Daily Dispatch, Volume 30, Number 30, 6 August 1866 — Page 2

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Richmond <Bisptch. MONDAY ..At'OUST C, 1866. C*t?riera! SI a mum on Congress. Me llMVV Mlsprt led (Ichcral Siimiman dightly ot not being a devout admirer of Radicalism. Certainly, Ironi an anecdote of hu recent visit to Chicago, he ha* r ojH'cial respect for tin- Congres . *4 When (Jcncrul Shkrman was leaving 44 Cleveland. lie responded, iii answer tothc 44 inevitable demand fora speech,' I .see that 44 the Atlantic cable has been successfully 44 laid?that'* u great thing. 1 also see that 44Congress has adjourned? that > a good 44 thing; and if the hot weather only kcep44off, that. too, will be a good thin?.' " We have b''? " telling the Kadicals for some time that Sntmuv is not "t their party. He begins to speak out. Instructions. The Lynchburg l't'r>ji/uan says that o the committees acted with great pro- 1 44 pricfy in n?>t attempting to frame in. j 44 struct ions for the delegates. They had 44 no light to d?? this, fur thewo del. gatt ???, > 44 fresh trotn the people, and representing 1 44 every portion of the State, w ill be even 4 44 better prepared than the Richmond ' 44 committees to rolled the public senti44 incut/' Fare for the Delegates to the Philadelphia Convention. Mr. Charles Mason, corresponding secretary of the National Union Executive Committee, announces that all the railroads in Virginia, and Kentucky, and the States further south, have agreed to charge only half fare to the delegates to the Philadelphia Convention. In some cases they will charge full fare going, and return free. In most cases they will pay half fare each way. Mr. Mason suggests that delegates should provide themselves with credentials showing their appointment. Southern Riots The New York Herald suggests that the Radicals are very much in need of a few more riots; and that if twenty or thirty negroes can be killed in each of the cities of Richmond, Mobile, Memphis, and New Orleans, it will be of great service to the Radical cause. For particulars, terms of compensation,&e. apply to old Thad. Stevens or any member of the Reconstruction Committee. Prussia and Italy. Article third of the alliance, offensive ' and defensive, rr J*ru--?aand Italy ias follow * : 44 From and after the period of the <ie., 44 duration of war, the war -hall be prose. 44 rutcd by their Majestic* (til*4 Kings of 44 Prussia and Italy ) with all the strength 44 tluit Plovideiicc ha* piroM d at their ?li*. 44 position, and ) <?/'.?'? /V'/.-.-'f }.<>/? Jtuhj 44 ,vVi'/ i'iiiii' ih> fit!")' 'jnoi'f (?/? <h'i ? 44 irithnyt (}" >r H> '* '>tf l(t." Italy very ptoluMy will Hiid that vhe ibut the jackall to the lion, and that in the hunt which tiny have undertaken they will wind tip the chase n> -<>on as the lion is gorged. Pre-da will not continue the war should France, who i- now the own* i of Volutin, not choose to give it up to Italy. A Sol UK It PaI'KK Ap.vM'o.V- Tin; 11A ! > I . <"Al.s.?The Philadelphia A.ho>r'?-ii> edited b\ Moltl'oS M< Ml? IIAK1., Mn\?>r?.| tlie eitv, heretofore a Radical sheet, e"in taim-d a leader on llu ?d instant favoring the Administration of Piesidetit ?foir -. \. SUKIJII'AN TAKKS "ill! Ih'n Tit*4'!*.? fleneral Sm Riu.vn t? l? graph- I" tiein ral (tliAvr that the riot was riot tin result of mere nioh, but a pr? eom ortcd and pre. arranged plan ot weeks Jbr the slaughter of I nioji ne a.

What Si mm.r, Wadk, am? Si> vkn> saii* nth Louisiana II\i?i?ai. Con. a KNTioS.?When the Louisiana members, of Congress elected under tin* constitution framed by the Convention which wa* dispersed the other day applied for admission to their seats, Mr. Sumner '??aid : Mr. President, 1 rememWr last summer Out t good loituue Ihrc.v mo iu the path ol a distingui-hed gentleman just returned from Louisiana. J think he had been present at the sitting* of the Cony? n. ti?.?n ; at any rate, ho had been at New Orleans at the time iti the discharge ol important public duties. In reply to au inquiry iu regard to that Convention, he said compendiously that it rus notlony but u stupendous h*xu?yes, sir, nvtbimj i>-l r stllpl IfloUs The pretended State governtm nt oj Louisiana is utterly indefensible, whether you look at its origin or it* character. T<> d? - scribe it I must use plain language, /f (l IfiTf s'ffVM J/IO?(H'U, hi'H'tl'n ''if t/(e buif iot in criminul covjuuihvi' fit'/ tin spirit nt castf, (tint born bij'ore its time, ncketty, unjomwt, untrnishe'l. In the same debate, Mr. Wade said: Sir, 1 have heard a great deal about this pretended election iu Louisiana which did not come Irom Mujoi-General Hanks, unit 1 prononuc th> jii/" <"tii>'i <t ???<?#?/.#/?</. It is not pretended that there could be drummed up from the ritl-ratl ol New Orlean, and sent iiite? the vicinity, tin ler t! e nudate ol a major-general, more than about six thousand votes, where over titty thousand were Ibrmerly polled. Mr. Grimes ami ottier itadicals spoke in the same strain, and at the conclusion of the debate, the L >uisiuua C'invention and its work win- condemned by the decisive , vote of thirty.two to twelve. In the 1I?m1*c it was assailed by Tlutd. .Stevens, Winter, Davis, and their follown *, u ith equal vigor : and ferocity, and met the same fate at the hands oj the Radicals. And it is this ol>-1 jeet ol their concentrated denunciation that they now take up to give a pretence of legality to their conspiracy against ' peace and order in Louisiana! PosTMASThR-GKXKFU!. RaMuU.'s I'oSJtiox.?An editorial in the New York Tri. bune ol Friday says : Does A. W. Randall, Postmaster-Gene-ral, remember a recent conversation he had with a prominent Uuion man of this .Stale t Does he remember that he explicitly ( threatened civil war unless the Union majority yielded to the policy of the Presi- j dent * Does he rememher his threat that, If its opposition coutlnued, the President would recognise the minority of Congress and the Southern claimants of seats as the true Congress* Does he rememher that he asserted the President would maintain the authority of this false Congress by force ! Mr. Randall is now a member of the Cabinet; one of the President's advisers. When the Philadelphia Convention meets he may take the opportunity to repeat these rebel threats more publicly?or to deny theui. Land is victorious or?r water?Field f ?tr tbt tea,

