering the operation absolutely painless. As it is highly important that the gas should he fresh and pure, timely notice should be given of a desire to use it. Oilice and residence northwest corner of Seventh and Frinkiin streets. jy 2_1m* Iff?"PRISON LIFE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS. FOUR YEARS IN THE SADDLE. Harry Oiluor. POLLARD S HISTORY OF THE WAR. WOMEN OF THE SOUTH. SOUTH SONUS. LULL. Alii'. For sale by JeW-ts COLE & TURNER. ViT ESTABLISHED lsl ?. LOUIS J. BOaSIEl'X, Manufacturer of DOUBLED-REFIXED STEAM CANDIES, and Dealer in CONFECTIONERY, FRUITS, PICKLES, CIGARS, Ac., Ac., begs to Inform his old friends and customers that he has resumed business at his old stand, No. so MAIN STREET, RICHMOND. He desir -s to return thanks for their past liberal patronage, and invites them to a renewal of their business connections, promising equitable dealing. Wis m??tto is quick sales and small prolite. j* 11?lm

KkS" ICE-CREAM F"U 1'ARTIES, FAIRS, PIC-NILS, A'* AN I) UK W AN TUN I respectfully announces that he is prepared t<"> furnish, at abort notice, on very moderate terms, BUPKRlOK ICE-CREAM of every deniable flavor, for ball.-, parties, fair-, excursions, or pic-nics. A call is respectfully solicited. Je 13?lm I, A D I ES' DIM ?i(l*ROO M * AT WEN DLINOER'S, No. i'10 Mai.* sTKF.rr. DINING-ROOMS have been elegantly fitted up in the second story of my building for furnish;i ?? MtiVLS AT AI.L HOURS b-r ladies accomp.<iii< 1 ( by gentlemen. The attention of the la lie* and' h' ntletiien of Richmond is called to litis notice, and tiny are assured that no efforts will !<?? spar?-1 to merit their patronage. The beet the market :?)- fords can alway* tio had. Jy 2-eodts C. WENDLIXOKR. TO THE CITIZEN* OF Kit H.MOND? In response to the inquiries which have been made of me. 1 ben leave respectfully to say, that if it he the plea.-nre of tin* citizens of Richmond to elect Uie to the Legislature b> fill th>< existing vacancy. 1 will serve tbvia cheerlully and to the ??*?--1 of my ability. 1 am sensible of my inadequacy to supply 111" place of Mr. (irattan, who.-" resignation, in C"uitnoii with all who re-pect virtue and talent, I sincei lyrexn t. And it is due to candor that I should >ay I fear III" partial favor of my fronds who have called upon me has led them to over-estimate tny capacity to serve them. Public life i- altogether new to me : neither my ta-tesnor my a-pir.itions have ever taken that direction. And 1 honestly think that when the material interest* of tbo city and State tire so deeply involved in b\. illation, the |? ojde should .-elect their ino.-t tried an l experienced citizens f, r the public service, and I shall gladly k've place to any one they may choose. Hut if among whom I have liv-d from my I birrlt, and to whom 1 am under so many obligation-, shall lioio r me with their choice, I will deI vote to tin ir service u itb earnest zeal all tl.e eiowj gies 1 possess. WILLIAM W. CHUMP. ! |" 29? li:Wt AugM&dnbViT l.MON RANK OF RICHMOND, (SAVINOS INSTITUTION"), OFFICE AT THE NATIONAL exchange bank. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, *3oo,ooo. THIS INSTITUTION ALLOWS SIX PER CENT. ON DEPOSITS. J. DAVENPORT, Jr., President. JAMES MILLER, Cashier. DIRKCTOB*. R. A. Paine. L. D. Crenshaw, W. R. Quart"*, Win. II. Lyons, Jr., R. E. Blanket!A. Bodeker, B. B. Weisiger, ship, W. A. Spott, Moses Ellyson, J. B. Winston, A. L. Ellett, Jas W. Archer, A. A. HutchinR.T.Taylor, J. Koaenbaum, son, W. E. Blnford, J. W. Hall, W. A. Jenkins, J. A. Belvin, W F. Gray, W. B. Tanner, T. U.Dudley, Alfred Moses, J.M.Nowlin. Tho security offered to depositors is undoubted, and the institution should commend itself to all classes. The attention of all in city and country is called to this institution. Here they will find security, - - II .. u .... lO lUi* 1 in-m ? , convenience, and profit. Sum* as small a- flv?dollars may be deposited, and six per cent, interest received on same. oifice hours from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M.; on Saturday from 'J A. M. to3 P. M., and from 4 to 0 P. M. )e 13?d.v-wlui " ?r dill a?P! WUiiRPtI BILL Af.l* This InifiltHblo book is now ready, and every ncreon should bars n copy. To be had of ^ COLE ^ TURNER, j,i T?ts WblK Building. ^-"Mill's FOR SODA WATER. CHOICE FRUIT AND CREAM SYRUPS furnl-hed the trade at low rates by W. II. SCOTT, Druggist, Je 4 corner Franklin and Seventeenth streets. ?l AKTKKLY RKl'OKT OF TIN* I CONDITION OF THE PLANTERS NATIONAl. BANK OK RICHMOND?FIVE MONTHS t'PE. RATIONS?MONDAY, JULi 2, 1909: AS -BTs: Bills and nob s discounted *27-,129 I" Banking-house, furniture, and tix'ures. *,4 2 *7 Current expense* and taxes 7,o7o e.'i I'll" from banks and bankers <0,9(17 vl United States bends deposited with Treasurer of the United States to secure circulation 79,efl? on Cash on hand 7o,41e *2 ysivjuu i<4 MAiilLITIE* : Capital stock paid in *1*3,*70 06 Circulation <w,9oo 06 Individual deposits 237,375 en Due (o banks and bankers 9,!?'< 1Protlt and loss 14,970 20 5312,(130 64 I. J M. Goddin, Cashier of the Planters National Bank of Richmond. Va . do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledg.?nd b.H.r,^ ^ 00BWSi CasW,r. SlATE OF VI UK 1 > I A, I 'STY OF HENRICO : Sworn to and enbscr.ued before me this 10th day i of July, lsoe. EDW. J. WARREN, ! Jy 12?? Notary Public. 0 ATS, OATS, OATS. 1,000 bushels No. 1 OATE for sale by FRENCH h CRENSHAW, jy 9 corner Ninth and Main streets. rjKVrKNTY-FIVK KAGS KIO AND hLAOUAVKA COFFEE.^ T etoKKS At CO. STU A RT'S G KAN U LATKD HUG A KS, for sale by CHARLES Y. MOHRJ8H jy la?3t 1211 Cary atreot, Commercial Block.

