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VOL. XXXVIII. THE CIRCULATION OF THE T?T. PATCH IS I.AROKR THAN THK COMBINE i CIRCULATION OF ALL THK OTHER DAILY NEWSPAPERS OF TI1E CITY. AUtTlOR S A I.F.N TXliM 1>AI. On all public or private sale* qf Real Estate, made hei toe at the 1st of January ami (he. l.sf of July the purchasers pay the taxes fur the present yeai\ biU mi all sales Mwntn the. first day of July and the la#t day of December the teller pay a them, . THOMAS W. KEESEE will sell at 10 A. M? at his auctlon-housc, a large assortment of furniture, Ac. M. McCORMICK will sell at 10 A. M. and St I*. M. a Iitrc assortmontof plated Jewelry, etc. LEE Jfc 001)1)1 N will sell at 13 M-ten acres of land lu Chewier IK'Id, about six miles from Richmond. W. GODDTN will pell at fl 1*. M. sixty acres ??f land on the Fair Grounds road ouc uillc wcji of Hie city limits. S. BROOKS, commissioner, will sill at 12 M., at Ti maltawk station, on the Rlclimond and l>anvlllcrailroad, valn.ildr timbered lau<L RICHARDSON A CO. will sell at 1* r. M. a dwell1iik and lot ou tlic noi lit side of Clay street near G timer. unuens ? WILLIAMS will sell at 5 1'. M. a Itrlck store and dwelling on tlic west side ol Seventeenth street next djor to Seott's driia sloro. LOCAL"MATTERS, CITY I'OUSCIL. An adjourned meeting oft lie Council was held at-tlic City IJall yesterday afternoon, Promt : Messrs. Scott (presiding), lliguins. Wise, Montague, Ordwav, Greanor, .Icnkins, Scott, liraunan, Ktikcr, Chesternian, Faherty, Bossieux, William English, Tanner, Bodeker, Simons, Strauss, Ziuiiner, Glasgow, Mulford. ORDINANCES. The Chair stated that this meeting was called especially for the purpose of considering the report of the Committee on Ordinances and the report concerning the James river improvement report. WATER WORKS. The amended ordinance on water work? was submitted. Its amendments consist merely in making provisions for the collection of water rents in Clay and Marshall Wards. The ordinance was, under a suspension of the rules, passed. INJURIES TO REAL rROTERTY. Tn response to a petition of the ITolly- | wood Memorial Association the committee reported an ordinance amending chapter ?15 of the ordinance concerning injuries to real property. The ordinance imposes heavy tines upon persons defacing graves, tombstones, shrubbery, etc., and vests keepers of cemeteries, public buildings, parks, or enclosures, with powers of policemen, so far as the limits of their respective cemeteries, parks, etc., are concerned. CITY G AUGER. The committee also submitted an ordinance amending chapter forty-one concerning the gaugcr. The ordinance makes kerosene oil testable, and provides as follows : ".No person shall keep, offer for Kile, or store, any refilled coal, kerosene, or petroleum oil, the tire-test of which is less than one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit, under a penalty of not less than fifty dollars nor more than two hundred dollars for each offence." The ordinance also contains the. following provisions : ?'When spirituous liquors, wine, kerosene or coal oil, molasses, vinegar, spirits of turpentine, and burning fluid, in casks, are brought to or are manufactured or rectified in this city, to be sold therein, either by wholesale or retail, the same, before being sold, shall be submitted to the Ganger, who shall gauge and inspect each cask, ascertain t he proof of the spirits, the lire test of the oil, the capacity of each cask; and shall, with irons to bo kept by him for the purpose, mark on each cask near the bung the capacity in gallons and fractions of gallons the proof of the spirits or the fire test of the oil, and on the head, with chalk, the capacity and ullage. And if the ganger deem it necessary, he shall slop up the biiii" of the cask and "make a new one in such part as shall appear to liiin most likely to obviate the maleon>truction of the cask. " If any jH-rson violate the preceding section, or if any person shall alter the mark put on the cask by the ganger, or shall, on any cask which has not been gauged and inspected, put a mark similar to or in imitation of the ganger's mark, every such person shall for each offence pay a tine of not less than five nor more than twenty dollars." RULE.