Chitrlr* O'l oiinr'n Print* latrrrlrw Willi JcfTrr?oit I?h via?Hope* of >? N|M'?l jr 11 ml I'm IP Trlfll for Mil Pm I*, or it Krlfiwc ?u Rail. CwrreKjviniltiirc of X*? York World FnRTRKHH MoNRok, August 1. Great honor is clue t<? Representative Rogers, front tin* Judiciary (*?ituniitI???' ??! Congress, fur flic bold and lopfv stand lit' ha* taken, single otnl alone, in making his " ntitioril v " upon the case of Jetler. sot, D;,V|S. lie <H(1 not tear the wrath of his compeer*. fillt told the truth, Htid .stlh. mittcd his labors to the public, which loudly approves his notioQ. That there is great importance to ho attached to Mr. Rogers's report is evident irotn the fact that the eminent counsel of Mr. Davis, I Charles O'Conor, F.?q., has arrived here, and ls?en closeted for two days with his client. Only lie, Mr. Davis, and the mas. sjve granite walls ot casemate No. 7, second row, front of Fortress Monroe, are aware of the purport ot this close conference. There is, however, this much to Iio augured from Mr. O'Conors appearance here at this particular juncture. i/f ir,n.yf hn\'i> r*>o ivtd some (tsswrauC/row the poirty/f tlx it be th'it Jefferson Ditch icill so<>H hove a fair trial, or b* Ubt rati it o/i heavy bonds. Certain it i* that great influence is at work with President Johnson to interpose his strong aria in this ease ; and while such men as Mr. Greeley an ! oilier l.oted Republicans are willing to become lioiulsinen for Davis, why should the Radical party dissent from granting the nnfortunato captive his freedom on 1 parole t This very day there is a capital of five million dollars ready to he pledged for Mr. Davis to appear cither for trial or he on his good behavior. A few more i Weeks will demonstrate how far the Radical Secretary of War dare yet to go. and when the Supremo Court of the L'uited States for this district again convenes lie can still retain his prisoner under the con-. trol of the mighty bayonet. Mr. O'Connor leaves to-night for New ?orlc, when tie will lay the result of his consultation with Mr. I>:iv i-? before Mr. James T. Rrady and his other colleagues, and they together will work on that lor the defeiii ?? Of Mr. Davis. ViroixfaV Di:i.k<5atks to Piulahki.piii \. The appointments made by the central committees of delegates at large will he received with general satisfaction by the people of Virginia. Consistent and earn-1 evt men, all of them, who ha\e gained their prominence I he State by weight of tle ir niental and moral excellence,they can safely he trusted with the guardianship of Virginia's honor, and will neither he hasty or timid, arrogant ?-r truckling, in word or action, when they meet in con.' vention as equals the representative men of the .Northern Conservatives,?Xnrfn'fc \>rijhiio,,. The gentlemen appoint* d to represent Virginia in this Convention, headed by our distinguished countryman, lion. William C. Rives, area fair selection of the representative men of the State.?'bar. bJ.t'.sl','!(? I hr>-nir!>\ Ripoini n V' Riiku or a Cikroyuav.? ? TJje f.<ll..wing i- a dispatch, dated the l*t instant, from St. I-ouis to the Cirieinnati : ' otivio ri'ial : i "It i>. reported on conservative authority that the Radicals on Sunday kill* <I S. S. lh adlee, pi eliding elder of the Mctho. ?Ii-t <"hlire-h in the Springlield district, because he insisted upon preaching without taking the oath. The story is that a hand of thirty armed men prevented him from i preaching in hi? church, hut promised io allow 1 im to proceed upon his own farm, i Alterwards his congregation preceded towards his land, hut alter going about halt a mile, were overtaken by several of the armed men, w in* had galh?|>pcd after them, and one, drawing hi* revolver, tired at Mr. ! I Kadlec three times, each of the halls I taking eject?two in the body and one in the arm. Mr. ileadlee died al about Ju o'clock that night." . Till' Wottl) "Mo\hV '' A* Co\'sTI?t"r!l? JiV CoMMI??io.NKJt Rot.I.INS.? The G'ohimis. sioticr of Intciiial Revcnuo has recently laid occasion to call attention to the fact that I he won't "money," as used iu the internal revenue law,maki s drafts,ehc. k*, and ail other iustruiiK nt* of writing givi u hi receipt therefor, the same as money,ami should In* stamped the same as receipts for current inone\.

CuYl llN'uK PuiBpoiNT <i.\' THE PlIM.AFtKI.. I'Mia Cpnvkntjux.?Gowniur IVii point remarked while here last week that there would ii?>t h?* a ITrioii man livm Virginia . in the Philadelphia Convention called by Hooliitle and Kandall.?Jalnnont I Among the candidates for the Chair ol Latin at the l'nivet>ity (to he tilled on the J."itli instant) we hear ol'Charles Morris, Km,., o: llaiiover?one of the liest fellows and one of the finest miuds in the State.? Ch'O'lotl* oi'i'lt 1 'bronil'tl. Ati old citizen of Wuterbury, Conn., named Horace Porter, was hroiight up he. fore Judge Gillette on Monday on the charge ol working on Sunday, and lined four dollars. The title to the property of the Fauquier Female Institute has passed into the possession of the Hev. li. II. Wyer, late of Louisa county, Va. He will reside at the j Institute and assist l>r. llaeon. Washington is as lifeless as an Atlantic Telegraph Cable dispatch.?lio.st^n p MMI XI- ATF.Ii.1 Iii .Xi iiioi') ol' I olonH J. 'I'liompoint Brown. 1 lir*t Virginia Artillery. II" bath gono from thy Sid* t" the Land of tb<? i L-itl' The W.ii ? Trump* I M'uiideih ; there's rlMbng of j Steel ; M s ( ivis red Artillery forrtnoM do h go Its thundering Amlitiuhe. crashing the Fee ; The Wai r.mir's Until, confus dty re.-is on With N<>:m', rod glioutli and 'iaruiiili 1 !? stroivn Hut he is not there ; lie hath passed :T<>tn !h*< fray fi. the M.ui?ioiisof Pea re in the heavenly Pay The Circle stands s'rlckm : r wide u.ip is made N. r- r more t<> he llll' l since in I">! lie i* Is'-I ? But w? ep not for liim who his Duty hath done,? Whose Course was as bright as the Flush of tlie Mill. ? From the 1r?t film of Vlct'ry !,i p. the!'* first Ki.rht Totite Wilderness all with '-ur Triumt lis i?.py?n,? 'Midst the Battle's rud'st Roar, Win r>* the freest How d the ijnre,? '.Midst the Bun's volcanic k shock Breathing I ire, an t .Jchit biu? Cheering on the hut Pursuit, R. veiling in ttie Focmati'* Rout,? There did TiioMt a"> charge amain There he iiy'er ?hal! ? barge again ' Then lay him In Earth to the steep of the Brave, While o'er hi in his Country In r Barmen* doth wave, Ant Liberty's Tears fall o'er the cwn Sod, Where the .Mortal repo-o?tlio Spirit witti O. n, on the fair Jlundb i t Virgins shall chajdfis prepare To place in embalming Memorial there.And tiis lov'd A 'in'/ .tf cer h?-r Youths still had forth To study there Lesson* of Patriot Worth, And fan the high Flame which the Freeman's Breast li res To die lor the Land of his Uome mid hie feire*. The Wife of hi* Fosotn in?t hononr'd tote, I Ah ' Lady ' be thankful (Jon lent him to tbea? His proud Name to bear?hie Example to take, Who as Dro?s counted all el?a for Principle ? sake-. Thy ll- ro?thy Husband smile* down on thee etill, Aa humbly resigning at llr.Ava.x'a high will. Thine all of Felicity?earth?born and dead,? ! To the i r<*H of the Mouriu-r and Martyr now wrl? , In the Path of Endurance thou ssek'st him again, , Ar-sur'd tiiat th'ia seeking, 'twill not be in vatn. j VIR0I5IA , MATRIMONIAL.?a. young gentlo- ' i **tr lo. king. Of good moral charact r ..r iW'"**"*?with an Iik ( Us- sufficient to make a sin?ll family cuiiortable?desires to !? no th ar? qualnUime of mum accomplished i?dy with a rit w to M A Thl ii?>x y. ) r position* must be in all sincerity, with carte* J#-vtelle em limed If ?on*-nient, addressed to I. M f., for throe days, (broofb ibe po*t.yBc?, ??e^tt?