HT" WANTS. OlPhgR^F. AM. I' KAILRmAMOMFASTJ Kk m*<WD, July li, mm. ( \\ranted immedi atkl v, VY TWBNT V-FIVJE THOUSAND SILLH, do. 1 leered mi tb? lino of thi? road between Richmond Hud Aiiula rroek, of WHITE or POST OAK, fight ? >?t long, not If mm than nine inche* diameter at mi.all fii.l, harked, and enioothly lo-wii to a thick ne-n of si* inch en, clear of any defect calculated lo impair strength. No Kill* will h>. received underhize. A liberal Price will he paid. Apply toBE'TION MASTERS on line of road, or t? 1, 7 W. N\ BRAGG, jv 12?1'?t Superintendent Road. WANTED, two THISHM EN, three GERMAN*, and one WoMAX, to work on a farm : one MAN and WOMAN to attend i<> the dairy ; one good MILKER, WASUEK arid 1KUNER. and one FEMALE ' ttoK Wanted, tohell PI'KB MILK at ten renti a liiart, wliich will bo brought to the residence* or the customer*. For further particular* call or addrt'M the h<tl'THEKN EMPLOYMENT A<?KX<'Y. Fnuiklin street, under Metropolitan Hall Po?t-otHce tie* 18, Richmond. Va. D'Aximhazv A Link, Agent*. jy 12?It N'OTT A* FRAVSER wttnf employment for PORTABLE and STATIONARY EN - OINEKKS, ('ARPKNTEKs. :ind HLAt'KS.MITIIS, D1H HhKS, KAttM HaNI?. and LABORERS, COOKS. NURSES, and llol'sE SERVANTS. Ail desiring to recurs i? r procure ait nation* will call on NOTT Si FEAYSEK. Franklin, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Jy 12?I.-, . MULKS WANTED.?! wish to purchase TEN No. 1 MULE*. Applvto tuo at Harvey*& William*'*, Commercial Block. jy 1"?1 w J. I). HARVEY. Hides and tallow wanted. DRV HIDES, UKSEN HIDES, and SALTED HIDES. AI ao, TAI.LOW ; for which the hight-sr cn?h price will bo paid. o. H. CIIALKLgV A CO., fI;?|e and Leather Dealers. Thirteenth street, between Main and Lary. ap 'il-ta ( 1ASII PAID FDR HONES.?Wanted, Vy FIVE HUNDRED TONS BoNLS. Cash paid on.dellvery. tiiy ??ta S. P. I.ATHRoP. Agent. LOST, STRAYED AND FOUND. I ASTRA Y CALF.?Cunie up with my J cow on the I'th instant a tuff' ' CALF about six weeks old. The! owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay tliar??j?, an l tak> it away. JyljLjt* O. P. WORD. yJTOLKN Vrom 'mY FARM, NEAR n Atlee'a station, a large DARK BA V MARE. Her right hinl ankle i? what enlarged, and stie has a numb* gun-shot marks on the rump an l leg. She .-up pos.-i to have been brought to Richmond. A liberal reward will be paid for herdeliv< ry at Mr 1J. a. Hazlegrove'a re-tattranf, in rear of'the Second Market. Jv 1"?tit* W. II. TIMBER!,.'. KK. It >ST ><('1111'.?Notice Ls hereby given J tiiat application will be made for the p new .1 of a certificate for one share ot st"< k s:.tnding in the name of .lotin C'urrie, Jr.. in the RICHMOND \ND INVKRl'ttGL PAi'KET COMPANY. which was U' slroved by tin lire of the .td \| ril, 1*C". FANNIE CL'RKJE, A tii.tnthti'.a?. ix. je 11?lawTlii'in VoTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN tiiat .A application will be made l? Iho Anditoi of state . I Virginia f< r renewal of t'ERTIFH AT . "F DEBT No. til, for 111r?? ?? i,u>. 11-<-.| dollars, standing in William F. Wat?i n, guardian ? I Mildred A. Watson, and issued under act "i 2ltd March, I?iV>. said certificate having been lost, my f>?law.iui Notice is jiekkry given th \t application will be made for the renewal ot a lost IT.KTIFH'ATK for TWo *?IIA?{F* <>F sT?'( K, standing in our n une, in the Kictim .jut and Liv. i - p <d packet t'ompanv jitl?law2|:i * J. A <V. T A. PATTESON. VTOT1CE IS HKKLHY GIVEN TIIAT i.* application n de to the Audltoi ? l th Stat- of Virginia for renewal; of the ft llowin t t.'ERTI KlCATLs "F DEBT, viz. No. L'7J, for tw> hundred and serenty-seven ditllarn. standing in the name of it . R Glenn, Commissii,: r, ,\v . and issued under act of 23th March, 1 -12. No. 1117 f..r to ir 1 in.dred do'I irs. st in lu g it. the nan e of J. -?*; ti T. Prlddy, ? out mis ainl i - sued under act of 22.| March, t-jj ; said cert it:ca*"s having been destroyed ly lire at the time of the e vac nation "f Richmond, je Is_iaw3m Y? Fit E.?Application will bo iiitulo a.* f. r the renewal ?: t'ERTIFIt'ATE for on ? Share "t Stork in the '?Richmond and Liverj I Packet t'oiiip.tuy," issijod in my name, d"-tr. v | in the lit e ol April .1.1, 1*',3 j date and number unkiiown. 111 v 21?2m laivTii A. M??RRIS mrof ?X2L\.