The ordinance amending the rules of the Council was, Hinder a suspension of the rules, adopted. MAYOR. The committee reported an ordinance concerning the Mayor, which was passed as follows: %i lie it ordained by the Council of the city of Richmond, 1. It shall be the duty the Mayor to see that the laws of the State and the* ordinances of the city be faithfully executed. He shall exercise a constant supervision and control over the conduct, of all subordinate officers, and receive and examine into all complaints against them for neglect of duty, lie shall recommend to the Council suih measures as he shall deem expedient, and, in general, maintain the peace and good order and advance the prosperity of the city. "2. It shall be the duty of the Mayor to communicate to the City Council annually, as soon as may be after the commencement of the liscal year, and oftener if he shall deem it expedient or be required by the Council, a general statement of the situation and condition of the city in relation to its government, finances, and improvement, with such recommendations as he may dcetn proper. "o. It shall be tho duty of the Mayor in all cases when he shall suspend or remove a subordinate officer, atuicr the provisions of the Constitution of the State, to report the saint* to the Council at their next stated meeting, with his reasons therefor. " -1. The Mayor shall exercise all the powers and authority in criminal eases ol a justice of the peace, but he shall receive no fees for such services, ile shall also perform such other duties and exercise such other iowers as are enjoined or conferred upon lim by the Constitution or laws ofthe State, or that may be required of him by any ordinance or resolution ofthe Council. t4o. In ease of the absence or inability of the Mayor, the President of the City Council shall possess the same powers and dis'c barge the municipal duties of the Mayor during such absence or inability." roucE JUSTICE. An ordinance concerning the Police Justice was passed as follows : " lie it ordained by the Council of the City of Richmond, That chapter eight of the ordinances be and the same hereby is repealed, and the following substituted : 4;1. At the first meeting of the Council in the month of July, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and" whenever a vacancy shall occur in tho office, there shall be elected by the Council a Police Justice. He shall hold his office for the term of two years, unless sooner removed, and until his successor shall be elected and quality. The said Police Justice shall hold a court daily (except Sundays) in said city, in such place as the Council may designate. The jurisdiction of the court shall extend to all cases arising within the jurisdictional limits of the city, of which a justice of the peace niav take cognizance under the laws of the Suite, and to all cases arising under the charter or ordinances of the city. " 8. The Poiice J ustice shall nominate to the Council three persons as a clerk, and from the number thus nominated the Council shall elect one to serve as clerk of tho Police Justice. The said clerk shall perform such duties as may be required of )Uiu

bv the Police Justice, nnd shall also act as clerk or secretary to the Board of Police C omndssioncrs. "4. The Police Justice shall not he entitled roccive any fees og a Justice of the peace, hut shall receive in full compensation for his services a salary of fifteen hundred dollars per annum. _ The clerk of the Police Justice shall receive in lull compensation for his services a salary of one thousand dollars per annum. " 5. All tlie tines and penalties imposed hy the said Police Justice, and all the moneys t hat shall he paid or received hy him as such shall belong to the city; and the saul i olicc Justice shall report on oath to the City Council, at the ilrst regular meeting thereof in each month, during the term for which ho shall he elected, the number and names of persons fined hy him, and the names of persons against whom judgment shall have been rendered by him for anv penalty or penalties respectively, and all moneys collected or received by lnm as such Police Justice tor lines and penalties, or otherwise; which reports, after they have been submitted to and approved by the Council, the City Clerk shall iile successively, as they are received, with the other papers and documents belonging to his office. The said Police Justice shall, on the tirst Monday in each and evcrv month during his term of oliicc, pay to' the City Treasurer all moneys received by him hereinbefore declared to belongtothe citv. Any neglect to comply with the provisions of this section shall be good ground for the removal from otlice of Baid Police Justice. 4'1>. Jt shall be the duty of the Police Justice, on the the first .Monthly in June and the first Monday in December in evcrv year, to deliver an account, verified by hi's oath, to the Council of all the moneys, goods, wares, and merchandise, then remaining unclaimed in the custody of his court, and; immediately thereat tor to give notice daily for two successive weeks in two of the newspapers printed in the city to all persons interested or claiming such property that unless claimed by the owner, with satisfactory' proof of such ownership before a specified day. the same shall be sold at public auctoin to the highest bidder. On the day and at the place specified in said notice* all property remaining unclaimed, except money, shall be sold at auction by said Police Justice, or under his direction. If any goods, wares, merchandise, and chattels, of a perishable nature, or which shall be expensive to keep, shall at any time remain unclaimed in the custody of said court, it shall be lawful for said Police Justice to sell the Barne at public auction, at such time and after such notice as to him shall seem proper. The said Police Justice shall, immediately after the sale of any property in accordance herewith, pay to the Citv Treasurer as aforesaid all money remaining unclaimed in his hands as such Police Justice, and all moneys received by him upou such sale, after deducting the expenses thereof, i "7. It shall be the duty of said Police Justice whenever he shall obtain possession of any stolen proi>erty, on his receiving saj ti-l'actory proof of property from the owner, | to deliver such property to the owner thereof on his paying all necessary and reasonable expenses which may have been incurred | for the preservation or .sustenance of such property, lint no property shall be sold or I delivered in pursuance of this or the pre- | eeedingsection if the Commonwealth's attorney for the city shall direct that it shall remain unsold or" undelivered for the purpose of being used as evidence in the administration of justice. " .S. All dockets and other books kept by , said Police Justice shall at all times be sulJI ject to the inspection or examination of the I City Attorney, the City Council, or any member thereof. I 449. It shall be the duty of the Hoard of I Police Commissioners, when so requested | by the said Police Justice, to detail one or j I more of the city police to attend the court' I of said Police Justice, and perform such J j duties therein as may be required by the j same. | '410. If any person who has been duly summoned as a witness to attend and give evidence before the Police Justice touching any matter or thing pending before him under the charter or any ordinance of the I city, shall fail to attend in obedience to the said summons, lie or she may be lined, at! I the discretion of the Police Justice, in a ! sum not exceeding twenty dollars. ' 11. At the first meeting of the Couucil in the month of July in each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable, the Council shall designate, by the drawing of l?jts the seniority of the justices of the peace of the I city. And whenever the Police Justice shall be absent from the eity, or unable from any cause to hold his court, the same shall be holden by the senior justice of the peace present in the city and able to perform the duties, And when the said court shall be holden by a justice of the peace six or more days in succession, he shall be entitled to receive therefor the same compensation i>ru rata that is prescribed as sal iry to the Police Justice." CITY CLEltK.