DIED. dance. HO hUHty,' " .uold mi<i w?J-*i?<?wneltlMn At lil? reel Tence. In thl? city, on th% night c*f **. tiiri?v ili<* 4ti* Instant, Kit IIaRR Wall F1EL1', In the eighty ninth yn ir of hi" age l in>'ti?? rI * rvin;* will cuiiI'jtTc** In Centenar> Church Till* t)lMti<Uyi Mi'UN'iSfl hi 11 ?>'ri> ck 1 ho frl? ti>l" ni..I u<qnaint4tire* of the deceased, *'-d ff hi" f.tiiil y, an i tlii* f<?nillv of lit" "mi In 1 *w, Pr. Christian. ar* Invited to attend. WANTS. AY r ANTED, bv n lmlv of sotn" xi^?' t ence In t> aching, a "ftTATIt'N In th p'j* tnary il< partroent of a F- mal? Inst tute. or in a prl V*t-? family. elm la ml ? VM? ,? , olbpetelit to lli-truit 111 til" uiuh! English ni an . and In th- rudiment" of r ronrb Itt-rereoc-" e*< hanged Address Mill H. Ji . Balisvlllc, an <t?JJisivr* Powhatan county. V a \\JAN'TKI), TWO FROFE-SNaRS OF ?f AH'MC In 1-roale college* ; "NK FEMALE TFaTUKK. to teach th- English branches, French and Mualc In h rcmliyrv. Teacher* lor ev> ry branch on hand, und supplied I'UHu or cri.ut n. to the employer. WANTl5l>. bo h Ifldv. h situation an PROFESSOR - .? -II. Cl.? njliii r. i', "? " i?u; i " : . , (iF Ml'sn; III a rollec* or private family. htm ijai? , ... ... ?. ,.li I i.l/ i ? ran ffive n very lung experience m teaching it : ran the r.-ry best of reference*. For further p&rticn luri ad.lress the SolTHKKX EMPLOYMENT AOF.NCT. Franklin street, under Metropolitan Hal). j Post-oHI(?? ho* Id, KjChinnd. Vh . : P'ANf' uiazt A Li.sk, Agent*. nu 3?It TTTANTKD, to aL'ii tu soino one wh<? I? can ni v- bis personal .utenl.on to the l?t--i lust, an INTEREST OF o.NE-llALF IN A EKtail 'ilt'i^RKY, tin cash #?ijoh of which lot the year enJi.ig Align t 1st exceed-.I tw.nly thousand d.'ilai.. Apply at tii. 1'. ysii/ioli.ie. *au 1?f * \\r A N T K D, a TWENTY-FIVE-1 YY 1IORSK-POWER KNfllNB and BOILER, in good order, cowplata. Apply to J. J. FOhlnR. So.44 Main8tr?ietti j HU 3_s? under St. Charles Hot' AY lak r a N T ED. ?N<?IT A FUAYSElt waid to employ a .MAN AND IaMILA char#* of a mi.a!! farm n*ar t!i? ,clty f? r?H ?cnarj(foi aMiiaii lurm i .? j* hand well-reeoiiiL.'jnd?,d LOOKS, , ?fl 11 ft ' t ? I wjii'irviiiuiMot- ?- -v. - - H'U>L->KRVANT.S, LAIO'UKP.S, .. i .1 F.\l:M I AN l?s Cim supply ANTHRACITE C? ?AL to thornn want at reasonable ratc? NOfT k FRAYSr.I). I Fruikliri ?'revt, h' tween Kicbtb and Ninth, ant A SITl'ATIOX AS T EACH E R j ? tVA.NTF.il. ? A V'inng lady wi"li?'" a siOjafii.n ? TEACHER in a private family. Han consider-| hie experience in in*triKtinx childrcti in Flench | inltlie ti.ual English t>r:?nrlo-s. Can give g.sid re. ' I XI ? ( III" U-l?.li - . -? r- ^ "retires and ti ntiliioti'al" as r* xard" C'lup^teiu %. . tr it rt iuired. Address .Miss A. ( .. car- ' ajitam ;. I-!. Frays.r. '? >x if', Richmond. V.?. en g? ivr A N T E D, I RON - M OU LDEIIS. A \ ?- YT plv at tire Tredegar Works n'l j-fw T. R ANPERSON k CO. ITT ANTED, Y> ?/,(?'" pound" rnwa^beil Wool, I.ihmi pounds Beeswax, 500 p.em i- Pink K' ot, 1,two bushels White Bear". Apply to 'h it. CLARK, M- rciian ' s" Hpiker. Iv ;7 j|n. j.ti? Cary street. \\J A N T Mli, situjiti'>Ms lor CoOKS, | YY Washers and IRoNLRs. IPH'SL OIRLs. 'ARM HANI's. kc., Ac. tV v vTi i), two WillTE ( OoKS, WASHERS and 1C* 'N ERs. A 11 p-'i si His !n Arir.t of mr?, will be s'tpr Hed 1 m ? i-'liately i v learirix tbeir or l -r> with the liitd' r xn-J. on Seventh , ti-lwceii Main and i i ai. k !iri, iwm do,>is fi oiii .MaHi Faniill?-s <>r persons desirinx to b:ir?- tbeir | V AvHiN?? done, either l y the moi t'i or day, cat. ( ?ive i: d"iie iti the iieab st'tu:;tin. r by ii) jdvi' x at I li s cdBfe. Ai? ?, ILtil iNO done at the s!i'.r:e?t / o'icu. (jy 21-tsJ J'EPRlKs F & Co. | 1AS1I PAID FOR DONKS.?Wanted. FIVE HUNUREH TONS BONES. C*oli paid my'-S7' S p LATHROP, Agent. MEETINGS. Lri . AlLloriiNED "MKKTINO OK s the Rl'TIMoNH A.M> NEWPORT* NEWm ILRt*A I' Wi.l be 111 Id in the , ii Messrs. j I,.\s ,v a| tiCST on the 13th of August m xt ,3 if .fA.MES LY? NS.) H. 0. FA XT, J'' I II WYNNE,! %>miniss'"ner". i'1 td REAL ESTATE FOR SALE I A LI FAX LAND Foil SAI.E.-I I ofierformle uiy tract of land known ,<i INKWi'i'i', located in llulifsx county, \'h , iut iliHtelv .'ii the Kichtme .1 <nd I'anv il)e r :..r..a I. I mi Intif a mile ,.f W.it Tr i;? depot, and l'i ?????? the mii-t pit itsaii' and d' siptble itetxlibnrli 1tiie Male jf contains Oil* hundred alel tilly ee of choice fa ruling and tliahereif lainl Well ipi* 1 t*> the growth <*f wheat. c<*rii, oats, to- * *.. Ac., and in a n 1 state of culluati n. Tin* i-iliiu I* ,rained at* i n*wly rej*.iir-*l. w.th t ur ???!!* !,i |ooll!?. a I- *, M 11 'V )C*'-house, s* .m. natiis, stable, ami all other o'lt-lioUse. U.sil, l'i r a complete es{?. |) J,.i? ;l ,tl?o irge oicli".rd < f s-Iect and eh* fruit, it is < n<the in---t healthy ami desirable plac- in the inty. Purcha?er? can come aud l?"ik for tlicin- \ . For farther ijiformation, t?y couinmiii"J With Tile at Wolf Trap depot, I Will be ?tied to viv. any tiiat inav !??? i--.i I. U 6-lt ? TIP 'MA* A. M'U'N. ENT 1 KKK\i M N I' I'A? I I' 111 N< ? mii.i.s. a.nu Farm "i rw * iic.\i?ri:ii '? H' E.NT\ EKi.HT A?'Rr> I "R vil.H i'L!IKlY ? We.if.r fir sal - j rivat- v Ui-. !?.-try, located "ii tbuJaiuca riv. r. AppouiatCount y. IP mil, s lr?-ri? Klchiriond and 3" fr? m ichr**irg S:\tv ;*?.'? s <?{ the farm i-. c!- ar.- l. th.in--*- it, timber i f tine <j ialny. Tins is v-ry nai'lv pi'p-oy, and will be soli |o-v. ( r -r .lescnj'tio'ii and tern -. ap|*!v ?? i .1?11 tiRi Hli* .v WJI LI A MS