FOR RHNT. I MJR RENT, llio largo WAREHOUSE in I.ihby h i !? rin* rly* c- Tyj, li fc'i \ '*11 iliiliF d !??' 'Iv, ?? ? ?? cupied by u*. Pi?**.-*?b?n . . w.ili ;t l,tr:'c ; iii 'iintol - lag ? ? -? ? c11r? >1, t<> a^X'-di* desirable tenant. Applv l'ALMLu, HAUT-'miK i Co. jv 0??< Fourteenth ?tr I/OK UK NT, a haiulvuiif FURNISH-1 JL ED 10 'I >E, No. la MXlil Ktr?.l I, l>eiW)..MI ' M iin ami Fnt'klin, with ; m no.I a it.-r throughout tii- hou*e An;.|y t. li K.N l{ EX ALL, ?'ti the premise-, oral hi* office, n.-xt !? custom-noil*", in: I t> BAKTo.V At K*>GERt?, jy<l?t* 72< Main street. roK UK NT, lORNEK (IFKH J. ub?r? Sheriu'a ntlice, Richmond H?m-e. h* ? m Governor street, ?t vttyli'W rent. AI*o, ^ TW'i Loih;1NG-Ko"M> ii ll<?t:il.i>i? ilsoj vitv low rent. Applv at High i uti -; a tj 1 '.* out Jy 1 roK RUNT, A DWELLING-HOISE, ! J? situated mi tli" south -i?le of Fi.tnklm >?'. I street, between Sixth .mil s.-v.-i, h, X... i.!, ffW ! containing tw Ivc room-, with nil th" I'l"-.,^*. deni improvement* nii'l miipln accommodation* : for servant*. Al?o, it STABLE and CARRIAGE* | It his recently been occupied by Mr* Dr. B. Gibson Po** -ssion nuin- Jiatv Apply M WILLIAM C. ALLEN, X'o. 17. " Applv iv 7?>ts o ri ? r Si vi h .c ?! I-rankli'i *trI/OR RKNT, tho RL'ILDINU now do . cupied as tin* Dispatch printin: hMi-e. >dL i n Governor *?ir?*t, one door from Main ? >? ^ I'o--, .**ioii givi ii in .1 few wv< k* ? :?> mmil our p. w building < n lii" corner of Mam .?fTTI Twelfth utreeta it completed. Apply at tin- Dispatch counting-room. jo 27?:* I/OR RENT, several largo ami ]>loa . Sdlil ROOMS. mutable I? r lawyer* or tor*'unlets, over mil store 'I'- :very moderate. Wooi>!(<ii?F BROTHERS, JXiS. jo r>?is rornor Fourth and i-runklin *tre. t*. |)()()MS l'OR KLXi, suitable lor a lA gentleman Hid Wife or.-ingle gentlemen, Jaui with or with-nt board. Apply at Xo. illjT^g REAL ESTATE FOR SALE i;oR SALE oR LEASE, THAT DK I'1 SIKAllLE AND ATTKAt TIVK KESI- Awl DKX'lTT Til L N< >RTII K A S T ( iX*KU <'F KliAXKLIX AX I? blt> 11 I'll STREETS ? AfL ? roineat of All-. Martha Milliard, we ot'?-r f.-t -ale ..I |. I or VKKV I?L-IKa I1I.E KEn!I?KM 1 l.aati 1 tiboV". The lot li.t- ? front of iliirty-tw< feet, and a depth of one hnndrod and twenty feet] to a wide alley. The dwelling contain - ?luTi-n ; rooins, with fli nt and rear poiticos. Aiiij-1" accnmniodationa for aerranu, and an excellent I l.r.ck stable and CHrriiU'e-hou-e. The whole pre- J hums are In cou.phde repaii, an I have all tin-, modern improvement* u-aaliv found in a lit*'.- I ilass estahiinhmeiit. I'ors"-*foii i;iveii in a few day*. . T-'rin* ticc-raii:ndafinn Applv to jv 12?at IIAKltlS*>X. ?.*'|I.?I'X A API'ERS*?X. NE OF THE MOST V A l.l 'A LIT.1 - . va<-an r lots ix the * itv, at the < >i: 1 X Eli *?F If Ko.Al) A.'i'H ('Al'lToL AX I) TENTH I STREETS, l'"K SALE. ?We are autlnu :/ed to <?!: () for sale ttie vacant lot located a* above, which i* | *irable in the i iiy undoubtedly i-ue of the loost d>>nirabU< in the my ? ?I' Kn hiuoiid. It trout* fifty-four !??? t on Broad and t'apitol sir.-.t- re-pective|y. and about on,hundred and t!ur:v-*ix feet on Tenth street. It will be sold as a who hi or divided into tour or?ix lot*, a plat of which may he aeen at oaroOce. A* this very valuable pro|>erty w ill be in nurk< t foi a J few 1 ?