An ordinance repealing tlio chapter concerning the City Chamberlain was sul>initted, together with one concerning the City Clerk. Uoth were adopted. The following is the ordinance concerning the City Clerk: 44 Be it ordained by the Council of the city of Richmond, 1. There shall he appointed l?y the Council at the tirst meeting thereof iii the month of July, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and whenever a vacancy shall occur, a City Clerk, who shall hold his ollice for the period of two years, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualify, unless sooner removed from oftice by the* Council. "2: The said City Clerk shall have the custody of the corporate seal, lie shall in his oilice tile all papers and preserve all books and papers which by provisions of the ordinances, or by direction ol the Council, arc required to be tiled with or kept by him. u o. He shall attend the meetings of the Council, and enter correctly its proceedings, and in a book kept for the purpose, J record all the ordinances. The book of such proceedings, and the book of ordinaifbes, sl^ll be kept by him with an index referring to the different matters therein, and shall be open at all times to the inspection of any member of tlie Council, lie shall make copies or extracts from anything in said books when and as often as lie may | be required so to do by the Council, the President, or ally chairman of any committee thereof, lie may also make like coj)ies or extracts upon the request of any other person desiring the same, and may demand and receive from such other i>ersoii a reasonable compensation therefor. . " 1. He shall regularly furnish the chairman of each committee with a copy of the resolution constituting it, and of all resolutions referring matters to his committee. It shall also be his duty immediately after the close of each session of the Council to make and present to the Mayor a transcript of every ordinance, resolution, and order concerning any public improvement or for the payment of money ; and every ordinance, resolution, order and act of a legislative character, passed by the Council at such sessions, lie shall in like manner transmit to the Auditor a transcript of all ordinances, resolutions, or orders appropriating ? money or authorizing payment of money, the issue of bonds or notes; and to the heads of all departments of the city government all ordinances, resolutions, or orders relating to their departments, lie shall in like manner give notice to parties presenting communications or petitions to the City Council of the linalaetion of the Council on such communication or petitions, *'5. lie shall publish in such manner as may be directed all reports and ordinances which he may be required by the ordinances to publish, and such other reports and ordinances as the Council may direct. And he shall in general perform such other acts and duties as the Council may from time to time require of him. " 0. The said City Clerk shall receive in full compensation for all public services rendered by him, a salary of eighteen hundred dollars per annum." CITY ATTORNEY. An ordinance amending the ordinance concerning the City Attorney was submitted and adopted as follows : " Hit ft ordained by the Council of the City


NO. 143

of Jtichmond, That chapter fifty-four of the Ordinances be, and the same hereby is, amended so aa to read as follows : "1. At the lirst meeting of the Council in the month of July, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office, there shall be elected by the Council an attorney for the city, who shall be a resident citizen thereof, and who shall have been admitted to practice in the courts of the Commonwealth. He shall hold his office for the term of two years, unless ?o?ner removed, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualify. "2. The City Attorney shall have the management, charge, and control, of all the law business of the city, and be the leiral adviser oi the Mayor, City Council, or any committee thereof, and of the several de- ; partmcnts of the city government, and when required, shall furnish written or verbal opinions upon anv subjects involving questions of law submitted to him by them. " 3. It shall be the duty of said Citv Attorney to drift all bonds, deeds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances, agreements, and other legal instruments, ot whatever nature, which may be required of him by any ordinance or order of the City Council, or which by any ordinaueo or order heretofore passed may be requisite to be done and made by the city, or which may be required by any person or persons contracting with the city in its corporate capacity, and which, by law, usage, and agreement,* the citv is to be at the expense of drawing. It shall also be his duty to commcnce and prosecute all actions and suits to be commenced by the city before any tribunal in this Commonwealth, whether in law or equity ; and also, to appear in, defend, and advocate the rights and interests of the city, or any of the officers of the city, ill any suit or prosecution for any act, in the discharge of their ofI ficial duties, wherein any estate, right, privilege, ordinances or acts of tfie city government may be brought in question. When the Mayor shall direct a prosecution for a nuisance, he shall appear for the prosecution when the case shall come into court; and if the Police Justice shall require it, he shall appear in such cases before him for the prosecution; and he shall perform such other duties as are or may be required oi him for the city by any ordinance or resolution of the City Council. " i. In full compensation for his services, the City Attorney shall receive a fixed salary' of two thousand dollars per annum, 1 payable.monthly. In all cases, however, when his attendance may I e required out ot the city, his reasonable travelling expenses shaft be allowed him." STREETS# The Commissioners of Streets generally, through Mr. Ordway, chairman, submitted a report concerning* repairing the streets. The following resolutions were recommended : " Jtcsolvcd, That the sum of $100 be, and the same is hereby appropriated to con1 struct a cesspool at the corner of Eighth and Main streets, and make such other improvements as may be necessary for proper drainage at that point. " licsolcccl, That the sum of $S00 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for im- ' provement of Third and liyrd streets, under the direction of the Committee on Streets ' generally. | " Resolved, That the sum of $1,400 be, ' and the same is hereby, appropriated for t he purpose of repairing bWentli street between livril and Tredegar streets. " Bcsolccd, That So,000 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated for the followingnamed improvements in Marshall. Wardviz., To construct gutter on east side of Twenty-fifth street between Marshall and V enable streets; to construct gutters on both sides of Marshall, Clay, Leigh, and M streets between Twenty-fifth and Tweu-tv-sixtii streets; to construct gutter on south side of Franklin from Twenty-se-venth to Twenty-ninth streets, and on Twenty-ninth street from Franklin to Main street ;* and the further sum of ?1,000 to grade and construct gutters and lay four leet sidewalk on Marshall street between Twenty-third and Twenty-fifth streets." The report was adopted. TOBACCO INSPECTOR. The Council unanimously recommended Captain William Jeter as an inspector at Seabrook's warehouse.