()\\ ulndkfd and twkntyfivj: im?li.ai;s rkwahi?.?L'-?ap-t' fr. u? IL-nr ???? r.-tiMy 1 ol cm >: i.iitlny, th- 4'h j-.-tan*, i Al.MCKI) l?l f:K!I?K. ri?iiiiin'-r>i t>r > y , haid?M>K!.KlUK it* JiM'barii< 1 * ildiei from tue I" 11:? M."t? * Army , ?-f\i ? My '? tir ?-r tw?i ? t-w ' v.- r- old, fair coiaploxion. dark hair ;iri?l *v. ?, , t.?u in stature, r. i.d v ci y sicd k: and i ? ? t in hi- _fi.?? r?t ?? i t. Ill* wife, w|i<>ti) h- i,i" married ? i,c, h - r..iiUn*iiiont, im* >n Main t ??!?!" -;??? tin- Coimtv cOIII -IimUm*. 1 icr III"' i.rl live* in Miiin fn JOHN PRINK, a rntii ;? nif, li ' t hair Ha* the u-iiitl brogue in speech, about tw? !!"v-ft i <? . i thufy y?-.\r# oi l, m -di im :n-, aiiJ .? dischi'.rvd penitentiary cnv of ill*'IIA I;I*' 1)1'KToX, native, ihirty-flve or forty | year* <?]?!. medium size, lunik h;::r, In ard, Mini Complexion J in 1 e, shows the effects of C"ll- ' lllielneni ' A!- ' I >iis< hrtlX".l I-Olllict. WaKD, native, in-mum siz~, fehorfcmppedaml lifcht hair. li*;ht complexion, twenty- i five or thirty ve-ir- old, eye- blue, small rednari oil the left "side if Ills te'lUple rulillltiK Up in the j linir, and resi*uil<les a burn. Wi 1.1.1 am R<MilNmi.V Irish, recently from Mo. j bile, Alabama, tilai k hair ami ey.-s, aged about twenty years, little or no heard, neat in appear- I anfe. The Rhove reward will he raid f<>r tlm arrest < f ? ?ll the parties above name.I, . r twenty-dollars , ? ich in addition t?. any reward tli.it in.-.y lieotfi red by Hie liovertior. 1' II HUFFMAN, | 'an o?:tt Sheriff lletirico?unty. I! Ol'SK AND Si (In i'AINTINii. 1.. L. Mtt.NTAt.n; A SOX, 1 A 5 1 H K1K F P T, K 1.1 W K F N HA15 A Mi C.ihT will i * pleased to receive t r>le r- fr. in tin ir frieh if rnd the pit hi It- rally h'r HnrSF. S'ii.N, ANJ> ORXAMEXTAh PMNTfX'i j IX EVERY *T YI K. : Good w..rk iciaranteej. Term* moderate. | an L L. MmNTAHUE A ?<?N. 'PWKNTY-KIVH IfOtisH FADS OF 1 SIUK. . HKKaM'.s,Htid *ll'H'l.DKKs, 1" ti riea SUPERIOR M'i.aK-) I'titl; HAMS, led packs*!*'* I.Hal I.Alii), Sue fi irr.-Is IJEFIN El> fl'tiA It. a!! (trade* ; 1 5 h...-shead-1 H"Jt'K P"l,TO Kl( it sUtiAR, !??> turrels ItfcFIA Kit M'ltAK, t? ? a- v rsi o . '.'So :..irt? i* M' 'I. \>.*i * and > V Itl'l', all prude* ; wti.ur m \\*tu)|)'b .No I RttEand ('Lll'l'fcli H hi K KIX pai pucka*;* * X-is. 1, 5, and 3 MACKEREL, l.vi i, ireis HDiiH EA> FERN HKRKIN?i>. ?jo ?>;?*? lilt". hAt?H A V KA, Mint .1 A \ A IHFFEE, r .0 boxes ADA.MaXTIXL unl TAhLt'Wt aX1?1.ES, So harreN Ff.oFH a'l grades; 'Zi cases t? ? and M t M MA-fS LICttRK S 1 in n inmml* Ttt.NQI'A MEANS, JMt boxes St)Al'* Mtl anHlines ; 25' dozen HK<)'*M.>. Ht't Kh'l'S, andTitBS, p. niwi poumis >M< ? KIN'? T??Ma'.'Co, it h 'rr'- ? ; WRAI'PINU PAPER, WKAPP1 Vti TW'IXE, SPlt E. X 1'TM Kt.s, MNUEI!. PKPPKR, Illil'SBtS, Ac., Ac., for ?nle bv an A_et W. M. ,if)XES A ro 1 jo1),) ? W A TO II K S and lO?I J KW E!.K V.?A splendid se lection of WATfHEs, JEWM.KV, and L> SILVERWARE: SILVER SPOONS and! KDlth'S, SILVER Pi EKES for present* Hon, PI.ATEH TEA SETS, H E PITCHERS, < "FFEE and TEA FH.VS. j One thousand ounce* OJ.D SILVER wan'ed, for which the birhcst ntu'e in cash wll t aid, or it trljl N exchanged for other (foods. VI AP'UES and JEWELRY repaired Ly experienced workmen, and warranted, ar th* oid established honse, ; for the present #n Spotswo-d Square, si' Main street, below Eighth. an a_eod*t T. OENNtT. i hj I Ti A K. SI T?A K, si: I. A K.?So V. ut vpv?. httirel*?uperl<?rf'Rl'SIIEI)SL'tlAK.twenty. five barrel* superior IM'LVLitlEEH al'GAK, fifty barrel* extra ? C" SPOaK. twertly-tive barrels " V YELLOW" MTOAK. twenty honsheada choice | CUBA hL'GAR. t9r sale by mu? FftEXf'H ACREX^H AW I FAMILY FLOUIi.?Wp ar?? making np our listfor FAMILY FLhL'R.Jo he iffftund 1 in a few days froza WlilTK Wll? AT, the 1 he of j which ts rarely aaen Tho*# who want of this Flour will p|eaa? call and entnr thetr tjain's au <-?t IUXALL, CbkXSilAW A CO j SALT, NzVLT. HALT.?One tlioufutiul; aackl MAK*UALL'? FIN K 8ALT, for sale Or m9CU*(ii(|l?V?HAW, 1

SHIPPING. Oil BALT1MOUK, SAVANNAH, A> l> H?>ST01f.-P''Wl!aTAI^*1/ ? V a. A .? i' n* m ? \rgm . ?? ? .? ?rfiAMB"AT COM!'A NT -fF.MlWEEKLY LIXE?Leaves Klchmmid ________ every WKPN EsI'A V Ami HUN DA Y.?I.eav. * hnin m<>r>-frtrv WF.DN'KSDAt and SATURDAY. Tim ?t^AiQ.r M'ATK <?F YJKOJNIA. Cap'alr < IUKI I' TltAVXItK, Will leave h. in At 4 <?'cl?ek A M . WMOIKSPAY th.?* "th In* ant Fr**UUl received MONDAY aii?1 up In a o'elrrk. P M " TDKNDA T. TUN a'estn* r he* splendid ?mInor.a, atAU-r?oiai>, arid ]>AA*eng?r AACOmandAtioaf. i" kH'idf, iiicaIx itniiii.ft. For freight <>r pa?*M,(.- epply in DAVID A WILLIAM 0T7RRIB, office Charles T. WnrthamACu. e, au fl?Jl Fifteenth *tre?t. F'Ult NKW YORK.?The inaguiliceiii ti-*w stdfc-wheel vtenm?hln XT- "*? "* AiJAUA. I'uplAiuCoi'i H will lejva ?t 12 cr'ctvck, M , TUESDAY. 7iU" A Ilk,'lilt Ml II ? I Parage, meala un.l sta'e-room included, Fll TFEX Mul.L.tRS Ticked for th* round trip, rW R N T Y - V1V K n << L I, A K U. Freight received up to 11 o'clock, A.M. TUESDAY, and ink mi at loweatrate. Ticket* h n'i state-room* tKnred at my office at Kookett*, or ou board the ship. au^_2t_ IIARRET F WATSON. T70R NEW YORK.?A T L ANTIC r COAST MAII. STEAMSHIP a, coMPANY?Th* m-vr ami elegant aide-wheel steamship HA'I 1'f ?'.*>, Ci.ara Commander, will I* .?v.- lo ? ESHxSWfi wharf at Kncketts oa TUESDAY, 7tu Atii<M^r. at 12 o'clock. M. Pa* ??iiifi*. will pioaao he i-untfual to the h<>nr i d ?I ?? p.i I i m o. l'iuiute, munis mid hUto-1'ooiii Included. FIFTEEN DoLLAKS. It <uiiJ-ti I t ? !cet-, hoo'I f< M il :: by cither ete-tn* r. T\V EN"i'Y-FJ\E D"L LA it" F .*? fi 5 hi r.r i .:5Sa^.>?aoe.-.ramod iMnna un*ur1 a-8.-d?apply to SAili l.L AYKk".V?'" .. a ii 0?21 Xr?. U2<'farv Mreet. LOST. STRAYED AND FOUND. I OST ciiisciv.-A CIIECIC drawn by I a ? y. I'i.^Ii A. Ii.- l*__int?rn National I I I... i.J. f r o.vi; 111' XI?K KI? DOLLARS. .1 ! .11! .? Ii , A 614, p > i ? order of l>. A PL IN K KK. an J ji.uji'M in nil* ? ity <>n the fort* wii.A m?i nn.g, !?