>> only, those d? string to treat i> r it will do well ??' applv imtueiliafelv ifAUUlSON, U*>1)DIX At Ari'EKfsUX. jy 2?TuThiSt* TIIF NATIONAL EX IT, ESS AND ? TKAXSl'ORTATION ( *'M1'AXV i* pev prepared t<> carry 3I0XEV AND VALUABLE l'AC'KAOES to and from New York, St. Louii*, and intermediate point*, and as far south as Atlanta, Oa. In order to adord the most ample security to ehippers, it ha* effected AX IXaUKAX'FE OF FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS on the monov chests of the company by each train, with several h adlng insurance comj anles, such as ' TiJESUN, SECURITY, MANHATTAN, METRO-! POUTAN, AND IMitKNIX, wh'.*e aggregate capital and asset* amount to j FIFTEEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Shippers are thus insured against common car- 1 riers' risk, and a security is afforded never before , offered by any )*xprc*s company. For this NO ADDITIONAL CJlAKUB IS MADE. THE NATIONAL EXPRESS AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY is now prepared to do bu?tac?? as CHEAPLY. EFFICIENTLY, AND SECURELY as can be done by any other company. J F JOHNSTON. President. B. F. Fickux, General Superintendent, my 21?eodta OMITHFTELT) RATON, of 111? best O quality, just received and f.>r*ale by STEVENS A PEuRAM, )h2H_ta CU Broad street. T/IPTV THOUSAND POUNDS COTr TON YARNS, 8'? t*> ?/, faetort^number-. iv ii A.i. NTi'lvr.^ X i w. jy II A. I . nn'iVM a vu. rIHIIR TY-l'IVK HOGSHEADS CURA I and P??KTO RICO SUGARS ; flf?v barrel* HEFIX El) SUGARS, (ly 1IJ A. Y. STORES & CO. j^AND S SARSAPAKILLA, AYKR'b SARSAPAHILLA, juat received freeh a*. H, '} WOOD'S PHARMACY. yi

AUCTION SALES-FUTURE DAY. By Harrison, Uo*.l din k Appcnon, Bankers, JJrokm, and Real Estate Agent*. GALE OF LEASEHOLD AT PIJHk^LHJ Al'DTiON OF LOT AT THE CORNER "K GOVERNOR AND Ross STREETS, WITH TWO FRAMED BUILDING TIIKKEojf ._W<- wilt offer formal" At public auction on FRIDAY, th? 13th of July, Htw, at 5 o'clock, P. M?, np**n the premise*, the LEASEHOLD for the dii#xj>ir?4 time thereof to the let day of July, DM, ou tuo above-mentioned property. TBRMS, Ac. ? At sale. HARRISON, GODDIN 4 APPBRKON, Jy 12 Aactiotieerx. By Talno k Co., Auctioneer*, led Main utreet. T ARGK SALE OF AN ENTIRE J STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, CAPS. DRY GOODS, GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Ac., k<:., AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 1-fh Initanl. commencing at luo'clock, we will 11 at our auction-motus, by order of Thomas U. Dudley, Ee<|., Sergeant of the city of Richmond, niton attachments issued in t!??? (tending euil-of Tucker Si Smith, plaint if!*, r* F. McDowell Si Co., defendant*, and HaldorM* n, Ward A Co , plaintiff", * * F. McDowell A Co., defendant*, the ENTIRE SThl'K OF GOODS of K. McDowell A Co.. con*i*ting of BOOTS and SIH'ES, comprising every variety men'*, women's, bov*', misses', and children's ; TKAYELI.INO TRUNKS and VALISES, a large assortment; TRAVELLING BAGS. Ladie-' Hoop SKIRTS. Gentlemen's BLACK and DRAB FELT IIATS, Caps, LINEN-BOSOM and BROWN LINEN SHIRTS, Gentlemen'* GAUZE MERINO SHIRTS an 1 DRAWERS. i'A.Nt Y CASSIMEIIE SHIRTS, SUSPENDERS, UMBRELLAS, PARASOLS, NECK TIES, GLOVES and HOSIERY. In treat