WHISKEY CLAIMS. The special committee on the whiskey claims, in response to the inquiries of the counsel for the city in the whiskey claim cases as to what further action the city wished to be taken, reported as the best mode of settlement the selection of some proper attorney who should determine the merits of each case presented, and arrange for settlement on the best possible terms, subject to approval of the Council. The committee therefore recommend that the matter be referred to the Committee on Claims with such instructions. The report was adotped. HACKS, DRAYS, ETC. ? The Committee on Ordinances submitted an ordinance amending the ordinance concerning wagons, drays, carts, and hacks. JAMES RIVER IMPROVEMENT. Mr. Ordway from the Sub-Committee on the James River Improvement, submitted a report of the operations of that committee. The report showed that a sub-com-mittee, consisting of Colonel II. C.Cabell, the late W. C. Dunham, and Colonel Ordway, proceeded to "Washington to learn the temper of Congress in the matter, and the best method of bringing the matter, before Congress. They revisited the city of "Washington several times, and presented the subject to the House Committee on Commerce. They found on all sides considerable knowledge of the importance of improving and making availaide the great link in the line of commerce between the West and the Atlantic ocean, and a warm sympathy with their effort to do so. Though fully appreciating their object, the Committee on Commerce could not, under the rules, include an appropriation for the improvement of James river in the harbor and river bill without first having a survey of the improvements desired, together with an estimate of their cost by the Bureau of Topographical Engineers submitted officially to the Secretary of War. Some of the members of the committee went so far as to say that they would recommend an appropriation at this session if such a report had been made, and furthermore assured the committee that if proper application had been made at any time within the past four years, such a survey could have been procured. The result of the committee's efforts was that on the 3d ultimo Mr. Ordway received information from the Hon. Philetus Sawyer informing him that James river was in the harbor bill for a survey, with a sufficient appropriation to carry it out. The report dwells at some length upon the advantages to be derived to the city, and in conclusion conveyed the hope that all parties and all interests would combine in one great effort to throw off the apathy under which we were sinking, and grapple with this great question with a determination that would make all difficulties vanish. The report was referred to the Committee on James River Improvements, and ordered to be published. ELECTION CLERKS. The committee 011 elections reported adversely to the petition of the registrars, judges, and clerks of election for increase of compensation, as the compensation of the registrars was fixed at three dollars per dav, and it would be unfair to pay the others more than this. The report was adopted. DOO-CATCHING. Mr. Ordway offered a resolution directing the Mayor, instead of employing the city carts and hands for the purpose of taking up and securing dogs, hogs, and goats, going at large, to advertit-e for and :rward contract to some responsible party to perform such service; provided that such contractor shall be paid a stipulated sum on each animal taken and killed or sold; that such contractors shall have the use of the city fixtures and apparatus for such purpose ; that such contractor shall not receive any money for the redemption of any animal, and that the service shall be pert'orraed at least once a month. Adopted. Adjourned uidil Tuesday ovoninq next at 6 o'clock. ? . '- <? I

Dbatii of William L. Mantle.?This sood man and estimable citizen died at his residence 111 this city at about noon yesterY-" u i (JIgeaso was consumption, from wnich he had long been a sufferer, but he . i.? .on V10 street during the past week, and his friends dared hone that he woulcl yet live many month'. Hut the messenger of Death came suddenly, and he paused away almost without an tour's warning. Captain Manic was in the forty-seventh year of his age. Early in the late war he was captain of the Richmond Blues, but soon resigned on account of declining health. Subsequently he organized a com? p.inj of the (ity BnttnIionf nnd rcmiiincd in command until the close of the war. The deceased was better known as a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity. He served nine years in the different chairs or the Grand Lodge, and at the time of his death was Deputy Grand Master of the Hate of Virginia. lie was also Treasurer of ?t. Alban's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 33, and a member of Metropolitan Lodge, No. n, and of .Richmond Commandcryj Jio. 2, Jvnights Templar, besides being prominently identified with the Masonic Building Association. Jle leaves a larjre circle of moiunmg friends. The funeral will take place to-morrow. h??L?CIA,l. ?R0CLAMATI0K.