**?? ? reached luiu. Thi* i* I" fort* w .in ..11 i' i ri^a!:.?: u-.ing i>a.d clmck, a* pny iiicul hit.lii'i'ii ?ropp.>d. an 4-.lt VTOTICE is HEKEHY ITrVEN thiu Li appticarirm w be oiada to the Aodltor ?>f Sla.t <.| \ irh'Hii . f.<i ivj .'Wal ?>! < KUTlFli'ATK ? ?F oLJ. I' Nil. Pi l. !? i ..ii*^ la ii n ii'.-d dollar*, ?t:itidii I . i. ..j." "i Willi,ii'. F W.iImmi. Kitardiafi ?M.I.I I'd A. Vl'al on, ulld .srio d lllol'T mcI of Viid M.uIm. ?i<i c,e?I.I., ato L^vii.,; been l???t. l?y i?1;, wSiii \TOTICE IS HEKEHY GIVEN THAI a* 8 ... ii." ,1 w. i ! u .. le lm tint r.'n-w.il ?.f ;t ba.t CEUTIPiCATi: J..r TWO SHAKES ? ? K " T<" K. ptai.uu.^ hi . .t i.:>i_o, .11 :bu KicLraoud and Llv? r1" ? . 1' . . k-'-t I . joC-Lm2..i_ ,T. A. W T A I'ATTESOX. NOTICE IS liEUEUY GIVEN THAT Xl application will i.n.ldu t>> ih.- Auditor ??( th? Sla'o . f Virkini- >1 i ,?ewal; of Iho fnlL.wn.k CEKTIFK ATEb op LEiJT. viz : So ::;,fortu. hundred and 8?-voufy.ri'v. n d. llar-, ??Tmdi/ik 1>. ilo* nam" of c; . K 'l.L i.n, C'.i:ini!88ioiii r, sr.. and tailed under act of Sldtll M i rcli. 1c 12. .No IM . for four hiimiroddoll.trx, nLoidiriK n ill" naint' of .fokepli T. I'nddy, (.oiuii?U-lo?i^r. At., and ?? Mt"d ui"l?>r act of 22d March. 1"5'> , 8.*id r. rti.'irat.* haiiiik been d"8tr?>y"d l.y fir" at the (inn ot the evacuation of Klrhrinnid. j" l*?l iwSin N'OTICE.?ApplicMtion will h<> rn.'tdo at (lm proper t tin* n rOo- r- iuwalof ..!i?-lntr> o| kti i k (Ao. I.", ii th" Kichiiioinl and Dt'ivilli K:i lr-..i t * oiupat.y, stamliiiK i?' til" n tin" of Val' iil.he VViufreo, wliitli w a? destroyed in the tir-ol the Jd of April, l?'i. ' jy l'J_lawMtin |JHA^Y cV <'LARK'S ? XK'.V FAMILY SEWI.VO JIA'"TIIX8. PRICE, TWENTY DOLLARS. Fully licence i l?y ILiW", flrover i l?ak'r. Wus... |er Si Wilson, siiitfer* Co., and ISarheld-? rj. and :h" only Mtchine- sold for ie?? than tlJ ,??. t, a l.icli have been fo'in I ?<? po--"s? siiC:cl"iit ui> : ;I to retid? r 'lo in worthy of license under th- r patent". Pat. nte l in the Tii'ted s-T..., CnifiMtid, France, and U"liiritiy. warranted in* every respect. Everv Mjeliitie -"Id ? j>crnnipHfi"d ly a fj'.i fciu'uutfe, "L-i-d by th" c. nij'tny and iikf-'nt*. LOCAL ANDTKAV ELl.l.N'i AoL.\T> WANTED. Apply to 1'. IfoRToN REACH, forner N'itiih and Hr. t I -'r Rlrhtuond. ? ?"iieral AK- nt for V.r^inia and North Carolina i*u st _ DISSOLUTIO N.?ThojmrtntTsh In rt iof re existing herwe, ii the under-.kii . und- r tin* - t\ 1" ? f MIT' II ELL .V 1 Y l.hn, w... u - solved on the I-" duly hv ii.utual ron-ent, s. p MlT' III LI. retiring fr. tutl.- cotuvrn on accoui t < I' c-Mititi'lftl ill health. All j* r-o|ia in<l**itl ? d loth** Lit** lirt.n ar** r.-itn -'- < d t. tnak" iiiiiii-'lnite payment to J * ? -iII T YLE K. who ah"i" is aiitltori/e-1 to s.;; |e t ii * sate", and all having r.a:u.? will I. rw.vrd to Iiitu f'.r s. ?. tl-uieiit. S. P. Ml l'? HELL, Jt'UN H TYLhU (T?.T?AKTNERCMIP. ? Hav;iy thia d*y a"-,., ;it? d with tue my aon JoflN TV nl.it in il ? WAT< II at. I dEWEI.KV I r>IN K>" her-tofore ..ndiit :.- i I.v MITCHELL .V TYI.KK, th" -aim* will lie tinned uridet the rtyle of JollX II T YLEK & C'tt .*: >h" ? E| I. 1"* ? t.i'W iMh.ii s* JolIN H. I YLEK. Inf.-tleTig from th<* I firtn of MIT' HELL ^ TYLER. (I - ii!id>r- ?n* 1 r*jurti- thank* t i h - f rs. ml ind t o* p ilHic f??r tlieii p ttronui(e Hi route h it period of liior*-than f'r? ?,/y y.'/rs, and r. fu i Iv soli e| i? i fotit 11 ma nee o| the same to the to- w I:on ?f .IoHN II TYLER 4k ? t?., fee itiK as*ur -I th.-v uEI in iutyi.t th- former repu: <inui of it:. I.case .??. 1' MITCHL1.L co.partnership.?loiix ii tylkr a ? .?, ?nee,---ors Mitchell A Tyler, tu-jj leat.* in mintitinre to the friends of the lute concern of Mitch* : 1 .V I v . r that i?i**v will con'iiiuh th*; W.VTt IIMAK'I.N'i a*id JEWELRY 111 >INK*S ?t the ? I st ituI, No I'- ? now Ul'.'?..Main -treet, Kiehim'iel, as I.**i**t**1 ? ?tion.|urt"d bv rtirtt old and w.-ll-e-: blishe.i r :n, and will, hy'thoir united ?*tlort8 an I tlo- Kr- a' ? m- o- nee <*i the s- nmr nartner. pr*? it t*> th" p;ibi;c i tie s.ttiie itidiireinefits a- to sup, tor ?)utility of K""'is and reuHonable i rn-es tbut l.ab r - tiiin;- y.-ars clntract* rii" I the nuuuer hon., Th.-v would call special attention n* th- :r WAlf'll-Khl'AIRINH DLl'AK'l MEN 1, under : ob!e snj'-'ri isioti i f Mr. dA.MES L. EHh. so b ati l favorably kn.iwn in th** o| I ? stahiishim-ut. 'I b.*ir pte-.'iit stock, to which they are daily a l I in_- near ami d?**lral?le yooda, con-;sta ol the foli . e\t. *i-l V" v.tro- * . >i' ii?l.1? and MLV ER Watch EM >>1,11 miii mm mi ? .a i - I,,. -. dAMoNlm. ;o,.| FINK <i"l.l> JEWELRY, FRENCH a* d AMKSK \N CLOCKS, SILVER and Pl.A FED WARE. RoltOERs > TADI.KunJ PoCKET CUTLERY, FAX* Y GOODS, Ac. our "t?ick ir entirely to-w, ?nil embrace* ihe rnlesiralde Is in our line, l-oRFI(iN a:i l i HI r.;.i aV Watoh-t* piiriiik*'Ion,, in the lie-* m . - ?*r. Ca-h paia for old silver, old ami iiaii\>t pol I. f?rxs, PlsTOLS, At ?We have mttda arrangelent* for 8 COn?t8l,t silpl.lv of I'ofHI.K-HARKEL MP?T'-?.UN'S, DK EEC II-1."A Dl NO RIFLES. SMITH A WEs.*"N s DRLEi M-LOADIXO CARTHI DOE PIsToLS, CoLT's and other REVOLVERS. ( AKTKIDUES, CAPs. POWDER, SH<?T, P'i\VDER FLASKS, SHOT-POUCHES and DF.f TS. Order* received for any kind <?! aim* JotiX H. TYLER, * ii A_l w JOHN* TYLER \ N K II r N I> K !?: I> HAKKKI.S J. . / CR"MWEI.I.'S EXTRA KAOLE und PINEAPPLE WHISKY. I'? barr*-'- RD'H A tiDSoN's WHISKY, tw barrel- PARKER'S CABINET W I1I*KY. 1- t.arr. !- ZKI'iLFK WIII-KY. Crn barr-I-Rh' flFIED WHISKY, ull >|uali;!> ? ; S barrel- Hi.aN I'Y and 01N', ?.'*? barr.1-J. TRl'LL's and II WARREN'S pure Rt M. W cask* P''RT "HFRRY and MADEIRA WISE, 1 a e:,?i ? .-iit'.-r: r CLARET, 1* I . a-ks -ulterior I MP"KTED BRANDY. cask* HllJUERT'S PokTER. f r.ale by aufl?;; W B JoXEs A Co.