variety ; llUCKABA' K TOWELS WHITE JEANS DRAWERS. C A MB R1C IIA N DK EKC1II EKS, BRUSHES, PERFUMERY. LINEN and PAPER COLLARS, BELT RUCKLES. fcotoh whisky. California wine, OLD COGNAC BRANDY, CLARET WINE. WRAPPING PAPF.R, TOILET SOAI'S. 3 SILVER-PLATED SHOW-CASES, Tkrm* : P'? ? r all Mima under one hundred dollar*, ca*h ; over that nmonnt, sixty day* credit f**r tip proved endorsed note", jy it PAINE Jj CO.. Auctioneer*, * By Grubbsk William*, Auctioneers, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh street*. VKNV KKAMK HOUSE, ON THE .CORNER OK FIFTEENTH >TRKKT AND ?'IIKSTNI'T ALLEY, FOR SALE AT AUtTIoN - Will be *old at auction, on tlie pr<Mni*eH, i>n FRN l?AV, the lath July, at 5 o'clock. D. M , the*tii.tll NEW DWELLING located n* abovo de*? riti-d |t rontains four room*. Tb*? lot front.* twenty-two r.vt and run* back -ev. nty feet. T: km* : One.third cash ; balance at f?.nr and ?lgh: month*, with, i tile feat. ,.?e ORL BBS & WILLIAMS, jy f Auctioneer*. Bv GruLbg & William*, Auction* er*, Northwest corner of Main and Eleventh streets. iri'STWooi), containim; lorn > it UN DRFD AND THIRTY EIGHT AND A 'ALTER A? RES OK VERY VALUABLE FARM It; \ N I' TIMBER LAND, LYING FoUR MILES EST of TIIK CITY. FOR SALE AT At < TioN.? i WEDNESDAY, July 1*. commencing at U lock, M.. we will null' at auction, on the j*r< tn- **. the v. ':i.ibit* e-tat** known n* WESl'W <u'D. cm I by the heirs oi the iato Loftln N. Ellett. It li**? aiMMi? four mile* w* ?t of tin* city, and *1in* the laii*I* owned by Wa.-hiuki- n * i awford rnierly \robr<s*o Hutchinson), Willi tin Br<*wn4, T v D.ckcn. L. Ellett, and P P llu-k*. I'h.re sir- FoUR HUNDRED AND TillKTV GIIT AND A Gl'ARTfcR ACRES, which will be Id **!f into nine tract-. vi7 : The man-ion and i-r building*, with o.ghty-scvoii ai r*?, a dtle portion being In woo*|*, fronting on the Deep u-tiiM plkii and running back t*> another road ?on thi- tract there i* a lark** i >Ri || \ RD, embntug a ;ui at variety of choice fruit, selected with t*' : and it might be tmh<1? a very *1?:r it>Ic faun countrv-**',!' Th<* rcinaindei j- divi*|e*l into ;lit tract*, rallying In -i/*' from thirty f**ur t*< rtv-ove ,o t -.? all having sjoiHi fronts onrdtdl i ling int*> the Westham plank ma*! ami tin* ?eprun turnpike, and aiiordiug the op'ion t??tfi?? ircha*er *d using either of tlio*** p *pnl.ir tin* itghfare* t*> the city, w!iil*t the Grove road, lien extended, will pas* through a considerable ri < ! tin* property. In the opinion o'f the lie ? judge*, these >.^l,r ir embrace tin* tim-t bo.ly oi timbered ami wood ml mm- within a reasonable di*iaiic** *.| the city, ?? im-t of it b-iinr in original fore-t, which lia* >t been at it 11 pillaged, if i- *up|i*'-*e| that tin* luber which c in In- otit.iim I fr?*m tlie laiel will y more than ii* c**st. Ttn*n. are beautiful build g-i'e* on ?? idi b>t ; Hilda* uio.-t of the laml li?m ?II for cultivatu n, it i- very valuable lor cottage * arid "in.ill farm*. Tin* neighborhood |. om* ?be most desirable in tin- vicinity of Richmond FkrMi< : '?n** third vault.. balance ?t *ix and ? iv* month" for negotiable note*. ititer***t added, cured l*y a truM d-*e*l ; or an arrangement may ? iiutdo t< r luudi lunger credit with parties dering it. OUL'BUs k WILLIAMS, Iv T Auctioneer*.