-The Governor has issued his official proclamation offering W i ? ^p-? lor tbc aPPielicnsion of Reese Luster, rimothy Luster, John Lus-1 tor, and Blair Luster ; or $100 for the arrest! and delivery of any one of them. All charged with the murder of Hamilton R. Boyle, deputy sheriff ol Tazewell county, while in . the discharge of his official duty. Central Lunatic Asylum?Meeting op Directors and Election of Offickrs. The Board of Directors of the Central Lunatic Asylum met at the Asylum yesterday. [1 resent: Dr. Hunter Maguire, Charles Campbell, Colonel Powhatan Weisi^er ( General W. H.-Payne, Isaac II. Hunter j (colored), J. Caskie Cabell, W. L. Riddick. Kev. James Tyler (colored), and Thomas I Campbell (colored). | The Board organized bv the election of Dr. Manure president, and Isaac H. IIunJter secretary. They then proceeded to elect the officers of the Asylum, with t lie following result: Superintendent, Dr. i). B. Conrad, salary $3,000; assistant superintendent, Dr. R. II. Cabell, salary ^1,-JiH) commutation and rooms; steward, Daniel Stevens, salary ?1,000 and commutation; treasurer, William L. White, salary $500 without commutation; matron, Mrs. Sally Hardeman (colored), salary $500 and commutation. It was resolved that the Board will hereafter appoint a clerk at $400 ; gardener, $30 per mouth; watchman, $.T5 per montii; cook\$20 per month ; baker, ?3) per month; chiel male servant, $18 per month ; other male servants, $15 per month ; chiel female servant, ?12 permonfh; other female servants, $10 per month ; ostler, $15 per month; commutation and rations in each case. Dr. Maim ire and Messrs. Weisiger, Hunter, and Charles Campbell, were elected an Executive Committoo, and the state Hank of V/r^infa was selected as the depository of the Asylum. Official Exasiination of TriE TwelftuStreet Schools.?The examination of the Twcllth-Strcet schools took place yesterday. The recitations were very creditable to the teachers and pupils, and indicate much patient labor on the part of all concerned. In tlio grammar school (Miss Annie B. Hancock teacher) the pupils showed careful training in reading, history, mental and written arithmetic, and vocal music. The grade of this school will be raised and the pupils contiuued in it, instead of sending those most advanced to a hi<'h school. . The same remarks will apply to the intermedidate school, Miss 11. A. Bass teacher. In the primary school, under the excellent instruction of Miss' A. M. Jones, the lollowing pupils have fail Iv outgrown the grade proposed by the Hoard of Education tor schools of this class, and are entitled to promotion to the intermediate gride: Sallie Allen, Alice llill, Dollie Brown, Archer I Elect, Elnora Miller, David Johnson, Amanda Jlaskins, James Powell, and James Geary. In this school the following pupils have not been absent or tardy during the year: Sallie Allen, Dolly Brown. Archer Eleet. David Johnson, Thomas Paine, Sallie Anderson, Amanda Haskins, thus showing that those who have been the most punctuarin attendance are those who have won the reward of promotion.

.Masonic Election.?At the last stated meeting of St. John's Lodge, No. oti, the following otlicers were elected for the ensuing year: J. J. Crutch field, master ; T. C'. Epps, Jr., senior warden ; Alonzo Winglield, junior warden; E. Goode, treasurer; James li. Fisher, secretary ; It. A. Jacobs. senior deacon; G. \V. Robinson, junior deacon ; Charles F. Taylor, John Maclarlane, stewards ; Thomas Angel, tiler. Tiie Southern and Atlantic Telegraph Company.?'The lines of this new telegraph company are being rapidly constructed to this plan? and the other cilies and towns in the South, and the enterprise is in the hands and under the direction of gentlemen of the South. The stock in the company has been liberally subscribed for by the business men residing along its route, and a majority of its board of directors are prominent southerners. We are told that the new line i* being built at the rate of nine miles per day?a fact that speaks well for those having the work in charge, and that guarantees to our neighboring cities a speedv completion of this most important work, Richmond already experiencing the advantages of prospective competition in telegraphing in an important reduction in the rates between this city and the northern and northwestern citics. " University of Virginia.?'The Society of Alumni of this institution will meet at 9 o'clock A. M. on Wednesday, June 29th. At 11 o'clock the same day lion. George 11. Pendleton, of Ohio, will address the literary societies. On Thursday morning, 80th instant, Governor J. "W. Stevenson, of Kentucky, will deliver the address before the Society of Alumni, followed in the afternoon by the annual dinner. Supreme Court Bill.?The action of the House yesterday in refusing to reconsider the engrossment of its amendments to the Supreme Court hill, and in passing the bill, fixes delinitely Staunton and Wytheville as the places for holding sessions of the district court of appeals. The Senate will in all probability agree to the lloii3t amendments. "Wytheville and Staunton are the places which were also agreed upon by the Senate. ? Mayor's Court, "Wednesday?Jusli'ccFader presiding.?Thomas .Martin and Hob Anderson, charged with unlawfully entering the First Baptist church and stealing several keys. Turned over to their parents to be well whipped. Nat. Iiusso 11 (colored) wax lined $1 for assaulting Sarah Thomas in the street. Alexander Itobinson (colored) was also fined ?1 for a similar oil'ence on Theophiius Scott. Annie Jones (colored), charged with lighting in the streets. Fined $1. The continued cases of Jennie A. Kirby, assaulting and beating a child of Dominic McDonough, and }Irs. JIcDonou^h abiding and threatening the aforesaid 31i>. Kirby, were continuqa. "Juincy Smith (colored), trespassing on Richard Jones's premises and using threatening and abusive language to him. Discharged. Samuel H. Lawrence was arraigned on complaint of Thomas Fitzpatriek for allowing his dog to bite a piece out of the said Fitz Patrick's lip. It was shown that Fitzpatriek had gone too near Lawrence's market cait aiter being warned that tke dog was in it; cotttvijuetiUy 'the caco wis lUMUi*?cdi