/ H )XI>E.NSEI> STAT KM EXT (>F TH E V FARMER S HANK <>F VIRGINIA AND BRANCHES Jl'LY 1, 1"? : AVAII AB1.K AS-ETA : ' Coin on hand ft,278 55 ( liti lotn. il by tir.iiii hi4!". t<> ho ri'luriti'ii thinly tii-f-irc llnrliwi- "l tlii warned shortlv after, *34.u???.silHiated to collect two-thirds 52,W*' <7 Coin at 4" p.-r cent. premium National currency *,7;>1 ?? iiilie receivable l'-V'"y "" Sterling !,3<"? lc* shares Clowr 11 til stock H^icmhi 5 share* Com nil Ratlr"<ol Company stock 15o fl.oiw Virginia coupon bond TJu on ileal estate, estimated to bring fO.two f?? fljj, "l 17 1 T API!ITTF9 . Cirrulation of bank and branches, ?1?? redeem at 4- conto in currency #113,49l *?< Surpiu- ? ut "f which exp i.s.-k of agencies at bank and branches. in liquidation, are to l?e paid 17,1*9*7 91*4,054 4i C'tr or KtcnMosn, Siaie or Vir- im a : Tuts day personally appear. .J hufore ijie, a ri'- i ry public for tn<< city aforesaid, J M Uoddm. <-*i"- |. r, arid made i.ath that the above statement is tiUMtotha b< -I of his knowledge and b.? Ii.-f. A* w:itji-is my l.and thi* 31 d*v of Angtirt, l*"*. EDWARD .I. WaKKLN, Notary Public Note ?The bank holds of public securities 1 Confederate States bonds *<<,141,511) 14 Confederate Treasury notes and call certificate* J** 077 S> Notes of other batik- 00 Virginia Treasury notes 7i>,i<44 75 City of Richmond for U an tn t'onlederate notes BO.OO# 00 Virginia Coupon bonds for loan of bank notes in March. 1444 60,000 00 Fifty shares While Sulphur hprings, Fauquier CoUtity, Bonds.... 87,5 0 00 ? <1,047,114 10 an 4?Jt J_M iiODDIN, Cashier. W JE AKK IX RECEIPT OF A SUPr PLY <>K TWINE, ioch as is used by tobacconists for tying samples. U is pliant, uoes uot slip, and is a good deal less In price than umst of the Twine used (or U.at purpose. John ? albjrt blaji

SPECIAL NOTICES. %T ALMANAC** FOll 1-07, Now r-ady. VrAUK"CK-.t EDITION OF Rlrif. j \KD-o.\\s VIKOI X IA ?u<I NoRfH CAROLINA i ALMANAC* FDR HC7, entraining a r?rlety of' uaefnl and entertaining matter. Fur sale, whole* Ho and retatt, by JaMK- E (Joi'DK, MaIo *tre?t, > oppra'te Pp< u?'o"J flul?I. Richmond, V* Jy ?o?*o?ut *T CERTAIN CLIIE FOR CHOLERA.-Mj CH? 'I.bKA MKDICiN B, f<w th? cur? of A?iaCc ? liolersi. Cholera Morim*. and all <a*ea of Dlarrhcaa, warranted torura In all caae* In whlcn dearh 'i.u not itrnck the patient, haviug town touted In 1*32 whuii the cholera w.ula It* flr.tt appearancu in thi* country, ami In all aubsequent visitation*, with uuparlcd -<ucce>>i, can b* bud of the tubscrD r>cr, at bit r?*ideni.<?, No. Clay street an 3?lrn T K BARS. i ?TA C AKD.-Dr. HOWARDS LOCAL ! AX,ESTHETIC FOR EXTRACTING TEETH W I T H O U T J'AlX.-ThU recenfly-dHcovered ANAESTHETIC la entirely local iri it, effect*; being applied only to the tee'h and gums, doe* not proluce ip-iieral insensibility, at doother anw?thetir?; t ia perfectly harmless, and may be swallowed with impunity. Dr HOWARD'S office la with 0. W. Jones. Surgeon Dentlat, opposite Arlington House, Main ' nfre? t, Richmond, Va. au 2?Iw* ttfT IMPER-II INOINGS. LsTmOL I 8 H ED 1<17. i.EoWAULT L CO. co,.11..,a tu ke... ^n band a fall a?.ortuie.it of GILT, CILT ST.ViiPKD, VELVET, SATIN, and l'LAl:. CAl'EU-HAN'?IN?I:1; DECORATIONS IN EVERY oTYLE, i.H v, <?1 aa wood iutt ,ti .n*. Rooms, Lull*, ...J paaaa^ea 1'Ai'EKED at abort nofic* and I y experienced workmen, a 1 under the iiniiieJL-.ut-pe;.n:o; Air JuiiX F. KEGN Al'LT. FLOOR OIL CL taelk >:l clot i;.;, v;:..uow iiiAi'E.t, oCl.i'AlN .loubfi, I.ACE CURTAINS, anlcaery .be U. Iloi.s'i'LliY 11..? ulway., on ha: d. UPHOLSTERY W< K.I o. every uefcuiption executed at abort ii.nlce, jy H?3m aff'TlRSII' SEED. LARGE Pl'Ki'i.E 1 * ?i* YELLOW KI'T.Y BAG A, LARGE N??Rr ?'1.R, EARLY WHITE FLAT DUTCH, LARGE GLotiE, WHITE ILaT, ue.i-t..pped), for sale hy WILLIAM If SCoTT. Druggist, corner Franklin and Seventeenth street.*. I jy 27-t* | SPILES roil I'M Kl.lVi for m1? Ev WILLIAM H. SfoTT. Drngg!-\ corner Fr riklin and Seventeenth *tre?'t?. f Jy 27?tej gkflr RILIIMOMD SAVINGS IIASK .\M> IN - 'J It A N' B < '< 'MPAN Y. CHARTERED FEBRUARY U, Mi. rr!i't corxbr ok Tan kh a*p Mai* atBT'?7J, RtoiiMo.\n, Va. FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE AND SAVING- HANK. Thla C.iinpany !? prepared to make Fire and Wine Insurance of all kind*. 1' will also receive money on depie.it in the iv:ng? D ; ar'in--it. an I allow six p. rr<-nt Infect thereon, whether of large or email aum*??hu? rordini; a flne opportanity f"r person* dNpo-o-J to v up money. John H DAVIS, Pre.ldert. JoIIN F. ?I'oTTS, s cretary. The Hoard meet* for d -rotir t every WKDNI'S. AY at S o'clock, P M. Jv 14?f? t MON HANK OK Kl< II>IOND. (SAVING- INSTITUTION', 'FIrK AT THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE HANK. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, ti'0,000. US INSTITUTION ALLOWS -t\ PER CENT ON DEPOSITS. f. DAVENPORT, Jk., Prealdant. JAMES MILLER. < aah'.er. Ill KRcTORa. A. Pafno, L. I?. CrvRebBw, W R. Qnarle*, tu. H. i.yor,?, Jr., R. K HUukenHodeker, H. H. Wei?t(ter, ahlp, . A. Spott, ? Kily-on, J H Wtneton, L Kltett, Jm??. W. Archer, A. A. HatchtnT Taa-I. r, J Rueenhant:), ? n, . E. Bin ford, J.W.Hall, W a. Jenkina, A H' lriti, W. F. Gray, W K. Tanner, L'. Dudley, Alfred Moaes, I M. N'uwliu. h? aecuritv < <r?r"<\ to dep( *'tor* i* und?