By Harrison, Uoddin i ApperHon, Banker*, Brokers, and Kcul Estate Agents. J 1 VAKM ONK IirNPRKl) ANI> I f?AKM <>F <>NK Ml NMKKII ANN 1 THIKTY-oNE At 'If KS, <A LLED ('HI8W1CK, I.N IIKNKH<> COUNTY. SEVEN MILES WEsi oF INCLUDING CRops, IIOILSE i MULLS WAtit'NS, ('ART, fa For SALE AT Al*<"I l"X.?At the refpt"I .Mr Jacob C ohn w. ' "hall *ell at am rton, on the premises, <>n WEB- | NEsDA Y. tin- "5th day i f July, 1<*W, at 11 o'clock. 1 A. M., (it fair; if m-t.'the tird'Ltir day fftereufn-r (lie h.-atitiftil FARM on which lie m-w reside-, called "('hi-wick," and formerly owned hy Hev (Jfuree G. E sail. li ;!? - on die Three-chopped road, seven mil** Wc-l of Richim-nd, adjoining tIt? lands of .If. W Green and other*, mtd contains one hundred umi thirty-one acre-, of which about forty acres are well set mi clover, twenty acres in meadow, forty teres ni original timber, twenty-one acr* .? in ortli iiaiy wood-, and ten acr<-n of vegetable land The improve no n-* ci>n*:-t of an EX* ELLEN 1 htVKLl.IMi and all odo r building-, including a line ire It on "**. wdi three ootoj" li-.ir by; urol an ORCHARD I'F t'.N'E THOUSAND < H*>K K FKl'IT TREES, among which are ninety-five dwarf pear trees. Also, one a?i. and a hair in grape vlneot (in* tine-t kinds. p.,s*t>-*ion given in a f- w days. After the sale of the land, all of the CHOI'S t'F CoRN, t?aTS, SEED WHEAT, will be .-old ; also, 2 COWS', r. HORSES, 12 MUI.ES, A pare- 1 of HoliS, t WA'Jm.vs and HARNESS, 3 (A KTS and HARNESS, I AMBl LANt.e, and HARNESS, t CARRIAGE and HARNESS, All tiie FARMING IMPLEMENTS, Sir Should the Farm not be Bold, it will he rente l out for on<-year ; and whether sold or rented, ail of lit*- personal etr?!Cls will i-uhitivei.t t>?- *<l 1 Tkhio : For the land, one-third cash, balance u! on*-and two year* for bonds bearing inn-rest, secured by a trunt d t. For the personal effect*, a -uinn under thirty dollar*, casli ; ov* r that amount, tour month* credit tor approved, endorsed, negotiable p..p*-r. IlAUULSoN, GODDIN Jt APPERSON, Jv I?Jawtds Auctioneers. By Grubba & Williams, Auctioneers, N* rthWest comer of M tin and Eleventh street-. 4 VKRY VALVABLK KKSIDEXCK 1\ AND BEAUTIFUL SQUARE. ON SOUTH <1DK OF GR.M E STREET. EXTENDING FRn.M I' W K N T V S K <'<> N D t<> TWENTY-THIRD STREETS, FOR -tl.K AT AUCTION.-On M<>NDA Y, the Inh < f J nly, at 5 o'clock, 1'. M . we will -?II at a tic t ion, on (ii? i remises, the late r*--id**iice of LOFT1N N. ELI.ETT, deceased. It t.? situated upon tin* crown <?( the hill, overlooking the city and surrounding country above and below, com". Handing a view of unequalled beauty, it i? a most conveniently c* n-irucled dwelling, with about twelve rooms, with a largo kitchen, smokehouse, sta'de, and all Die u-iiat convenienses of a private re*ideiic<- of the belter class. The lot front* on Grace street two hundred and sixty-four feet, extending ti m Twenty-second to Twentyrhinl streets, and runs back two hundred and thirty |. -t. affording a large yard ami c^rd-n and i*ou*-<-? the niont beautiful Situations In the city coiiveiaeiit to the business y>r:i<-n of lire city, and yet v. ry unlet and retired It will be sold together or sub-divided to meet tne v :ews of bidders It 1* rarely that a property SO desirable In Itself atel with s - many advantages of situation is offered to the public. Tkkn- : At Mile. GKUBBS A WILLI AMS, Jy 7?td Auctioneer*. HICJII (ONSTALLKS SALR.?Will . I)? sold to the highest bidder, for cash, oil WEDNESDAY, the Nth instant, at N o'clock, A M., at the shop of Messrs. Rock <X Abbott, on Tw entielh street, between Main and Franklin, the following property, to wit' Thirteen SPRING WAGONS, seventeen HEAVY STREET WAGONS, to - iti.-fy an attachment iu my baud* in favor i f Rock A Abbott r.? Brown A Stabler. Thi-salt* Is made by order of the Court of Hutiogi for th< cltv *>t Ktchuiond. jy a a. K. CRUMP, H O. C. B. 17IKST NATIONAL LANK. . UNITED STATE6 AND STATE DEPOSITORY. No. 1217 Mais sraKKt, OXE DOOR ABOVE THIRTFBXTH STRBCT. Sight and Time Bills issued on Baring Brothers A Co., London. Sterling ami United Mates and State Stocks bought aud sold S. A. OLOYFR, ('ashler W R Qcabi.:.