Executive.?The Governor on yesterday issued the following appointments : Tobacco Inspectors.?Richmond: Dr. A. H. Christian, -Seabrook's warehouse ; B. J. Vaughan, Public warehouse; Jesse T. Hutcbeson, Blayo's warehouse. Flour Inspector.?Richmond : J. W. Lewellen. Guano Inspector.?Richmond:' Dr. J. B. MeCaw. Tobacco Inspectors.?Petersburg: Thos. W. Branch, Moore's warehouse: A. J. Maclin, Centre warehouse; William E. Ilinton, West Ilill warehouse; E. B. Bain, Oak's warehouse. David C. Ward notary public for Campbell county. Charters Granted.?The Secretary of the Commonwealth has received for record, the charter of the Truxell Machine Company of Koanoke county, for the manufacture of two improvements in cockle separators. gnintca by Judge Mahood. ALso,; the charter of the* Fitzgerald Fish Guano Company, of Norfolk, for the manufacture of fertilizers, granted by Judge Blow. Business Tax.?Have you paid your tax ? If not, we would advise you to do so, or your business will be suspended. See the notice of the Auditor in another column. Concert To-Night at Trinity CiiURcn, At the request of many friends who were unable to hear the concert on Monday night by the scholars of Trinity school, and with a view to raise funds for the purchase of a library, another concert will be given to-night at S'a o'clock. A large number of new pieces have been selected for the occasion, among which wc mention some old favorites: 44 Free as a Bird," 44 Old Sexton," 4< Heart Bowed Down." Elliott D.. Mattie S., Tommie W., Mary, Fannie, and Annie B., will sing some very amusing and interesting picces. Let all who desire to aid the school in purchasing a library attend, and they will enjoy a pleasant evening, besides helping a good cause. Cock Fight.?A correspondent Informs us that a graud cock tight, for >m00 a side and $50 a main, will take place at Rocky Mount, N. C., on the 22 J, 23d, ami 24th instant.

List of Unmailarle Letters Remaining IN THE ltlCHMONI) POST-OFFICE JUNK 16.? Kev. Dr. John E. Edwards, Mr. Charl^ Meredith, 3Ir. George Ives, II. T.Cajuozo, Richmond, Va.; Miss Susan Jcfi'eraon, Juctt City; Mrs. G. "VV". Turner, Aijy Point; Mr. James Doyle, Ilolyokc, Mass. ; Mr. John a! McMinn, Timstall's, Va.; Professor H.Estill, Ashlnnd, Va.; Mr. Jamos T. Saunders, Ilardwieksville, Va. Gband JUry Room Hustings Cotot, > ; City Hall, June 15, u?7o. f Messra. G. }V. Smith, P. H.Starke, Dr. A. II. Christian and A nibrose Carleton, a committee Appointed at a pj cvluua nicotine to draft sult.Vilc resolutions In memory or the late William lJKKHtf, Ksfj., ? member of ilils body. Aftcrapproprl.tte, feel ing, and eloquent remarks delivered by M-airs. Smith Ktarke, Christian, and 1?bell, tfie toll owing resolutions presented by the committee were unanimously adopted by the members of tilie grand Jury present : ?4\V berea* ir lias pleased Alinlehty Hod to.reiuovc from us our highly-esteemed Irlend and iwsoclate \VlLLlA3f Pkkus. who h 18 been '>11 ho many occasions with ui us a member of this body; therefore bo It ?' Resolved* That In thn death of our late friend and ast-ociutc this grand jury has sustained the loss of an clliclent;, worthy, and fearless member, who discharged Ills duty strictly In accordance with his oath, and whose presence and counsel we will 111 Ins fn our future deliberations. " Jiesolce't. That in our judgment this city and com ui unity have sustained in his de^th the loss of a useful, enterprising and deserving clt'z^r. "Resolved, I'll a we tender to the famllvof th-s deceases our heartfelt sympathies In this their irreparable losi, and that a:) a mark of respect to the memory of tin- deceased be It therefore ?? Resolved, Tint the isecrpt iry be requested to furnish a conyofthese resolutions t. ?the fain'jy of the deceased anil to 6ucli of the iilchmoud Miiiers Notice.?\hoct to Leave.?Drs. Kendall & nAUOKSTY, who have ilrmly established their reputation for efl'ccting tiie instantaneous and ellicacl: us cure of corns and bunions, which Is evident from the array of testimonials and names of prom Inert gentlemen of the city that hare appeared from day to day In these columns for the last 1 wo mouths, will leave Kielimond on Monday next to attend to their engagements in other cities.' In leaving, the doctors most sincerely thank their numerous patients f>r the confidence they have reposed In tlicm ; and should they revisit this city (and II ittercd by their great success they hope at no distant day they shall) they trust tint equal success will attend their efforts. Their fee la simply per corn. .ts will publish the same. Grouge V Alfred Hoses, Secretary. Grouge w. smith, Foreman.