>nbt# j the liiHt.talion ahool-t commend lt*elftoi lie HtteiJlon of all in city 1 country i* calle t thin l:i-;lfu!i..n. Here they will find aecuri y, iveiii^tice, and profit. Sufna c? amall a* P*e lap* may La dep? *lted, arid *ix p? r cent. inte. ? received on e.tine. til cm hour* from a A V to si' M ; <>-i Srtird y in ? A. M. to 3 P. H., aad from 11" 61*. M. ? 13?d.Vawfn IN \A . LKE K M)\, il? SIGN PAINTER- AND GLAZIERf o.k Eionil A.Mi Gk.il K 'ilik'.tr. AND CEILINGS WHITENED of; COLORED. undertake order* in 'he country, oia long experience in the bunliieo*, to give catDfacth "RoRGK W LEE. John w.lkk ggrst IIOIILS AND COLLEGES

THE DAILY DlSPATt H PRINTING HOUSE i? prepared t<> (nrnish, hi hh? >rt notice, ( IK< ULAKS, KBP'HiTH, CATALOGUES, TICKETS, And All k'ld* < t fj'TIO"?L BLANKS, at very !? w price*. Order* by mail *v:!i receive pr<-iupt attention. lHri'KIM? LIFE OK JKKKKKSON DAVIS. FOUR YEARS IN THE SADDLE. Harry OHmor. POLLARD'S HISToRY of THE WAR. women of the south. SOUTH SONGS. BILL ARP. For*ale by Je!*-'* COLE & TURNER. IrD BILL A 111' : BILL ARP ! ' BILL ARP ? * ' | TCI* I'i'iuPkMp honk !* row r*Hty,*t.d e?-rr j per*on xljoiild h*v* a e'T? 1" be Lad "f Cole a turner. \*1?'* Whltf Hu.tif:rn< j VKW I'l.orK! NEW FI.nl* K!!? IN TL rt en barrel* VIRGINIA RICHMOND EN- . TIH >! PKR FIN K, v.-rr i ;c, for "ate by N. M LF.H, rrankiirt between hu "t?2t Fourteenth ana Fifteenth. HE K K I N ?.s, 1 iEKitlNiiS.?Twn . hundred hilMnmli Woop\> Rog HER* RINg.s. one htiiilr?d barrel* WoirD > (jK<?.?b IIERRlNGs, for *???? ' r jut i French a ckknshaw. A DAM.VN'UNE CAN IH.KS.-o,,,. ' -/V hundred pikI fftf b'lei EMoRV A .*>< >.\s and PR?m TOR k GAMBLE'S CANDLES f. r-tie. t" A. Y. STORES A CO V w A M I I. Y~ I'l.OUK.?l iftv il barreia HaXaLLs NEW FaMILY ELoUrf, which w> warrant a? *trt'i,? rhoire, f. r ?>*!- Ion hE [Au?i FRENCH A CRENSHAW. 'pYO II t'N DRED TONS NO. 1 I'EltUX \ lAN 01'ANo lor fate to arrive, au 't _ _ W B. JONES & Co X 1 K< >1 N I> A I.I'M SAIaT.?Seven iiun- " * dred anu ftjtr carke, in prune order, for *ale trom Oi-r-. faii"*>?te] A. V. fc>T"K ES .V oo. |>EFLNKD Sl'HARS.?Ono bum I rod Xi *ud City barrels REFINE!' SUGARS-from Xuedium to bed fau t?J A Y STOKES .v CO. Mansiiai.l""s.w/rT to arkivi for ?aJe by (an*? u| A Y STOKES A CO. VOTICH.?Tho President Httd I?iiv?tXN or* of the New M*rh trilr?vii!e Turnpike ? ? >Mpanjr WILL ELECT A ToLl. GATHERER on Mo.N. 1>AV NEXT. Candidate, for thU otllce ouml make application in wrtuuK to Dr. John G Luuipkin, President; George K. Crutchttdd, Tbouia- W. , Do* well, Charlea <\ Ellett, tie"!** W.Muith.or David Baker. Director*. . _ j j al?tde JOHN G LUMPKIN. President. A DMINISTRATDR'S N o T1 V E.? A liar ina iiuailded aa administrator on the *#. late of ha rah L<?ul?a Duntou, deceaaed, ail person* indebted to the ?*Uto will luake proni|>t payment ; and thuaa parila* havlnK datum against The aatate will present their accounta, properly aothentica- i ted, toMe**r? KEgNaULT A Co., or to JAMKI B. HOWLKTT. , )T AiaXHunor. '

AUCTION SALEH?THIS DAY. By B. U Cook. Auctioneer. <?????fr?: M Wnfii ?>ri?t j umber for sale at aijctiov. ?J XVa will -ell '*t May.'? lumber-yar I Till* HAf. MtmilAr, (he *th of Augu-i. c*'inui. wIng *> I'i o'clock, A. M , tli? following "III ?'f M'MRkrt f. r Iti?? benefit of whom It iu*y concern, > 107,1*4 faet, cointl-'l'.g of I by 4,3 l?) 1 I, I Oy It, J l.y 1?, from i'j to 34 f.o-t fi ng. UIKDfc/.b 11 by 1', J4 f-f t lr.n? ; SCANTI.INii /by 4. ?t f ?t Inn* ; bM % N TI.) Nli 4 by ?, In f..?( ,< ,,,g TRaM* '? y vitF' Mxtjr '*vn for appr >r. 1 endormcd negotlabl not..?, or ca li, lr?-? - r-r r. m. CHAKI.h* T. Wiifil lUM .V C< Pw 1** conducted by K li. Coi. lt, Auction . r. n't 4?t?ln Br SntiT4'>fi Jr. &('?>., JtlCtloneers and Oinriil-*tnn Merchants, No Fifteenth street, be'ween Maiu ai.J' xi\ WK WILL .SELL AT OUR STORE on MtOflMY MuKNIND. the blli it, 'int. commencing at 1" o elock. a ^>..1 a--. j;:,.i; ? <i|;iM Kill h>. l.I'iUt'KS, XX IN hw. *t. X* v vn u..v. rale in part 3,.?w pound- BA' , ?J'J barrels FL'M'lt, iu -.uks ft'FFKK, '.i barrels SIT*? Alt. ??> barrel. IIhKKIXMS ti-'X-n ada.m.xn n.NF. ? XNIH.LS I ' box?*a TAi.I.oW (. A N LM.hv l'? bnXeaSOAl', - k ? g * i ?K I N' i S''! ? X. 5 . g-k- XYA-IIINM v"I'A. 5 barrels SM"KI.Mi Tt'BACCO, 14 k-if- I'D K1.M, it BK'OiMS, mi boxes LJvM"Ns. Ac. AIa", 1 i barrels XVIIIX, i 4 i.a*kit BRANDY, 5 barrels <?!>", li.K.'t.fll AMI'X ;>'E, plr.trt ai.J j'tJis ?* cases CI. A UK I' XX INK. 1" rase* i ||.I> I'1 ?KT XX IK. rases Ml KUKY XX"IN K ,V Jii.NKS, Ju .X CO., uijij?tt Auctioneeia. Br Ortibhu Si Williams. Auction ers, Jfortliwent omer of Main ami Eleventh street*. I1 RUSTLE'S SALE OF A MER E 1 IPtl'-K ASP I.or, o.v JAfKSOS STKFKT.? ; vutue <>f a <1 1 of trust eXe.