*, Vice-President and Teller, tv 11?lm I iMFTY UOiJSIIEADS PRIME KIJ> sides bacon. 10 hogsheads prime CLEAR SlDF.S BAC<>N, W hogsheads prims SHOULDERS HACON, '25 ke> kegs prime SMITH FIELD LARD, aw SMlTilFI ELD IIA MS. ?:? hogshead* PORTO RICO SUGAR, 100 bag* Kin COFFER, 2 ' C *?es C< '0X AC BRA N DY, Ski case* superior CI. A KfcT, loo boxes KOSlN 80AP, ? ?..- l.vw sacks" Worthlngton" LIVERPOOL SALT, 6ve sacks GROUND ALUM SALT, W boxes ADAMANTINE CANDLES, Superior OLD WHISKY, . COGNAC BRANDY, In pipes, 0H0CEW0KT1UM h^OR WALK.?KIVK SHAKK8 VlH1 GINIA DRICK U<?MPANY sTtd jC lor aala. tv IJ- Jt C. W. I'UKCHLL A CO,

AUCTION SALE8?THIS DAY. By K*rop*on Ji.no?, Jr , A fv> Anetlfwor* and O-mrai.-tori Mercian, No. 4 Fifteenth ?tr*?t, b?tw?an M*ln ?,,| ( WE WILL SEuTaT Ot'K STmf? on THURSDAY, Uth 'l'K If on THURSDAY. l?h |n*?n?, r ^ at P? oclmk a lurye Invoic, IT ? "?'?"'H I. M-*.f 81'OAKS, CopFKES. FLOUR. HKHRINOS, CHKF.SR. MOLASSES. VINMIAK, SOAPS, rooKINO and WAMUX1 Sotu PEPPER, * MTSTAKD. SMoRiNO tobacco BRooMS, BUCKETS, A ? ALSO, whiskies, BRANDIES and WINES. Tp.*m mk hAliX : For all tutu* ur.d-r t,r 'Ir?--t di'llara, caah ; oTor ofM h' credit of thirty <!.?>. for .in; r>.v. J i i; - ' A!' ( ly 13 h- JoNES. J a , A I ?l , Aertj. ; , By Urubba A William*, Aaetb i;( .o. North we?t corner of Eleventh and >!?? . . j V A L U A R I, K PRIVATE Ilb\r J DENf EAM) Bt'ILblXH |.?.r- ?t ; NORTHEAST ( okNKK ok M\!.m'u; ; ADAMS STREETS, FoRSAI.E AT Al l t{',\ < ' reijtie.f of Mr Je??e William, n-| . ,r," In/ hon?e-keeplnff wewlll, T!!';;.. Rah, at SJ o'clock. P. M . -?*,! a' .? . ' promise*, !'.?* RESIDENT K. ? mat -.j ,t i I It lia* a'Miitt ten ro<>m.. be.t |e. darr-'. riM'tna, rlnn-t*, Lath-room. k"iken. 4! , . room* f"r aertmnw, am??ke :. .table, carrlage-lwtiee, Ar . ai. of ) , K Ingouil order, h.tvitiK n ? Ij r< ? t. , in-' ?>titir>> pnalM* m adi ra . fr*k> the comfortable accojumoda'ioii ' ! Wltli wme aliffht alleratiof i ,, on Adam* etreet* could be convert, t i euiall tenement*. ' With the li til-e Will be ? ft feet on Marshall *tre*t, runnm* i o <i 1 and *mty-*cven feet t>> an all y i After which, will be ??< I 1 ti >? tw< IL * lylnif D the ?M?t of the dwclliiitr. ? ? r> f i one hundred and ?l*ty-*?treii ? a \ I'tMCMioll will be fflveit iu a ?? vr j o,, . I Tffffii*: A! *a!o. ORl'BBS A W!|.i.t*\j? ' jy a By C. C. Han??* & C?., Auction.. r., ! Scrcnth street, WP'II Br?Miu.'. 1 M . r^Lt., ! Wi: WILL SELL AT ul*R STttRp YY on THURSDAY, July i::h, c 10 o'clockBEDSTEADS MATTEL-: ?. OFFICE lM? or HER CHAIK>, TABLES. WAKDRoBES. ALSO, 2o do/en LINEN CO.\TS, l . LINEN 1' A N T >. 5o juiir. t' \s.| M LRE I'AN I ". t tlo/ell VKSTS, lawns, HARKHF.s. hi..I t M.H ,w. Boots, Sil1 'ES, NOTIONS. Jte jv 11 f t IIA NEs i DRUGS. MEDICINKS. He nolT'LAK KKMl.l?Ii:s.~ .Jim r . . CelVed Bt W o o D ' S PHARMACY. Fifth ami V >r-'i il' >'r Fot'CERA'K loDl.NI/.LlM o|? | tV'Kif ' It HE'> EM AN" S PURE AND FKKsll < I' L. ??! L. REYNOLD'S ".PEt I ED", for k'.mt and iL imo'-i.i . Rol'DACLT s I't.l'slN. B LA N C A R D ' s P I I. L s , and a K'-neral i ?> r'tn ? ? < t RELIABLE MEDICINES AND I' UE< Hl.MIt C? jy |.t for I'r.'fcrti tb'ti*. MKSSRS. PL'KCKLL, LALL) ?Y id., ,\.o:nt. kor LEO." ?I?T? S DlARRIKKA MI \ TI K! LEoN'AIID'8 AHl'K T<?NH', LEONARD > IT? ll o|N rM''NT LEONARD'S INV 1' VN I ... FOR Cof'OIIS, COLDS, i Sol I bv Dttik-k-.-l" Ren. r illv N B. rhvalcleo* III the country' mtj Leonard'. Atfue Cure m any ?| t.tt t ty