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TERMS OF ADVERTISE:, CASS?UTTAKIABW E? UTT AJKJ*, One square, one Insertion.. .9 f " One square, two Insertion# 1 tt One square, three insertions?.|-f? One square, six Insertions..,. 9 W One square, twelve insertions.?. One square, one month...,*,,.*.?*...? U One square, two montho.*., ?"i ? ? One square, three months..,.? 91 ?akmk nrrgmctMCfc ? Sunrises 4.?{*oon rtsts ?.? -tan ?ets ... 7.rt| High tide.... ?.?? POET OF MCHMOHD. Juw* tf, l*Wi '* aBumco. Steamer retcrsbury, Geojcheaan, Baltimore, merchandise and passenger*, Harveys A Williams. ' SilLXO. steamer John Sylvester. Glffnrd, KorfoUt^ tner* chanillseandpitssenjrers.L. B. Tatum. ?? . kkmorajt) UKWest roiXT. June 15^-Arrived, ateamer Admiral, Kejbold, Baltimore, merchandise and passengers, \ork Klver Baliroad Company, and sailed on return. . '

8HUPPH9. " Wliarr WATliliUA 7, June ?ia, a* ? ccwcbiv j?. Freight received up to 31 o'clock P. &L For freight or parage apply to . ' ? Jc ?-3t HABVEY8* WILLIAMS. FOR PHILADKLFHIA^/aJSBaj Steamer EMPIRE, Captain KUNrjBB&SQRL tkb, now lying at her berth in tin* (Jock, trtfi receive freight for the above port Cheaper then by any other route tUl THURSDAY the 16th ip?tant at 12 o'clock. Freight taken for Norfolk ai morleratu ratje. Passage to Philadelphia, including meals and stateroom, $?f. W. P. PORTER, Agent, Je l5-2t No. *?5Dock strocC For new york.?Tho oki/^aaL, Dominion Steamship CompanT'sJMKfulEa elegant side-wheel steamship NIAGARA, Cautain Blockwood, will kuvw her wharl ai Rockefts on KKIDaY, Juno 17th, at 5 o'clock P. M. Freight received until 4 P. M. Fare. $13 r 8Utfr.?gc, $0; round-trip tlckcts, $20. For frel*ut or, passage, apply attljc OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, corner Klevontlr and Wain street*. Je 11- It FOR BALTIMORE.?Steamer, PETEKhRUIUt wilt leave h wharf THtTKSI>AY, June l?l?, at flJ'ctwc* A. *t. Freight rccclved up to 7 o'clock P. M. Weaoes- %&* F* OK FREIGHT OB ClIAIiTEH. brltf II. PoKTEB, one liundv-ed aud^flft ?toM ap SO ; _ beyond colt< ctc?l on deliver ^ynchbuf* and option of the. shipped E or prepaid at the bt afforded consign? .,?ry facility possible will s ?m? ?l t?? ?lellv**" set, but no obligation Is asuy ofhee op t> - dowu freight? elsewhere than at ?\v ay fie' -* Dockwlthoul special agreement. p?irt. win not be Cellared till charges ut v ^?.t3 locked and Insured, ? de 11 EDWARD DILLON, Agent. MEETINGS. 0. 0. F.?The members of UNION LODGE So. 7 ore re-i uuestedt >meet punctually on FBI-" DAY EVENING next at * o'clock, for Initiation. Meinbe-snf other lodges aro respectfully Invited. Jc 18?2t W. A. n. NYK, Secretary. SYRACUSE LODGE No. 6, KNIGHTS OF I'YTIIIAH.?Brothers,? Attend a regular meeting of your Lodge on FRIDAY EVENING, June 17th, 1870, at 8 o'clock, promptly. Every member Is earnestly requested to be present, as business of the greatest. Importance wlU b?i transacted. By order of the \V. C. Je 16?at* WILLIAM F? CREtt, R. 8. KNIG UTS OF PYTHJAS.-Tho I'ast Chancellors at present In the city, oilicers of VIRHIvlA, OLD DO- J\ MINION, SYRACUSE, aud DAMON / X LODGES, .tre respectfully requested tox ^ assemble at SYRACUSE HALl, on THUH8DAY NIGIIT at 3 o'clock. W. W. G08DEN, . Je_tf-2t G. It: and c. ? __ rrHE REGULAR ANNUAL MEETING JL ofthe STOCKHOLDERS OF THE MUTUA L Banking COMPANY will take place on THURSDAY, June 30th, at 12 o'clock M. It. A. LANCASTER, Cashier. Richmond, June 9th, 1870. to Office Virginia. Finis AvDManure) , Insurance Company, > ^ KICIIMOND, JuneC, 1870. y ANNUAL MEETING.?The regular nnnunl meeting of the stockholder of this company will be held at the company's office oa MOW DAY the 20th lustaut, *t 1? o'clock M. WILLIAM WILLI". Ja., Je ft?td Secretary. LOST AND tOOD. LOST OR STOLEN, on TlmraUiy night last, near tho New Market, a BUl.L A>D SCJTCH TERRIER PUPPY about six mont n old; dark hi Indie; white izouth and face; tall tipped with white, and wblte- sueak on the b.ck or thone?'k, and white fa^e. A LIBERAL RK? WARD will bo p tld for hH rttorn to me at E. H. Valentine's aucilon store, 1134 Main street-. Je l?