-uD"! bv lie.?-?-V I, well Htel Wife t*Mie - UI.-. r: b -r. IS t P'-' e , h!? -i .' 'III *?f .i i'iII *f y, l-' V, .;i -i l>:i - I I- t uH n ? i. uid Hi.-tings ? ouit olti' ??, bcit g thereto r ?j i -Jd hv the creditor ???cured. I til (???li ttie j>r> , ? r y ?uivered by mI<1 deed at auction, upon tint prei,?*,?*, on MO.N DAY, the ' tli - t A at i ce ? k, It eonsistsof nRRff'K DXVF.M.INC ?i:niM be .<eitli si<t? of Jack.ou street a s|j,.rt distance tent of Kiist ?treot, cont lining -'X roonm, kitchen md Water tin the nreuil.es I to- lot fronts '.sj D-et, and rtit.s back to tn altey ti lite r- nr. , The t-rtus of the ile. ; rvj'ttr1 a .ate for j t-.i. ?ut an arruiiice||i?.; t w ill pi' ? ib.y !??? .ua-'e u !;??!? iv a t> asotirtble credit will i>e i,;Veti < tt a J art of lie loircha.- i.iori"j. ^ XX'Il,l,iAM XVAI RF.N. Jit., Trtisfco. ' i Rf Bits ft XX'll.l.l 4Ms, Auction. . iK Immediately after the abov-.a e, -ay ba\-} i?t o'clock, P M.,| we wi I-ell on tie- iiromi.es a t,OT fronting si feci on liaker rtreet by r ? .??? D ep. nearlv i-ppobito tit" '? rim r r? ?. !? i ce "f . a t^fitSSr4' cumin 4WIM.UMS. Hut ^ FUIi RENT. I.MiR KENT, that law ami j?lc:is:iutlv- ^ located BHD'K BK-tiAN' F on the >W ??l Mi le Of Third street, between Byr.l and ??? J uial. I' eon' sin- ten r ? m-. &i 1 lias w ?,?4 . r and uaa throughout the i, i-e, hot ami lai-r batl.s. arid all oil" r be drin improv-mei s h.-re is al.o a large two.-iory It m kitclo t t -f.* in< "it rate, a tl'l p'? - ? ?- ?? ?!? . t ? ii lililienllately tpplv :?? < 11A it I.F> ? X Ali'Bhhlii, or at Ki?on n ig St ir-, -nitihWest I 'Mi* t ? ' find and Jlai* at: 4_-s r'HK RENT, RRI V VI E RUARDINLP H?'l*sK. The BKIf r\ ??'"II-DlN'i, No ?, a>.-rl ?rill side ? f Broad - r. ? next to i'o bo a t *?;?* Xletho.l.st i hur.'l . tec u'ty Me ro .gn - Jm'AM. repaired a il liand-'d'1 > tilted tip, bacnu iiirteeii .oiur- Hint four a ? w ?th I n?'? \- jl(| , \; fa closets, all III ' ? 4 t ??! ent- III. ?? ' i ? s water, etc. The uew!\ built brick kit?l?er?idmirnhly arranged, wllfi itiiw apartiueuta, uI tiding a bit! li ? room, lam Iry, fuel and at?>rc...hi Ddirchauiheroand k tche'i, with an ?x> ?ut roge and boiler, wash tub-, riiika, lauudrjr--a . r. lo>t and cold Wat-r, u duiuh waiter, speck4 ? . [ ;????, i?tf, flo-r.. s i i better ? '> " llichri unl l"r " e?te. b irdil.'s' h"U-e '?! pee 11 i I .1 IV s I ?. |e.l ? M bnropean plan, i r getitletueii on y, the p?rt >r. .?ading-rooin, and dining room being ?d tin" .ire, ? I th>. i iilin <rv and bath..?? arrangements *? ry >lli p !?*??* lit Will be low, 0' 1 f. ruis ..f JHVnt. Ill ?C." 'h [odating. Apply to UlU BBs -v WlljIdAM' all ?'?eo.U' MtiR RENT, it liitinLoin.. I'KAMI.I* r TKNi >1 KNT. c< rt r ? ! I' i??! at <i F i?~t re. is, coti'ain ng -i\ r<" ,i.s. '. t- n> wly ilii'-l and in lir-'-ra-. r-1 a r. II.>- k rc\. nL ith two r.-wiis, and h ? i! - f ? xt .-ln-iit wa.* t vaid. It ??'.Iter W i ll < *' !l< n-e. ? ? I Ai.t." v pi DA.MKI. Ml HI'll \ , ,'J No. 4," Se.'OI I slfe. ' an 4?.i*?

i/?>K klnt, tin-: i i iu.v I im.kasant huuk TK.\K>n:.vr .\? V .1 M en -tr ? t. r .fit I lit v. 'I and .. ki"fitij <>t f-mr i i ??>? I hi .1 c-imI 'JIM. 3i? ?"-. v.-.r r in Mf v u I, 1 ?.i? *h??*n 'i <|-Vf|IJiii<. Til" ii?c. ? 'ii i-' I.??if", and tli" ii<r-" i- mrepati. A;; y i<> W* It Itolll 1 Hti i-Jt N'i I?1 >f -in - * r-? *. ?i;? i -? 1/oli KKNT, a NKAT KKICK TEN E1 MENT ? m tt. >i: ?iw*??t cnrn-r of .-.-.?mid .Hi I 11 v r I !"r. r n'.itni'i,,' s \ r* .-in*, wall a k'itcl."i ?> .1 w.?t? r in th" v;ir.l 1 *.ir? \ r> !'.*iiy i- !..,, ? i < r ? r und w?fl ? rr ? . f<>r a nil ill Ur:i!y. IsliKI.L A. HA VIS. K- 11 Eef iAk . Miid Auc* r*. Mil 4?.V corner' t r. khfli h 'i I Main ?tre.*r I^oK KENT.?hitt'iiilinif torvmovi' to f the ci".??try, I win r--nt : , very asL rablt K. '.'iV ii. -. Fifth itii'l I." It rm .' i'fi- r??? 111??,, halh-hoii?", lw-. wall r-c ? k it- i , t< I w,In u?", .i; t ir .>??? Inm*- ?;? n kiv-ii i a few itav - * pplv <n tU" j.fin" ?? n ' " .1. U.AKi:"I.I? 1/oli KENT, SI.YKKAL I'LEAS ANT 1 K< ' 'M .- to it Mil4. i hi:! v i ?{ k'1 I "t.f i ? in-'. The r.-nt wi.l l>.? v.-rv ih I. r.a'e. ini *?H J' U. Ii \?, .V'. 4I -< y *tr""t. -J3^ ,.:moval. am? iiui'sr: j <?i? .A UK VI'.- Tin. ?. r Ii .* r di .i I >- 1 fi? *111 >1 .ir^h.i11 !?> k'ti -rr? ??r u-.ir ? ay, win r-i he iiit. ii.il. !,??? pin,,' .? .'Inn i it <.f. IV FAMILY 0 KtlCKKI k> Hebe-for r- tit .t nil" MVELL!X<!;*;Ll.\*0"r the "tore, 3'i J. "g'jp'i* 1/oIi KM NT, tin' ll??l'SK ntly ????- copied Ii y J. Ii. W. n. on <ir*C4, he- jd 1 . n >r Mi Mil h.?Ji"i *:r.n'-, c ?U.ulint ?>-ren ruoiua. Ai lly t-< JZlAi ii.i 1-t^ K. 1). K.l' 11 ? I.MIt KKNT, Hm- riTKll rnKTloN 1 MY KKK1PKM K, . m ???.%?-rii r? r ? t. ?!>tlli^ I't 1.1* Uf . .kill 1 .1 I'.. . r ? tlir. ti. t iimihI ai-c.niiiii'nl r ? i. Aj'i'iv I?it. VY. J,. Pl.KASA.NT-, Jy 'i"?t* ij.ivf riiiir ntrn. t o?K KKNT, ih?? IittL'i. WAKKL HOtJ.-K in l.ihny l uilil hk" f<'riii?rlr <??> *4 u{)|.'d hy tm. 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