!' !"r ikOCKlJKlDGi: AliL'M STIUN*.salts ?> i: M A s s . CAP T!??N. There i* an article ?>?? tho market appr< * very cl.*?ly t> thi* Medicine i> vorv widely in n* ran<k. 1 * *.i. ? proiur* the .SALTS <>F TilK K?'< KHLIl".l. K M Sl'KlMUS In K"i kl'ii Ik- <? ? ?iiri.y. \ <? ?" that t'.K-y can h- hil l at TUB hi'III N't* ??' f ITRCKLL, LAl?U \ ? ?? , HU him t?' A. U 1U'?'KKU, LyinUtnirg ; t OI.KMaN K,M?LKS, Lali un r'. HKKKMAN & C<>., New V< rk Other drugg?"t* iu Virginia unl *?/??' Stat.- who k?e|.tl?.-? MIXKKAI. WA ri.B* ?" ? III our bottle* will h>< -Upplo'.l with 11 i?*"? ? I t ? SALTS and fuml-hed with tin. po ',<> r < r I and with our I'hamphl' t. Th? miles of both the WATER *'"1 m!-T rapidly regainius the po*ltlot? th-y hi id t and nouth before the war ? Price "f genuine Alum M ? . I ' 5 *1.5o p, r ounce. KFA/.lhll A KA U?"t.l i jy 0-ltU_ rr' 1 uiTul5?uLPiiisfcfAW-issvmi ^ The attention of the Heal Pr" to these to w rhetn?< il ???''' "V y r'V-TY \ 1 highly recommend, line. v???> .... . INti. The former i- ? - ? ? in thatspecie*of aptlm ?* - r.".,0" '?ll Wl" lr,l,?.,.l.oa|o^v^ .... j.? 53 N mils o 1 Ir 11 ?* U HALING SI'KIN'GS WAil-ll, Mt-M IMK II K ALI A1 ? GMM V'iv I; A T11 COl'.NTV. \li.l,lNI V , , The proprl-tor* ?d V1"" . -owing* have, in vs. w ?d in- ? he public, had tha w.it. s c it flu IJ ' ? ; -pring.a" heretofore,In *cl? *, . .,.rvH it;- virtue*and character, i. it the fountain. Jf..i ? It* propertied are w.'il known, is a* prove.l IU great value In i- o which ha?e been cured >?> ? - " " Kryeipela*. Torpidity of the Liv. r. i }-} -hi or Thru-It. O/.ersa (an oil. - - ? trout the no-trit). Intractable lu?ea* Paralv-l*, Bronchial Alterto-'-, I, irate ulaiid, Enlargement of he p llepo-ltr, Irritability of the Madder. I' ? Kidney-. Spinal Irritation, Neur, ?i.? u-tis, l>i?ea-e* of Female. < hi"tii< I All.etlon*, whether d?-p. nJotit up ??'< " ? ? other dyscra-la of the bo.lv, ?iili" .?,l ? and morbid condition* of the ?.ye h"iu ?".WfiruiffiKs 'j~ half-gallon bottle*. Ordera encl-^int, tot will receive prompt attention. llEsCHIl'TIVh PAMPMLKTs. r,;nt.. t. tlcate* of cure*, and highly li. er. j-mo-t re-peetahle e;;urc.-. and >> h- r . . r tan he had on application t > s. A I '.I -- ine Spring*, Hath county. Na , or to " 1 PP HCKLL, LA Kit i -t./" Uenoral Agent* for the rale u? ?!.? a VKK'S SARsTvi'AKILLA i- ?? ' /V ccntrated extract ot tlm choice t blued With "tiic-r - lb*t UiCe? of ?tUI gr? ' , live power a* to attord an "If. < tual a?,i. ?a?ea 8AKBAPAK1LLA i* J*| ute l ? t remedy i? -urely wanted by lh??ae w!,<" aTUL'Sltll'S complaint*, *"d tl.at ? " mpli-h their cure p.u-t prove, ?? ? iinmenV. service to thi* large tlo, ? ?' fellow-citixeii*. How completely tu> <? will do it ha* been nroVeii by "?xp- niie of the worst ca*e* to be found l-? coinplaint* : . ^ .... Scrofula. Hcrofuloua bweLlnt.* at. ,[ Dl?vt*e?. Pimple-, I'tlMUle-, I .. - ?? ' -t Anthony'- Finn,B>*? ? f hr>\: ' Salt Kheuin, Scald Head, Ki! *? " A . Syphiliaor Venerlal di.-ea- ih' v. , . . -v.tein by the prolonaed us- ? t lill.LA, and the paLei.l 1* !' tt i.? ? UV.''t?-i1o dlsear-* are cau?M M "''r;'L A\ . blood, and are often *oO?i cared 0/ OF SAHSAI'AKILLA. Do not discard thla Inn ' , ' ' you have been Imp.ce I up..t' ?' -i^ ^ , tending to be bar-apar. a. ^ . When you have u-.-d r.. ;, then, will you know t..?? * ? * , . t For minute particular-of ? re.vr yiei t<? AY BR 8 AU?< 1 ? "? J ' \ agent below named will Itirn.sh * "ivKK'? C4THAKT1C IMLU ' ' : . . foatlvcnv*-. Jaund., . . . ? j. .. Dvfeiit, ry. Vou! stomach. !lcad?< mat loin. Heartburn, at:-:, K ?' i (if Nl 'll'i'Ji I f I ?41 c *' ? mai l. ' 4 1 . < I. Vi r Fiatnleary, 1*- ? ? f t Ai? . . ? i : r % [>rop*v. Worm*, Oout, Seura g.?. ? "They are augar coated, aothi' t? cut,!, pl,e*jitfr . ?';J.. A|?rt,t:t In th? w.-rW for ??' lb 1 '?KULSK-f '? ?? **?? ?""? u*'; corner of MaiuandTb K,tEjlu.:i N* Je 2?Jul ? of KG II'A L INST1U* M1 "STS? ^ DOCKET t'ASES. MElHCAL SAiH'LE-!Go\ medical tn^Ts;M-'^vi V 4 Matu and Tb'.rd^n*^ 1 r LMTtD s Ul1 ,iaiit.tifII ov? poo a A?;'vr THiaT?B? ;^jrd ,,, o .veounU w*ilTrvcelvo apvcjal att a-S W K (4caat-ta, Vice-Pte*t Jent and jy v. , ^ r II L i 1RKAT V i o igiVtM rmdUCTION '5 A 1 " are making t art , . d Hotel. _ it:C ALI.KGO OOHN MILIA- J, prepared to buy gy-^^1? .. wrv tor th* full kJL'. ?".roi i i c" , ? Auy one wUbiug ?.? t>' i, , give UaiUgo