-lt GEORGE O. BRAY. TO TAX-PAYER*. , City auditob's Offic*,! Richmond, Va., Juno l, i?7o. j TIIE CITY ASSESSMENT OF CLASS A OR LICENSE TAX for the year 1870 must bo paid to the City Chamberlain, upon the warrant ofthe Auditor, on or before thd 15th DAY <>F J UN R. I win be at the Auditor's office each day from 0 A. M. to 3 l\ M. The attention of merchants and ail others sul>Jfcct to tills tax is especially invited ta the subJoined extract. L0U13 F. BUSSIEUX, Auditor. Extract from an Ordinance panted by the Council of the City of Richmond May 30,18*70 : '' Skction 1". All taxes on licenses IbU d by the Asstssor shall be paid to tho City Chamberlain, upon the warrant of the Auditor, on or before Um; 15th day of June, and each license shall be issued wh^n the tax assessed thereon shall have been paid; and on all such taxes not so paid within tin: time spc<-l(led there sli;?!l be an audi lion of twenty per cent., and the unlicensed business shall be sitspended until the tax, with such addition, shall have to-en paid." From the original. E. C. HOWARD, Jeio? 5t Clerk Council. CITY COLLKCTOU'U OFK1CK, \ IticiiMOND, June 1st. 1870, s T WILL ATTEND AT MY OFFICB i dally between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and o o'clock P. AL. from the 15th to the 30th of June Inclusive, for the purpose of reeelviug from any person charged with CITY TAXES the whole or oue-half or the amount of taxes charged, deducting from the whole amount, or ouc-liaif, as the cafce may be, ten per centum thereon. W. ?. DAVIDSON, Je 1 -lin city Collector.

M _ _ liACHOEET, Ac. AC II I N E 8H OPii SLOAT & ADDINGTON, MACHINISTS, WOBKS A.V? OFKICIC: 1423 AND 1424 CART STIIKKT, nfcTWKKN FOf'KTEKNTII AXD FlKTKBNTH STMKKT8, It If II HO NU, V I K OIM I A* . ALL KINDS OF NEW WOBK MA OR : RKPa IKING STEAM-ENGINES and BOILERS In city iwid country; TOBACCO WOBK of all kinds mad? ami repaired ; TOBACCO FLAT-1'ENING-MILLS made ;iud repaired in JvHX HaNCuCK'S SUPEKIOK MANNER; PLATFORM and all other kinds of SCALES REPAIRED O and AL>J USTEl). AGENTS tor (Lo cole of JUDSON'S PATENT hT SAM-ENGINE GOVERNOR, SELDEN'S PATENT STEAM-EN-GINE PACKING, Utlca Company'a STEAflJG A UGKS. TIicm; pauses arc warranted bjr. tut for one year, and we dell tiwiiu at low price*. We keep all klndi of ItRASS WOBK OF SUPERIOR UAliK for STEAM-ENGINES. aach aa tfruixcockt. oil and tallo*r-cup*, OIT~CCTP8 IftUt SHAFTING. SELF-FEEDERS, STKAM-WUIS-TLKS, WATER-GAUGES, GLOBE-VALVE#, BOILER FLUE CLKANERS, anda ceueral assortment of *nch articles as are used by all ran* ulug slcsju-eu^lnedaudBaw.mills sloat a aldington, je 15 Utt and 1374 Cary atreet. [ \ jyjETEOPOLlTAN WORKS, COBNEB SEVENTH AND CANAL STREETS. STATIONARY and PORTABLE ENGINES and SAW-MILLS: . . BARK, GRIST, aod PLASTER MILLS* BOILERS, FUkOINGS, CASTINGS of IB0N or BRASS; MILL GF.AUlNG.4e. ENGINES and SAW-MILLS of varlow fllxc? ilways ou iiaud. Olden^iniy, Jlc., repaired and aoldon commUjlon or excii?Pfred for new. All otber repair# urctntHiy and sailofactorily done. Scud for descrlptivo circular*. ? ? tic24 WILLIAM X. TANNER * CO. BOAKJPurc?. ' ' ; P^jTviBGINIA HOUSE, ON GBJlCK street, has **u re-opened for B^AKDARS. Having thoroughly Sued up, and (?atr?U|r tocated, ottr cHlzcus win find iu it comfortable room* lo*etlier wllh excw'leot board. BOA BO may be procurtd on moderate terma. jc 1*?>V* . miiJireBT. :j?l- ~ At miss k. a mclemobk's, m, corner of Fourth ?nd Broad afreet*, may to louud a beautiful escort unut of SUMMKKBON'S ETS and II ATS at Kroaflv rvduced prices,.a? live ?cA\on U now far advanced. : ' ? r Jei??tt TTTINDOW-SflADE DEPOT, 16? VY MAIN STRKT.--M. GOLDEN U aalKsi* oft hie larjce stock of WINOO W-SUADE OILCLOTFIS, *c., at gold priced. Gc and Crystalized Shades, with Fixture* M*rble, Mahoganv. Roaewood, and FV cloth, fcm one ?hilUo? per yard vp? <icck, for coverlu* carrtoipa. al 1*84 Tori prlcca. Qautiid bay of SLGOl iUin street, between fifte&alfc az^l